This protest is right but…

Giving Muslims 4.5% government jobs out of the 27% share of the Backward class is indeed inadequate. This move of the government does not meet the needs and long-pending demands of Muslim citizens. Therefore the ongoing protest on the part of the Muslims is in the fitness of things. This government move is also incomprehensible because the government’s own Sachar Committee, having taken Muslim representation in government jobs as less-than-insufficient, has declared them (Muslims) as Backward; further, the Ranganath Misra Commission has recommended 10% for Muslims. In this way the government ought not to hesitate in accepting the recommendations of its two panels. But, by announcing 4.5% in a quite dramatic manner, it disappointed some people while leaving others in surprise. And, it also thereby provided a weapon against itself for a particular rival section from among its rivals. But, this aspect notwithstanding, the criticism of the government move by the Muslim leadership is after all right, proper, appropriate and necessary. Many political parties are also supporting the Muslim standpoint. It is of course good.
… not based on farsightedness
But let me say most humbly that this protest is based not very much on farsightedness. In one way it is tantamount to lessening attention on one fundamental issue. That fundamental issue is that of the honour and dignity as well as security of Muslims in this country. Is this fact hidden from any knowledgeable and conscientious Muslim that there have been planned efforts to treat Muslim citizens as blameworthy and reproachable by implicating them in terror allegations? At some time a campaign is launched to defame Islamic seminaries while at other times stories are concocted against groups, organisations and institutions, and at yet other times fake terror groups with Muslim names are formed. Innocent Muslim youths are arrested under serious but ridiculous allegations; their and their families’ lives are being destroyed. They are being subjected to untold mental and physical torture in prison cells. And all this is not the mere product of Indian minds; all this planning is imported and is part of international conspiracy.
Let attention does not distract from the real issue
Yes, it’s absolutely true that the court has released some innocent Muslims. This is also true that some real terrorists have been detained; their confessional statements also have been made public. This is why the biggest destructive political section in the country is raising voices in and outside Parliament on some unrelated issues. In this regard it has also joined the anti-corruption movement so that the government may keep from taking some major and result-oriented action against real terrorists, and remain involved in unrelated issues. But this idea applies to Muslim leadership too. Is it not possible that efforts are being made to involve Muslims and keep them busy in issues like reservation in order to keep their attention from the international campaign to defame Islam and character-assassinate Muslims? Let it be quite clear that in the changed international scenario the very position of Indian Muslims has also changed. The biggest issue of the Muslim community in this country is that of protection of its religious identity and related signs. Therefore, along with demanding government jobs, this fundamental issue must be kept in mind.
04/01/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf