The Mentality has not changed?

It has been almost sixty two years since the country got independence and fifty nine years are over since the constitution was implemented. It is being pledged in the constitution that every citizen will be treated as equal no matter from which area he is, what language he speaks and which religion he follows. If he is an Indian citizen he has an equal status. Law will not differentiate between anyone. Another guarantee which the constitution grants is equal opportunities for all, neither less nor more to anyone. One more guarantee of the constitution is for those people (Social ranks) who are economically backward due to any reason, the state will be responsible to remove their backwardness and take required step towards it. This constitutional instruction were issued because the Indian society has been divided into classes since ages, and this divide has received the religious backing as well. This is a different topic of discussion, which is not being dealt here. But it is a fact that the Indian society was divided on the basis of caste and creed, the condition was the same at the time of independence, if it was just limited to different ranks of society, then people might have compromised. But this was not the case, instead this social divide and rankings were created as a means of difference, division and exploitation, which was going on since ages. The victims raised their voices during different periods of history but every time they were defeated and their voices were suppressed. No authentic efforts have ever been made to improve the conditions and if in any part of history any efforts were made they were not long lasting because firstly this suppressed population was not ready to accept any change and secondly the people, on whom this change will come as blow, have put in all the efforts to cause damage and give a wrong meaning to the change, this was the reason why this situation was present at the time of independence and it is present till today.

The curse of caste and creed, high and low is not only present even today but it is so deeply instilled that it is not an easy task to remove it. Steps are also taken to instill them. It is being demonstrated every now and then. These suppressed people still do not have that status in society which they should get, they are still known as Dalits. They still suffer from injustices which they faced in the past times. Even though, since the time of independence "efforts" have been made to uplift them. Different kinds of concessions have also been given to them, due these concessions it has at least been possible for them to get educated. Their economic condition has also changed a bit, they have now taken up jobs too. Their presence can be felt in the positions of power, but in society their identity is still that of a dalit, the upliftment of a few of these people, their wealth and happiness, did not create any difference in the position of the common dalit and the social status of these wealthy and happy is still not changed. This is the reason why till today, their children are looked down upon in educational institutions. They are regarded as abjects. Some outward changes can be seen but the attitude of the other people in their respect has not changed. Therefore even today in schools their children are kept away from the upper caste children. Latest case is from Madhya Pradesh, from where the Central Government has received complaints that the dalit students face racial hatred. The Central Ministry of Human Resource Development have ordered an enquiry. Its enquiry will be completed and a report will be submitted to the Centre. Some action might be taken on its basis but the mentality can not be changed by these actions. Improvement in conditions is possible only if there is a change in mentality.
10/05/09 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

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