What does Khap Panchayat want?

The Khap Panchayat of Haryana wants the Government to lower the age of marriage of boys and girls, and that when they (youth) reach the marriageable age, they should be allowed to get married legally. This move would help contain crimes against girls. The representative of Maha Panchayat, Sube Singh, in a statement at Rohtak, went to the extent of saying that films and TV serials, in which the teen-aged are presented in sexually enticing and fashionable dresses, are responsible to a great extent for sexual crimes and excesses against girls. This creates sensual sentiments in teen-aged boys and girls prematurely, and they experience it in their practical life. Besides, modern culture and lifestyle also is a great cause for the waywardness and sexual anarchy of the tender-aged. – (The Times of India, October 6) Earlier, leader of Jat Mahasabha of Haryana, Om Prakash Man had also made such a demand. The leader of Meham Chaubeesi Khap Panchayat, Randhir Singh also supports this demand. In the backdrop of these statements of Jat and Khap leaders are the incidents of sexual assaults on young girls that took place recently in Delhi and Haryana.

Government won’t do it
After a hue and cry raised by some quarters, certain Khap leaders and Khap panchayats rejected the said statement or proposal or kept themselves aloof. The leaders of Khap Maha Panchayat and Jat Maha Sabha seem to be educated, far-sighted and realistic. They should have stuck to their demand; however they should not have expected its approval from the government. For, this government has been practicing double standard. On the one hand it raises voice against social and sexual crimes and enacts stringent laws but on the other hand creates and promotes all those causes and grounds that serve as the source of these crimes; on the one hand it highlights the ill effects of wine with the help of big advertisements and hoardings and warns against the dangerous and fatal consequences of its consumption but on the other hand ever widens the network of government liquor shops and centers so that the government exchequer might be strengthened. Then this situation should also be seen in the backdrop of globalization and the aspirations of being the world power. The obscenity, nudity and waywardness which the Khap and Jat leaders are complaining against are being imported from the west. The government will not lower the age of marriage because it will stop the foreign aid received in the name of birth control.

Awake the society
The social disaster modern culture can create as pinpointed by the leaders of Haryana was also highlighted by the chief minister of West Bengal Mamta Banerjee in a function in Kolkata on October 15. These leaders must raise such issues with the government. But the real work is to revolutionize the society against these moral ills. (And for this) all those sections and religious groups, who are fed up by these issues, will have to be brought to one platform. As for Muslims, they agree hundred per cent with the Khap and Jat leaders in regard to sexual crimes. A representative conference of all these leaders should be convened in which a united, common course of action should be devised. First of all, attention will have to be paid to media which is the biggest source of promotion of obscenity, shamelessness, nudity and waywardness. And, why only sexual crimes? This media is also the source of promotion of social and religious injustice. If Khap, Jat and Muslim leaders do this work jointly, it would be a great service to the country. Every sensible person of every section of society will support them.

28/ 10/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf


Malala and Angelina

Angelina Jolie – This is a western lady who is reportedly a social ambassador of the United Nations. She is influenced by the story of the Pakistani girl Malala so much as she narrated it in detail to her six kids. Thereafter she wrote an article on this very subject in which she shared how she informed her kids about the attack on the 14-year-old Malala. According to a PTI report in The Times of India (October 18), “I felt compelled to share Malala's story with my children. It was difficult for them to comprehend a world where men would try to kill a child whose only crime was the desire that she and others like her be allowed to go to school.” This article of Angelina Jolie was published in Daily Beast in which she also hoped that “Malala will be in contention for a Nobel Peace Prize”. This report is one of the reports on Malala that are being published in continuity these days. Each of these reports further strengthens the idea that it was anti-Islam forces that got this attack on Malala perpetrated.

Long-term conspiracy
This is a long-term conspiracy – a conspiracy of the kind of “9/11” which was hatched to devastate some Muslim countries and defame the Muslim Ummah. It can be just imagined about what and in which manner Angelina would have taught her kids. The kids would have asked: “Mom, who are these people and why they don’t let children study?” Mom would have told them: “They are Muslims.” One kid would have asked: “Who are Muslims?” Mom: “Those who believe in Islam.” Kids: “What is Islam? What are its teachings?” Mom: “It gives only such teachings; it is they who had made an attack on New York towers.” – This is not figment of imagination or some raw thought, rather a fact. Anti-Islam communities thus inculcate poison against Islam and Muslims in the minds of their new generation right from their childhood. All such strategies are devised by the Jews. In our country also there is a wide network of pathshalas and institutions of higher classes in which all this is taught. Then its influence is felt on the general Indian life.

Realisation of veracity is a must
And the backdrop of “attack” on Malala is that America has a large-scale plan of army attack or bombardment on Waziristan and northern areas of Pakistan so that it might purge those areas of “extremist” Islamic elements, establish its armed occupation and thus control both Pakistan and Afghanistan. This objective is not being fulfilled with drone attacks. For a large operation, the excuse should also be large enough. Therefore a tender age girl, who somehow had got fame earlier, was shot at. And now that girl and the attack on her are being exploited to defame practising Muslims. And in this conspiracy the government of Pakistan is hands in glove because American slaves are at the helm of affairs in Pakistan nowadays. And it is they who are made to air the story of Malala. It is rather difficult for non-Muslim commentators and journalists to understand the reality of these incidents; so no complain against them. But the Muslim journalists and commentators who are looking at this incident from surface level and commenting on it accordingly are facilitating the work of conspiracies unconsciously.

25/ 10/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf


Malala of Pakistan

Malala Yousufzai – It is the name of a tender age girl of the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan, and nowadays has rent the air the world over with reference to Pakistan. Her age is said to be 14 years. There was a news report on 9th October that she was shot at while she along with other girls was getting into a school van. The attackers are reportedly the people belonging to the Taliban movement of Pakistan. They have enmity with Malala because, as the media is reporting, she not only insists on continuing her education but has also launched a movement for the rights of girls. In 2009, when (according to media) she was just 11 years old, the Taliban bombed her school but she did not give up education. Then she got worldwide fame after her statement was telecast by BBC. This is why the entire world including Pakistan cried when a fatal attack was made on her on October 9. Praise and bouquets for her and condemnation for her attackers outpoured from all quarters. The government of Pakistan sprang up in action immediately. Malala was admitted to a military hospital, a special plane was kept ready to fly her outside the country if need be, and she was flown to London on October 15.

Behind the curtain of sympathy
A teenage girl was shot; it was wrong. Everyone is condemning it and rightly so. May Allah bless her with health and life! Malala and all girls like her should get modern education; no one can contradict it. Those who are condemning it are worth condemning. And if this condemnation is being made in the name of Islam, it is all the more unfortunate. But in this international outpouring of sympathy for Malala it is observed that Islam and Islamic groups are being targeted. Islamic groups are directly under attack. This is the way the world media including Indian media is reporting it. It is being projected that the Taliban are against the education of girls; they want girls to live within the four-walls of home, oppress women and this act of theirs is in accordance with Islamic teachings. Now the situation is that 14-year-old Malala is being projected in the world as the symbol of women’s liberty and the greatest champion of girls’ right to education. The impression is being given that Malala has revolted against “Islamic fundamentalists”. Now the government of Pakistan is to confer on her the greatest national award.

A few questions
In this regard there are some questions: (1) Whether the Taliban who attacked Malala are real or floated? The fact remains that many groups of floated Taliban are active in Pakistan; most of them are floated by America. The agents of CIA and Mossad are among them and it is they who are responsible for the acts of terrorism in Pakistan. (2) Why do the international media not take notice of dozens of Malalas killed in American drone attacks in the North-West Frontier regions? (3) Even the government of Pakistan is also raising the issue of attack on Malala Yousufzai with much vigour but it never raised the issue of the Malalas killed in American drone attacks. (4) While condemning the attack on Malala by the so-called Taliban, certain Muslim sections and journalists are speaking in the same terms as the anti-Islam forces want them to. Do they believe that the attack on Malala was made by practising Muslims? The fact remains that the innocent girl and the attack on her are being exploited for anti-Islam propaganda and for providing an excuse for army action in Waziristan. Two leaders of that country, Qazi Husain Ahmad and Imran Khan have also made this statement.

22/ 10/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf


When Gujarat was burning

Harish Khare is one of the few journalists who present honest comments on events and developments straightforwardly and courageously, is man-friendly and advocate of religious impartial values. In his recent article (The Hindu, 4th October) he has presented his personal experience in context of the events of Gujarat 2002. ‘Two days after bloody riots erupted in Gujarat, I got a call late in the evening from an Ahmedabad-based officer of the Indian Police Service. The policeman simply said: “Sir, I am embarrassed to make this call. I am told that a local BJP legislator in Mehsana district is planning to undertake a massacre of Muslims tonight. And I am ashamed that there is no one here who will listen.” Hearing these details from the police officer, I rang up my friend Brajesh Mishra. He listened to me very attentively and said, “Let me see.” Next morning I got another call from the police officer, who was obviously relieved and said: “Sir, I do not know what you did or to whom you talked; within two hours, an army posse reached the spot, rowdies were made to stay put, and their bloody plans sabotaged. Over 100 lives were saved.’

Brajesh Mishra
Mr. Khare in fact wrote this article to pay a tribute to Brajesh Mishra who had died on 28th September at the age of 84. At that time he (Brajesh Mishra) was Principal Secretary to Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee and also National Security Advisor. Harish Khare writes: ‘A few days later, when I went over to the Prime Minister’s Office to have my weekly tea with Mishra,… he observed: “Those of us who have the good fortune to work in this office for the Prime Minister of India can never become indifferent to the obligation of social harmony.”’ (The Hindu, 4th October) Harish writes that Brajesh Mishra was a far-sighted, open-minded, broad-minded and a patriotic person in the true sense. His standpoint was that the progress and stability of the country is not possible without inner security, and inner security is not possible without impartiality between all groups and sections and without total religious neutrality. He considered the activities of Advani, Modi and the Sangh Parivar detrimental to the country, and was in support of developing better relations with Pakistan for the progress and stability of the country. In this regard, Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee was his co-believer. These two were sad and concerned over the policy following which Modi and his cohorts came to power once again in 2002.

Three characters of the story
With this article three positive characters come before us: (1) The responsible but helpless police officer who was concerned about the planning of rioters in the village Mehsana; (2) Harish Khare, who was a journalist and political commentator but also wanted to fulfil his responsibility as a responsible citizen which he did well; (3) Brajesh Mishra who was a high and powerful officer in the office of the Prime Minister and he did exploit his powers rightly and at the right time. – The case is about ten years old. During this period many changes took place in politics and government. In Gujarat those who were the killers of humanity got strengthened while at the Centre the standpoint of Brajesh Mishra and Vajpayee got weakened. But ten years later when Harish Khare, while writing on Brajesh Mishra, is stressing the same standpoint, same thinking and same farsightedness, it clearly means that the Indian society is not lacking in right-thinking and principled commentators. Harish was also appointed as Press Advisor to the present Prime Minister Manmohan Singh but later got separated on some principled ground. Anyhow, every responsible citizen will welcome the views of this responsible journalist.

16/ 10/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf


After Tehelka report

After the publication of Ashish Khetan’s article in the September 8 issue of Tehelka, detailing how he had exposed the killers and mischief-mongers of Gujarat 2002 one-sided riots through his investigative report in October 2007 and how he made them record on camera the details of their crimes, the readers of Tehelka wrote many letters published in the later issues of Tehelka, praising the courage and honesty of Ashish. In his report Ashish in fact had complained that the countrymen had not reacted to his report which had been prepared with extraordinary struggle and striving in the manner he and his colleagues had expected. In these letters the complain of Ashish was considered right. In the September 8 article of Tehelka the biased attitude of judges and high government officials was also dealt with in detail. The letter writers also welcomed this daring. Some letters of this sort are included in the October 6, 2012 issue of Tehelka. One of them has something extraordinary to say and it is this something extraordinary that is the subject of discussion here.

That extraordinary point

And that something extraordinary has been written by Dibya Mohapatra in her email. After writing that Ashish Khetan has “done a great service to mankind and specially to the people of India”, she has written, “We have made our people no more than animals and the animals in our country have no sympathy at all.” The letter writer has not explained her point of view but the context in which it has been said can be understood. The incidents of Gujarat 2002 are in backdrop, where man-looking beasts exhibited their extraordinary bestiality. Whatever might have been in the mind of the letter writer while writing that ‘we have made our people no more than animals’, it does reveal a fact that in this country there is a group which strives to affect the morality of citizens in a formal, organised and programmed manner. It teaches them how to tell lies, how to spread lies and how to believe in lies; it makes them unjust, and creates hatred and anger in their hearts and minds against the sections that fall from the pale of its oppressive social system.

Sources of animal-making

This work of making animals out of humans has been going on for a pretty long time with the help of textbooks and literature, by metamorphosing historical facts, with provocative slogans and speeches, through campaigns and rallies, and by exploiting media. The range of this campaign spreads right from labourers working in fields, farms and factories to high government officers, police personnel, policymakers, traders, industrialists and judges. In this situation generation after generation is prepared. When they step into the practical life, they display such kind of mentality. Gujarat was made the laboratory of this mentality. This is why when a train was set on fire at Godhra station in February 2002, and on this basis riots were flared up then the animals prepared in this laboratory did their work. Perhaps India is the only land of its kind in the comity of nations where a group having claims of patriotism strives for destruction of morality rather than construction of morality, as a result of which men become animals and according to Dibya Mohapatra animals have no sympathy with anyone. We don’t know how those who are talking of making this country a world power look at this situation.

13/ 10/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf


Dr. Abdul Haq Ansari

Dr. Abdul Haq Ansari was born in 1931. In his early life he was very intelligent and promising. He was inclined to serve Islam and the Ummah; so during his very student days he got associated with the Islamic Movement. Despite paucity of resources, he kept on getting education higher and higher with his labour, dedication and love for knowledge. He did Aalimiyat from Darsgah Islami, B.A. (Arabic) and later on M.A. (Philosophy) and Ph.D. (Philosophy) from Aligarh Muslim University and M.T.S. from Harvard University, USA. The sensitivity he had to serve Islam and the Ummah kept on advancing and the Movement he had joined also went on progressing. At last he was elected its Ameer viz. supreme leader. After gracing this post for four years, he retired from it in 2007 and kept himself busy in academic activities on the lines of the same movement, the same thought and philosophy and while doing so came the last moment. He passed away on 3rd October 2012 at the age of 81 in such a way that he was fully satisfied with his faith. – Friends and colleagues buried him with much love and devotion.

And K.S. Sudarshan
K.S. Sudarshan was also born in 1931. In his early life he was very intelligent and promising. Despite lack of resources, he went on getting education with his labour and commitment. He was inclined to serve the nation; so in his very early life he having influenced by the R.S.S. slogans of patriotism got associated with its activities. He also continued his education. He got Bachelor degree in Communication Engineering with gold medal. He went on working with devotion and commitment as well as zeal and enthusiasm to promote the policies and programmes of the Sangathan he had joined to serve the society so much so that he was appointed its highest functionary viz. sarsanghchalak. After rendering his services on this post for nine years, he retired in 2009. But after retirement he used to keep quiet; he devoted most of his time to study. He expired on 15th September 2012 at the age of 81. But twenty-seven days before his demise a news report about him appeared in newspapers on which different people reacted differently. On the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, on 20th August, he wanted to go to Tajul Masajid in Bhopal to offer Eid prayers (or to congratulate Muslim brethren).

Comparison interesting, end different
This comparison between the lives of two scholars is interesting in certain ways. These two remained associated with two organisations – large but different and poles apart – for the whole life, reached the highest position in their organisations but there was basic difference in their ends. While Dr. Ansari left the world fully satisfied and contended with their faith – he might have regret, if any, that his ongoing academic works with which he wanted to serve the Movement further could not be completed – K.S. Sudarshan was seen restless and restive in his last days which showed that he was not satisfied with his view on Islam and Muslims and that he was reviewing his views. Even if his mind had gone upset, as his colleagues are saying, there must have been something in his unconsciousness that had been compelling him to go to Tajul Masajid. A report in The Hindustan Times (16th September) says that Mr. Sudarshan had deep study of the Qur’ān. – Anyway, whatever there was in store for these two after all happened. Anything further is in the hands of Allah. 

10/ 10/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf


Readership of English newspapers?

Indian Readership Survey (IRS) is an institution that measures the readership of newspapers and viewership of news channels and ascertains their value in the market. It releases its report every three months. It released its report of the second quartet of the current year on October 1. The daily declared by this institution to have the largest readership manipulates this certificate and exercises its superiority over its “rivals”.  The interesting thing is that this meanness is played not by Hindi or Urdu dailies but by big English dailies. In the last quartet report, this institution declared The Times of India to have the largest readership among all English dailies. In its October 3 issue, the Times on its front page carried a big headline, “Number one TOI widens lead over rivals across India”. Then it writes in which city how far ahead it is from its “rivals”. However in capital Delhi it simply says that its readership has grown. That is, it does not say that here The Hindustan Times is No. 1 as usual. It should be mentioned here that the survey does not provide the number of copies published; it only estimates the number of its readers.

Let serious readers think
It is all but natural that serious readers have no interest in this mutual competition between these newspapers and channels. However it is the serious readers who can ponder over their strategy to increase their readership and viewership (TRP). Besides presenting on news channels reports of events in a sensational manner, hair splitting, making mountains out of molehills, and making non-issue an issue and issue a non-issue, these media portals also promote obscenity and waywardness just to increase their TRP. In this regard the print media is also not lagging behind it. The magazine sections of two newspapers of Delhi, The Times of India and The Hindustan Times are replete with obscene pictures. They do not hesitate in destroying the young generation and involving modern prosperous families in mental waywardness just in the name of art and culture. But the most heinous work this media does to increase its TRP and earn monetary benefits is to disseminate the lies of government agencies more and more in covering incidents of violence and terrorism. In this process newspapers and channels try to surpass each other.

Media is also an industry and business
This competition among between these newspapers is not to highlight realities and promote virtues but to suppress realities and spread obscenity.  It was never that a newspaper or channel challenged the police story of a given incident of terrorism. Sometimes police statements on incidents of violence and arresting of Muslim youth and allegations leveled against them are so ridiculous that their realities become obvious even to ordinary citizens. Common people mock at these stories but these newspapers and channels try hard to prove them “solid” and “concrete”. Some so-called reporters even present stories of police and secret agencies as their own. And it is apparent that this strategy of media is aimed at increasing its TRP and reaping some benefits from certain political and social groups. As this report of The Times of India shows, it is these newspapers and channels that confess the fact that newspapers and channels are also business enterprises, and that like other businesses they too have competition among them. 

7/ 10/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf


Jesus Christ and the Christian world

A conference of Christian scholars on Coptic studies was held recently in the Vatican, the centre of Catholic Christian community. In this conference Prof. Karen King of Harvard University caused havoc with her revelation that Prophet Christ was married. The Professor made this “revelation” on the basis of the papyrus which contains the phrase “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife ...’ ” written in the ancient Coptic language of Egypt was found. The Professor deemed this papyrus belonging to the fourth century. While certain scholars have appreciated this revelation of the Professor calling it a precious document, most of the scholars have dismissed it as a fake document. They are of the view that the fragment might be ancient but it might have been blank, on which someone might have written these words in the twentieth or twenty-first century with some monetary gain in mind. In their view this inept manipulation cannot be accepted. (The Asian Age, September 29). Later on the Vatican organ also dismissed it calling it a fake document. Reuters maintains that in the Middle East dealing in ancient documents has become a thriving business.

This is a continuous process
And this is not the first time that this has been said about Prophet Christ. Such revelations about his personality are made from time to time and Christian “scholars” themselves make these “revelations”. That Prophet Christ was married and had children was not said for the first time. A few years ago this was made public in great detail with “The Da Vinci Code”. Besides the personality of Prophet Christ, ever newer revelations are made about The Bible attributed to him. In March last year famous New Testament scholar Bart D. Ehrman revealed that the six of the thirteen gospels attributed to Paul were fake and some unknown persons have included the names of Peter, Paul or James. (The Times of India, March 28, 2011). Even documentary films on the personality and personal life of Prophet Christ have been released; in some of them he has been presented in a very lurid light so much so that even heinous allegations have been leveled against him. And all this is done by Christian “scholars” and those belonging to the world of art and culture. That is, this is a continuous process.

Let sincere Christians listen
It is as if the Christian world has not decided as yet about their Prophet and the reality of his book though they believe in him and propagate his teachings. It is not only that they have not ascertained his personality and teachings but also do not hesitate in the character assassination of their Prophet. Now how can the religious entity that has such an attitude about its Prophet understand the Muslims’ faith in, love for and commitment to the Last Prophet of Islam? When the Muslims do not bear even the minutest sacrilege against their Prophet – whether it is hurled in the name of freedom of expression or in the guise of art – and condemn it in one voice the world over, the Christian world stands in astonishment. As the Christian world is not serious about their Prophet, nothing can be said to them. However, the serious, sincere and truth-seekers among them can be communicated that the best and only authentic source to know the reality of the personality and teachings of Prophet Christ is the Qur’ān. Only after understanding his personality through the Qur’ān will they be able to realize and appreciate the greatness of the Last Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be to him).

4/ 10/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf


This campaign is set up for failure if…

A commentator of current affairs, Samar Halarnkar, is of the view that the ongoing battle against terror in the country is set to fail if the chain of implicating innocent persons continues and victims, after being proved innocent by courts of law, are not rehabilitated. Commenting on the sad plight of Mohammad Aamir, who was cleared recently from many cases against him, the commentator, in his article (The Hindustan Times, September 27) has written that young Muslims are arrested on the flimsiest of grounds like possession of religious texts, newspaper clippings and educational certificates, and they and their relations are subjected to serious kinds of mental, physical and social torture. When some of them are released by courts of law, then neither police and secret agencies offer regret for their action nor does the government take it necessary to rehabilitate them. And thus family after family gets ruined. In this regard, the commentator has also kept in view the report of New Delhi’s Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Association which profiled 16 such cases including that of Mohammad Aamir.
Jamia Teachers’ Report
This report of Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Association is an extraordinary document of its kind. This Association was established in the background of 2008 Batla House “encounter”. This document took four years of continuous labour and strivings. It has revealed how the “Special Cell” of Delhi Police detains innocents and gathers ridiculous evidences against them. The Association wants a judicial enquiry into this “encounter”. Taking notice of this report, Samar Halarnkar has supported it. Besides Halarnkar, some other commentators have also commented on this subject during the last week and expressed concern on the prevailing situation. Although these commentators too are influenced by the terror stories of international media and the reports of police and national and international agencies, and understand that a section of Muslims is involved in terror incidents in one way or the other, follows the dictates of Pakistan and its ISI, nurtures extremist religious tendencies, and is promoting“Salfism”, etc. etc. as is mentioned in the commentary of Halarnkar. However these commentators are worthy enough to rise above jingoism and speak truth to some extent.
This isn’t the real issue
But this is not the real issue that there is a problem of terrorism in the country and the government want to solve it. Had this been the situation 20 years ago, it would have been true as had happened in the Punjab. Today the issue is something else, which can be seen in the backdrop of international politics, globalisation, overt and covert relations with Israel, and government policies. The ruling class here is doing whatever America is doing with Islam and the Muslim Ummah in the name of war on terrorism. You can challenge on merit the measures taken by police and secret agencies as the Constitution and laws are with you; but what will you do if all this is being done as per the State policy? The fact that whatever has been set as a matter of policy will happen notwithstanding the voice of protest raised by the victims and human rights activists, has come to the fore during the recent months. – If it is not so, it should be clarified first. The media could have done something in this regard, but it is fully with the State policy. The mentality of TV anchors and those participating in discussions is not different. Therefore, human rights activists and right-thinking commentators have to do this work. Jamia Teachers Solidarity Association also can do a lot.

01/ 10/12 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf