Surprising, Victory or Defeat ?

For few analysts in the fifteenth lok sabha elections, victory of Congress is not that surprising as Bharatiya Janata Party's defeat is. These analysts are also advising BJP that it change its policies, and leave Hindutva talk and work as a responsible national party which want the good for all citizen and the welfare of all regional units. Among these analysts of TV channels and news papers, there are some who are the well wishers of BJP, some are critics and some non-aligned. But those, advising this party to change policies, either knowingly ignoring or not aware of its actual agenda. They either really think it just a political party or they are really innocent. Whatever it is, no one advised it to come in front with its actual agenda, or put forth its political program openly to people as two and two equal four and ask for votes. And innocence was upto the extent that some one even advised it to break its ties with RSS. And this proves that not just people even political analysts are not aware of its actual agenda. Do not even know what is the type of relation it has with Sangh.

What is actual Agenda?
The fact is that BJP is not any autonomous or free political party. It is just a political wing of RSS. Its political agenda is of two points. 1) Based on the birth , social system of caste and creed and human discrimination which is continued for centuries and is still there, should exist, never be broken. And a higher caste domination should remain. 2) The second special caste should be holding the country's monitory resources. This is actually Sangh's agenda. Before Independence it acted on this agenda by other means with the help of its other following groups. But after independence it came to conclusion that without holding the political power these two goals can not be achieved completely. Thus, in 1952 it formed its political party with the name 'Bhartiya Jan Sangh'. In 1980 it renamed it as 'Bhartiya Janata Party'. It is obvious that, this party honestly announcing its actual political agenda couldn't enter into political ground, since last 57 years, it did many experiments, changed slogans again and again. These slogans are around half a dozen. Started with 'Hindi, Hindu and Hindustan', then raised the voice of'Integrated Nationalism'. During the cold war era, our country's economy was under the effect of Soviet Union, this party even raised the slogan of 'Gandhian Socialism'.

Discussion should be held
And it is obvious that the party which is working with a hidden political program, can use the negative ways for achieving its goals, can't use positive ways. Right from the first day of its formation, it started spreading hatred against religious minorities with different topics. This method worked well to keep so called majority hostile. Thus the huge population of the country which is being kept by it in the least category by its social system and doesn't want that their social status change, got mislead with the attractive slogan of beig "Part of the Majority". And the easy and the most out of this population it used for riots. Its politics sometimes revealed to people and it has got some political damage too,like this time it happened. But it is not ready to leave its agenda. Now if the well wishers of this party want any reforamtion,then they should talk to them on the validity of the hidden agenda. But there is no use of talking to BJP in this regard, it should be with RSS that what is the benefit of it. And we think that, debate with RSS on this topic only those people can do who uphold the program of the success and salvation of the entire mankind here after.
22/05/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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