What happened in Chicago

The self-made-guardians-of-the-world countries gathered in Chicago in the third week of May to discuss how to keep Afghanistan under their control after the ultimate withdrawal of their troops in 2014 and how to ensure that the Taliban do not come in power there once again. It was decided that according to the programme the process of withdrawal should be started and the security system of Afghanistan be handed over gradually to the Afghan army in 2013, and one lakh thirty thousand troops of Nato should be fully withdrawn from there in 2014. As for keeping Afghanistan under their control, no such method was devised nor was it announced as there was no need to declare it nor to devise any such method. Everyone knows what will happen there. CIA, Mossad and agencies of some other countries will continue their activities there as they have been doing in other Muslim countries. On the other hand, Afghan president Hamid Karzai wants that the Taliban should not be treated as arch enemy rather a dialogue should be initiated with them and their cooperation should be sought in the establishment of peace in Afghanistan and its reconstruction.

Perplexity in New Delhi
The news coming from Chicago that Nato (America) has taken ultimate decision to withdraw from Afghanistan, has caused perplexity among the political and journalistic circles of New Delhi. The Times of India has expressed it at its climax.  It has written in its May 23 editorial: ‘Nato should not make haste in withdrawing from Afghanistan’. Times says that “Nato summit… failed to answer some tough questions…. Compounding matters further is the decision of new French President Francois Hollande to pull out all French troops by the end of the year. This could embolden the Taliban…. the biggest challenge remains Pakistan, which would demand billions of dollars for its cooperation in the war on terror…. acceding to its demands would be suicidal for Nato.” But the perplexity of Times is: “A Taliban comeback in Afghanistan would be a huge blow to regional security, providing a boost to radical Islamists the world over.”

The Government of India shouldn’t worry
This editorial note of the English daily informally represents the foreign policy of Government of India. Whenever it was the talk of withdrawal of occupying forces from Afghanistan during the last two years, this has been the response of New Delhi directly or indirectly. But here we don’t intend to comment of this response. Our concern is only that efforts are being made to make the world afraid of Islamists in the name of opposing the Taliban. When the media uses the term “Islamic radicalism”, no one feels difficulty in understanding its real meaning. The Taliban are the people having faith in Islamic principles in their individual and collective lives. They had established a government in Afghanistan on these very principles, which brought an end to international trade in drugs and wiped out crimes and obscenity from that country. It had put a check on the import of immoral culture of the west. That is why America spoiled their government by staging the 9/11 drama. After the end of Taliban rule, our government has invested a lot in Afghanistan and it is afraid of it. But the Government of India should not be afraid of the comeback of Taliban rather should have a dialogue with them. Our interests there can be safer now than earlier. Then an analysis of a government established on Islamic principles and its performance should be made in an unbiased manner.
28/05/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf


These aspects of American barbarity

The diatribe of Matthew Dooley, the army officer teaching an anti-Islam course in an army training center in the US State of Virginia, saying that “Islam should be obliterated and if need be both the centers of Islam should be bombarded” was much discussed in the world media. But the world did not take due notice of those aspects of his diatribe that might have brought into light the barbarity, beastly nature, stone-heartedness and inhumanity of at least American ruling class if not of the entire American nation. While this aspect was also reported in the media: “First create such a condition in Saudi Arabia that the people there start starving and then drop Hiroshima and Nagasaki-like bombs on Mecca and Medina without caring for the number of civilians killed.” Does it not clearly show that the Americans neither feel sorry for nor are they perturbed on killing thousands of lives by bombing the two cities of Japan seventy years ago? And even today they would not feel any hesitation in repeating the act when need be notwithstanding the number of civilians killed.

This is the history of America
And not only this, this nation does not hesitate in creating a condition of starvation in order to destroy a country. This beastly nature of US mentality is no revelation; rather it is a known fact and the entire history of America bears witness to it. Famous American Jewish thinker Noam Chomsky, in one of his books, has mentioned those four hundred attacks that America made on innocent beings in different periods of history. Even after Japan, America created chaos of human lives by bombing many countries. Two armed aggression on Iraq and the attack on Afghanistan are the recent ones. But the most recent are the drone attacks that America is making on Pakistan from time to time, in which many innocent lives are being killed. To create a condition of starvation is also one of its strategies. It has spoiled the lives of well-to-do population of Iraq in this way. But these are those kinds of American barbarity that the world sees with its naked eyes. While besides these there are its secret strategies whereby it having put the gun on the breast of rulers of prosperous countries compels them to follow its biddings and loots its natural resources.

The most important question before the world today
Now there should be a question before the gentlemen of the world: Is such a stone-heated, unjust and international dacoit nation able to be called the leader of the world? Can this untrustworthy nation be treated as a jury in international matters and issues? Now it is “super power” on the basis of its own gundaism. It is ruling over the world with the help of its destructive capability. Then there should be a question before the world whether it is not necessary to stop this unbridled power from causing further chaos and anarchy? If yes, then how and what is the ideology that can control over the Satanic system of governance of America? If the world is not in a position to pay direct attention to that ideology for the time being then it should consider this aspect of the question as to which ideology and way of life America is afraid of and hence wants to obliterate it. Undoubtedly the entire American nation cannot be held responsible for this unjust act of the American ruling class but as American nation has turned comfort-loving due to its material prosperity, it does not take notice of the activities of its rulers. Now the question is who should draw the attention of the world and the American nation itself then its only answer is that the believers should do this work.
25/05/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf


“Reshaping Islam for the modern age”

“Reshaping Islam for the modern age”. This is the headline of a report in the English daily The Hindu (May 18). And the correspondent Hasan Suroor, in sub-heading, says that “British Muslims, mostly of South Asian origin, want to open their religion to critical enquiry and debate”. And the same kind of story has been knit as is regularly finding place in the western media these days, with reference to western people’s objections to Islamic norms and values, their support to certain non-practical Muslims and the views of Muslims suffering from inferiority complex. Such stories are concocted, basing them on some incident or assumption. Or then, giving some colour to the reality, it is claimed that Muslims living in western countries have become fed up with “wrong interpretation and explanation” of Islam and want that those teachings should be reinterpreted so that they might be compatible to modern conditions and necessities. This time this story has been woven on the basis of a reported act of some Muslims, who were sent behind bars for sexually assaulting some white girls. The story is interesting.

Part of a planned campaign
And such stories are part of that planned campaign which is being run at international level with a view to defame Islam and Muslims and this campaign is the offshoot of “war on terrorism” continuing on the assumption of “9/11”. This campaign is being run in different forms and directions with different methods and umpteen weapons. One attempt is that certain injunctions of the Qur’ān and Shari’ah are explained in such a way that on its basis “modern edition” of Islam can be prepared, which can be acceptable to Muslim Ummah as well. Although this attempt is very ancient, the origin of which can be traced to Lawrence of Arabia and Humphrey during the British regime, but for the last 20 years, with the end of cold war and after the American slogan of “new world order”, this work has been done in organised ways. For this purpose individuals from among Muslims are being searched and prepared. Influencing with different methods the brains of the various sections of the Ummah, attempts are being made to capture them. Control over the rulers of wealthy countries is one of them and this is the most successful attempt.

This is the anxiety of western minds
These efforts of the western minds, in fact, show their anxiety. They do not understand what to do. Their purpose is not achieved fully even by staging drama of terrorism the world over in order to prove Islam as the religion of terror and bloodshed.  By indulging the rulers of prosperous Muslim countries in obscenity and moral ills, they do get their wealth but they are not getting any success in bringing their populations to “modern Islam” by disenchanting them from the roots of Islam. To them the condition of poor Muslim countries is rather worse. The rulers of those countries are brought under their control very easily but to disenchant their populations from the fundamentals of Islam is more difficult than disenchanting the populations of rich countries. Therefore their “propagation” of “modern Islam” depends entirely on comfort-loving Muslims living in western countries. As they have been addicted to the material wellbeing of the west consciously or unconsciously, they easily fall into the trap so much so that the west gets from among their ranks intellectuals, scholars and journalists who prove helpful in this cause.
22/05/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf


This grief and anger is natural but…

It was but natural for the Muslims the world over to feel aggrieved and angered at the news that came to light in the second week of May saying that “in a military college in the American State of Virginia one subject taught to the under-training military men is about the religion of Islam but in a way that instead of teaching Islam honestly Islam is presented as the enemy of America and humanity; the army instructor Matthew Dooley went to the extent of saying that Islam (Allah forbid) should be obliterated and if need be atom bombs should be dropped on Makkah and Medina in the manner of Hiroshima and Nagasaki”. Therefore severe reaction is coming from every section of Muslim Ummah; America’s enmity of Islam is being condemned. It is so because it has hurt the feelings of every Muslim. – But if we having held control over sentiments and feelings consider the issue coolly, we find this situation pinpointing to a great reality. And that is anti-Islam forces’ insentience, helplessness, dearth of vision, irritation and fear. Does this situation not prove that these forces cannot counter Islamic way of life with knowledge, wisdom and propriety, viz. they cannot put a spanner in its way with their Satanic ideology?

 This is the history of truth and falsehood
And this is the history of truth and falsehood. When, fourteen hundred years ago, the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be to him) presented the Dawah of Islam, it caused a quake in the Satanic quarters in the same way and the same method was used then to oppose this Dawah and to mobilise people against it as the anti-Islam forces are using today:
satiza kar raha hai azal se ta imrozchiragh-e-Mustafwi se sharare bu lahabi(The light lit by the Prophet has always been under attack by the evil of the likes of Abu Lahab).
It is right that the Ummah is expressing grief and anger, but it should keep in view the pleasant aspect of this situation that these forces are bearing witness, with their action, before the justice-loving and neutral people of the world that only Islam is the true religion; these forces are compelling people to think in the same way as the silent majority of Makkah used to think as to what was the guilt of Muhammad bin Abdullah for which the leaders of the city were inflicting oppression on him. He only urged people to give up idol worship and do the worship of their Creator and Lord, to relinquish oppression and coercion, to renounce obscenity, to do good to the weak and hapless, slaves and women. But these people did not dare to utter anything before their oppressive and powerful leaders.

That section is present even today
That section of neutral people is present even today. The under-training army man, who protested against the tirade of Matthew Dooley in the Military College, is one of them. He not only protested but complained against it with higher officials. After which that class was suspended and Dooley was relieved from the training work. Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey also paid thanks to that army man. And when this news was made public all over the world by the international media, gentle-minded non-Muslims as well as Muslims condemned this incident. Although the basic policy of American administration will not change with the sense of sorrow expressed by Pentagon yet this incident has provided an opportunity once again for American citizens to brood over why after all their powers-that-be do character-assassination of Islam and Muslims. Let it be very much clear that common citizens of western world are not against Islam; they are only influenced by anti-Islam propaganda, and a large number of them are curious about it as the Makkans had been. Therefore the Muslims living in the west should knock at the hearts of common men in the west.
19/05/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf


That slogan of new world order?

When, after the end of Cold War and the first aggression against Iraq 21 years ago, America raised the slogan of “New World Order”, it was all clear to the scholars and intellectuals of the world at that very time as to what America wanted to do and what it means by new world order and which way of life it was to declare as its number one enemy. World commentators especially Islamic thinkers started to express their feelings thereon; but, if the common world was looking at this development with interest, the majority of Muslims too had not much worry about it. Then America having staged a drama of terror attack on Trade Towers of New York in September 2001 announced a war against world terrorism in the name of “war on terrorism”, then none of those who keep the eyes open had any doubt about this war in fact being the war on Islam; an American scholar of Indian origin, Enver Masud, had warned [the world] at that very time by writing a book entitled “War on Islam” that this is in fact an anti-Islam campaign. Many other Muslim scholars and intellectuals also have been pointing out this fact ever since.

What American history saysBut the US reaction on such voices coming from the various parts of the Muslim world was that of denial. It said that it was not anti-Islam; and that it was only against the terrorism in the name of Islam. Soon after September 11, President Bush having gone to the Islamic Centre, Washington tried to assure the whole Muslim Ummah: “Our war is against terrorism and extremism, not against Islam or Muslims.” – As to the verbal claim, this is America’s declared standpoint even today. In reply to a question during her visit to Bangladesh in the first week of May, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said: “When I hear that America is against Islam, I feel grieved.” – But those who are aware of the entire history of America and its methodology during the Cold War, and are conscious of its present agenda did not ever have any doubt that America is at war with Islam, and its saying that “We are against Islamic extremism, not against Islam” is a mere formality for a few days; it is to declare very soon that it is at war with Islam. (In the columns of this newspaper this fact has been often pointed out.)

One latest proof
And its latest proof is the revelation of a military course that was being taught in a military college in the US State of Virginia. Army men under training were taught that our enemies are not only Islamic terrorists but Islam itself is “our greatest enemy. So it should be (Allah forbid) eliminated and if need be both of its centres, Makkah and Madinah, should be destroyed by military attacks without caring for the number of civilians killed.” This Satanic course came to light when an army man under training objected to the diatribe of the army officer-cum-trainer Matthew Dooley, and informed the higher officers (about it). Most of the newspapers of May 12 published this accidentally leaked news with reference to Associated Press. The Hindu has published it with reference to its correspondence. The Times of India headlined it “US suspends ‘war on Islam’ military course”. “Higher officers” did suspend the course and also announced that “it is against the American values” but it is mere gimmick. This revelation (which is in fact not a revelation) should be taken in the light of American statements, announcements and events during the last 11 years.
16/05/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf


Maulana Hali said:

Maulana Hali said:
“Although no village and no town and no city can be saved from the great influence of the time, there is such a holy and vital injunction of purdah to protect the chastity and honour of our families that no charm and appeal of the time can influence them as long as Muslims continue to follow Islam and do not free themselves from the bondage of Shari’ah. Certain Muslim countries have adopted the way of the Europeans in their style of home, food, dress and means of transportation viz. in every sphere of life. But as their following of Shari’ah did not let them free themselves from purdah, no European nation has even the one-tenth of whatever chastity and honour is still there among the Muslims of those countries. – Then, O my elders and youngers! Do not give up the injunction of purdah and its powerful norm as this is the only thing left in this last phase [of human life] in which we can take pride over all other nations of the world, and this is the only thing whereby the [Muslim] nation can keep intact chastity and sense of honour. Wa ma alaina illal balagh!”

After 1857 mutiny
Maulana Altaf Husain Hali, all educated Muslims of the subcontinent know, was an eminent thinker and statesman. With the help of his writings, oration and poetry, he undertook the task of shaking the Muslim Ummah to rise to the occasion at a time when after 1857 mutiny the British government had made a hell of the lives of Muslims in the subcontinent and the local majority population, in accordance with its time-serving tradition, also had gone with the occupying government (while this was the first great public revolt against the foreign rule, the voice of which was raised by Muslims). At that time Britain was also ruling over many Muslim countries. Therefore, seeing the zeal and enthusiasm of Muslims in 1857 as well as their ideological base, they accelerated their efforts to derail the publics of Muslim countries from their very foundation. The most effective weapon (in their hands) was cultural aggression. So well-to-do locales of Muslim countries adopted the colour of the ruling culture in their style of living, food habits and dress, to which Maulana Hali has pointed. But, despite this the Muslims not only did not give up their Shari’ah injunctions but remained committed to their faith and fundamental values; hijab or purdah was one of them.

The farsighted would’ve noted it
The great poet of Musaddas Hali expected this much of the Muslims in the subcontinent. The above mentioned writing is in fact a letter that Maulana Hali then addressed to the dignitaries of Panipat. This letter is there in Muqalat-e-Maulana Altaf Husain Hali. This letter has been reproduced here from Nida-e-Khilafat (Apr 17). The farsighted would have noted that this scholar of the 19th century has pointed in his letter to such a great wisdom. Association with fundamental values is the essence of the Ummah, and the opposite forces want to derail them from these values. Had Maulana Hali been living today, he would have taught us why the western nations oppose Islamic purdah. And what these nations are afraid of. Scholars of the west know that if the benefits and advantages of purdah are made known to women in the west, they would revolt against their traditional culture and then would turn to other injunctions of the Shari’ah as well. So [they think] at the very outset it is necessary to derail Muslims themselves from this great value, and make so much propaganda against purdah that non-Muslim nations may not form any positive opinion about it. Now the farsighted would have decided as to what they have to and should do.
13/05/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf


“It’s the naked truth”

This is the headline of the editorial of Hindustan Times (May 3). Sub-head runs like this: Al Qaeda planning revealed in blue films; our beloved jihadis are adapting to the ways of the evil world.” And a gist of the text is: Though it is now one year since Bin Laden was killed, his Al Qaeda is live and active as usual. Bin Laden used to exploit video films to threaten the world and to disseminate his viewpoints. But now his followers are doing this work with blue films. Earlier they kept from liquor and women and this was their distinction. But now they are using these two things so as to not attract any suspicion that they might be jihadi terrorists.... A film based on obscene scenes has been discovered from the possession of jihadis. But on close scrutiny it is clear that Al Qaeda has plans to make 26/11-like attacks on entire Europe and America.... The editorial is based on a news item released by US media which Hindustan Times, like other English dailies, published a day earlier with much fanfare.

One of the dozens of stories
And this story is one of dozens of amusing stories CIA media published on the first “death anniversary” of Osama bin Laden and Indian newspapers and channels flashed on the minds of Indians on great scale (it could not be ascertained what the attitude of media in other countries was in this regard). These interesting stories started making headlines in the last week of April, which continued even after May 2. In some of them sensational revelations were made. “If Bin Laden had not been killed, Al Qaeda attacks would have hit many major cities in many countries including Pakistan.... A few days before his killing Bin Laden had assigned Ilyas Kashmiri the duty of killing Obama. Before the action in Abbottabad on May 2 (last year) many methods were considered. One method considered was to drop bombs on the hideout of Bin Laden.... Now the successor of Bin Laden is Ayman Al Zawahiri, who is in Pakistan and to kill him America can bombard Pakistan because now he is the biggest enemy of America.”

Characterlessness of Indian mediaHere condemnation of US course of action that it is a Satanic super power – it should do whatever it is doing - is not intended; the concern is the characterlessness of Indian media. If Indian TV channels beat the drum of US lies, it is the need of their TRP. If Hindi press and small English newspapers do this, it is their business. But what will you say if a big newspaper like Hindustan Times does the same? Although this paper is also run by a corporate, as a mainstream media it is expected that it would feel ashamed (of publishing such stories) and work with some honesty. But the readers have seen that it is presenting the naked lies of US as “naked truth”. It did not challenge the US story from any angle; treated it as gospel truth. – And the mention here of the meanness of Indian media is because this is the media of the country that is striving for emerging as the world power. – Now it is useless to say something to the Government of India in this regard. However it would be better if the Chairman of Press Council of India Justice Markandey Katju, who is making effort to better the moral standard of Indian media, pays attention toward it.
10/05/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf


Playing with fire in the valley of snow

There had been regular news from the Kashmir valley that government agencies are making big efforts to get the Muslims there indulged in sectarian shadow boxing. Now detailed reports in The Times of India (Apr 25) and Mail Today (Apr 28) confirmed the news and also that these efforts are open and not secret. The strategy is the same old one viz. to create a rift between the Barelvis and Deobandis. However, Sufism, “Liberal Islam” and the concept of Wahdat-e-Adyaan have been added to the Barelvis while the terms Wahabism, Salfism and Ahle Hadith have been included in the Deobandism. Government agencies are telling the world that Wahabism has taken strong roots in the valley, and the Barelvis too have come to the fore to counter them. According to the media, they are holding big fairs at graves. Old graves are being decorated. Roads are being constructed to link the graves that are inaccessible for common people. But the Kashmiri people and media persons are witnessing that all these projects of Barelvis are being funded by government agencies. High government officials are openly participating in the programmes organised by Barelvis.

Chain of events
This fresh mischief of government agencies is nothing new. However, they refreshed the chain of events in the mind: how after Independence rift was created among Muslims by creating sectarian conflicts, how fatwa of kufr was aired. Shia-Sunni riots were a very successful weapon in their hands; but this weapon was used only where Shia population was considerable. In the rest of the country Sunnis were instigated to fight. And for that matter, to weaken the Muslim Ummah by getting them fight on the bases of sects and schools of thought was a very old method of anti-Islam forces. In the past this strategy was learnt from British secret agencies when these agencies, with a view to occupy Muslim countries, first created sectarian conflicts over there and then caused different moral evils among the new generations by making them inactive and characterless. – Now the reason of development of this art today is that this work is being done in the guidance of Israeli agencies. All the methodologies, terminologies and strategies are coming therefrom. After having made attempts to get “good Taliban” fight with “bad Taliban” in Afghanistan, now efforts are being made to get “good Barelvis” fight with “dangerous Wahabis” in Kashmir.

The leadership of Kashmir is awake
But in due accordance with expectation, the Muslim leadership of Kashmir has taken timely notice of this mischief. Therefore, the Ulema and leaders of all sects and schools of thought have condemned it. Although, the media is as usual promoting the government cause yet in certain reports the government is being warned against this playing with fire. In the above mentioned reports, though the line is that of the government yet the government has been warned to keep from this dangerous move. The government has seen the result of patronising the Bhindranwales to divide the Akalis and create a rift among the Sikhs in the Punjab. Now it should not do the same in Kashmir. It will neither solve the Kashmir issue nor win the confidence of people there. – And for that matter there is a message in it for general Muslim leaders. Whatever government agencies are doing in Kashmir is part of the same governmental course of action which has been prepared with the support of foreign agencies to weaken and harass the entire Muslim Ummah. Ruining Muslim families by targeting Muslim youth in the name of terrorism and getting the Muslims in Kashmir fight on sectarian grounds are two parts of the same strategy.

07/05/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf


Osama’s images and US courts

A US district court has rejected the lawsuit seeking to release the images of American raid on the reported hideout of Osama Bin Laden at Abbottabad in Pakistan. While rejecting the petition, the court said that the courts must respect the conclusion President Obama and the US military have drawn from this (military) action. US President and military are of the opinion that releasing these images could spur violence against US troops and other Americans travelling abroad. – The news is not just this as certain English dailies of Apr 28 have published this news. The demand to release the images of the raid on May 1 and 2 (last year) was raised earlier also; certain US citizens also had raised this demand; but the US administration rejected it then also saying that looking at these images of Bin Laden, Muslims world over will get provoked and violently target Americans. It is as if the purpose behind Americans’ no to release the images was to say to the world that the person killed during the raid was no other than Osama Bin Laden, whose image is well known in the world. And that these images would provoke the Muslims.

But the matter is not so
But the matter is not so. The real fright of US is that if the images are released, with howsoever Photoshop mastery, the reality of whole drama will come to light: the world will come to know that neither the person killed was Bin Laden nor the house raided was the hideout of Bin Laden. The US already did an amiss soon after the raid by releasing the image of a wounded dead body. That person was in no way Osama. People started to laugh at it. Therefore the image was withdrawn. Then another image of a bearded person watching the TV in a house, shot from behind, was released. This person did not seem even one-fourth of Bin Laden. And the manner the story of throwing into the sea the “dead body” of Bin Laden without showing it to anybody was publicised also revealed the reality of the drama. One more meaningful event came to light recently. The US ordered its faithful Government of Pakistan to demolish the house which was raided to kill Bin Laden. The Pakistani faithfuls immediately carried out the order. In fact, Washington was afraid that if the house remained intact and some unbiased enquiry team or honest media team reached there, its whole lie would come to light.

Why is the US worried?
Had there been any truth in the US story, that house would have been preserved as a memorial with a big board saying “this is the house where the greatest enemy of humanity was killed”. But despite the US being a “super power” the ease-loving world believes every lie of it; some new faithful countries are busy proving its lie as truth; it is afraid because it is guilty and suffering from guilt consciousness. Therefore, while being “super power”, it wants to remove every bit of evidence of its crime. Because, if the secret is revealed, the reality of so-called “9/11” will also come to light. Not only this, the other countries which, to follow the US suit, are playing the drama of the same sort and on the basis of which the propaganda of “Islamic terrorism” is being made day in and day out, will also get worried, and the US doesn’t want them worried because they have to do much work for it. But, howsoever it wants others to work for it and how much it endeavours itself, the secret of its lies is soon to be revealed. The Americans themselves, as per their tradition, will confess their lies after twenty years; but even before this some Wikileaks might reveal the secret of American lies.
04/05/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf


The source of income of a Muslim country

“Question: You allowed pork and liquor to be served in Maldives. The Islamic elements in the country protested against serving them. Did this play a role in your ouster?
“Answer: We have a million European tourists coming to our country every year and so we have been selling pork and liquor. They (Islamic elements) wanted to stop us giving permission to serve pork and liquor. This coup was very well-managed and staged.” This reply of the deposed president of the Maldives Mohamed Nasheed to the question posed by The Indian Express (Apr 22) throws full light on the situation prevailing in this small Muslim country. Nasheed confesses that the sale and use of these two haram (prohibited) things is allowed in the Maldives (which in fact has been there since the regime of Mamoon Abdul Qayyum) and he also clarified why this is allowed – to earn money to meet the needs of the State – and also that this was a big factor behind the public outrage against him. When Mohamed Nasheed was in New Delhi in the third week of April, the entire team of The Indian Express consisting of over a dozen editors, column writers and reporters talked to him in detail in the office of the Express.

Why this commendation?
And this warm talk was part of the commendation of Nasheed that has been going on in India since the very next day of change of guard in the Maldives. Though the Government of India might not have paid attention to it according to its new (political) mathematics, the Indian media has been eulogising him since he first raised his voice against “the Salafis and Wahhabis taking roots in the Maldives” and “the danger of Islamic terrorism” in the country. These views of Nasheed must have been amusing the powers-that-be, but the media is not able to hiding its joy and pleasure. In the beginning we thought we might be in the wrong in seeing through Nasheed’s views because he is after all a Muslim and cannot say such words as to please anti-Islam forces. But when the reporter of the English daily The Hindu particularly known for his reports on “Islamic terrorism” called on Nasheed and his interview was published in The Hindu (April 20), all our hope was gone. We came to believe that this man restive for power is all out to play in the hands of anti-Islam forces and to be a Zainul Abedin Ben Ali of Tunisia.

Successful experiment of enemies
Declaring characterless persons as rulers of Muslim countries, imposing them on Muslim masses and getting Islamic commandments and values wiped through them is the very successful experiment of anti-Islam imperialist forces. This experiment was first made by Kamal Pasha in Turkey in the third decade of the 20th century. After the success of this experiment, this strategy was used against traditional kingships. Then experiment was made on army dictators, which proved successful. As today is the age of democracy, the strategists of west have been facing some difficulty though this democracy was devised by them. In fact Arab Spring has worried them, seeing their tables turned. Therefore the strategy now is to defame the activities of practising, self-respecting and upright Muslims by declaring them as Salfism, Wahhabism, activism, Talibanism, outmoded and ignorance, rather make a propaganda of their being terrorist, and then push forward power-hungry persons in the name of Sufism and “liberal Islam” and through them dye Muslim States with the immoral culture of the west. It seems Nasheed has studied this policy of anti-Islam forces well and is expressing through Indian media his willingness to work for them
01/05/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf