Dhaka – the anxiety of an analyst

A famous and farsighted political analyst of the country, Kuldip Nayar is concerned about the situation prevailing in Bangladesh these days and is disappointed with its future. He has expressed it in his fresh commentary “Bangladesh has lost its way” (The Asian Age, 6 June). The inspiration for his commentary is a book by Kamal Hussain, which consists of an analysis of the history of Bangladesh and the present situation over there. Kamal Hussain is one of the close friends of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and had been Minister for External Affairs in his government, which was the first government of the republic. Mr. Nayar has studied that book but perhaps he could not find therein what he wanted to. The book of Kamal Hussain is not at hand. However, with the feelings of Mr. Nayar, it can be imagined that the writer has made a realistic analysis of the situation. The writer has pinpointed the irregularities and excesses of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and now his daughter Hasina, and has also perhaps expressed views on the basic principles of foreign policy and imbalance between secularism and religion. While Mr. Nayar wanted him to talk only on keeping the spirit of freedom live and on curbing the rising religiosity of Bangladeshis.

What does he want?
This process of disappointment of Mr. Nayar about Bangladesh started a few days ago when in response to the state protests at Shahbagh large protests by an organization called Hefazat-e-Islam were being staged and despite the full coercion unleashed by the government and its agents could not be stopped. At last, the “democratic” government over there, like the worst despotic government, crushed those protests with full force and banned the pro-Hefazat media. But, as a result of it, public sentiments against the government got strengthened. Mr. Nayar is getting disappointed with all this. He deems this situation as victory of “religious fanaticism” over democracy and spirit of freedom. During this period the book of Kamal Hussain hit the stands; it made him more disappointed. – In fact, Mr. Nayar has earnest love and deep concern for Bangladesh. There has been very great ideological cooperation of his in the efforts to establish this new republic. He wants Bangladesh to stick to its spirit of freedom, viz. Bangla nationalism, regionalism and lingual bias, and not to fall prey to “religious fanaticism”. This is what we gather from his commentaries.

Result of unawareness about Islam
This thinking of Mr. Kuldip Nayar and other analysts like him is in fact the result of their unawareness about the reality of Islam and turning a blind eye to the destructive consequences of nationalism. Islam is the standard-bearer of human equality and unity of human beings. It weaves them in one garland on the basis of the faith of monotheism by accepting all human beings as the children of one father and one mother, after which all considerations of region, native land, race, nationalism and language remain only for identification while nationalism or nation-worship serves as the cause for getting one community fight with other communities, the expression of which can be seen today in the whole world. It would be in the fitness of things if Mr. Kuldip Nayar and his co-thinkers, who are worried about the lovers of Islam getting strengthened over there, effect a change in their thinking and support the establishment of a system on the bases of Islamic principles. If such a change takes place there, they would see Bangladesh getting strong, consolidated and prosperous, and rise of love and brotherhood among the citizens, and at the same time the relations of our country with Bangladesh are getting more pleasant on strong foundations. Let Mr. Nayar see at least one such experiment in his lifetime.

22/06/2013 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf  


A discussion of fifty years ago

It was a little more than fifty years ago. The issue of causes and responsibility of partition of India was under discussion during a detailed meeting with Late Dr. Abdul Moghni, a distinguished scholar, litterateur and critic of the country. The context of the discussion was then published book “Partition: Myth or Reality” by H.M. Seervai, a renowned jurist and eye witness of the Partition.  Seervai, with reference to historical documents, wrote therein that the attitude of all great leaders of Indian National Congress including Gandhi, Nehru and Patel and their irresponsible outlook towards Muslims were mainly responsible for the Partition. Maulana Azad and Mohammad Ali Jinnah kept on making efforts on their own till the end that Partition could be evaded. But the Congress leadership had made up their mind about Partition and to throw all such responsibility on Mohammad Ali Jinnah and his Muslim League. Dr. Abdul Moghni was urged that as a political group in the country has been condemning and harassing Muslims regularly after the Independence by declaring only Muslims responsible for Partition, so it is necessary that the realities of Partition of India be brought to the fore. And this work is not so difficult.

Muslim mindset after Independence
This work was not so difficult because its records are preserved in India Office Library of London and inside the country as well. There can be many books too. People like Seervai were also present (at that time). However the late Doctor did not agree to it. He was of the view that there was no use of this work; what happened is gone; now Indian Muslims should concentrate all their attention on the solution to their problems and on education and economy. It should be ensured that we maintain our presence here as a strong religious entity with Islamic identity and honour and dignity. – And this mindset of Late Dr. Abdul Moghni was representative of the collective mindset of Muslim leadership of Independent India. After Independence, Muslim leaders and their organisations decided that Muslims have to live in a pleasant and peaceful environment along with all their fellow citizens without any conflict with any group, forgetting the bitterness of Partition. Therefore, Jamiat-ul-Ulama and other organisations devoted themselves to rehabilitation of victims. All India Muslim League transformed itself into Indian Union Muslim League. Jamaat-e-Islami added ‘Hind’ to its name and declared Indian Union as its area of operation.

66-year history bears witness to it

The 66-year history bears evidence to the fact that Muslims stuck to their decision and practised it. They did not create on their own any conflict with any community or group; however, they stressed protecting their Islamic identity, honour and dignity and Constitutional rights. While on the other hand, the mindset which had paved the way for Partition with their unjust course of action continued to work later as well. It was working at the time when Seervai’s book was published and is at work even today. Therefore, it is necessary to correct the record of history with regard to Partition; otherwise with the passage of time every new generation will go farther and farther from the realities. I was reminded of this discussion with Late Dr. Abdul Moghni after the report published in newspapers of 6 June saying that Central Information Commissioner Satyananda Mishra has impressed upon the Government to make public the two speeches Mohammad Ali Jinnah has made on All India Radio just before the declaration of Independence, and further that all the realities of the Partition of India be brought to the fore. The Commissioner had issued this direction on a petition filed under R.T.I. It is an opportunity if the Muslim leadership realises the need and importance of this work. For this purpose petitions under R.T.I can be filed on one’s own. 
19/06/2013 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf  


Those speeches of Mohammad Ali Jinnah

Central Information Commission (CIC) wants that all the pre-Independence realities preserved in government records should be made public; now when 65 years have passed since Independence, it has become necessary that details of important developments of that most important age of history be made public; what were the agreements made before Independence, who said what and how many leaders went to Pakistan, all this should be told to people so that students of history, research scholars and common citizens having interest in the history of that age might come to know the realities. In this regard it would be wrong to refer to some section of R.T.I Act under which information of this kind cannot be made public. According to newspapers of 6 June, Central Information Commissioner Satyananda Mishra issued this direction to the Government on a petition of an R.T.I activist Subhash C. Agrawal. Mr. Agrawal sought under this law the text of the two speeches Mohammad Ali Jinnah had made on All India Radio just before the declaration of Independence. These two speeches are preserved in the archive of All India Radio, under the supervision of Prasar Bharti.

These three terms of Independent India
“Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Partition of India, Pakistan” – these three terms have been very sensitive and cause of political chaos in Independent India. Where on the one hand, a section of population which was left most affected with the act of partition and has been suffering the punishment of sins they have never committed, is very much cautious in using these terms, on the other hand there is a section, a big part of whose political business runs with the help of these terms. Presenting the causes of partition of India in a twisted way and then condemning Indian Muslims under the pretext of “Mohammad Ali Jinnah”, “Partition” and “Pakistan” is its typical politics. And for that matter, shelving the realities of Partition has been done at the governmental plane as well. After the Independence, Indians are being taught one-sided history. Therefore it is the desire of conscious Muslim citizens that the realities behind the Partition should come to the fore. Besides, what Mohammad Ali Jinnah in fact was, what did he want, why was he compelled to demand Pakistan, what was the part of Muslim League, Congress and Hindu Mahasabha in the Partition – all this should be told to the new generation. It is a matter of pleasure that this voice has been raised by a responsible citizen through R.T.I. And more important is the fact that the chief of a government institution like Information Commission has supported it.

What would have been there in the speeches?

It is not known yet why Subhash Agrawal wanted those speeches of Jinnah dug up, and what expectations he had with the contents thereof. Likewise, it is also not clear whether the Information Commissioner approved Mr. Agrawal’s application in a cursory way or he also kept the mindset of the country’s ruling class before him. In reply to Mr. Agrawal, Prasar Bharti initially said it was searching the speeches and later, referring to Section 8(1)A of the R.T.I Act, replied that the speeches cannot be made public as they are of very delicate and sensitive nature. While when the speeches were broadcast, thousands would have listened to them and their reports must have found place in newspapers, it is wrong to call this document secret and clandestine. But it is also true that a period of 66 years has passed, people forgot it or passed away; therefore the government wants to keep this chapter closed. However, this point is also apprehensible that if there might have been something improper in the speeches which might have been exploited to condemn Pakistan or Muslims, then this might not have been the government standpoint. Therefore, the opinion of Subhash Agrawal and the Information Commissioner should be supported in a great way. 
13/06/2013 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf  


Mumbai-like news from Beijing

There is an interesting report from Beijing, the capital of China. By nature this is the same as was a report from Mumbai a few days ago, in which the Municipal Corporation approved a proposal to ask the Municipal Commissioner to get removed all female statues that are decorated with inner and short dresses of women for display. The cause of approval of the proposal was that such things cause sexual urge in youth as a result of which sexual crimes are committed in the city. – The news from Beijing is a step forward. The police officers and public transport authority there have issued a direction to women asking them not to step out of their homes in insufficient dresses like miniskirts and tight pants. Further that while passing through subways and on taking seats in buses they should cover themselves with newspapers, news magazines or their bags in a way that mischievous persons might not shoot their snaps with some wrong angle. Besides, Chinese women have also been told that they must not sit on upper seats in buses and to use only lower seats. This news from Beijing has been published in newspapers of 6 June with reference to the Chinese state newspaper, “China Daily”.

Difference between mindsets of Delhi and Beijing
This news from Beijing has come amidst the reports that, as in India, there too incidents of sexual harassment are on the increase. Like here, the officials there are also trying to contain these incidents. The only difference is that before adopting ways and means to contain these they consider the causes of the situation and try to put a stop on the sources of the crime. While the officials in our country are not for considering the causes; if they ever want to do so and sometimes they do, the civil society here does not let them do. If some responsible person says something in this direction then the people of society go after him. The westernized circles here are of the view that dress style of women, their lifestyle and their staying outside home till late night have nothing to do with sexual excesses. Criminals do this anyway. I don’t know whether this theory reached the Chinese officials, perhaps not. If reached, they have done one more good work by rejecting it.

Along with the congratulation

Now those who are sincere in containing sexual crimes in India should (1) congratulate the Chinese authorities on taking this move, (2) ask them via Internet as to why they took this Talibani measure, and why they hadn’t the fear that the world would condemn them, declaring their move as “Talibani”, obsolete and even “Islamic”, (3) ask them as to why they did not direct the women going outside their homes to use such dress as could cover them in a proper way and they do not need to take help of newspapers, news magazines and bags to cover themselves in order to keep themselves from the ogling of mischievous persons, their cameras and mobiles, (4) request them to send a delegation, if they can, to make the civil society here understand the appropriateness of their method and measures, and tell all those circles that do make much hue and cry on incidents of sexual excesses but do not pay attention to their causes why and how these things cause sexual brutality. No matter whether or not anyone would welcome the delegation, at least the members of Brahn Mumbai Municipal Corporation and the organization of civilized and modest girl students, G.I.O would definitely welcome it.
10/06/2013 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf  

Nawaz and Indian commentators

Kanwal Sibal, former Foreign Secretary, has warned the Government of India against pinning much hope with Nawaz Sharif coming to power in Pakistan, for at present he is not in a position to translate into action his positive statements and announcements with regard to India; he has a lot of problems to face: maintaining rapport with the army, deciding afresh the framework of foreign policy, devising new policy after the exit of Nato forces from Afghanistan next year, controlling anti-India circles, dealing with anti-India circles, etc…. But to the Indian commentator the biggest challenge before Nawaz Sharif is the rising “Islamism” in Pakistan, which, to the commentator, is dangerous for Nawaz Sharif, for democracy over there, and for the Republic of Pakistan itself. Kanwal Sibal has termed this “Islamism” other than “Islamic terrorism”. While talking of “Islamic terrorism”, the commentator has mentioned Taliban, Tahreek-e-Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Lashkar-e-Jhangwi, and Sipah-e-Sahaba, etc. while terming the leaning of Pakistanis towards Islam as “Islamism”. (The Hindu, 3 June)

This is not first commentary
And, this commentary of former Foreign Secretary on the recent developments in Pakistan is not the first commentary. Many commentaries of such kind have found place in the Indian media. There had been discussions on channels as well. The tone of all of these is that there should be cautious approach towards Nawaz Sharif and there is general agreement here that Pakistan should be stopped from going into the hands of Islamic extremists at any cost. Indian commentators have the same approach towards Bangladesh; this is why they support every act of oppression perpetrated by the Awami League government against practising Muslims and their organisations. These commentators fear that after the exit of Nato forces from Afghanistan, that country would once again go into the hands of Taliban. These commentators are also expressing concern over the soft corner emerging towards Islamic principles in Maldives following the exit of Nasheed and coming to power of the new government over there. It should be clear that they use terms like “Islamism” or “Islamists” as something very much disliked. The heading of this commentary of Kanwal Sibal is the same: “Nawaz and Islamic Gauntlet”.

Today this approach is apprehensible

This attitude of the educated in this country towards Islam and its followers is of course due to ignorance and unawareness. Although this attitude was present to some extent twenty years ago also, this attitude has become more apprehensible now after this country has gone under the influence of America totally and after its falling in love wholeheartedly with American culture, views and ideologies, and political and economic policies. And as one of the important principles of foreign policy of “super power” America is opposition to Islamic way of life under the pretext of “war on terrorism”, so these people too maintain the same attitude without knowing what Islam really is, who is staging the drama of terrorism in the world, who is really responsible for terrorism in Pakistan, who has launched terror groups there, wherefrom have they been getting aid and guidance. Anyway, this is also a big challenge, along with other issues, before the Muslim leadership of this country. It should keep at the top of its priorities and course of action that it has to get every section of Indian society acquainted with Islam and its reality.
07/06/2013 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf  

What transpired to Mumbai Corporation?

Brahn Mumbai Municipal Corporation has done something unbelievable. On 16 May it unanimously approved a proposal, according to which the showrooms selling women’s readymade dresses will now not be able to display bikni and such indecent dresses. Legal action will be taken against those violating the order. The cause of the move, as stated, is that when the statues made of wood or clay are decorated with such indecent things in order to entice customers and displayed publicly, they cause sensual feeling in men, especially youth, and as its result sexual crimes are committed. The members also agreed to the view that one of the causes of increase in sexual crimes in the city is the use and display of such indecent dresses. This proposal was presented by the lady corporator of Ghatkopar, Retu Tawde. Earlier, she had got removed all such things from the shops in her ward. Now she wants that this indecency be rooted out from the entire city. Members of the Corporation, especially women, are supporting her.

Why the news is unbelievable?
This news from Mumbai seems to be unbelievable because how a city of international repute like Mumbai, which is also the economic capital of the country, did this “Talibani” deed. And that too in this age of globalization, when in her bid to emerge as a super power this country is promoting this western culture. What is more surprising is that the members of the corporation did not feel any fear of the circles which do not deem even a bit these things responsible for sexual crimes, and which consider ban on such things against “enlightenment” and freedom of likes and dislikes. Did Retu Tawde and those of her view not see how much hue and cry was raised by the sympathisers of the 23-year old female student of Delhi when someone, while participating in the discussion on sexual brutality committed with her, said that girls and young age women too should correct their lifestyle and keep from donning short and indecent dresses. Did Ms Tawde forget the ultimate result of a Goan minister, who in a discussion on sexual crimes at sea beaches, said that there should be total ban on the use of bikni.

G.I.O should congratulate her

However, we, believing in this report of the Indian Express of 28 May, welcome the move of the Members of Mumbai Corporation. It would be nice if a delegation of G.I.O (Girls Islamic Organisation) calls on Retu Tawde and congratulate her, extend their cooperation to her and do ask her how she could succeed in getting her proposal approved by the members of the corporation. They should ask her to reveal some strategy, for whenever we talk of such things, people call us Talibani, jihadi, women of middle ages, and even terrorists. If you (Tawde) can tell the police officers who had issued a circular recently, please do tell them that if they dubbed our organization jihadi for such activities, then we are undoubtedly jihadi and Talibani. Let a copy of the interesting police circular be presented to Ms. Tawde so that she might have an idea of the level of knowledge as well as the mindset of the police department.
04/06/2013 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf  


Britain – First Picture

Two persons attacked a 20-year old British army man and beheaded him in a locality in Southern London on 22 May. This report was published in many newspapers including the Times of India on 23 May. This is the spirit of the news but the further details the newspapers say are that both the attackers were raising “Islamic slogans”; that is, they were “Islamic terrorists”. The police fired at them and admitted them in a hospital in injured condition. They are under police custody. Thereafter reports have kept on saying that anti-Muslim sentiments are spreading fast in entire Britain; there are also sporadic attacks on Muslims. The educated call it a war between Islam and the west. The Times of 26 May has published this report in somewhat detail. It has been ascribed to some Britons saying that “Islam has been at war with neighbors since the very beginning”. Earlier also, after the Boston marathon attacks, such reports kept on finding place in newspapers for many days. The world had been told that hatred against Islam and Muslims have deepened in Britain. They are also being attacked.

And the other picture
Now see the gist of another report. This report was published in newspapers and on net with reference to Cambridge University on 24 May. “Even after the general perception that Islam gives very few freedoms to women, white Britons in Britain are converting to Islam in very large numbers; the annual average of them is 50,000, of whom two-thirds are women. Most of the them are educated, highly educated and independent career women — bankers, doctors, broadcasters — who know what they are doing, and often do so in the face of opposition from family and friends…. What is important is that the more propaganda against Islam, the more Britons are taking interest in Islam. Its proof is that there has been an increase in this trend since 9/11….” Cambridge University for Islamic Studies and New Muslim Project of Leicester have released the 129-page report of the research. The most astonishing is that the cause of interest in Islam for most of these women has been propaganda against Islam. (The Hindu, 24 May).

Comparison of both the pictures
Now le’s brood over both the pictures. The first report is out and out propaganda. It is true that simpleton Britons get influenced with anti-Islam propaganda, and attack Muslims. But their number is not what is being told. And as for staging acts like a drama of violence and ascribing it to Muslims, discovering “documentary proofs” from their custody, and making them raise Islamic slogans, its reality is being unfolded to Britons. In fact, this technique of enemies of Islam has got obsolete. Getting acts of violence committed by their agents, sometimes sending them in the guise of Muslims and then launching propaganda against Islam are now apprehensible to Britons as well. Attempts are made to create the first picture with full participation of media while the other picture comes to light despite media trying to hide it. This is no imagination, not mere claim rather open reality proved by the conversion of Britons to Islam in large numbers. The Cambridge report mentions high profile women converts including Lauren Booth, sister-in-law of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, well-known broadcaster Yvonne Ridley and MTV presenter Kristiane Backer.
01/06/2013 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf   


The character of a political group

Where on the one hand Muslims and all gentle citizens are in grief over the state killing of Khalid Mujahid, honest commentators might have been observing how a particular political section in this country is displaying its barbarity. No sooner than the news broke only a few hours after the news of the death of Khalid on 18 May that the state government has accepted the demand of a CBI enquiry into the incident, the representatives of this section cried out: ‘There is no need of it; Khalid has died of illness; it’s a natural death’. Then, like goondas and mischief-mongers, the lawyers of this section attacked two of their fellow lawyers simply because the latter had taken the brief of this case and had participated in the protest march against this killing. More than this is that the representative political party of this section announced that it would extend all possible help to those 42 police officials against whom FIR had been registered in this case. This party is trying to make public opinion in their favour by launching a countrywide campaign; that is it wants to divide the national society once again on the bases of groups and sections.

It is its history
And this destructive political group is not doing this for the first time; it is its history; it is its weapon and method of creating vote bank. This group cannot take a single step without an act of hatred. Till twenty years ago it had some other issues – economic, social and security issues – but all its agenda has been stolen by its rival party. Now it has nothing other than hatred and hollow slogans of patriotism. However, the fact that it has successfully transferred its mental filth to all government institutions and agencies will have to be accepted. It started this work soon after Independence and completed it with much dexterity with the help of history and text books, cultural literature, wide network of educational institutions and media. The institution of police and other security and secret agencies had been its special targets. Therefore, whatever these institutions are doing today is the result of this training and mentality. And all this work is done with the concept of patriotism.

Realize the facts

If these facts are realized full well, it would not require telling whom the oppressed and affected sections of citizens are confronted with. Then there should not be any misunderstanding that this mentality is present in some particular political party; the fact is that it is found in every party and every political and social group. Therefore, whether the case is that of arrest and killing of innocent youth or protection of places of worship and awqaf, they cannot be looked at separately. Undoubtedly, there is Constitution and also law of the land and government institutions on the basis of equality; but how much they have to be acted upon is decided by this mentality. No one can deny that our leaders, our organisations and institutions are doing good work on separate agenda; rehabilitation of the oppressed and affected, following their cases, and making efforts for their reservation in government quotas are indeed great services. But a course of action has to be devised after realizing the real roots of problems and basic causes of the situation. It is good that there is more goodness than evil in this country. A large part of the national population can support truth if their hearts and minds are accessed with wisdom.
25/05/2013 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf   


Behind the killing of Khalid

The killing of Khalid Mujahid in police custody on 18 May is the most serious and meaningful incident of the process which has been on in a planned manner for the last 12 years with a view to sideline Indian Muslims by demonizing them. There had been many more brutal actions: state brutes did to death Ishrat Jahan along with her friends, and killed two youth in broad daylight and made it known as an encounter. There are many such incidents of open brutality. But the case of Khalid Mujahid, Tariq Qasmi and others is most serious and different from others or call it the climax of barbarity of state and politics. Many characters are involved in the case of Khalid. The police kidnapped Khalid Mujahid at Madiahu bazar in Jaunpur district on 16 December 2007 but showed his arrest along with Tariq Qasmi from Barabanki railway station on 22 December 2007, also “discovered” explosives from their custody as Indian police usually do. Then they implicated them with absurd charges of their involvement in serial bomb blast cases at Lucknow, Varanasi and Faizabad district courts that occurred on single day on 23 November 2007 while there were all indications that these blasts were done by the enemies of Muslims with the belief that the police would catch only Muslims.

Strivings of Maulana Falahi
The nexus between the police and mischief-mongers was apparent with each of their actions. But then it was useless to sing of law and formality. It is a very difficult task for noble persons to get men out of the clutches of brutes. But despite this, the uncle of Khalid Mujahid, Maulana Zaheer Alam Falahi, who is an Aalim and very simple and noble person, started making tireless strivings right from the first day to get the innocents released. Then it is another story of what happened during this period, what treatment was meted out to Maulana Falahi in police stations, what efforts were made to keep him from striving in the case, and what kind of threats was hurled at him – all this can be interpreted as heinous character of police and callousness of state politics. Now see the political aspect of this incident. On the voices raised by Muslims, the Mayawati government formed RD Nimesh Commission in March 2008 and asked it to find out the reality behind the police claims. The commission submitted its report to the present Samajwadi government on 31 August 2012. But the government expresses unawareness about the status and position of the report. According to the informed sources, there are sensitive revelations in the report which go against the police.

Deceit of state government
In spite of taking actions on the Nimesh report, the Samajwadi government started a mischief by announcing to withdraw cases against Khalid and Tariq. This was the traditional heinous politics. On one hand simpleton and sentimental Muslims got pleased and on the other hand the Sanghis got an effective weapon in their hands. – And this is the turning point in the story wherefrom the Muslim leadership and every noble person should start thinking. The biggest question that comes is why governments, of any party or group of parties, evade from bringing the reality of terrorism to the fore? For its answer you will have to study the different constituents of politics in this country, typical temperament of the people living here, background of Partition of India and Arthashastra of Chanakya. The answer will be easier if you keep in mind the political scenario of the last twenty years, close friendship with Israel, mimicking American policies and active participation in its “war on terrorism”. In fact, whatever is happening is in accordance with unwritten national policy which had been devised in hearts and minds soon after Independence.

Politicians know it full well
Every government, every party and every political leader knows what will be the result of honest investigation into any case of terrorism. And then, if such a result is allowed to find its way in any one case, then naturally the reality of incidents of twelve years will come to light. Therefore, the ruling class here, which is an invisible thing apart from being an elected constitutional government, does not want the realities to come into light. Media and some agencies have committed this “mistake” once. In October 2008 all of a sudden a report said that Pragya Thakur and some of her friends, including serving and retired army officers are responsible for Malegaon bomb blasts. Then the faces of real culprits of Makka Masjid, Samjhauta Express, Modasa and Ajmer bomb blasts came to the fore, the names of those killed while manufacturing bombs in a house in Nanded became known, newspapers and TV channels started coming out with ever new story of Saffron terrorism. The thinking of the entire country on terrorism got changing and the thought that behind the blasts during the last six years were not Muslims rather some other people who wanted to defame Muslims started taking roots in minds of people.  

These realities have to be understood

But this process of truism in the country continued only till the evening of 26 November 2008. Then as soon as the news was cracked that some group of terrorists made an attack on Mumbai, then initially it was also considered the handiwork of these people but soon the media started parroting that it was the handiwork of Pakistani terrorists who entered Mumbai via sea rout with a large cache of arms. And with this they put a break on the news of Saffron terrorism and it is continuing even today. Although cases are pending against those found responsible in Malegaon, Makka Masjid, Ajmer, and Samjhauta Express but it cannot be said that these cases would reach its logical end. A youth publicly calls names of a sections of citizens in a public address in UP; hundreds of people listen to it and even record it but the applicants fail to present any solid evidence and he is acquitted. – Muslim leadership and all groups of human rights will have to analyze this situation. Only then some effective course of action can be devised to make the situation better.
25/05/2013 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf