Lenin had said.

"You all people whose masjids and homes were demolished by zars and cruels of Russia, whose beleives and traditions have been ruined, from today onwards your beleives, your traditions, your national and cultural institutes are free and safe. Now you organize your national life freely and without any hurdles. You desrve that. And be understood very well that like other people of Russia your rights will be protected as well by revolution of Russia, its agencies, soviete workers, soldiers, farmers and representatives of the revolution with the full force. Thus you support the revolution and its self content government. Comredes and brothers ! come on we will march towards an honest and democratic peace. Look on our flags "crushed people's freedom" is written. In Russia Communist Revolution's leader Vladimer Lenin addressed this to muslims in 1917 immediately after Revolution. It was clearly told in that as whatever happened during the oppression of zars of Russia will not happen in Communist rule. Means it was an obvious effort of taking muslim community in confidence and gaining their support.

History record shows
Record of the history shows that during the initial period of the revolution, environment was pleasant, was a type of compromise. Situation started deteriorating when communist rulers started campaign against the religion and took Islam into fold along with the christianity. That is because the origin of communism was atheism and it assumed religion its biggest enemy. The mistake with balshyook rulers was that they wanted to ride all the religion with the same stick. By seeing christian bishops behaviour and situation of the christians, made their mind. The same mistake was done by the founder of commuist way of life Carl Marx. Whereas muslims were not against the spirit of the revolution of 1917. In the distribution of wealth justly, in fulfilling poor, needy, helpless and labourers basic needs and making their standard of life better, muslims were with them in revolution religiously. The fundamental difference was the beleif of one ness of god and the resurrection. Means muslim could work for the same causes with more higher goals. The hereafter salvation, is the noble offer of Islam to the humanity. But alas the revolutionists did not observe this aspect and did not let muslims a chance. If Marx would have observed the Islamic way of life then there could have been a great implementing force the 1917 revolution woul have got.

Why this story recalled
Revolution of Russia story is recalled as on internet "The Jakarta post" in an article "When Lenin and shriah met together" was seen. The author of that is an indonesian citizen Haleem who is doing Ph.D. from the Islamic studies department of an University in Montreal. Though in the article, history of Indonesia, strength of communist movement there before 1955, and todays situation is discussed. And it is mentioned as if communist movement reconsider its stand abouit religion and Indonesian people too accept the services of communist movement in the end of colonial system and then upbringing of it as a free country, then there by the mutual values of Islam and communism an experiment can be done. (The Jakarta Post dot com).... But there is a need that the invitation to understand Islam shuld be given worlwide to coimmunism. There could be two points for debate: 1. Beholders of communist system of life study Islam being honest and unbiased. 2.Cotrary to equal distribution of economic resources, just distribution they should observe oin rational basis. If they did not withdraw from the cause of poor, poor farmers, labourers, then they should try doing this experiment for sure.
25/10/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


The position of muslims in the world

Whatever is the objective of publishing peo research centre report about present number of the muslims in the world and statistics about that, but this report, in the entire world , western world in particular if not the issue of debate atleast has become the reason for attention for sure. It was shown in the light of numbers and stats as what is the position of those holding Islam as belief. Peo research centre claims that these numbers and stats are authentic which its sub institute ‘forum for religion and public life’ prepared after three years countinuous research in different parts of the world. There are enough reasons to believe that this American institute, which says that its expenses are taken care by a charitable trust, just for the service or welfare of the muslims. There are surely some objectives of America. And those objectives could be that America is trying to influence or control Islamic world by different tactics. These tactics are soft as well and some hard too. Mostly are hard. A survey like this was the need of American policy makers themselves. Thery could have kept this report hidden too, its unknown as what perceptiveness was there in making it public. And the charitable trust reality could nothing else be there but the Christian people and institutes might provide fund.

Possibility of positivity
Whatever might be the america’s objective, report is important for muslim ummah too. First time ever known that its strength on earth is one arawb 57 crores, what country what is the number, also that what is the status of strong belief and practicing Islamic rulings. Though there are many possibilities to doubt and suspicion, for some historical reasons, also the behaviour which people of the book had since the day one with Islam, and the recent reason is the chain of events since twenty years specially after September eleven 2001. But still there is possibility of positivity for some extent. If the editors of the report and the experts on religions honestly and fair heartedly analyse , they can reach to the conclusion easily that Islam is not any new religion for them, but the continuation of Abrahamic tradition. After that there won’t be any difficulty in understanding the belief of muslim ummah that religion of Ibrahim, moses amd Jesus, completed by revelation on Muhammad and now this is the actual Hebrew religion. If those people understand this reality then their policy of conflict and collision would turn to compromise and sympathy instead. And if they see as a matter of fact any problem in accepting it, then atleast they will see that among Islam and western world there are more factors of unity and agreeableness than conflict and differences.

There is a third opponent too
There are two opponents visible for the publishing of peo centre report. America and Islamic world. But there is a third concerned party too. That is the analysts of free countires. Thus on western newspapers and internet sites analysis are coming These analaysis are of two types, negative and unaligned as well. One such critical analysis appeared on “Independent Ireland” blog which is a Christian magazine. In this a fundamental question is debated as Why Islam is spreading so fast and why getting so popular. Then few of its qualities are mentioned: 1. The commandments of Islam are very simple, easy to understand. If you disobey then punishment is certainly there. 2. Islam has confidence in it along with the belief in Allah and doesn’t have to regret for any of its action. 3.In few family matters where there is a strict behaviour with women there is very soft corner for women in Islam. In Islam there is very much respect for women, widows and orphans are taken care very well. 4.Practicing muslims are very much generous and spend in charity. 5.AIDS is very less in muslim countries because sexual rulings are very strict also like Judaism Islam has the tradition of circumscisson. 6.Islam has the uncomparable equality and unity. (EChurchwebsite.org.uk) In the end blog suggested that if Christianity wants to be alive and be popular then should adopt the way like Islam. Thus, it is learnt that the third concerned party is sincerely observing.
22/10/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


An unusual perception of the young leader

When Rahul Gandhi was telling in Shimla on 14th October that “ What importance we are giving to Pakistan, it doesn’t even deserve half of that, because that is a small piece of land which has no comparison with our country, that is why we should remove the illusion of Pakistan from our heart…” then policy makers sitting in Delhi might have enjoyed it, and surely might have smiled within closed lips. More than anyone else Foreign ministry official would have enjoyed it. Foreign secretary would have been laughing inside. Foreign minister S.M.Krishna when looked at Parnab Mukherjee ex-foreign minister with asking looks, then mukherjee, who taught Krishna foreign ministry lessons in May while giving the charge, would have signaled to keep quite and told in the language of the moment as he is still a young leader. Foreign policy wisdom he will get gradually. Deputy foreign minister Shashi tharoor could not have got free time paying five star hotel stay bills. He would have benefited with the statement otherwise. There is not any reaction yet from government side but it is guessed as in Foreign affairs office and Interior affairs office the situation would have been the same. And it was believed that Rahul Gandhi did not read the lesson of arth shastr and should be advised to read it.

Motive of the statement
Young General secretary of Congress expressed this unusual perception infront of the media reporters. Motive for this probably was that, like common people Rahul Gandhi also had been hearing the government officials statements daily morning, noon, afternoon, evening and night about Pakistan. When observed the performance of new foreign minister Krishna, 90% of that would have been the statements against Pakistan. Prime minister, home minister, foreign minister, national security advisor and other government officials performance also had much of it. And this thing might look strange as why there is so much attention for Pakistan ? But since he is not in the government and still new in the leadership role of the ruling party. Thus he did not get chance to understand the structure of government and party’s fundamental policies. That is why he forgot the fact that whatever he said about Pakistan, government policy makers know very well, know it since the beginning, and know it more than Rahul. There are very big minds in foreign and interior ministries who control the ministers in the policies. Whatever is sai, is said after very careful thinking.

Issue is of common people too
To Rahul Gandhi anyway government officials will teach the wisdom behind the government policies today or tomorrow but the issue is with common people too. Like Rahul many other citizen too think that what is going on after all. Very sensitive and delicate is the issue of terrorism. On the government level it is continuously being told that Pakistan is carrying out the terror activities in our country. Now a common citizen thinks that violence, destruction, killing and bloodshed events are happening more in Pakistan. For this government of Pakistan holds responsible to the same groups which government of India holds responsible. Then what type of country Pakistan is, which fights with the terrorists within the country, and on the other hand trains the same terrorists and send them to India. Informed circles also know that right now the Pak-afghan border is completely open for America and Israel agents, whatever they like they do. America by its dangerous drone planes openly attacking Pakistan areas. Government of Pakistan is not doing anything to stop it but it is interested in carrying out terror activities in India. This question ight also have come in Rahul’s mind. Whatever, if Rahul gave this statement consciously abou Pakistan, then it can be hoped that if the country’s affairs come into the hands of this Youngman then the realistic approach towards issues will be taken.
19/10/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Opinion of a social affairs expert

Nitesh Sen Gupta says that the proposal of U.N.Commission for Human Rights which is prepared for combating any kind of discrimination based on the profession or cast and creed, is a good document. This will be helpful in India to stop discrimination and tension among casts and communities. Thus Indian Government should not oppose it, more over should support along with Nepal and Sri Lanka. Sen Gupta claims that the cast system is not there in the rigin of Hinduism and basic books like Upanishads and bhagvat geeta. There is only work distribution in them. This is manosmrati which gave this thing a form of permenant system and today it is the system of manusmrati that is established. Sen Gupta also says that the issue of reservation in government jobs for “lower and backward cast” has become a profitable political business. And the people doing the reservation politics do not want to change the situation For this Sen Gupta holds V.P.Singh government’s mandal report responsible. He is also fedup with “one man vote” democracy which according to him has created this situation. Nitesh sen gupta had been a secretary for India Government and was also a M.P. He is considered an expert in social affairs. He expressed these views of him in an article of Asian Age on 19th October.

The actual question is ignored
This article is one among the dozens of articles and analysis which appeared in Indian media after the U.N. Commision for Human Rights movement and these views of a former central secretary represent all of them. After looking into all these analysis , one thing clearly came out as the discrimination and the cruelty based on the professions and cast and creed is being condemned and being opposed but this very strange system is not being challenged. This fundamental issue is not debated as why humans are first of all divided into lower and higher casts. Who did it and why did it, and who gave the authority to do this to those who did it.? And now it is being told as this evil has come due to the manosmrati whereas old dharm study says that this thing existed already, mahrashi mano just revised it. Mahrshi mano is just a revivalist not the author. Actually 19 years ago the decision of action over mandal commission’s report had changed the face of country’s politics. To crush the awareness resulted by this announcement, many new issues have been created. After announcement carrying out rath yatra, then in December 1992 demolishing babri masjid andolan, was for turning the direction of the same awareness, like Atal bihari Vajpayee said, “If there were not manadal , there would not have been kamandal”.

After the british left
After the brithishers left, those in whose hands the black and white of this contry had come, they adopted the democracy, that is adult voting way , with the belief that this in every sector of the collective life, will guarantee the authority of “majority”. The purpose and motive of reservation for lower casts was to keep them tied up to the majority social system. For four decades this formula worked without any interruption but in 1990 announcement of mandal had hurt it severely. Although the upholders of this system, by chanting the slogans of ram mandir first then uniform civil code, wanted to lesser the impacts of this and today by raising the hoax of terrorism and nexalwad, trying to push it back in the background, but anyway this is the biggest problem of this country. Desire for the solution of this is not there. Faction of the victims of this system living in the cities, and taking advantage of the quota and reservation, does not feel the need of reformation. Political people want to keep it alive. Actually hit are those crores of communities who live in villages and small towns. Now the people who are talking about reformation in the light of U.N.Movement also wish that just discrimination be not allowed, otherwise they are not debating over the fundamental cause of the evil either, and they can not do it.
13/10/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


China, who is our neighbour

60th anniversary of communist rule and the celebration on this event and the military power display by China --- This has been a special topic of world’s attention. Stories of huge development in science and technology in China are very popular in the entire world. China is readily accepted as a very big and more over the second largest rising economic power of the world. But China coming out as a strong military power has become topic of the debate for world political analysts. War experts , who call and wants to be called “defence experts”, turned towards China but with concern. America and its experts being worried over this step forward of China is natural. But in our country there is obvious concern as we are the closest and biggest neighbour of China. Here there did not any response come from government side but notice by media and private experts is taken. TV channels discussed this overnight since 1st October evening. In general this had been presented negatively. Many of the channels called it “Death show”. Next day news papers reports and analysis was towards the same issue.

Secret of the progress
Progress of our biggest neighbour is admirable for our country and for sure, concerning as well. But before anything else this should be looked at as how China did progress so. Experts on nations say that Chinese nation is a very intelligent and hardworking nation. It is not work avoiding or confort seeking. Does not waste time in government and non government holidays. It is not comfort loving, excuse seeking and fashion loving , lead a simple life. Though Chinese people did not give the class of God to their country, they do not worship their land but do really love much. Do not buy and sell patriotism. The largest racial unit of china yan (92%), to keep itself united and to progress , did not target any other race, region or religious group for continued hatred. (Though at times few things happen). There is no official religion for Chinese government. The government has the communist and atheist thinking. On the government level no religious group is supported and none is treated with any discrimination. Among the religious groups biggest is the budhism followers, then Taoism people come, muslims come after that and some are Christians and hindus. But there is not any continued tension among them. Within the country, corruption, or cheating among themselves either does not exist or just a little if any.

Assess the self weakness
Definitely our country has the desire for becoming an influential power in the world like china. Skill of becoming big is also there. Manpower, Natural resources and area wise our country is much more ahead than western countries. But few negative trends come in the way of progress. Three flaws can specially be pointed out. 1) A very big almost half of the population is declared low and least based upon their birth and the same behaviour is continued towards them. This is continued for centuries now. 2) On the basis of religion there is aggressive behaviour towards the religious minorities and that is called the patriotism, and this is considered an act necessary for the strength of the country. 3) Corruption exists on all levels of collective life. Corruption has become the culture of the country which lead to the evils like comfort looking, excuse seeking, and work avoidance. In the presence of such weaknesses it is obvious that no nation of the world can become the world’s big and strong nation. Negative trends take towards the weakness not towards progress. Whereas positive thinking guarantees strength and well being. We should admire the progress of China , not envy. We should adopt an assessing way to see what things we should learn from them to follow.
10/10/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Shastr pooja means worshiping power

"Shastr pooja" means to worship power is a constant act of RSS which is countinuously carried on in sanghatan programs all the time, on some special events this is perfomred openly and publicly also. This year on vijay dashmi (dasehra) event this thing was done on a large scale which because of the TV Channels, and news papers showed at very far places in and ouside the country. Atleast for Gujrat and Madhya pradesh there chief ministers and government officials and police officers too participated in the pooja. The way of pooja is that all the big and small deadly weapons (Rifel, gun, pistol, revolver, arrows, swords and rods etc) are decorated, then formally like lords and lordess they are worshipped. At this event in some ground or boundary the usage of weapons is performed too. Air firing is done, nevertheless of who has the licence and who doesn't. This time in Bhopal a 45 year old worker of RSS died in firing. On the same event AK47 was given in hands of a 7 year old kid of a police officer and made him to fire. State's chief minister did shastr pooja in his government residence and did air shooting.

This is the common tradition here.
That means this time this political group did this with a much noise and hue and did without caring any law, of which media took a little bit of notice and some congress leaders too made somewhat noise. But the reaction of the state did not come forward as it should be on this unlawful and aggressive power display, which could come for even the 100th part of this by some other community. Because showing to worship the power and force is the common nature here. It is accoding to the very big vedik philosopher chanakya teachings. Chanakya's philosophy is that " to run society and government acheive more and more power, show it off, also be lenient to tghe powerful and be sever to the weak." The need for this is felt spcecially after the China-India war in 1962. Deefence budget grown and keeps growing. There is no doubt that our country military wise is a very big and strong country. The newer amunition is being sought. Now very soon modern harop dron plane will also come from

There are many forms of power.
But worshipping power is not just shastr pooja, it has much more meaningful act. Amunition is just a symbol. Mother devi has many forms and types. Kali is one among them which is considered the devi for destruction and damage. That is why its pooja is done on a large scale. The mindset is that, do pooja and have friendship with one who either has power to harm you or can give you some benefit. Also it is that there are many form of power other than the power of ammunition. Political power, wealth and money power, body power, knowledge power, science and technology power, man power, family and community power, diplomacy skills, government and ruling power, media power, speaking power (means speaking to please) etc. every power is considered. Every power is worshipped. This is the reason that people coming from outside ruled strongly for centuries. Though in the form of morality and character they had a very good type of power as well which went off with britishers. But the britishers showed well administrative power which was their own need. Today in the form of America a very big and only one world power is there. So taking that what behaviour is found here , is completely according to this power worshiping.
07/10/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Cast creed and human rights

News came out about U.N. council for huamn rights that it is about to declare the cast and creed and the discrimination based on the birth as violation of human rights. For this purpose the proposal is made active which the council prepared four months ago, but because of the opposition by few countries particularly India and Nepal, it couldn't be presented for debate. But now Nepal changed its stand and actively supporting the proposal. (Times of India 28th Sep). If the present support trend move further then council will present it for approval in general assembly. According to the report this situation is worrisome for India. Because this country was always against making any international law for cast system and untouchability or making it an international issue. International conference against the racism which was held in 2001 in Durban, in the resolution of that conference movement for adding the discrimination by birth and untouchability was initiated too but because of the India's opposition that was failed. At that time here BJP had the central government

Why objection on an international law ?
Here the mind goes towards the fact that if Indian state is against the by birth discrimination and cast system within the country, made tough regulations against it, violators are punished too then why it has objection over making a law and declaring it an evil at the international level ? The explanation for that is that the Indian state is not against the cast system, wants to protect it and keep it as it is, by deriving legal terms like scheduled cast and scheduled tribe its stability is assured. But it is against the cruelty and discrimination based on this system, wants to stop oppression. This country is a biggest upholder of cast system. The act of deviding and describing the lower and higher casts of very well human beings was done here in this land. Outside world is not fully aware of this fact. If in the international issues as per the racism the cast system is added then for the leaders of this system who are the actual rulers of this country there will be serious problems.

Here it is the question of life and death.
Cast and creed system here is the question of life and death. To keep it alive every effort is been put every tyranny is allowed and every trick is used. The very successfull trick was to promote hatred against the religious entities outside this system. With the help is this hatred the awareness of those communities afflicted by this system is suppressed whcih can be brought up against the system. Not only that, to keep this system safe new enemies and artificial problems are created. The hoax of terrorism is one of such artificial problems. Terrorism is refreed towards a biggest religious identity and being defamed. It is their good fortune that America has made it an international issue. The hue and cry of the terrorism has hidden including the actual terrorism (which is seen in Malegaon) all big and the real problems. Among those the cast and creed system is one which is this country's actual and very big problem. In this situation why the upholders of this system will like that this problem come infront of the world and the air from the artificial problem be pinned down.
04/10/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Who was Ravan ?

Dasehra festival is related with the story of Ram when every year countrywide specially in north India the Ram Leelas are held. Last day the statues of Ravan and his two companions are burnt. Means the hero of Dasehra is Ram and the villain is Ravan. But in the eve of same Dasehra from the far places of the country the news about the traditional grievance every year comes too. The day when Ravan statues are burnt some houses have the condition of grievance even the food is not prepared . It is heared that in north India there are many villages where the small small temples of Ravan are there too but they are not mentioned anywhere. Now the news came that near the capital Delhi the actual temple of "Lord Ravan" is being built. Construction started and by next Dasehra it will be ready. In the village Bisrakh this temple is being contructed with the expenditure of almost two crores. In that village neither any Ram mandir is there nor any akhand path of Ramayen could take place there. People of the village say that whenever some one tried to read Ramayen he could not finish reading it. Some calamity took him over. (Indian Express 26th September) A member of Ravan mandir society Anil Koushik says that with compared to other lords and lordesses Ravan was a charecterized Individual.

Who and and when changed the story
Ram, Seeta, Ramayen, this is all the matter of aastha and beleif, according to that the king of Lanka Ravan was a cruel and unkind ruler who dishonoured seeta ji. This story is being taught to Indian generations since a long time. Many generations grown reading this story in syllabi books. Ram being nayek and Ravan khalnayek is their beleif. Now in this situation if Ravan, some people start praising and worshipping him saying he was a charecterful hero, a just ruler and a very big learned individual, this will be an interesting thing. The stories of respecting Ravan and disrespecting Ram were common in Tamilnadu, but those who do that did not beieve in any devi devta. Whereas in north India people worshipping Ravan are the worshippers of shiv and claim that Ravan was a shiv bhagt too. Sincere historians always avoided arguing about this story and left it saying this is the matter of aastha. But the fundamental question anyway raises in minds that what actually the story is ? If the story is messed up then who is behind it ? In the fight of a learned brahmin (Ravan) and a chatri prince (Ram) , if Ram is declared Hero and Ravan is declared villain, then who did this and why did they do that ?

Denial of facts is an old tradition
The interference with historical facts, is an old tradition in Bharat Varsh. It is also told about vedas and other dharmic books that they are not present in the actual language. The old communities history is also disrupted. Beleifs were changed. If observed it seems like for this the same faction is responsible which came from outside and devided the old bharat varsh people in four lower and higher casts based on their birth. Kept itself in higher and ruling position, and based on the same beleif set a social system. Beleifs for humans were established. Then everything they made under their own system. Then those who were outside their beleifs, they were declared nether and their everything was declared wrong. The lie and cheating against them was called legitimate. Since fabricating the historical facts is the left hand game of this community, that is why they tried to prove all the muslim rulers, cruel and ruthless and tried to prove entire period of muslim rule a dark age. Incorrect stories were fabricated related to Babri Majid construction. The mention about the period of muslim rule is very far even the muslims participation in the freedom struggle, this community tried to deny. Thus, since the era of Shri Ram till today the charecter of this community is found negative. In this situation the question still remains that if Ravan was not that type the way he is described then why was the need to change his charecter was there ?
01/10/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh