See now even they are telling....

There was a time when radio, TV Channels and english and hindi news papers used to move over the signals of bharatiya janata party. Atal bihari vajpayee and lal krishn advani were their favourite personalities, anything coming out of their mouths used to be spread around the world in no time. In introducing BJP policies among people and making them succeed party cadre contribution used to be just ten percent, rest 90% work media used to do. In 1990 making the rath yatra of BJP centre of attarction to Indians, more part was of media. Then in 1992 sending 'karsewaks' to ajodhya and making it an important event of twentieth century, media played a vital role. Now a days it is being said that taking BJP to the power, leadership of advani had a big controbution, but the truth is that the credit should be given to media. But now this is the time when advani and other people of his party are fedup and annoyed with media. They all try to avoid facing media. More over Mr advani wants that election commission keep an eye on media whose large portion according to him is corrupt and dishonest.

Why revelaing the secret thing ?

Yes , opposition leader expressed his distrust on media infront of a reporter of Indian Express. The discussion was about party's organizational issues but Mr advani at one point turned it towards the elections being held in some states. Said 'election commission should keep an eye on the Fraud taking place including electronic media. A part of media is corrupt and by taking huge amount of money from parties, spread the news as per the political parties wants, many reporters receive the compensation of not reporting against." (3rd sep) Looks like Mr advani is very worried and hurt by the behaviour of media that he compelled to reveal such a thing which he or any other leader of his party in any case would not do at any cost. Because it is completely "inside matter" and "secret thing". Means a special weapon of BJP which it used itself on a large scale. The power of buying the reporters and using media it had, even congress did not have. During ajodhya andolan it was famous that many reporters get two salaries, one from their newspaper or channel and other one from the vishwa hindu parishad's office.

Media is a buy and sell stuff

Indian media is a saleable stuff. This fact is not hidden from atleast those who in some manner related with media or have the conscientous of current affairs and keep an eye on media. Surely some journalists, because of their political association or loyalty support parties, organisations and personalities but most of the journalists do it for money, popularity and luxuries. This is the point to learn for political parties that the general voters are not for anyone forever, media is also not anyone's. Things which make TRP increase and money can be made, only those are presented in a sunpense creating manner. Now it can be guessed by this, that in the name of terrorism to defame muslims, their organisations, institutions and individuals how easily media can be used, and who can use it. More over this act become even poisonous that many reporters themselves are communal. Thus in any matter of violence government agencies leave it after doing ten percent of the work of actual target and rest 90 percent media does. Now if BJP got some sense then it should try to reapir media as well along with its own building. nothing will happen just by calling election commission.

07/09/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Issue of public health

Public health issue is a big problem among the problems of the country, which is discussed upon every now and then among experts and government institutions. The bad situation of public health is analyzed and different reasons are mentioned for that. Poverty and insufficiency named as a very big reason. Poor communities generally lack the urban facilities. Tidyness and the sewerage of waster water facility either does not exists there or inadequate. It is the same case in rural communities. Sound farmers and rich people get good medical treatment going to cities, buy costly medicine too but for poor and labourers it is not possible to do. Like wise some other reasons for lowering the standard of public health are mentioned. But now a health expert denoted a very fundamental reason. And that is the cast system of this country means forming and setting up lower and higher casts based on the birth and on that basis establishing an entire society which is called Hindu samaj. This health expert is Professor A.K.S.Jacob who is an official of the medical college faculty of the chritian college of Vellore.

Where is the origin of cast system

Professor Jacob says that because under the cast system a huge population is declared as low and thus the behaviour of higher casts is inhuman with them. Since a large portion of this population is poor and needy, that is why they live in huts and dirty communities where no medical facilities are available. (The Hindu 22nd August) Professor wrote in the preface of the essay of his article, "Cast system is generally known with reference to Hinduism, but this exists among Christians, Sikhs and Muslims as well." This is not true in case of Muslims. There is no denial that few so called higher cast Muslims, with the communities based upon the professions and work, discriminate socially but it is not of the type which exists in society of the majority. The fundamental difference is that in Hindu society this social discrimination has the approval by religion where as in Muslim society this thing is against the Islamic teachings. Means if any individual or family in Hindu society does not practice the tradition of dicrimination , then they will be disobeying the religion and would be called sinful. Contrary to that if any one practice this in Muslim society he will be the culprit of acting against the teachings of Islam.

There is another aspect of this system

Anyway the topic of the debate is the bad situation of the public health, of which the fundamental reason Professor Jacob says is the cast system, and he is right. He argued with the evidences as under this system how bad is the situation of isolated population, the effect of every political, social and communal event is much more on these communities. But Professor ignored another aspect of the topic or he might not have thought about that. And that is the behaviour of the founders of this cast system with those humans who are outside that social system. Means the religious minorities specially the muslim "minority" which in the dharm of "majority" is called maleech. Where ever they find opportunity they behave with the muslim community the same way they do with shooders since centuries. The recent example is of Gujrat. In Ahmedabad and other cities and in some rural areas the samples of their cold-bloodedness can be seen. All efforts are made that the basic facilities do not reach muslim communities and they remain dirty and unclean and they appear so. So now those experts who denote the cast system responsible for the worsening situation of public health , how will they overcome this aspect ?
04/09/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Different types of reaction

A book of famous politician Jaswant Singh about Mohammed ali jinah "Jinah, partition of India and freedom", different and contradictory reaction is coming up over the book from different thought circles. Negative and aggressive comments are coming from people of a particular nature who belong to RSS or BJP mindset. Secular faction of Congress is also not really happy with the book. But quite, by seeing the humiliating situation of BJP. A group thinks that the debate on partition of India is unnecessary, there is no use of this debate. This group can be named innocuous and protective but those smart people are also there among them who knew that if debate starts what point it can reach upto. Funny thing is that the supporters of the book are also of many type. One is that which has open mind towards the responsibility of the partition of India and wants that the facts be brought infornt of the world. Thus this book by Mr Jaswant singh is a critical study. There is another group which supports publication of the book for the sake of freedom of expression, and its stand is that the answer for book should be given by book. But a very clever and cheeky mind also jumped in support of Jaswant singh and his book.

Representing a mischeavous mindset
And the very active and best representative of this mindset is Arun Shourie. Famous english journalist and author, former central minister, BJP's thinker leader, cleverly supporting Jaswant singh defending RSS and its thoughts, ideologies and traditions. For example supporting this opinion of Mr singh that "Responsibility of partition lies also on Congress, Nehru and patel." he says "these leaders did nothing with regards to partition to defeat the conspiracy of Britain and Jinah." The writings of Mr shourie were coming in media taking the reasons of BJP failure in May elections. Now after Jaswant singh's case many statements, writings and interviews have come. A long interview came in the "walk the talk" program of NDTV. This was reported by Indian Express of 26th August. In every answer the clever mentality of RSS is obvious but in some answers defending the sangh methodology, meanness and ruthlessness also exhibited. For example "I was not in favour of removing Modi in Gujrat after riots, as whatever was happening that was reaction. Like the reaction after the assasination of Indra Gandhi in 1984. This reaction could not be stopped. Prime minister Atal bihari Vajpayee, because he is a softhearted man, was making his mind to remove narendra modi."

Three ways of changing the trend
And this is the same mind which remains active in all important events and circumstances. Tactfully manipulates the situation in favour of its own. Actually political powers, to change the trend of situation and events in their favour or to protect themselves against its ill effects, have three ways. 1) Political agitation or exasperating campaigns. (in 1990 after implementing the mandal commission report and government announcement, going on ram rath yatra). 2) Violence and any suuden big event of bloodshed (in last november during the uproar of saffron terrorism, mumbai events). 3) Scholarly, researched and political debate, which is unveiling the harmful realities, trying educational, research and political way to redirect them (in the debate over jaswant singh's book Mr shourie is doing the same thing. he wants to give this debate a new direction so that the distance of RSS from freedom struggle and its relations with britain rule can not come out and the spirit of jaswant singh's work die in itself). Though if this debate go further much and more can happen. But the guilty individuals need not to bother. Because the community which was hurt most by the stroke of partition, is quite since 62 years and now will also be quite.
01/09/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh