Hundred days of Power

On 20th January, American President Barack Hussain Obama took up his post and in his inaugural speech only he had announced that in the initial hundred days of his Presidency he will make the lineament of his government clear. President Obama's hundred days as President completed on 29th April. In these hundred days his plans have almost become clear . What is his vision, what kind of image of America he wants to portray to the world ,it was initiated with the inaugural speech itself,in which he presented an outline of his policies synoptically. The conditions in which President Obama took hold of power were also quite disturbing for him , tormenting for the American people and a cause of anxiety for the entire world. America was passing through a difficult phase,it was badly engulfed in the economic crisis which had its effect not only on America but also on the whole world . Although the economic crisis had its roots in America and it started from there but it soon enwrapped Europe and the other big continents. The picture of America, which his predecessor's eight years of rule had created was that of a wolf who listens to no one instead it is ready to pounce upon anyone.On the paper, America was the biggest flag-bearer of democracy but it became the biggest murderer of it. As the Bush era moved ahead ,by and by this identity of America came to be established. The notion about America was that it had no place for tolerance,endurance and forbearance.President Bush's policies had created the impression that America was bothered only about the interests of the Americans. It had no interest with the other nations of the world. Offensive attitude became a part of its foreign policy,the common opinion was that there is no realtion between America and justice.

When President Obama took the oath of office, there was a pile of issues,he had to decide how to bring the economic cricis under control.Which steps to take in order to improve the diminishing image of America. How will he solve the problem of middle east, whether he will continue the previous policies or will he remove the divide which was being followed for the last sixty years. What will be his decision regarding Iraq. What policy will he formulate regarding Afghanistan. what kind of relations he will have with the Muslim world. what will be the face of the relation with Russia, China and other developed economies. what will he do about the issue of North Korea. How will he work on the program of the abatement of weapons and make it result oriented. What steps will he take regarding the tussle which is going on with Iran for years. What will be America's role in the world disputes. What should be its position. What will be it's relation with Cuba, what position and role the Latin American countries will be given, in these hundred days he has made his point of view clear regarding all mentioned issues. Immediately after coming to power he appointed different Ambassadors for Middle east and Afghanistan-Pakistan, has given a hint of talks with Iran, to overcome the economic cricis he has announced several packages. He attended the conference of G-20 nations and after that attended the NATO conference, from there he went on a tour to Turkey and addressed the Muslim world, announced the Pak-Afghan policy. He toured Mexico where he announced some privilges for Cuba. In Trinidad he attended the conference of American countries.In this way in these hundred days he outlined his entire policy. It is obvious that success or failure of a government can not be judged by the performance in these hundred days but the path which the government will take in future can certainly be assessed from it.
01/05/09 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

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