Those scenes of 16th May

That was 8 in the morning, 16th date of May and the place was 7 race course road, that is Prime Minister's home - TV Channels teams and News papers reporters were gathering so that the reaction of Prime Minister's office over the trends during vote counting they could find out. But there was more crowd comparatively at 10 Janpath. This is Sonia Gandhi's home. Here also the reporters aim was the same. But the biggest crowd was at 30 Prithivi Raj Road which is Lal Krishn Advani's home. Vehicles of the channels were continuously coming. BJP workers were there in a large number, the number was increasing on. People were much excited. Mr Advani was also in the form. Face was full of proud. Every now and then he was telling something. Behaviour was such that he is going to be the Prime Minister in some time. And only the event of oath taking will be left. Reporters probably also gathered to make him the Prime Minister. Till 10.30 the environment was quite on peak, but after that the crowd was scattering. BJP was loosing. Eventually there was all silence in after noon. Party workers also disappeared. Where as there was a very different scene at 10 Janpath. It was hard for police to control the crowd. Actualy the crowd of 30 Prithvi Raj Road was now here. Congress was winning. Sonia Gandhi was also coming out to say something every now and then. There was happiness and joy on the face but no proud at all.

Miserliness of Reporters
But Media reporters not just did that they left Mr Advani in the situation of forefeit and deprived, they started making fun of him after noon. The topic of this campaign was "Dream of becoming Prime Minister is broken". Cartoons were being shown on TV. Peices from the film songs were been aired as. "My Beautifull dream is gone." and "Dreams are dreams when did they come true." Sincere analysts didn't leave fun either. Even the channels which are aligned towards BJP, reporters who are faithful to the party, followed the same media colour. The next day English and Hindi news papers were doing the same. But if the situation would have been different, if BJP could win and Congresss loose, what could have been happening ? That, media would have presented Advani as the strongest leader of the world, and a highly regarded intellectual. The stories about his political wisdom would have been told. Stories since his childhood till today would have been told showing the photos. Records might have broken for pleasing somebody bribably. Where as fun would have been made of Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan singh, their cartoons might be made. Sardar Ji could have been the main target. Congress people would not be able to get out of their homes. No congress leader would face media.

This media is unbalanced
Along with Advani and other BJP leaders, those leaders were also the target of media who were dreaming of becoming Prime Minister in uncertain circumstances. Among those top was Mayawati who was presenting herself as the Prime Minister of the future on the basis of her performance in U.P. Communists so called third front also raised them over bamboo. Second was Sharad Pawar who wished that situation be created such that he could become Prime Minister with the support of BJP. A name was coming which was Nitesh Kumar of Bihar. TV Channels were projecting all of them. Nitesh Kumar story has been quite interesting. Till the fourth round of polling, which was last round in Bihar, he was not ready to even see the face of Narendra Modi. Kept him away from Bihar literally. But immediately after that, in Ludhiana, he expressed love and unity with Narendra Modi , all were surprised. What happened was, atleast two TV channels were presenting him as possible Prime Minister, and were telling him continuously that uncertain situation is expected and he could reach to that position with BJP's support. This is the attitude of Indian Media. It has nothing in the name of balance. Whom they want to support they raise him to heavens, whom they chase they throw him deep away. And media calls to this behaviour as Professionalism, and Press Council never took notice of it.
25/05/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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  1. dear sir, the article reflects the metality of indian media, and it reminds that hindus worship the rising son and do not care for the setting one, some one has rightly said.
    "doobey huey taron ka matam naheen kartee
    charhtey huey suraj ki purastaar hai yeh duniya"
    posing nitish kumar or narendra modi as an alternative to lk advani was the biggest misadventure of the BJP,led media machinery.