When this news appeared in media

Few days ago when this news appeared in media for the first time that, In tribal areas of pakistan where taliban are dominant, Hindu Sikh people are being troubled, and taliban are forcibly collecting Jizya from them. Immediately mind turned to think that this propaganda to defame Taliban is the after effect of the threat which America has given after the agreement between Taliban and the government of Pakistan in the Sawat Valley to implement few shariah laws. America told that this agreement won’t be allowed to go along. Only after that news about brutal actions of Taliban started coming. News of a girl being punished with lashes was spread at a large scale in the entire world. Whereas later this news was proved to be baseless. Later with the news of taliban’s control over boneer and the march towards Islamabad and the meanwhile there was also a news that lakhs of people to prevent themselves being affected in the possible clash of Taliban and Pakistan army are leaving their homes, 95% among them are muslims. Few Sikh and Hindu families are there as well. But there is no news about trouble or forcing them or collecting jizya from them, news about troubling and forcing them was being spread by Indian media, and statements of Indian leaders condemning the Taliban had also started.

After Muslim Leaders statement
When, in the 4th may newspapers, a harsh statement of few muslim leaders was seen, it is thought that the news might be true. Muslim leaders might have released the statement only after knowing the truth by their means. Thus, once again the internet was washed down to find nothing. But in the english daily Dawn (Pakistan) the news found that a group comprising 300 people of 115 sikh families moved to gurudwara panja sahab in Hasan Abdal, where with the co-operation of gurudwara commitee, government is looking after them, as soon as situation becomes normal, they will return to their homes. In the 4th May Indian Express itself there was statement of the President of Pakistan Sikh Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee Sardar Bishan Singh that “With compared to Muslims,we are safe. Taliban have soft corner for us, they ask some money from us in the name of jizya which we happily give them, whereas with muslims they forcibly take money, if not given they kill them.” The same evening The Editor of Dawat called Lahore and spoke to Hafiz Mohammed Ilyas The Editor of Asia. He informed, "That there is not any such thing of collecting jizya or trouble or forcing , in the Valley of Sawat where they settled ,they did not do any such activities, how can they do that in other areas where they couldn’t get strong hold."

This was the same early adopting
Means media anyway was busy as per habit in harmful tactics and government was talking as per the policy, but muslim leaders too, did not show any less excitement in statement release. And this early adopting behaviour was the same which is shown after every bomb blast. One side, immediately after blast media according to police give the news that such and such muslim group is invloved, the other side muslim leaders start giving comdemning statements. World's every honest observer knows that america, now-a-days, had made the pak-afghan border a centre of decption. Belief of Islam and jurisprudence is its target. Pakistan and Taliban are just symbol and undercover. Every rumour will be spread by which terrible image of Islamic jurisprudence can be portrayed. Every small incident will be made an excuse. Also "Events" will be fabricated. Some times by bringing forward bearded, turbine and cap wearing muslims, and some times by preparing non-muslims with beard, cap and turbine. Muslim should be precautious. As far as Taliban are concerned, their character is doubtfull. It is quite possible that they are unconsciously being used in American hands. Therefore any news coming about them, should be checked until proved.
10/05/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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