Now this Report from London

Referring BBC’s report, PTI London informed that some Muslim schools in England are teaching students how to immolate the arms and legs of the thieves’, and how to kill homosexuals. All this is being taught in these schools according to the Sharia. Further, they were being taught that the Jews wanted to dominant over the world and for this purpose they were usurping all resources of the world. There are 40 such Weekend schools, according to the report, in Britain and more than five thousand students are getting their education in these schools, they are six to eighteen years old. It is also mentioned in the report that these schools neither received any aid form the government nor situated in the government building. The Weekend schools are also exempted from the official inspections; hence the administrators of these schools prescribed such type of curriculum which is prohibited in the government schools. Similarly, telling something or writing against Jews in England is also prohibited. But these schools are imparting anti Jews knowledge to their students. (Hindustan Times, Lucknow 23 November) According to PTI in England there is chaos on this report of BBC.

As the news has given by a reporter of the Press Trust of India so it cannot be trusted. The reporters of this Indian news agency who are deployed in other countries, usually used to spread sensational news, it is their habit to add color to the news and to presents the events disproportionately. Various examples of such type are safe and sound. Those who watched or heard BBC’s report only they can tell out what and in which manner has the report been presented. However, its report will not be without an aim. Obviously, this report seems to be a part of USA’s campaign on ‘American war on Terrorism’ which is propagating against Islam and its followers in America and Europe in particular and the entire world in general. The only difference is that BBC performs this deed absolutely in a shrewd and soft manner. It works insightfully so as to convey its message to its readers and listeners and its “indifference” could not be affected. Whereas the Indian reporters and journalists do this work quite in a coarse manner, they take efforts to achieve their motive in haste. The easiness for them is that usually the Indian listeners and readers were ready to believe on their reports.

Also present this side of the scenario
Regarding this report of BBC one thing is to be stated here is that the citizens of England should assess and see what the reality is, and then update about it to BBC. The second thing here to state to BBC is that, it has showed to its readers and listeners that what is being taught in the Weekend schools of England, now BBC should present a survey report on what is being taught in the schools of Jews and Christians about Islam and Muslims. It is the technique of teachers and lectures that they used on their students and they impart the knowledge in such a manner about Islam and Muslims that the students could coercively realize Islam as a terror religion and Muslims as terrorist. These things will be available very less in the formal curricula but BCC should detect by sending its detective reporters, that in their oral lectures what did these teachers teach their students about Islam and Muslims. And then, BBC should present this survey report as it is to their readers and listeners for maintaining its credence of indifference. No reporter of PTI will dare to give the news of this survey report but through the other channels these facts will be come to the world. People who love justice will see the reality of the lessons which were taught in the Weekend Schools of England compare to the venom instilled in the minds of the students against Islam in the schools of Jews and Christians.

26/11/10 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Tr. Wahaj Hashmi