Adress to Ram Jeth Malani

What did you say that “ For global terrorism wahabi sect is responsible as it, by filling the poison in the minds of muslim youth, lead them to the way of terrorism.” It is true that on 21st November conference in Vigyan havan of Delhi where you spoke, that was international conference of judges over terrorism, you were supposed to say something over this topic. But if you say, you could have said something responsibly and something of your standard. Whatever political inclination you got, you are known as an outspoken and straight forward speaking legal expert, and by that aspect we value you. Taking your profession you do not even care about your own political circle. It should be remembered that when in 1996 BJP’s first government was formed for 13 days and you were made its Law Minister, then in one statement by clearly ruling out the concept of uniform civil code you had said that “This is not practical.” Even after that your fair speaking came forward over few matters. But by declaring Shaik Abdul Wahab of seventeenth century as a bad man , and by holding him responsible for todays terrorism you proved to be irresponsible, uninformed and lacking awareness. Atleast from you this bizarrelyness was not expected.

What that was expected from you
Over the consistency of your image for the straightforwardness, it was expected from you that you raise the question over the reality of international terrorism, show the conference that whatever events are taking place in the name of terrorism many of them are the government dramas and in some countries few silly and anti muslim circles themselves are doing terror activites to defame Islam. If in the world anywhere, really violent activites are taking place then there are reasons behind them. Only you could dare to speak about the reasons. Because in such conferences and statements this aspect is cleverly overshadowed and whoever talks about reasons he is labeled as the supporter of terrorism. But it is the pity that you did not say anything as such and together with everyone else played the same tape which is being played since eight years continuously around the world. You claim that including Islam you are a student of all religions and respect Islam but with this statement it seems that you did not even learned the first lesson of Islam. By this ruthless statement your value is lessened in the hearts of those circles who used to think you are not only informed and aware but also brave and fair spoken.

A benefit surely was there
But one benefit surely is there with your statement. You unconsciously pointed out the goal and target of this two days international conference which the organizers and most of its delegates were expressing only in signals and gestures. To any informed citizen there is no doubt in it as this conference was the continuation of the same campaign which is launched by America worldwide to defame a particular religion and its followers. Behind the conferences of this type American and jewish lobby stands actively. Since in this matter our country too has become ally of America, that is why our government is showing some extra enthusiasm. Though by entire program of this conference the goals and targets were obvious but by your statement its aim can be clear for those protectionists of ummah who want to keep their eyes closed from the trend of events and situation. They can also understand that your statement is the echo of the silliness of that circle which is trying to devide muslims in wahabi and non wahabi sects. At the event of ajmer blasts home minster of that time shiv raj patil had said that this is “wahabis act”. Before that over makkah masjid blasts one so called expert of the security issues bharat verma said on a channel that “This is effort to impose wahabi tradition”.
28/11/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

Liberhan Commission's Report

After a wait of seventeen long years, finally the one member Liberhan Commission which was investigating the demolition of the Babri Masjid and incidents related to it, submitted it’s report in front of the Parliament. The Government presented the report and informed the House about the steps taken by it and what are it’s plans in the future in this regard. It should be clear that even before it was presented the secret was out which was a cause for a great commotion in the Parliament. This report highlights the conditions in which the Babri Masjid was demolished and who were the people responsible for it, what was the role of the Government of that time, what was the role played by the state government and how did the central government dealt with it. This point has already become clear that the commission has accused 68 people, which include former Prime Minister and senior BJP leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee and the present party president Lal Krishan Advani. It has also presented some recommendations such as bringing an end to the combining of religion and politics and the use of religion for political gains, giving harsh punishments to people who make use of religion to gain power and making of laws for this purpose, to ban such government or governments which include religious articles in their agenda, the election commission should reject the nomination of such candidates who are found involved in spreading religious hatred , stopping people from making caste and class as election issues etc. All these people clearly belong to the current government. Beauracracy has also been found guilty and muslim leaders are also not forgiven. The names of the leaders mentioned in the report which the commission has presented which comprises of more than a thousand pages belong to BJP,RSS,Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Shiv Sena and Bajrang Dal etc.

The points explained by the Government, which express their plans, state that the government will try to get the speedy judgement of the various cases registered against the accused in the different courts of the country, but they have not promised that any action will be taken against them, whether they are individuals or parties. In this way the Government has announced that cases registered against people involved in communal riots will not be taken back. The proposal which was given by the commission for putting an end to the use of religion for political gains, the government in this regard has given this clarification that it will send it soon to the commission so that they can ponder upon it. In the same way the government has also agreed to this view of the commission that the attitude of the police should change and fresh thought should be given to the ways and methodologies and necessary steps should be taken for their improvement. Also the police force should be equipped and also trained with latest arms and ammunitions . But the government has not accepted this proposal that a commission which has a competent authority and a legal status too should be formed for the security of sensitive places and memorials. In the same way it has also rejected the proposal of forming a separate force to control communal riots. However this report of the commission has once again proved that such parties are present inside the country which are involved in spreading communal hatred. In the same way this fact has also become clear that such individuals not only stand as candidates in the elections rather they get elected and reach the state assemblies and parliament too. The presence of weaknesses in the structure of the governing body and the police organisation has also been proved. It is now time to watch what steps the government is going to take in this regard.
28/11/09 Editorial, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui


Third record of Cricket hero

Sachin Tendulkar this year made three records at once. Became the first player to make 17000 runs in test cricket, playing continuously 20 years entered into the 21st year and the third record was made just by chance. What happened was, at this event Sachin won everyone’s heart by telling “I am a Maharshtrian, I am proud of that but I am Indian first.” And also that “Mumbai city belongs to everyone.” But the third record did not make up just by winning hearts. Record was made when shiv sena’s bal thackrey wrote in his marathi daily ‘samna’ that “By saying those things sachin angered marathi people.” Thackrey had objection over two points. On saying himself Indian first rather than being maharashtrian, and over saying Mumbai belongs to everyone. Media hyped this analysis on large scale. What else could it be, bal thackrey was condemned from all over and sachin was poured with flowers of praise and that is how sachin got the position of “national hero”. This debate is still continued in media – But was this matter that important that there needed to be such vigorous debate and this strongly reacted upon ? Some one would be made hero and someone villain ? Emotions be provoked and this issue be declared as patriotism and anti national ?

This issue is not that worthwhile

No, this issue is not that worth. This debate is useless. This question itself is vague and funny that “first you are maharashtrian or Indian” It is the simple thing that individual holds both the identities at the same time. Sachin was born in Maharashtra and India at once. There is no conflict between these two identities. The problem raises when some one insists that first he is a maharashtrian and at any cost would work for the benefit of maharashtra then this mentality might also be created in other state people. Factually this happened too. In this country first time who ever said this, its impact was over entire country. Today between states and regions whatever border, culture and language clash exists, that is as a result of the same question. It is also the fact as this conflict reached till the lowest level. Every state got many many regions, every region consists of many districts, every district has many many jurisdictions, towns and sub divisions. Every jurisdiction has many villages, and every village people think theirs is the best village. For the sake of it there is nothing wrong in it, but this love if turn into discrimination then it creates problems. “What first” question is like a child being asked as tell whose son you are first , your mother’s or your father’s ? If he replies that I am son of both at once, then insisting on him that you have to tell whose son first you are.

This silliness is age-old

Actually this is the fabrication of silly minds and is the same question which is every now and then have been asked to muslims of India that “ tell you are muslim first or Indian first?”. Some evil minds even today raise this question. And the funny thing is that so called secular circles and “pro minority” people talk fuzz in reply to this stupidity in defending muslims and also few muslim scholars and politicians by irresponsibly uttering their say in “first” and “next” useless debate, make the position of muslims difficult. Whereas questions of this type are worth of being rejected dislikeably. Those who do not have any program for the betterment, success and salvation of humans, or whose own lives are free of any constructive concept of life, only those think of these stupid things and media makes them shine. Be the question of “you are first maharashtrian or Indian first” or be it “Indian first or muslim first”, is not just only vague and meaningless but also evil. This is the game of the fabricators of words. There should be legal action against those who raise these questions. It is government’s job to restrain media in this regard.

25/11/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Self Navel-gazing required….

Whatever maharshtra nav nirman sena is doing in maharashtra in the name of marathi language and culture, thatis being condemned rightly from all around. But those who condemn are also in some level possess the same narrow-look and discriminative mentality as well. In 60’s when bal thackrey raised this issue then only people from south India were the target, specially the tamil people. Whereas in the neighbouring Tamilnadu a campaign against hindi was run which was a violent movement. Over the question of belgaun in Karnataka, the kannada feelings were same as extreme as in maharshtra. Issue was the same language and culture. Before that Punjab state was formed over the same question of pujabi language and culture, even now between Punjab and haryana abohar and fazla is still to be resolved. Actually the door for language dispute is opened by the centre itself by forming states based on the languages. And by hindi craze everyone is aware that how from the government and political level it was tried to be imposed on people. Once even jan sangh raised a slogan of hindi, hindu, Hindustan . But when looked at south and also have seen that indra Gandhi is doing this in much better way then it had withdrawn from the hindi slogan.
Look by widening the circle
That means language discrimination is not any new. In mahrashtra senas just did a new thing that is started kicking out other state people, but only hindi people. They did not mess up with gujratis as they are the wealthy guys. To summarize it is like if any community based on solely language and culture can not tolerate others then it is also a fact that outside of its own circle it also may be unacceptable to others. If any other circle start this then a tension may be created. This is the nature of human beings. Now if this thing is seen by widening from the regional level to the nations level, the exactly same situation will emerge. If any country’s people on the regional, racial, linguistic and cultural basis want from the people of other countries to accept their superiority, then that is resisted. Except that any nation , race or state do this by cheating and shrewdly or make itself powerful by military, atomic, economic and science and technology
power. German race thinks itself the best race in the world. French culture claims that it is the best human civilization. But none of the two is in the position to make themselves be acceptable to the world. But two powers seem to be successful in this effort. Jewish and American. One by cheating and shrewdness and the other by material power.
One question from human beings
The history of the humans witnessed that in the world whatever bloodshed took place that was due to the conflict of nations, races and civilizations. This conflict still exists but in some different forms. Countries today if are accepting the superiority of America then they are doing because of their weakness or some greed or benefit. Few countries are quite and from inside trying to make themselves stronger so that they can come forward to compete with America . Means no one with fair heart and with fairness accepts the america ’s material and Israel ’s racial superiority. If this is the true situation then there won’t be true peace in the world established. Cruelty and chaos be there on earth. Now this is the question that is there a need for the world and its people of a concept of life which rising above national, racial, linguistic, cultural and regional emotions and think about safety, well being and salvation of the entire manking considering the whole
man kind one unit, make all people connected with each other with love, mutual cooperation and well wishing. No human can answer this in negative. By the good fortune of humans this concept of life is there in the world. But their misfortune that the group of people who holds and carries that, it is unable to present it to the world in the right way.
19/11/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Khan Market , Atar and Urdu

It is revealed that on 16th October in Madgaun of Goa the blast which has taken place, in which two people Malkonda patil and Yogesh nayek died. At this event police obtained few things which were meant to show the event as blast has been done by muslims. But this could be shown as such when patil and nayek succeed in their task, means by leaving explosive material in the selected place and escape from there. Blast could take place at the crowd of deewali resulting many people to die. Then on a large scale news would come that “from the place of blast a shopping bag is found on which Khan Market Delhi is written. A bottle of atar and a basmati rice which has urdu writing on it is also found. After that, with reference to police some muslim group name would have been taken (this time perhaps “goa mujahideen’ would be discovered) and media in no time would spread it through out the world and start connecting the links from one to another end. But more dangerous than that thing would could happen were the communal tension start in goa and in other states too evil minded elements would start jumping around. But this time too the divine wish was the same which was in nanded and kanpur earlier. That is the people fabricating the plot fell victim to their own plot.

Are these silly evidences
Some people can think that Patil and nayek were stupids who were doing this with such silly evidences, then it is be clarified that they were neither stupids nor unaware. Whatever they were doing, were doing knowingly. They were experienced and wanted to carry on their task as per the method they usually do. Now if the bomb blasted before they wanted, then it is not their fault. This method is being used through out the country since a long time. And ‘evidences’ are why silly? Where the police and media consider these evidences as ‘solid’ there the general public easily will also believe it. This is the proven and successful method of police and secret service agencies. While doing this terrorists always keep the complete and solid proof with them so that for police to identify and to reach to a conclusion there should not be any difficulty. They do not forget to put their id cards, diaries written in urdu and their planning maps. Sometime even Holy Quran , Islamic books and the praying beads are found with them. In last eight years wherever terror events took place, the same thing happened in most of them, and that is how malgonda patil and yogesh nayek did not do anything wrong. Now the thing which is to happen, happens anyway, like it happened in kanpur and nanded.

Something special in Goa
But there is an unusual thing in Goa that is the inquiry agencies and police seem to be sincere in knowing the truth and efforts to knowing facts. From the place of accident, findings of misleading evidences, though after 23 days but still is not any usual. Giving the news about it Indian Express (8th Nov) reporter Prashant rangnekar from Mumbai writes “ A police officer on the condition of anonymity said that to create the communal tension these things were good enough. Outside elements too could easily use it to make the situation worsened.” But it is hard to tell that this trend of knowing the facts and truth will reach to its fruitful end. Exact an year before after malegaon blasts actual criminals unveiled, the same thing happened. During the peak of unveiling news, 26th Nov events took place and malegaon events were just forgotten like nothing had happened there. Now as Goa facts are moving further, news coming that “lashkar toiba” is planning to attack on a large scale. Sometimes it becomes inevitable to believe that this “lashkare toiba” is for sure is linked with these anti-muslim circles of India, otherwise atleast at this point do not plan to attack.
13/11/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


What Fatima of London did

These days there is much of a talk about a stage play. This is story of a young muslim girl of London who belongs to an asian family but her entire family is coloured in western culture. She herself too is part of the same culture. Her mother Rukhsana is fond of western dressing and refering to feminist movement of west she says it is the matter of woman's like and dislike. Thinks hijab or veil is the opression on women. Fatima was brought up and educated in the same environment. In school too she mixes up with all white people even has a white boy friend. But suddenly she changes. The part of the western life style which is of shameless and based on prohibited and bad things she avoids. And thus by her style she obviously looks like a muslim girl. A muslim girl who for common western society is a old styled, backward and one holding dark age thoughts. Fatima by this change in her becomes strange not only in her school and surrounding but in her own home. Now the central theme of the drama argues with the question that why did this change come in Fatima and what is the motivation behind that. The story of the play is written by a 21 year old girl Ateha sen gupta and presented it to public with the help of a white director and a local drama company. The name of the drama is "What Fatima Did."
This is analysis of a non-muslim girl
Ateha sen gupta herself is also a daughter of Indian immigrant parents though she was born in britain. The idea of writing this drama she got based on her own observation and experiment. Reporter of Daily Hindu, Hasan sarwar after seeing this play sent a report from london and analysed that after 9-11 in america Islam is being debated all over the world, pardah or hijaab is in debate in particular, about which it is beleived that muslim women do hijab not willingly but due to the pressure of their family people and the society and this is verily a cruelty on women. Sen gupta tried to prove this baseless and wrong. And showed that muslim women observe hijaab by their own choice and by this wants to show their muslim identity. Fatima too by adapting this style wanted to show as she is muslim and she is proud of that. (The Hindu / 3rd Nov). Sen gupta also showed that in britain, there is discrimination with non-britains specially asians due to their cultural and religious background. For Ateha sen gupta Fatima's act is reaction of the same. Also by her action she wants to show the way in between.
Actual thing is not identity
Over this report of Daily Hindu its readers also expressed their views. Most of them have moderate or positive views. But that mind is also obvious which even with sympathy for muslims is unaware of the wisdom behind the Islamic rulings. For example in 5th november's paper this concern of Aditya dekonda of Hyderabad that "For showing identity is it the only way of hijaab, muslim women surely show their identity but it is not necessary that adapt hijaab only, there are other ways of showing the identity too, in your selected field of expertise the better performance is also a way." The answer for that could be as, the showing of identity itself is not the goal. Practicing Islamic rulings is the goal. Identity is the secondary thing. But this answer can not be satisfying for everyone. Thus this question is to be brought forward as why Islam requires women to observe hijaab. what is the wisdom behind it. what are advantages of doing hijaab and what are the drawbacks of not doi8ng it.? That is to understand the benefit of hijaab for the human society and its wisdom it is required that first Islam and its theory of society be understood. Only after that unity of god, interest free economic system, and daily life ruling about halal and haraam can be easily understood. The debate over hijaab along with america and europe even in India could be a best reference for the Dawah of Islam.
10/11/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Burqa (veil) and Bikni

"I have two different pictures of women hanging on the well in my room. One is of a woman who is wearing burqa (veil) and is covered head to toe as such that no one can see anything through. In another picture there is only bikni on one woman and everyone can see through everything. These two extremes are the symbol of so called "civilization conflict". In any civilization the role of women is considered pivotal. I am not the expert on the situation of muslim women nor I am the advocate of Burqa. But i defend the values which burqa represents. To me, burqa is the demonstration of woman's modesty and blessedness. The centre of concentration of a muslim woman is her home which she makes and runs. Raise children and help grown-ups. Contrary to that bikini wearing woman is actually nude. On the main roads and on TV show up herself infront of lakhs of people. Actually she is such a property which is no ones but still every one's. She keeps selling herself off in the market. In America the civil standard of the woman is her sexual attarction. As this attraction disappears, she vanish from the scene and surrounded with several problems. Compelled to live in helpless condition.
Whose comparision is that
This comparison of bikini and nurqa is not by any muslim analyst, it is from a world renowned western analyst henry makow. (www.henrymakow.com ) Henry makow is a Canadian Switzerland immigrant citizen and he has an expert view over the situation and events taking place there. He is christian by religion. Over iraq and afghanistan occupation of america he thinks that this is nothing but taking away from uslims their natural resources and making them loose their religious values. To zionism he thinks enemy of christianity as well along with islam. To feminism means western women movement he says is a plot against making human society imbalanced. Makow also received readers views over his comparision. Most of them expressed positive views. Even those rival analysts who write against islamic values all the time adapting a soft style. Means anti islamic analyust peerey had to say as " Burqa and bikini both represent the slavery of woman." (whereas to peerey till now only muslim woman was the slave and suppressed) A young man and his gril friend from america wrote that this anlaysis made them think a lot.
This beleif got strength
By this anlaysis of henry makow this beleif got strengthened that the third eye of people is looking with deeper and unaligned eye towards the situation which has been created against islam and muslims by western conspiracies. Where most of the countries and their people by accepting american imperialism and its global agenda knowingly and unknowingly and gave them selves in mental slavery, there are some foresighted and just people who are concerned over this situation. In euorope and america itself the number of these type of people are increasing who are raising voice over america's campaign against islam. And warning the world against the dangerous impacts of the american imperialism agenda. A large number among them is that who is attracted towards islam due to the western countries campaign against islamic values and muslim countries and injustice and wants to honestly see what is the fundamental difference between islamic beleif and western culture. This faction can be benefited by the findings of henry makow. There is a need that young people using internet spread these findings to those people on a large scale.
07/11/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Naughtiness of the channels

Sab TV is an entertainment channel. A comedy serial comes on that 'FIR'. On 22nd October story at 9.30 pm at the end of the story a scene was shown as an unkown person calls a lady police inspector and says he wants to kill her, if she dares can come at the top of so and so building. That lasy accepts the challenge and reached there wearing a bullet proof jacket. That person takes position in a bush and fires bullets on her. She falls down, then camera focus is again on the attcker who smiles at his success. There isnothing special till this point. The special thing is to watch when he smiles on his right dome of rock and its minarette are shown. That means viewers see killer belongs to which religion. In the second part of the story killer tells the reason of this action. He says to lady police officer "I wanted to kill you because you have kept my terrorist brother captive, and there he got punishment to be hanged to death." And that is how the story is clear that not only the person being punished is terrorist but also his borther is his suporter and accepts that his brother is a terrorist.

The way of showing identity
The thing here to be noted is the way of showing the killer and shwoing identitiy of the terrorist. Genrally terrorists names are shown which represents their religious identity.. the same thing could have been here when that person says " my terrorist brother.." Here too any muslim name could have been taken. But instead of doing this a mean technique is used. And this did not happen for the first time. This technique is being used on channels since a long time. Some time ago in kolkatta sarav gangoli's baby daughter was kidnapped and kidnappers asked a big amount of money. This was the obvious case of seeking money and kidnappers could be of any group, but atleast two channels tried their best to prove it the act of 'islamic atankwadi', in a suspense way showed it as a terror group of mumbai. To make strong point of their stand channel sheapishly showed the beared, turbine and a poster of quranic verses with a gun showed repeatedly as no one should have a doubt as what religion kidnappers belong to.

The lash of the accusation of terrorism
Terrorism accusation lash the muslims of india are tolerating since years and being patient. Evuil wishers for this purpose fabricate new ways and new terms. To break and pain out heart and soul 'Islamic terrorism' term was not enough that now by displaying our holy places with the news our hearts are being crushed. It is because we are helpless today. We don't know as if those organizations, institutions and individuals know these satabnic techniques, who are moving around organizing conference against the terrorism and who have the same concept of terrorism as here government, police and secret service agencies, fascist forces and evil wishing media had fabricated. It is the need of the hour that sensible, and coscientuous circles come forward. Sense the tensed situation and make a strategy. A form of action is that legal notice of these type of naughtiness be taken and legal action against them be taken. Against this channel and its program 'FIR' an FIR be booked in different police offices. Then also this be remembered that this is not just any local way of fabricating these things. There is some one whom they are trying to please by doing this.
04/11/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


A new naghtiness from south

These days a new wicked term is being coined "Love Jihad". This term came from the southern states kerala and karnatak where evil wishing groups as usual started a propaganda as many hindu and christian girls in a large number being converted to muslims by winning over. And this thing particularly is taking place in colleges. Muslim students and youth first trap them in love mesh then make them muslims. Later on these girls are lead to the way of terrorism as well. Media people are giving the news of this evil wishing according to their own ways and their inner souls. Where some channels and news papers are exaggerating this evil stab, some principled reporters are unveiling the truth of this propaganda as well. Like in 24th October The Hindu, its reporter Sudpoto Mondal did. And as far as the urdu press is concerned as usual the enormous reaction is coming. Kerala and karnatak muslim leaders too sensibly took notice of it, but probably only upto the point of statements. What action plan they have prepared to restrain this new wickedness, we don't know.
What could be the base ?
To defame Islam and muslims the new and strange tricks are being used, this 'love jihad' is newest of them. But before discussing the issue as why they are doing this ? It has to be looked into as how these evil wishers got this idea or what could be the base for it. In the country, whatever is the moral situation of the youth, is not hidden from any of the virtuous citizen. In colleges there is less education and more entertainment. Students spend more time in Fashion, ragging, intoxication drinking, and other immoral activities. And now if some students keep away from these things and concentrate on education, spend time in libraries seeking knowledge, wear decent clothes, behave respectfully with teachers, fellow students and management, naturally they attract those students and girls who already possess these qualities. Girls naturally have these good qualities among them. A survey revealed this as muslim students, boys and girls, in colleges over all refrain from these immoral activities, concentrate on studiesand behave and hold good manners. In this situation if same values sharing students get close and sometimes it reaches to marital relation it is not any strange thing.
This is the fear of moral power.
So this is the base which evil wishers got. And they are making this tiny stone a mountain and doing propaganda that muslim boys on a large scale targeting non muslim girls. More over these evil thinkers fabricated a funny term 'love jihad'. Over this a karnatak leader M.P.Prakash's statement is recalled which as a home minister he gave on 9th July 2007 at Bangalore talking to NDTV. He said "In connection with Glasgo airport terror attacks, the three youth of Bangalore who were arrested, in appearance they look sober, well behaved and full of enthusiasm of serving people, by looking at them no one among people can say that these guys can carry out terror activities or can have such dangerous thoughts. These guys are more dangerous than the road side criminals." (Indian Express 10th July 2007). About arrested three youth kafeel, sabeel and haneef, these information to the home minister were provided by secret agencies. So it is learnt that entire worry should be because of the islamic manners and its expression, and should be there as well. Because in the name of progress and economic well being the evil and immoral storm which is coming from the west, moral syustem of islam is the only hurdle. And this is not just the local issue this is an international campaign.
01/11/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh