Indo-Pak Relationship

The relations between India and Pakistan are so fragile and sensitive that they get affected very easily, both have so many complaints against each other that their resolution all of a sudden is not only difficult is it an impossible task. There are innumerable reasons which spoil the relations and relationship. These reasons are live and active, but like Mr.S.M.Krishna said that neighbours cannot be changed, we have to live with them. Therefore it is the responsibility of the neighbours to see how can they resolve their mutual complaints. One way of doing this is that they meet each other regularly. If this is continued, then this hope can be kept alive that settlement can take place,it will open doors to reconciliation. This can also remove misconceptions and will give way to solution of valid complaints. Distances will not only increase the misconceptions they will cause the complaints to pile up. One more advantage of this would be that the people who try to spoil relationships will not get a chance to take advantage of the situation. But as this is a two sided affair, therefore the interest and efforts of only one will not be fruitful, the assent and involvement of both is necessary. That is why it is important that Pakistan should also take strong steps to build up trust. Both should keep themselves away from such acts which cause a dent in the trust. In the same way it is also important not to take our issues to others, not to complain to others and a limit put on them that now some action should be taken. This also has a big hand in the spoiling of Indo-Pak relationship.

UPA's Central Government has given hints that it might start talks with Pakistan again provided that Pakistan takes a bold step in removing these hurdles due to which this act of dialogue got suspended. It should be explicit that after the Mumbai terrorist attack last year the Indian Government declared to stop all talks with Pakistan unless Pakistan provides strong evidence that its land is no longer being used for anti Indian activities. This was stated by the the new External Affairs Minister S.M.Krishna in his first address to the media after taking the oath of office on last Saturday 23rd of May. He said India is ready to carry out talks with Pakistan and extend the hand of friendship but for this it is necessary that Pakistan practically tells the whole world that it has brought an end to terrorism on it's soil and has taken strong actions in this regard. If the result of these proceedings can be seen by the world then the world will be assured that the Government of Pakistan is really serious about this matter. Mr S.M.Krishna said India, along with Pakistan wants good and friendly relations with all it's neighbours and it is India's desire to work for peace and prosperity of the whole area together with it's neighbours. This is India's topmost priority. He said he can not change his neighbours, that is why it is a matter to see how to live in peace with them.
28/05/09 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

This was a big election issue

Though there was not any big issue for big parties in the recent lok sabha election, but for all peace loving citizen and especially for religious minorities there was a very big issue. One side there was Congress and its allies who claim to be secular and claiming to form a government based on the justice to all citizen, like they run their government five uears. Otherside there was Bharatiya Janata Party and its alliance which wanted to pull the central power from congress and form the government for next five years the way they like. But the BJP who lead this alliance, its anti minority , fascist and disputing nature was also infront of voters. This alliance even nominated Lal Krishn Advani as Prime Minister where as Congress Alliance Prime Minister was Manmohan Singh. Voters judgement was in favour of the UPA over the NDA. Fascist and communal forces got defeat. Their dreams didn't come true. And thus religious minorities and peace loving citizen took a breath of comfort. Among those who took deep breath of comfort, muslims are included as well.

There is also another aspect of the picture
But there is another aspect of the picture too. Like BJP Congress is also Pro America. Its central government , since last five years implementing american economic policies. Nuclear deal with america also took place in that government. Now when this government got the obvious power in these elections, it will implement american policies with much strenght. In previous parliament the government was weak, in the form of communist parties there was a strong resisting group. Now the government is strong, communist parties force is less than half. The second aspect of the picture is that which is related to all people (Middle and poor class). Second part is related particularly with muslims. In Congress and its states, in the name of fight against terrorism, arresting muslim youth and their encounter incidents were continued the way it happens in BJP states, and even more than that. But last year on 26th November, after "Terrorists attack" on Mumbai, Congress and its Givernment has literally pulled out the issue of terrorism from BJP. And immediately made very tough laws which BJP was demanding.

A task for Muslim Leaders
Apart from these acts of Congress and its central and state governments, muslim voters from all over the country in these elections voted in favour of Congress in general. And many of them deliberately did that as this was the lesser evil. Means congress is not the first choice or the ideal one but comparatively better than the bigger evil. And this is the aspect which should be made clear to the congress leadership and its central government very well. This task muslim leadership has to perform through the muslim leaders in Congress. This is not the first instance that muslims voted for Congress even if they do not like. This happened several times. And Congress leadership understands this weakness of Muslims well and exploit it. It is doing this since 57 years. That is why some analysts have been telling that RSS is the need of Congress itself. But now it is the time that Congress decide, as if it likes that muslims keep voting it heartlessly or with heavy heart, or such situation be created in which muslim voters vote it whole heartedly and willingly.?
28/05/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Those scenes of 16th May

That was 8 in the morning, 16th date of May and the place was 7 race course road, that is Prime Minister's home - TV Channels teams and News papers reporters were gathering so that the reaction of Prime Minister's office over the trends during vote counting they could find out. But there was more crowd comparatively at 10 Janpath. This is Sonia Gandhi's home. Here also the reporters aim was the same. But the biggest crowd was at 30 Prithivi Raj Road which is Lal Krishn Advani's home. Vehicles of the channels were continuously coming. BJP workers were there in a large number, the number was increasing on. People were much excited. Mr Advani was also in the form. Face was full of proud. Every now and then he was telling something. Behaviour was such that he is going to be the Prime Minister in some time. And only the event of oath taking will be left. Reporters probably also gathered to make him the Prime Minister. Till 10.30 the environment was quite on peak, but after that the crowd was scattering. BJP was loosing. Eventually there was all silence in after noon. Party workers also disappeared. Where as there was a very different scene at 10 Janpath. It was hard for police to control the crowd. Actualy the crowd of 30 Prithvi Raj Road was now here. Congress was winning. Sonia Gandhi was also coming out to say something every now and then. There was happiness and joy on the face but no proud at all.

Miserliness of Reporters
But Media reporters not just did that they left Mr Advani in the situation of forefeit and deprived, they started making fun of him after noon. The topic of this campaign was "Dream of becoming Prime Minister is broken". Cartoons were being shown on TV. Peices from the film songs were been aired as. "My Beautifull dream is gone." and "Dreams are dreams when did they come true." Sincere analysts didn't leave fun either. Even the channels which are aligned towards BJP, reporters who are faithful to the party, followed the same media colour. The next day English and Hindi news papers were doing the same. But if the situation would have been different, if BJP could win and Congresss loose, what could have been happening ? That, media would have presented Advani as the strongest leader of the world, and a highly regarded intellectual. The stories about his political wisdom would have been told. Stories since his childhood till today would have been told showing the photos. Records might have broken for pleasing somebody bribably. Where as fun would have been made of Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan singh, their cartoons might be made. Sardar Ji could have been the main target. Congress people would not be able to get out of their homes. No congress leader would face media.

This media is unbalanced
Along with Advani and other BJP leaders, those leaders were also the target of media who were dreaming of becoming Prime Minister in uncertain circumstances. Among those top was Mayawati who was presenting herself as the Prime Minister of the future on the basis of her performance in U.P. Communists so called third front also raised them over bamboo. Second was Sharad Pawar who wished that situation be created such that he could become Prime Minister with the support of BJP. A name was coming which was Nitesh Kumar of Bihar. TV Channels were projecting all of them. Nitesh Kumar story has been quite interesting. Till the fourth round of polling, which was last round in Bihar, he was not ready to even see the face of Narendra Modi. Kept him away from Bihar literally. But immediately after that, in Ludhiana, he expressed love and unity with Narendra Modi , all were surprised. What happened was, atleast two TV channels were presenting him as possible Prime Minister, and were telling him continuously that uncertain situation is expected and he could reach to that position with BJP's support. This is the attitude of Indian Media. It has nothing in the name of balance. Whom they want to support they raise him to heavens, whom they chase they throw him deep away. And media calls to this behaviour as Professionalism, and Press Council never took notice of it.
25/05/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Muslim Representation

Since some time the representation of Muslims in power and their befitting partnership is a matter which is being raised by the muslims, and many political parties have also given importance to this feeling of the muslims. Even though, some political parties due to their habit and a preplanned scheme have uttered rude remarks against this favouritism of muslims and declared this line of thought and action as an attitude which divides the society, even then all the political parties which believe in religious tolerance, have not only accepted but also have also expressed their desire to provide muslims, representation and befitting partnership in power, so much so that the other political band strongly felt it's need which had earlier opposed it from the bottom of their heart. Therefore the political parties have given the tickets to muslims too, earlier also they had put forward muslim candidates, but this time they paid special attention to it. This was so because in muslims this thought is gaining strength that they are being overlooked by the political parties. They need their votes but are not interested in solving their problems. Their was a time when muslims were considered as the friend of Congress and the Congress also felt that the muslims were their's. This is the reason why muslims were regarded as the Congress vote bank. But the policies of the Congress created a displeasure amongst the muslims. Some other parties took advantage of this situation, like in Bengal it was the communists, Lalu Yadav in Bihar, in Uttar Pradesh Mulayam Singh and Mayawati and Telugu Desham in South. But this strategy did not prove fruitful because the conditions of muslims did not change as a result of which the muslims felt that they should make their own party. This time too this experiment was carried out in several places.

As far as the matter of muslim nomination in the councils of power is concerned, even after sixty years of independence their nominees have not been elected to the council of law makers, neither in the Centre nor in the state assemblies. The situation is same even this time, rather the condition is even worse than the 2004 elections. In 2004 Lok Sabha elections, collectively 36 muslim candidates were successful but this time their number is only 29 and from some states there are no representatives. According to Government records, muslims constitute 13.4% of the total population and this is a minority group which is a myth. The reality is, according to the numerical strength, if any religious group is number one then it is the muslims. But their percentage in population is shown as 13.4%. Even if we consider this then the number of their representatives in Lok Sabha should be more than 70, but it is only 29. According to population, Uttar Pradesh is the biggest state with muslim percentage more than 18%. Here the number of Lok Sabha Constituencies is 80. In respect to this their number should be more than 15 but only 7 muslim candidates were successful from here. In West Bengal, the muslim population percentage is 28% and total seats are 42 but only 6 muslims were elected, whereas at least 15 candidates should have been elected. In Kerala too, more or less the percentage is the same but only 3 muslim candidates got elected. An interesting fact this time was that not a single muslim won on the ticket of either Rashtriya Janta Dal or Samajwadi Party. In 1980, maximum number of muslims got elected. At that time they had 48 representative in the Lok Sabha but after that this number went on decreasing.
25/05/09 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui


Surprising, Victory or Defeat ?

For few analysts in the fifteenth lok sabha elections, victory of Congress is not that surprising as Bharatiya Janata Party's defeat is. These analysts are also advising BJP that it change its policies, and leave Hindutva talk and work as a responsible national party which want the good for all citizen and the welfare of all regional units. Among these analysts of TV channels and news papers, there are some who are the well wishers of BJP, some are critics and some non-aligned. But those, advising this party to change policies, either knowingly ignoring or not aware of its actual agenda. They either really think it just a political party or they are really innocent. Whatever it is, no one advised it to come in front with its actual agenda, or put forth its political program openly to people as two and two equal four and ask for votes. And innocence was upto the extent that some one even advised it to break its ties with RSS. And this proves that not just people even political analysts are not aware of its actual agenda. Do not even know what is the type of relation it has with Sangh.

What is actual Agenda?
The fact is that BJP is not any autonomous or free political party. It is just a political wing of RSS. Its political agenda is of two points. 1) Based on the birth , social system of caste and creed and human discrimination which is continued for centuries and is still there, should exist, never be broken. And a higher caste domination should remain. 2) The second special caste should be holding the country's monitory resources. This is actually Sangh's agenda. Before Independence it acted on this agenda by other means with the help of its other following groups. But after independence it came to conclusion that without holding the political power these two goals can not be achieved completely. Thus, in 1952 it formed its political party with the name 'Bhartiya Jan Sangh'. In 1980 it renamed it as 'Bhartiya Janata Party'. It is obvious that, this party honestly announcing its actual political agenda couldn't enter into political ground, since last 57 years, it did many experiments, changed slogans again and again. These slogans are around half a dozen. Started with 'Hindi, Hindu and Hindustan', then raised the voice of'Integrated Nationalism'. During the cold war era, our country's economy was under the effect of Soviet Union, this party even raised the slogan of 'Gandhian Socialism'.

Discussion should be held
And it is obvious that the party which is working with a hidden political program, can use the negative ways for achieving its goals, can't use positive ways. Right from the first day of its formation, it started spreading hatred against religious minorities with different topics. This method worked well to keep so called majority hostile. Thus the huge population of the country which is being kept by it in the least category by its social system and doesn't want that their social status change, got mislead with the attractive slogan of beig "Part of the Majority". And the easy and the most out of this population it used for riots. Its politics sometimes revealed to people and it has got some political damage too,like this time it happened. But it is not ready to leave its agenda. Now if the well wishers of this party want any reforamtion,then they should talk to them on the validity of the hidden agenda. But there is no use of talking to BJP in this regard, it should be with RSS that what is the benefit of it. And we think that, debate with RSS on this topic only those people can do who uphold the program of the success and salvation of the entire mankind here after.
22/05/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Taliban, Taliban, Taliban

Taliban, common urdu literate person too knows that this is the plural of "Talib" in Pashtu. Like in Arabic it is "Talaba, Talabah, in Persian "Danish JuyaN”, “Students”, in English and Vidyarthi in Hindi. All these means, those who seek knowledge. But now a days this word is referred in a particular sense. "Brutal and Cruel Muslims", Fanatic , backward mentality scholars and more over "Islamic Terrorist." But before the argument as who gave this meaning to the world Taliban, let us see who these Taliban were, and where this word is coming from. What happened was, that after the end of Soviet Union occupation of Afghanistan, when the question of forming the free government raised, the organisations who made Soviet Union to run away by starting a struggle, started fighting among themselves. America, who, for its own interest and agenda helped those organisation with money and amunition, became worried. It didn't like that Islamists form any stable government there. Rule of Gulbadeen Hikmatyar's Hizbe Islami it never ever wanted. Once it prepared a road map of a government with the help of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan , in which Hizbe Islami was not present. But that didn't work. Three muslim countries too noticed American Intentions.

American Stand at that time
When the differences among these organizations were continued, Name of Taliban heared all of a sudden. These were teachers and higher classes students of religious schools, and arose from Jalalabad. While looking on they captured a big part of Afghanistan. Surprisingly America didn't have any objection. And accepted the rule of Taliban practically. It was later revealed about the stand of America about the Taliban that it assumed Taliban are disorganized, inexperienced and emotional people. And they will soon disintegrate by their actions. But America's assumption proved to be wrong. Taliban were getting stronger every day. Now America worried. Worry was about two things. One is that the Taliban Government was succeeding in controlling the long time crimes common in Afghanistan tribal areas, by implementing Shariah laws.
Secondly Taliban destroyed the agriculture of Opium and stopped its future growth. Opium drugs business was the large business of criminal tribals, but the benefit was mostly to western businessmen and smugglers, by which they used to earn millions of dollars yearly. Thus America after 9/11 operation, making it excuse imposed the army action. Taliban knew the result of fighting with super power, but they were the first government of recent history who in the battle wanted to loose but did not compromise or surrender to the unjust demand of the oppressor of the time.

Aim of the defaming
After American occupation there was silence for long, meanwhile America continued the campaign of defaming Taliban. But now the Taliban are not those Afghanistan Taliban, but all those practising and concious muslims who think Islam is the best way of life in the world. In this defaming campaign America's old allies and new faithful friends co-operating. In the entire world Islamic religious schools are specially targeted. Since Afghan Taliban type people are found in Frontier province and northern tribal areas of Pakistan too, so to crush them America made Pak-Afghan border as war-base. American army in large number is present there, quite possible that CIA and Mosad agentgs too. These American and Israeli agents roam around without any hurdle, and criminal activities became common there. So chief of Shariah Implementation movement Sufi Muhammad and his disciples demanded Shariah laws. Thus after the deal between federal and provincial government of frontier, Justice system regulation was released. After that criminal activities were slowed down and people were feeling secure. This was going on as America feared, so right from the day one of the deal, to break it down by its faithful government such action were taken that deal was practically broken.

Who are the actual target.?
Now the situation is such that in Sawat and other tribal areas religious people are running a movement against American conspiracy and Government of Pakistan's policy to please America. Now even the criminals against whom Sufi Muhammed wanted the action, are also involved. Entire world is telling them Taliban, but they do not call themselves Taliban. There are few who are known as Taliban but not all of them. To defame all of them with the same Talian name is America's plan. Becuase in the name of Taliban America has assumed a new enemy. Today the name Taliban is a symbol of rebuke. First America tried to kill them by bombing by itself, but now policy is changed and this task is given to Government of Pakistan. And a huge amount of money is given to do that. And the America's faithful "President of Pakistan" also announced that Taliban are the biggest danger to Pakistan and the army action against them won't stop until they are crushed. But it is obvious that before crushing enemy it is necessary to defame first. Thats why very strange news about them is being spread. It is possible that some might be their real mistakes but this should be remembered that America's ultimate target are concious practising Muslims. Start is from tribal areas of Pakistan.
19/05/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

An Affair to Ponder

According to the Constitution, India is an independent and republic democratic country, where general elections are conducted every five years but in the history of independent India many a times the Government was unable to complete the five year term and general elections took place before time. Once due to emergency the general elections could not take place at the allocated time. Though this act of the formation of Government can be completed by the public's consent but it does not involve the public directly rather this work is done by the representatives of the people. Some rules and criteria are set for the formation of Government, which ever party fulfils them is given a chance to form a Government. The President invites the party which accomplishes all the conditions to form the government. As long as one party was able to fulfil all the conditions this act was quite simple and easy. Eventually since a single party has failed to achieve this position this task is becoming difficult and complicated which is slowly becoming more and more difficult and complicated. When the era of a single party came to an end then political alliances were born and an era of adjustment and conciliation of alliance politics started. For some years even this was simple and easy but now even this has become difficult and complicated. When the experiment of political alliance started in the country at that time primarily there were two alliances. The centre and axis of both these coalition governments were two big political parties which in other words can be called the centre of power. But in the recent general elections there were four centres of power that is there were four alliances. The centre of gravity of one was Congress, the other was BJP, third was the Left front and the fourth did not have a complete status rather it was the secondary alliance. This is why it was ready to become a part of a bigger alliance from the beginning. The aim and objective of this front was to attain more and more advantage and to make their position strong so that they can be in better state in bargaining. This is the reason why before elections political alliance can be seen and after elections political alliances are formed. Political manoeuvre is an essential result of this situation. This is a gift of coalition politics.

An important and worth analysing aspect of this situation is that, in India's elective Government formation the interest of the foreigners is increasing. If the matter was limited only to interest then there was nothing wrong rather this would be called a natural reaction, as India on one hand is the world's largest democratic country and on the other hand it is a developing power too. In the field of science and technology it has made a remarkable progress, in terms of economy too it has a great importance, in matters of human resource also it has it's own place. All these are those factors which raise the position, status and importance of India in the whole world. In this respect it is natural for the world to take interest in India's election and Government forming procedure. But if things go beyond just interest and try to affect the process of Government formation then it becomes a delicate matter. After the fifth phase of polling, the way the U.S. Chargé d’Affaires (Ambassador) Peter Burleigh took interest in the internal matters of the country and that too in the key matter of Government formation, then this should be brought to notice. He met the UPA chief Sonia Gandhi and the top leader of NDA Lal Krishan Advani and discussed the matter about the formation of government at the centre. Even though this was not a hidden act but the way he tried to form the opinion of the leaders of the parties he met, it demands unusual attention. It should be clear that during his meeting with the TDP chief N Chandra Babu Naidu, he insisted that they should not go with the left front. It can be recalled that the non military nuclear pact which the UPA Government did with America was opposed by the Left front, so much so that it withdrew it's support from the Government. This is not an issue of a single party rather it is an issue for the whole country and every one should pay an attention to it.
19/05/09 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui


After 6th December 1992

Few days after the incident of Babri Masjid in December 1992, very senior and famous english journalist Sardar Khushwant Singh narrated his experience in one of his writings that he used to see a civilized and well dressed copule often while coming and going in his colony. By appearance they looked modern and their religious identitiy couldn't be revealed. But it was known that they were muslims. But after Masjid incident, when situation in favour of Muslims was very difficult, a change was noticed in them, by their living they started appearing muslims. It was also known that the religous rituals means Prayers and Fasting they observe. The reason for change is known as Masjid demolition and its aftermath made them realize that they are muslims. They say that if we must die, we better die as muslims. For this sardar khushwant singh did some controversial remarks too. During that time few incidents of same kind were brought to light as well that not practising muslim and mispractising muslims also were grieved with this incident, their thinking and their living style changed. This realization was common that there is injustice with muslims in this country.

Feeling of a Lady
Mind turned towards these incidents after reading a news of a documentary about Shabana Azmi. The title was like "What made Shabana Azmi realize her muslim identity." (The Hindu, 8th May). To summarize, Babri Masjid accident in 1992 and incidents of America in September 2001 changed Shabana's thinking. Now along with a film actress, social worker she thinks herself a muslim too. She is upset by the campaign of declaring all muslims terrorists. She thinks that even the thought that "Not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslims" is also evil one. She raises a question that "If naxals, tamil tigers and maoists are muslims?" She says there is injustice with muslims in this regard as in this country there is mischief against women, dalit communities, handicaps and needy people. Shabana's thoughts are seen as surprising, like next day (9th May) The Hindu letters show that a lady whose parents were hardliner communists, whose education and upbringing was in non-religious environment and her married life is of same kind. If she is presenting herself as a muslim , what is the reason.

History of this change is quite old
Whatso ever is the truth of Shabana's thoughts, however this is a fact that in this country there has been a group of "muslims" which is modern, "enlightened thinking" and non-religious. People of this group in every matter scold muslims, the same time in many of them justice is found too. In the same regard, among them, feeling of being a muslim or atleast being a muslim community person is risen. The biggest example of this is found in the personality of Late Mohammed Ali Jinnah. He was english educated and trained and a modern man, having no pracical relation with muslims or Islam. But he felt being in Indian National Congress that with the question of independence and future, Congress leaders thinking and intentions are not any different from Hindu maha sabha. Being a fair man and honest lawyer he started the efforts to protect muslims from injustice and to get them respectable position in free india. In the same action his inside muslim also awaken. Pakistan name he used to take just to pressurize otherwise he knew the disadvantages more than anyone else. And that is a different issue that he was not heared by the smart leadership of Congress. But however the motive for the change in him was the same as mentioned above.
13/05/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

Nepal's Propaganda Against India

India's neighbour, a small highland kingdom Nepal's resigned Prime Minister has created a flood of allegations against India. He has started a campaign of allegations of conspiracy against India. He is openly saying that India is playing a dirty game in their country. To remodel a new Government in Nepal it is involved in the horse trading of the members of the Parliament.In the public meeting organised by the relatives of the people, who were missing in the Civil War which raged in Nepal for the past one decade, the ex-gorilla leader and resigned Prime Minister Pushp Kumar Duhal Prachand shouted allegations of starting the ugly game of horse trading, against the old parties. He stated that the parties which were being rejected and defeated by the public and those who do not have the leadership abilities they have started these dirty games on the instructions of their foreign masters as they had done during the reign of the Nepal Naresh. Analyst say that although Prachand has not named India directly but it is clearly evident that he meant India and America, as his party has put an allegation on both these foreign forces for interfering in the internal matters of the country. It can be recalled that on 4th May after an unsuccessful attempt to sack the Army Chief, Prachand himself resigned from his post and immediately after this India has been accused of playing a suspicious role in this drama. He also said that a leader of a political party had informed him that crores of rupees are spent on horse trading. My colleagues are being traded, this is a dangerous situation. The resigned Nepali Prime Minister has claimed that his resignation was an attempt by his party to establish Civil superiority over the Army which has acted as a "missile" for the independence and sovereignty of Nepal against the attempt of intervention of the foreign forces. During this time a Maoist daily newspaper also intensified the propaganda against India. It stated that New Delhi was planning to recall its Ambassador Rakesh Sood in Kathmandu as he was unable to fulfil his mission. A day before the newspaper stated that a senior RAW officer who was deployed in Kathmandu was instructing parties to form a new Government. This series of new allegations have begun when it was clear that around two dozen parliamentary parties were unable to form a Government within the time frame issued by the President Ram Baran Yadav. Now it seems that Nepal is going to repeat history of the last year and election will be conducted again within a year for all the 601 seats of Parliament. A day before Nepal's acting Prime Minister who is certain about his belief that his party will return to power once again, said that he will not bear any foreign pressure and will have same and equal relationship with China as they have with India. He said that some people feel that India is trying to gain undue advantage from the pacts regarding India and Nepal's relationship. We want to establish the similar treaty with China as we had the 1950 Peace and Friendship Treaty with India. For this I had planned the Bejieng tour(which is now cancelled). We want similar kind of relations with both India and China. The 55 year old acting Prime Minister had clearly stated that he will never use India against China or vice-versa. India should not get caught in such doubts. We want to have a pact similar to the 1950 pact with India with one more country. The 1950 pact which is considered as a base of India Nepal relationship, does not reflect the feelings and emotions of the Nepali people instead they feel that they are being cheated through this pact. This is completely in favour of India. In spite of all his plutonic statements he is not able to comment on the long awaited demand of the Maoists to put an end to the process of recruitment of the Nepali Gurkhas in the Indian and the British Army. With all these, the analysts believe that in spite of the promise of not using India and China against each other, they would definitely and surely do all this which is evident from the accusations and complaints in Nepal against India, any way this treaty will be a result of the reaction against India.
13/05/09 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui


When this news appeared in media

Few days ago when this news appeared in media for the first time that, In tribal areas of pakistan where taliban are dominant, Hindu Sikh people are being troubled, and taliban are forcibly collecting Jizya from them. Immediately mind turned to think that this propaganda to defame Taliban is the after effect of the threat which America has given after the agreement between Taliban and the government of Pakistan in the Sawat Valley to implement few shariah laws. America told that this agreement won’t be allowed to go along. Only after that news about brutal actions of Taliban started coming. News of a girl being punished with lashes was spread at a large scale in the entire world. Whereas later this news was proved to be baseless. Later with the news of taliban’s control over boneer and the march towards Islamabad and the meanwhile there was also a news that lakhs of people to prevent themselves being affected in the possible clash of Taliban and Pakistan army are leaving their homes, 95% among them are muslims. Few Sikh and Hindu families are there as well. But there is no news about trouble or forcing them or collecting jizya from them, news about troubling and forcing them was being spread by Indian media, and statements of Indian leaders condemning the Taliban had also started.

After Muslim Leaders statement
When, in the 4th may newspapers, a harsh statement of few muslim leaders was seen, it is thought that the news might be true. Muslim leaders might have released the statement only after knowing the truth by their means. Thus, once again the internet was washed down to find nothing. But in the english daily Dawn (Pakistan) the news found that a group comprising 300 people of 115 sikh families moved to gurudwara panja sahab in Hasan Abdal, where with the co-operation of gurudwara commitee, government is looking after them, as soon as situation becomes normal, they will return to their homes. In the 4th May Indian Express itself there was statement of the President of Pakistan Sikh Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee Sardar Bishan Singh that “With compared to Muslims,we are safe. Taliban have soft corner for us, they ask some money from us in the name of jizya which we happily give them, whereas with muslims they forcibly take money, if not given they kill them.” The same evening The Editor of Dawat called Lahore and spoke to Hafiz Mohammed Ilyas The Editor of Asia. He informed, "That there is not any such thing of collecting jizya or trouble or forcing , in the Valley of Sawat where they settled ,they did not do any such activities, how can they do that in other areas where they couldn’t get strong hold."

This was the same early adopting
Means media anyway was busy as per habit in harmful tactics and government was talking as per the policy, but muslim leaders too, did not show any less excitement in statement release. And this early adopting behaviour was the same which is shown after every bomb blast. One side, immediately after blast media according to police give the news that such and such muslim group is invloved, the other side muslim leaders start giving comdemning statements. World's every honest observer knows that america, now-a-days, had made the pak-afghan border a centre of decption. Belief of Islam and jurisprudence is its target. Pakistan and Taliban are just symbol and undercover. Every rumour will be spread by which terrible image of Islamic jurisprudence can be portrayed. Every small incident will be made an excuse. Also "Events" will be fabricated. Some times by bringing forward bearded, turbine and cap wearing muslims, and some times by preparing non-muslims with beard, cap and turbine. Muslim should be precautious. As far as Taliban are concerned, their character is doubtfull. It is quite possible that they are unconsciously being used in American hands. Therefore any news coming about them, should be checked until proved.
10/05/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

The Mentality has not changed?

It has been almost sixty two years since the country got independence and fifty nine years are over since the constitution was implemented. It is being pledged in the constitution that every citizen will be treated as equal no matter from which area he is, what language he speaks and which religion he follows. If he is an Indian citizen he has an equal status. Law will not differentiate between anyone. Another guarantee which the constitution grants is equal opportunities for all, neither less nor more to anyone. One more guarantee of the constitution is for those people (Social ranks) who are economically backward due to any reason, the state will be responsible to remove their backwardness and take required step towards it. This constitutional instruction were issued because the Indian society has been divided into classes since ages, and this divide has received the religious backing as well. This is a different topic of discussion, which is not being dealt here. But it is a fact that the Indian society was divided on the basis of caste and creed, the condition was the same at the time of independence, if it was just limited to different ranks of society, then people might have compromised. But this was not the case, instead this social divide and rankings were created as a means of difference, division and exploitation, which was going on since ages. The victims raised their voices during different periods of history but every time they were defeated and their voices were suppressed. No authentic efforts have ever been made to improve the conditions and if in any part of history any efforts were made they were not long lasting because firstly this suppressed population was not ready to accept any change and secondly the people, on whom this change will come as blow, have put in all the efforts to cause damage and give a wrong meaning to the change, this was the reason why this situation was present at the time of independence and it is present till today.

The curse of caste and creed, high and low is not only present even today but it is so deeply instilled that it is not an easy task to remove it. Steps are also taken to instill them. It is being demonstrated every now and then. These suppressed people still do not have that status in society which they should get, they are still known as Dalits. They still suffer from injustices which they faced in the past times. Even though, since the time of independence "efforts" have been made to uplift them. Different kinds of concessions have also been given to them, due these concessions it has at least been possible for them to get educated. Their economic condition has also changed a bit, they have now taken up jobs too. Their presence can be felt in the positions of power, but in society their identity is still that of a dalit, the upliftment of a few of these people, their wealth and happiness, did not create any difference in the position of the common dalit and the social status of these wealthy and happy is still not changed. This is the reason why till today, their children are looked down upon in educational institutions. They are regarded as abjects. Some outward changes can be seen but the attitude of the other people in their respect has not changed. Therefore even today in schools their children are kept away from the upper caste children. Latest case is from Madhya Pradesh, from where the Central Government has received complaints that the dalit students face racial hatred. The Central Ministry of Human Resource Development have ordered an enquiry. Its enquiry will be completed and a report will be submitted to the Centre. Some action might be taken on its basis but the mentality can not be changed by these actions. Improvement in conditions is possible only if there is a change in mentality.
10/05/09 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui


The Voices coming from Rajhastan

And now the Gujjars are also threatening that if they are not categorized as scheduled tribe and not given reservation, they will become muslims or christians. Right now these voices are coming from Rajasthan where Gujjar community people are running a movement since a while. Two years back their movement turned violent, upon stopping trains and removing rail tracks, it had got lot of fame in north india because thousands of train and bus travellers were struck here and there for many many days. State of Rajasthan in north western india is a desert state. Most of its population comprises tribals. Biggest and strongest tribe is Meena, who got the category of scheduled tribe. Gujjars numbered second, but in Rajasthan they are not recognized as tribe. Gujjar is a backward class and present in many states of north India. Some muslims living in those regions are also called Gujjars. Gujjar leaders say that they are fed up of this respectless life and except "do or die" they don't have any other way. In this regard, in a place Patoli (Doosa), which was centre of Gujjar agitation two years back, two Gujjar leaders Vikram and Budh Ram told Indian Express (2nd May) that being fed up of social discrimination, we are thinking of leaving our religion to embrace Islam or Christianity.

Five types of Reaction
This threat of the Gujjars of Rajasthan will be seen differently in different circles. Where there will be concern to "that group" which any how wants to keep all non-muslims and non-christians in "Hindu" fold, the same way the general "Hindu" groups will also be worried. Where as Government and political groups will say it’s just a political threat or pressure. Where simple and common muslims will be just happy, the same time informed muslims will be upset that the beleif in Islam, which is a big wealth and asset of a man's life, targeted with how informal behaviour. And these all five reactions are quite natural. Informed muslims grief is valid because this informality is shown since a long time for the great blessing like Islam. In independent India this was started by Dr Ambedkar, who gave this threat of changing religion, in case of the social demands of dalit groups not being fulfilled, their religion could have been Islam too.
In the beginning of 80's, after Meenakshipuram incidents, these voices were coming from many parts of the country. Thus the case of Rajasthan Gujjars doesn't seem any different from that. Means if they get respectable position in Hindu society, there won't be any need to change the religion.

Note a difference
But a difference can be noted in the news of Rajasthan. Budh Ram Gujjar told explaining his intention, "Upon embracing Islam or Christianity no matter our demands are fulfilled or not, our life will be surely better than the existing situation. Political leaders won't be able to ignore us." This point is worth focusing for reviewers. Gujjar leaders of Rajasthan notice the social equality and respectable life of muslims, see the respect for christian community in the societ which it has got due to public welfare activities. And in hindu society as experiment for their own position practically passing through. That means they realize that in the common society they should also get the respectable position and needs of their life be fulfilled. At this stage nothing more can be expected from them. Now it is the responsibility of the propogators of Islam that they make contacts with the educated and sincere individuals of Gujjar community and inform them that respectable life in this world is just a small amount of the blessings and rewards of Islam. Otherwise benefit of Islam is much further, and wealth of belief is the biggest asset of the universe, which is beneficial even after this life in the eternal life here after.
07/05/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Political turmoil in Nepal

In neighbouring Nepal,the differences between Prime Minister Pushp Kumar Dhuhal Prachand and Army's Chief Rukamanga Katwal took a serious turn when on one side the Nepali Prime Minister announced the sacking of the Army Chief and on the other hand the Nepali President Dr.Ram Baran Yadav issued a notice to reinstate him. The situation became even more serious when two of the coalition partners of the ruling coalition government, the CPNUML and the Sadbhawana Party decided to take away their support from the coalition government. It is being told that the decision of the allies to take away their support has caused danger for the government because now they do not have the support of the majority. It is being told that the Nepali President Dr. Ram Yadav had advised Prime Minister Prachand, not to take up any such steps against the Army Chief which will worsen the conditions. On the other hand the Nepali Army Chief Rukamanga Katwal has refused to follow the Prime Minister's order. This situation has taken the form of a constitutional crisis. It is being told that the two allies which had taken away their support have put a blame on the government saying that the government did not take their opinion or discussed the matter with the allies and hence this decision is a one-sided one, whereas the government's spokesperson Krishan Bahadur Maharaj stated that this decision was taken up during the cabinet meeting and was passed according to the military act which was made after the reinstating of democracy in April 2006. As per the reports the majority of the supporting political parties of the coalition government disagree with this act of the pro Maoist communist party. It is being told that eighteen out of the twenty four political parties have declared the sacking of the Army Chief as breach of the complete peace pact, and the Nepali President has advised the Prime Minister to follow the complete peace pact and work within its boundaries.

The Nepali Prime Minister had many complaints against the Army Chief, which he had already expressed. He also had a doubt that conspiracies were hatched to overthrow his government. He had also put a blame on the former King in this regard. He also complained about it to India, which he had declared on various occasions. The differences between the Nepali Prime Minister and the Army Chief came out in the open when the government demanded an explanation from the Army Chief regarding the three points, it is being said that the government had ordered the Army Chief not to carry out any fresh recruitments in the Army at present. Inspite of this the Army Chief started new recruitments. It is said that the pro Maoist Prime Minister had a desire to recruit armed Maoists in the Army. Second main point of conflict was that why were the eight high ranking retired army officers still present in the army and the third was that the government had ordered the Army sportsmen not to participate in the National Games organised in Kathmandu last month because the pro Maoist People's Liberation Army was taking part in it. It is being told that the Army Chief had given replies to these questions but the government and specially Prime Minister Prachanda were not satisfied due which, his doubts that a conspiracy was plotted to remove him from power, were strengthened. The expression of anxiety from America and India gave strength to his doubts, so hastily he took this step but it is appears that he is left all alone. The Army also refused to obey his orders. They say that the Nepali Prime Minister had no right to dismiss the Army Chief. On the other hand his allies are also angry with him and the Nepali President has also declined to approve of his actions. All these have made the conditions very critical and this has led to a constitutional turmoil.
07/05/09 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui


When the news reached Gujrat

This is an event in Surat city of Gujrat. On 27th of April when the news reached there, that in anti-muslim riots of 2002 after Godhra train accident, there will be inquiry about the role of Chief Minister Modi , few other ministers and government officials, after hearing this news Zakia Jaffery, the widow of late Ihsan Jaffery took The Holy Quran in her hands, thanked Allah and said , “We believe in supreme being Allah, we trust supreme court and S.I.T. , we will get justice , and opressors will reach to their destiny .” According to Indian Express (28th April), Mrs Jaffery told in grievous tone, remembering painfull scenes of riots that , “I will never forget that day, when innocent people were killed infornt of my eyes, my husband was dragged out to the road and killed by swords and knives, Allah Almighty will never forgive them.” Congress Leader and former M.P. Ihasan Jaffery used to live in a colony Gulmerg Society in Ahmedabad. The 28th February accident, which Mrs Jaffery was mentioning, took place there, in which 63 people were martyred. Supreme Court ordered the S.I.T. Inquiry upon the plea of Mrs Jaffery herself.

Condition of their beleif
Nothing can be said right now about the way of inquiry by Special Investigation Team (SIT) and its result, that if the moment has come to punish opressors or god still want to give them time. But here aim is to mention the condition of belief found in people of Gujrat. Storm passed over their heads. Circumstances are still tough, but the morale of their belief is not effected. The entire world is aware of the fact that this harm to the muslims of Gujrat was brought only because of being muslims. Muslim means, believers in Allah, Prophet and Resurrection. Where as like other parts of the country, muslims of Gujrat were also not any ideal muslims. All types of people are among them. But in 2002 when they were facing killing and damage, there was no news from any place where muslims collectively decided to withdraw from their religion and belief. Of course ran here and there to protect their life and esteem, but did not break their relation with God and Prophet. Could be, at some places few muslims individually compromised but as a whole, muslims of the state were firm on the religion and Quran, are firm and will be firm god willing. Remember Allah in trials. Also upon hearing hopeful news, take his name.

This is the situation country wide
And this character of the muslims of Gujrat represents the character and behaviour of all the muslims of the country. Though harassing muslims for being muslim is very old but after “freedom” this continued in a planned way. Thousands of anti-muslim riots are witness of that. Towns and Villages are ruined. Well found populations have been specially targeted. Apart from this, on upper level, to make muslims weak as muslim big big psychological tactics were used. To create inferiority among muslims about their religion, and to break their emotional attachment with Islam, every trick is used. Through school syllabus, poisoning minds of non muslim kids against muslims and Islam, and muslim kids themselves to deteriorate their believes, well organized efforts are continuing for sixty years. To keep muslim constantly in fear and uncertain situation, political actions also taken. This situation was such that if it were been any other religious group it would had died out. But .. There is some thing that our existence doesn’t extinct.. And Belief is that thing. May Allah make that belief more stronger and grant efficacy to fulfill the requirements of the belief to the Islamic Community of India.
04/05/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

Third phase of polling

Third phase of polling for the fifteenth Loksabha elections got over on the 30th of April. On this day, votes were cast in nine states and two union territories which constituted a total of 107 parliamentary constituencies. Polling for the Sikkim Assembly elections also took place on this day. Votes were cast in 132 constituencies . According to the information given by the Election Commission, in these 107 Parliamentary constituencies ,there were fourteen crore forty lakh two thousand two hundred sixty five voters, 1567 contestants which included 101 female contestants. With the conclusion of the third phase of polling voting is over in 372 out of 543 seats. In this third phase of polling, voting took place for all the 26 seats of Gujrat, 16 seats of Madhya Pradesh, 15 of Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal's 14, Bihar and Karnataka's 11 each, 10 seats of Maharashtra and one seat each of Jammu Kashmir and Sikkim and in the union territories of Dadar Nagar Haveli and Daman and diu's one seat each. It is being said that in this third phase of polling the ratio was even less than the second phase, and grossly only 50% voters made use of their right to vote, highest percentage of votes cast was 65% and the least was 26%. In Sikkim 65%, in West Bengal 64%, in Dadar Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu 60% each, in Karnataka 57%, in Gujrat 50%, in Bihar 48%, in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh 45% polling was recorded. It is being told that, the day was very hot and in Gujrat and Madhya Pradesh temperature was even more than 44 degree Celsius whereas in Uttar Pradesh the mercury reached 42 degree Celsius.

The third phase of polling on the whole was quite peaceful. Naxalite violence has been reported from a few places and a few incidents of mutual conflicts or group rivalries have been reported. At some places people boycott the elections, but on the whole the third phase was peaceful, but the point to ponder is that the voters' interest and excitement is continuously decreasing, because wherein the first phase 60% votes were cast, in the second phase 55% votes were cast and in the third phase only 50% polling was recorded, everyone must give a thought to this. One reason which was told for this was that it was very hot that day and the other reason is that in many areas which were earlier declared as sensitive areas there was a reduction in time that means that the polling time was only from 7am to 3pm, but this not the only and basic reason behind it, this is so because, according to reports in most urban areas very few votes were cast. In rural areas also the excitement and interest is not present. The public views which have come out through different sources show that the general complain of the people is that their elected representatives take little interest in public grievances, very few representatives pay attention towards the fulfilment of the basic amenities like electricity, water, public health, information and newspapers, people's representatives are only seen among the people during the time of elections after that they don't even look back at them, this is a very basic complaint. If the public grievances are not solved and the basic needs of the people are not fulfilled then their complaints will go on increasing and their faith in the system will be lost.
04/05/09 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui


Sikh Community and Prime Minister

Should Dr Manmohan Singh become Prime Minister again ? Answer to this question is negative by President of shromani gurudwara prabandhak committee, Sardar Avtar Singh Makar. He says, not only Manmohan Singh, any sikh should not become Prime Minister or President. Reason ? As per Sardar Makar Singh, “Dr Manmohan Singh did nothing for sikh community in his period of power, five years, before him Gyani Zail Singh was president, but he also did nothing for the betterment of sikh community, therefore we do not want any sikh to be president or prime minister.” According to Avtar Singh Makar, for the resolution of sikh community problems, twenty point demands were presented by SGPC to Manmohan Singh, but not a single he fulfilled. Shreomani gurudwara prabandhak committee is the biggest and authentic institution for sikh community religious affairs. Statement of its president has much importance. Sardar Makar gave this statement to Asian Age (25th April) while there were news reports that Congress Party is asking votes from sikhs in Punjab with the announcement that it will make Dr Manmohan Singh Prime Minister again.

Complaint is not understandable
We do not know, if the leader of prabandhak committee gave his opinion as sikh prime minster or president does nothing, by looking at just two experiments, or some more. Also it is not known as well that what he wanted them to do which others did not do for sikh community. More over congress did not make Manmohan Singh prime minister that he will solve problems of Sikhs, five years before when Manmohan Singh was nominated as prime minster in the critical situation, Congress or Sonia Gandhi have no issue of pleasing Sikhs. There was not any international aspect of that decision too. Thus, the complaint of sikh leader is above any justification. But that would be right if musims complain so. Till now, there were three muslim presidents. None among them did anything for muslim community. Neither they reached to that position to do anything, nor the position was given to them to do anything. They were not in the position to do anything either Just to please country’s muslims and to present the secular image of India to the muslim world, they were given that statutory position.

It is a learnable story
It is a very learnable story. It starts from Moulana Azad, who suspensefully became silent after being part of the government after becoming education minister. Late Dr Zakir Hussain presented the case of Urdu with 22 lakhs signatures to the preceding president of the democracy, but when he reached to that position, he became an image of helplessness. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed as president signed for Indra Gandhi’s emergency.
Under the same emergency,Indra Gandhi, for launching the movement against her, banned RSS, just for political balancing took the Jamaat-e-Islami into the same fold, and a muslim president watched this helpless. Who knows he had any feeling or not that it was unjust for one his community’s organization.
After Independence, presence of muslims in central cabinet as ministers is continued, but how much beneficial were these muslim ministers, muslim community knows. Helplessness and compromise exists on all levels. Muslim government officials are seen much precautionary in the matters of muslims, fearing they might be accused of communalism. Even it is heared of Judges, that even if there is strong case, they do not give judgement in favour of muslim candidate. If sikh community thinks itself minority, then just look at this side too.
01/05/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

Hundred days of Power

On 20th January, American President Barack Hussain Obama took up his post and in his inaugural speech only he had announced that in the initial hundred days of his Presidency he will make the lineament of his government clear. President Obama's hundred days as President completed on 29th April. In these hundred days his plans have almost become clear . What is his vision, what kind of image of America he wants to portray to the world ,it was initiated with the inaugural speech itself,in which he presented an outline of his policies synoptically. The conditions in which President Obama took hold of power were also quite disturbing for him , tormenting for the American people and a cause of anxiety for the entire world. America was passing through a difficult phase,it was badly engulfed in the economic crisis which had its effect not only on America but also on the whole world . Although the economic crisis had its roots in America and it started from there but it soon enwrapped Europe and the other big continents. The picture of America, which his predecessor's eight years of rule had created was that of a wolf who listens to no one instead it is ready to pounce upon anyone.On the paper, America was the biggest flag-bearer of democracy but it became the biggest murderer of it. As the Bush era moved ahead ,by and by this identity of America came to be established. The notion about America was that it had no place for tolerance,endurance and forbearance.President Bush's policies had created the impression that America was bothered only about the interests of the Americans. It had no interest with the other nations of the world. Offensive attitude became a part of its foreign policy,the common opinion was that there is no realtion between America and justice.

When President Obama took the oath of office, there was a pile of issues,he had to decide how to bring the economic cricis under control.Which steps to take in order to improve the diminishing image of America. How will he solve the problem of middle east, whether he will continue the previous policies or will he remove the divide which was being followed for the last sixty years. What will be his decision regarding Iraq. What policy will he formulate regarding Afghanistan. what kind of relations he will have with the Muslim world. what will be the face of the relation with Russia, China and other developed economies. what will he do about the issue of North Korea. How will he work on the program of the abatement of weapons and make it result oriented. What steps will he take regarding the tussle which is going on with Iran for years. What will be America's role in the world disputes. What should be its position. What will be it's relation with Cuba, what position and role the Latin American countries will be given, in these hundred days he has made his point of view clear regarding all mentioned issues. Immediately after coming to power he appointed different Ambassadors for Middle east and Afghanistan-Pakistan, has given a hint of talks with Iran, to overcome the economic cricis he has announced several packages. He attended the conference of G-20 nations and after that attended the NATO conference, from there he went on a tour to Turkey and addressed the Muslim world, announced the Pak-Afghan policy. He toured Mexico where he announced some privilges for Cuba. In Trinidad he attended the conference of American countries.In this way in these hundred days he outlined his entire policy. It is obvious that success or failure of a government can not be judged by the performance in these hundred days but the path which the government will take in future can certainly be assessed from it.
01/05/09 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui