This was a big election issue

Though there was not any big issue for big parties in the recent lok sabha election, but for all peace loving citizen and especially for religious minorities there was a very big issue. One side there was Congress and its allies who claim to be secular and claiming to form a government based on the justice to all citizen, like they run their government five uears. Otherside there was Bharatiya Janata Party and its alliance which wanted to pull the central power from congress and form the government for next five years the way they like. But the BJP who lead this alliance, its anti minority , fascist and disputing nature was also infront of voters. This alliance even nominated Lal Krishn Advani as Prime Minister where as Congress Alliance Prime Minister was Manmohan Singh. Voters judgement was in favour of the UPA over the NDA. Fascist and communal forces got defeat. Their dreams didn't come true. And thus religious minorities and peace loving citizen took a breath of comfort. Among those who took deep breath of comfort, muslims are included as well.

There is also another aspect of the picture
But there is another aspect of the picture too. Like BJP Congress is also Pro America. Its central government , since last five years implementing american economic policies. Nuclear deal with america also took place in that government. Now when this government got the obvious power in these elections, it will implement american policies with much strenght. In previous parliament the government was weak, in the form of communist parties there was a strong resisting group. Now the government is strong, communist parties force is less than half. The second aspect of the picture is that which is related to all people (Middle and poor class). Second part is related particularly with muslims. In Congress and its states, in the name of fight against terrorism, arresting muslim youth and their encounter incidents were continued the way it happens in BJP states, and even more than that. But last year on 26th November, after "Terrorists attack" on Mumbai, Congress and its Givernment has literally pulled out the issue of terrorism from BJP. And immediately made very tough laws which BJP was demanding.

A task for Muslim Leaders
Apart from these acts of Congress and its central and state governments, muslim voters from all over the country in these elections voted in favour of Congress in general. And many of them deliberately did that as this was the lesser evil. Means congress is not the first choice or the ideal one but comparatively better than the bigger evil. And this is the aspect which should be made clear to the congress leadership and its central government very well. This task muslim leadership has to perform through the muslim leaders in Congress. This is not the first instance that muslims voted for Congress even if they do not like. This happened several times. And Congress leadership understands this weakness of Muslims well and exploit it. It is doing this since 57 years. That is why some analysts have been telling that RSS is the need of Congress itself. But now it is the time that Congress decide, as if it likes that muslims keep voting it heartlessly or with heavy heart, or such situation be created in which muslim voters vote it whole heartedly and willingly.?
28/05/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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