Taliban, Taliban, Taliban

Taliban, common urdu literate person too knows that this is the plural of "Talib" in Pashtu. Like in Arabic it is "Talaba, Talabah, in Persian "Danish JuyaN”, “Students”, in English and Vidyarthi in Hindi. All these means, those who seek knowledge. But now a days this word is referred in a particular sense. "Brutal and Cruel Muslims", Fanatic , backward mentality scholars and more over "Islamic Terrorist." But before the argument as who gave this meaning to the world Taliban, let us see who these Taliban were, and where this word is coming from. What happened was, that after the end of Soviet Union occupation of Afghanistan, when the question of forming the free government raised, the organisations who made Soviet Union to run away by starting a struggle, started fighting among themselves. America, who, for its own interest and agenda helped those organisation with money and amunition, became worried. It didn't like that Islamists form any stable government there. Rule of Gulbadeen Hikmatyar's Hizbe Islami it never ever wanted. Once it prepared a road map of a government with the help of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan , in which Hizbe Islami was not present. But that didn't work. Three muslim countries too noticed American Intentions.

American Stand at that time
When the differences among these organizations were continued, Name of Taliban heared all of a sudden. These were teachers and higher classes students of religious schools, and arose from Jalalabad. While looking on they captured a big part of Afghanistan. Surprisingly America didn't have any objection. And accepted the rule of Taliban practically. It was later revealed about the stand of America about the Taliban that it assumed Taliban are disorganized, inexperienced and emotional people. And they will soon disintegrate by their actions. But America's assumption proved to be wrong. Taliban were getting stronger every day. Now America worried. Worry was about two things. One is that the Taliban Government was succeeding in controlling the long time crimes common in Afghanistan tribal areas, by implementing Shariah laws.
Secondly Taliban destroyed the agriculture of Opium and stopped its future growth. Opium drugs business was the large business of criminal tribals, but the benefit was mostly to western businessmen and smugglers, by which they used to earn millions of dollars yearly. Thus America after 9/11 operation, making it excuse imposed the army action. Taliban knew the result of fighting with super power, but they were the first government of recent history who in the battle wanted to loose but did not compromise or surrender to the unjust demand of the oppressor of the time.

Aim of the defaming
After American occupation there was silence for long, meanwhile America continued the campaign of defaming Taliban. But now the Taliban are not those Afghanistan Taliban, but all those practising and concious muslims who think Islam is the best way of life in the world. In this defaming campaign America's old allies and new faithful friends co-operating. In the entire world Islamic religious schools are specially targeted. Since Afghan Taliban type people are found in Frontier province and northern tribal areas of Pakistan too, so to crush them America made Pak-Afghan border as war-base. American army in large number is present there, quite possible that CIA and Mosad agentgs too. These American and Israeli agents roam around without any hurdle, and criminal activities became common there. So chief of Shariah Implementation movement Sufi Muhammad and his disciples demanded Shariah laws. Thus after the deal between federal and provincial government of frontier, Justice system regulation was released. After that criminal activities were slowed down and people were feeling secure. This was going on as America feared, so right from the day one of the deal, to break it down by its faithful government such action were taken that deal was practically broken.

Who are the actual target.?
Now the situation is such that in Sawat and other tribal areas religious people are running a movement against American conspiracy and Government of Pakistan's policy to please America. Now even the criminals against whom Sufi Muhammed wanted the action, are also involved. Entire world is telling them Taliban, but they do not call themselves Taliban. There are few who are known as Taliban but not all of them. To defame all of them with the same Talian name is America's plan. Becuase in the name of Taliban America has assumed a new enemy. Today the name Taliban is a symbol of rebuke. First America tried to kill them by bombing by itself, but now policy is changed and this task is given to Government of Pakistan. And a huge amount of money is given to do that. And the America's faithful "President of Pakistan" also announced that Taliban are the biggest danger to Pakistan and the army action against them won't stop until they are crushed. But it is obvious that before crushing enemy it is necessary to defame first. Thats why very strange news about them is being spread. It is possible that some might be their real mistakes but this should be remembered that America's ultimate target are concious practising Muslims. Start is from tribal areas of Pakistan.
19/05/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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