Searching reasons of the defeat

The parties and groups who literally got defeated in the recent lok sabha elections, the aliance of left parties is one among them, Marxist Communist Party (CPM) is the largest party of that. Though immediately after results, its party leaders statements were coming, in those, the acceptance of the mistakes was there, a glimpse of self assessment was there as well, and some what criticism on one another was there too. But in the third week of the month of June, party's central commitee meeting held in Delhi, in which the reasons for the defeat and other issues were discussed in detail as where were the mistake. It was also observed that what has been done which was not supposed to be, and what is not done which was supposed to be. Also that what should be done in future. This feeling was common that in the previous lok sabha with 61 members left parties role which used to be effective, now with 24 members that performance is not possible. Marxist party atleast in its inner discipline is a democratic party. On issues and problems, open and frank discussion take place in its forums. According to the reporting of the meeting, this point was discussed in particular that in the changed political scenario what should be the party's policy.

Fundamental philosophy and its flaw
But in the Newspaper reports there was not even a sign that Communist Party feels to reconsider its fundamental philosophy. Party's goal and objective is definitely good, that is poverty be removed, basic needs of all citizen be fulfilled, labour class not be exploited, monitory resources not be concentrated in the hands of few individuals or families. All the Communist Parties of the world derived this philosophy from the thoughts and theories of Karl Marx the 19th centuary German philosopher, who wrote a book named "Das Capital". The biggest drawback of this philosophy was that denying The God is the basic charecteristics in it. In Marx opinion, the root cause of the crooked, unrest, poverty and exploitation. The second drawback was that it supported equal distribution of the monitory resources instead of the just distribution, which is untrue, unrealistic, and impractical claim. And also it encouraged violence as needed, that is wealth and land from rich, industrialists and landlords could be forcibly snatched. Thus it was a call for status based unrest.

If they are firm on their objectives
Indian communists also started working on the exactly same philosophy. But failed, because this unnatural ecanomical philosophy died by itself after living 56 years. Indian communists surrendered to Capitalism, but it looks by their talk that they are still firm on their objectives. If that is true then they should dare and with courage, honestly study the economic ideology of Islam. Zakat and charity , prohibition of interest, interest free banking system, encouraging interest free loan and issue alike, worth understanding for them. But if they want to understand this economic ideology easily, then they should study this entire system for human life and see what is the Islamic system of life. We are not sure if The Quran reached to Kael Marx, and if reached what was his behaviour towards that, but it can surely be said that if in the light of his goals and objectives, also with the sympathy and mercifulness which nature had given him for humanity, if Karl Marx would have studied Islam and The Quran, his followers would not have seen these days.
28/06/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

The Mischievousness of the “Progressive People”

American President Obama, through his various speeches has tried to instil in the minds of the Muslims that now America no longer works on the policy of hatred and enmity with Islam and Muslims. He has given many speeches regarding the practical steps taken in this matter but the echo of these speeches had not even dispersed in the air and they can be seen trying to force this policy on Iran. Whether it is Turkey or Algeria or Palestine, where ever the pro-Islam forces with the help and support of the public, appear to come to power through the system invented and beloved by the west that is democracy, then the Christians, Zionists and other fascist forces leave no stone unturned in sabotaging their favourite system. They disliked the revolution, which arose in Iran in the name of Islam from day one. They are creating hurdles in its path and investing all their energy in opposing them even though the Iranian public is helping and supporting them with majority of votes in a democratic way. Specially throughout his last term Ahmedi Nejad was being forced to violate it but finally losing hope here, this time they have put in all their energies in interfering in the internal matters of Iran and have woven a strong net of conspiracies and planning. They have termed Ahmedi nejad as a conservative and fundamentalist extremist, flag bearer of Islam and established their puppet Mir Hussein Mousavi against him as their favourite candidate for the post of President in the elections. He gained fame as a progressive all over the world. In his own country, this campaign was carried forward by sinister and corrupt people. But in spite of all these efforts, the Iranian people realising what actually Mousavi is, regarding the honour and dignity of Islam and their homeland Iran more than their own lives whole heartedly supported Ahmedi Nejad for the next term as President. This enraged and aroused America and it’s allies and they started following their traditional ways in Iran. They destroyed the peace and prosperity of Iran. They became ardently involved in tearing the self dependence, freedom and self confidence of Iran into shreds. To maintain an environment of peace and well being in the country the spiritual leader of Iran Ayatollah Khamenei, tried many diplomatic efforts in order to pacify the protestors and demonstrators. He made an announcement for recounting of votes but the protestors knew that recounting of votes will not be a solution in this matter as Ahmedi Nejad won with more than 60% votes and the remaining candidates were partners in the remaining 40% and the darling of the Christians, the Zionist and the fascist powers Mir Hussein Mousavi could only muster 30% votes, no matter how transparent is the counting process the result will be the same, therefore they demanded re election, but till today in such conditions, in any democratic country cancelling such results and announcement of re-elections never took place. This process is in itself not corrective rather it is non democratic. Eventually keeping view of the bad intentions, destructive mentality and shrewdness of these forces Allama Ayatollah Ali Khamenei made it clear and strongly rejected this demand. He warned that the Government will not bow down in front of any protests and demonstrations by the opposition. Even though he announced to scrutinize the complaints regarding the process of voting and counting. Naturally this is Iran’s internal matter even then the Christians, Zionist and other fascist powers have come out in open against Iran and they are raising a hue and cry of gross malpractices in the voting process and are strongly supporting Mir Hussein Mousavi. Britain even went to the extent of discontinuing all diplomatic relationships with Iran. Both countries sent back the Ambassadors of each other. Iran has accused Britain of hatching conspiracy against the elections and spreading disquiet and unrest. He even exiled the BBC correspondent in Tehran whereas a British-Greek Journalist working for an American newspaper was taken into custody. Iran’s Home Minister by pointing a finger at America has said that the people spreading unrest in the country are being funded by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the deported opposition group People’s Mujahideen. American President’s acrimonious speech raised a question about the legitimacy of the elections and expressed his displeasure and anger over the violence against the protests by the opposition leaders. On the other hand due to the Government’s strong stand, the hired people and those who were misled because of misunderstandings backed off without any resistance. As soon as the police used tear gas and lathi charge against them they all became quiet. The other defeated candidate Mohsin Razaye who was the ex-Chief of Revolutionary Guard has also declared to withdraw his protest against the malpractices in the elections. He said that Iran’s social, economic and security situation have reached a sensitive and decisive phase which is more important than the elections. In these conditions it is certain that they will leave no stone unturned in working with a proper insight and farsightedness.

28/06/09 Editorial, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui


Foreign Interest in Iran’s Affairs

The conditions in Iran are getting worse with each passing day, the worst part being that this matter is no longer concentrated to a particular geographical part rather it has become an issue for the whole world. This can be realised from the fact that all big super powers are not only interested in it they have in a way become rivals in it. The western mass media together with the western powers have also become a part of it. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has commented on the political conditions in Iran and the action taken by the Iranian Government regarding the British mass media, the way the American President, American management, American Congress and the American agencies are showing interest in it and appear to be actively involved, the reaction of the European Union, all this has made the post election campaign in Iran a global campaign. In can not be termed any thing better than open interference. The most important aspect of this campaign is Israel’s stand in this regard, which has already being expressed at different occasions and in different forms but it took place at the highest level, when during the past days Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu outlined his policy in his speech at the Bar Elan University. In his speech he stressed upon America and other western countries that they should feel the graveness of the Iranian issue and should work upon a solid plan of action. In this policy speech Israeli Prime Minister declared Iran as a danger to the whole world and the victory of Mahmoud Ahmedi Nejad has increased it two-fold.

In the Presidential elections in Iran present President Mahmoud Ahmedi Nejad’s victory is very clear and the difference between him and his nearest rival Mir Hussein Mousavi is so large that the allegations of malpractice are beyond imagination. It can be recalled that Mahmoud Ahmedi Nejad got 65% of the total votes cast whereas Mir Hussein Mousavi got just 33% votes, Mahdi Karoobi and Mohsin Razaye’s share of votes was paltry. Therefore their complaint is weightless, even then the Iranian establishment, taking up the path of diplomacy asked all the three candidates not to spread unrest in the country, to register their complaints and to respect the law. Not only that they also declared that all the complaints will be investigated moreover they were even ready to reconsider the recounting of ten percent votes. It should be clear that even if the complaints lodged by Mir Hussein Mousavi and the other candidates are right then also the difference between Mahmoud Ahmedi Nejad and Mir Hussein Mousavi cannot influence victory or defeat. The Iranian Establishment also invited all the candidates for open talks but it is being told that Mir Hussein Mousavi and Mahdi Karoobi did not participate in it. They openly rejected the people’s verdict and they are still adamant on their stand. America, Britain, European Union and it’s organisations are all backing them. Many briefings have been given by the American President and the White House. The American Congress has passed the resolution, the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has also entered the scene, European Union have given their full support in favour of those willing to reject the election results.

25/06/09 Editorial, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

The actual reason for the distraction is something else

Now a days the ongoing distraction in the BJP, many think that, it is the intensity over the defeat in recent lok sabha elections. Few people have opinion that this is the battle for leadership. Some think that hardline hindutva agenda drowned them off, whereas some have the opinion contrary to that, this situation is because of the party's deviation from hindutva agenda. It could be that these things are partially true. But there is another thing which lead to this bad situation. And that is, party doesn't at all have any agenda which confidently it can present to the public. Yes, for elite, it has definitely a program to present, or say its program is only for the particular community of elite. With regards to that even the hindutva which is mentioned, that hindutva is also to show. Means the obstruction against the religious minorities, making temple by demolishing masjid in Ajodhya, killing innocents in Gujrat, scolding in Peelibhit etc. Otherwise the actual hindutva is something else which it can not tell the public and all the elite of the country, can tell it to only a particular segment of elite.

Actual Agenda
And that hindutva is to keep the social system which is based on the superiority by birth, and to give all monitory resources in the hands of a particular community. And it is obvious that this political agenda it can't include in its election manifesto. So it tries to mislead voters by raising emotional and provoking issues. And the records show that some time people come in their fold, but mostly they don't. This time people not coming to their fold is also because of the reason that party couldn't find any issue till the end of election campaign. Its opponent cruel Congress snatched its every issue and used by itself. This time Congress did this thing openly and frankly. Capatalist economical policies it snatched such that left it no where. It took such stand on terrorism that BJP policy makers were just left, like wao! BJP was about to benefit by Mumbai events of November, but Congress was so quick that its rival had nothing but woe. It shouted so much against semi-dead Pakistan, for which even BJP and its government would probably hesitate.

Morally consious individuals come forward
So BJP's actual difficulty is that it doesn't like to show its real agenda and nothing works with fake chants. In last 57 years party raised atleast a dozen different conflicting political slogans. Even if party's present crisis that is the leadership problem gets solved, the actual confusion will still remain. So why didn't the party resolve its fundamental issue. That is to present such an honest program which guarantee the real progress and prosperity of the people and the country. BJP (i.e. RSS) can do that if it likes. Because it is a big and strong organisation, and its cadre is large. But it is obvious that it can do it only if it withdraw from its actual agenda. Withdrawing from its actual agenda is difficult but not impossible. Because in RSS there are big big educated and intellignet individuals are present. If some pious and morally consious personel among them rise and accept after revising the agenda that their program is unjust and invalid, then it is possible. Then there will be a question as what should be the new agenda. In this regard they should reconsider their behaviour about Islam, and contact muslim scholars and intellectuals without hesitating. Two three muslim faces which are there in BJP, if dare, can convince party leadership for that.
25/06/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Caste of Lok Sabha speaker

News Paper readers might have noticed that when the name of Meera Kumar was decided, the aspect which media and political analysts highlited was the aspect of her being a dalit. Though being first woman speaker was also discussed but being dalit woman was actually the topic of analysis. Sonia Gandhi was praised that she selected a woman that too a woman belonging to dalit society. Big-heartedness of Indian society was also praised. Some analysts proudly mentioned about the high-sightedness of hindu society and its cast system. This event was in full cry on regional languages news papers and TV channels along with the main stream channels, hindi and english news papers. But nothing is seen or heared as solid analysis by any dalit intellectuals. It is not known what the dalit intellectuals feel who often write and say against the cast system. But yes the non-aligned citizen of this country and those who are aware of the political and social reality, may be applauding the over smartness of the founders of this social system.

It should be applauded too
And it should be applauded too that a system which divided the human beings in higher and lower, respectable and disreputable sects, a big , that is more than one third of the population, was declared the lower and lesser, then making this system acceptable and pride worthy, could be only the work of extra-ordinary intelligence. How funny it is that long time ago a group of humans created a theory that not all human beings are equal. Then made four classes among them, kept itself on top of all, making respectable even worthy of worship and kept the large population in the lower class which is said to be the original and oldest population of this land. Firstly this population used to be called untouchable, then when the education became common , clever people like Gandhi named them 'Harijan". And now in this era of development they are called "Dalit". Intelligenece and foresightedness was such that after independence the statutory terms like scheduled cast and schecduled tribe were derived. Then in the name of their economical betterment reservation was given to them in government jobs, the actual aim of that was to keep them in the same system but in such a way that the complex of being lesser be there always.

The reason for the failure of reformation movements
It is not that there were no voices raised against this inhuman order. Big movements were launched, big reformers have risen. It is told that the movements of the Krishn, Goutham budh, and Mahaveer jain too were against this system. In the new era Jyothi baphule, Rama swamy naiker, Baba sahab ambedkar and recently Kanshi ram emerged. Based upon these leaders theories and their thoughts powerful movements were run against this system, founders of the system were scolded a lot. Their books were burnt. Hatred against them was spread. But the system did not move at all. Even today exist with all its bounty. It's reason ? only one. Those leaders did not challenge the authority of the founders, did not ask them who gave them this authority to declare a big population of human lesser. All efforts were made being within the system to get the respectable position. Even today the same thing is happening. Being dalit even has become the source of blackmailing. The success and salavation is far away, the respectable position they don't even want, unless materialistic wise and economically their situation get better. If not entire population, atleast leaders and well settled communities are satisfied on their situation. Meera kumar is also happy that daughter of a dalit is given such a big position.
22/06/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

Scheme to take action against corrupt Judges

In the newly elected UPA Government, union Law Minister Veerappa Moily is planning large scale reforms in the country’s Judicial System during the first two hundred days of his ministry. In this, special attention is being given to the widespread corruption in the Judicial system and also the process involved in the appointment of the judges. He will also speak to the Chief Justice of India in this regard. He says that corruption within the Judicial system is a grave issue. He professes that a lot of complaints have come up against the system of the appointment of judges. There is a need to reconsider the plan which was made in 1993 for the appointment of the judges. The consensus is to change it. This is a common complaint that the responsible Judges’ committee for the appointment and promotion of judges, even overlook the senior judges for promotion till the Supreme Court. Regarding this 160 year old system, the Judiciary is in itself feeling perplexed. That is why the higher judiciary is being advised that only reconsidering will bring an improvement in the system. On the matter of increasing number of corruption charges against the High court and Supreme Court judges, the Law Minister feels it is a serious issue, it should not be regarded as a way of tarnishing the image of any organisation or defaming it.

The Law Minister further says that the Judges Enquiry Act which was set up in 1968, which laid out the plan for the action against the corrupt judges, is now four decades old and it should be revisited now. He says in order to make it more effective the Government can also make amendments in it. It is being told that the present system for the appointment of judges and action against the corrupt judges will be given a special place in the judicial reforms of the UPA Government. This will be carried in consultation with the higher judiciary. In order to speed up the process of reforming of the Judicial system these affairs will soon be put up in front of the Chief Justice of India. In order to check corruption within the Judiciary it is required to instil a sense of purpose in the process of the appointment of judges and it’s mechanism. Further he made it clear that in his vision for reforms there would be no conflict with the judiciary. He does not believe in the blame game. He told that the Judges Enquiry Act 1968 which shows a plan of action against corrupt judges is badly in need of reconsideration. He said that the UPA Government in it’s first term, in order to make this act transparent tried to make amendments in it. They( UPA government) might start working on the bill which was made in this regard. Nevertheless we express our firm belief that we will present this bill in the Parliament and get it passed.

The Law Minister says, unlike the other organisations Judiciary, media cannot defend themselves everyday. That is why he wants to be cautious in hurling accusations at them. He is in favour of providing security to the judiciary and together with that he also wants to follow the Right to Information Act. He says if we are able to convince the judiciary that no information will be used in a wrong way then it can be expected that there will be no hindrance. It should be recalled that in the present circumstances reports from various fractions say that the judiciary is in a state of turmoil in terms of trust and confidence. Contemporary News paper, Hindustan Times in the past days, have brought to light the mutual relationship between the judges and the agents in Haryana and Punjab and stressed the need of immediate reforms in the judicial system. The corruption present in the judges of Gujarat has also become a topic of debate whereas many survey reports have already been published regarding the widespread corruption in the judiciary at the lower levels. The lower court judges are condemned even by the judges of the High Court and Supreme Court. This lacerates the trust and confidence in the judiciary. It is undoubtedly necessary to maintain the dwindling image of the judiciary.

22/06/09 Editorial, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui


American (President's) Agenda

Though in Cairo University's speech Barack Hussein Obama said very good stuff, refered Quranic verses, mentioned the mutual relationship of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Also repeated that there is no fight between Islam and America. Accepted the role of Islam in development of human civilization too. Also said that to stabilize the world peace and to make the world more safe America and Muslim world should work together etc. But he never moved from his (American) agenda. How can he move too ? He has his own way of bringing American agenda into action. Initially it was thought that because Obama belongs to democratic party, during the presidential elections he had been critisizing Republican party and its administration, he would change policies of Bush certainly, but nothing as such happened. The time frame for getting out of Iraq, previous administration could also do, as for taking rest of its oil and looting its natural resources this time was enough. Making Iraq harmless for Israel would also had been completed. In closing down Guantanamo torment houses what difficulty is there, is not understood. About the interior policies and economic efforts, experts say whoever the president were, would do the same.

Resonance of Bush's voice
The important thing of the previous government which Obama repeated was that there are serious threats to the peace of entire world including America, and these threats are from "extremeist muslim groups". The important point of this matter is that even Obama takes the events of 11th september exactly the way George Bush presented it to the world. Alqaeda to him is a living reality. Means the good hope too proved to be wrong that Obama would adopt some what realistic approach towards the Jewish drama of 11th Septemeber and would put an end to the stories related to alqaeda and osama bin laden. In Cairo Obama told that alqaeda killed three thousand people in New York, among them there was a big number of Americans, that is why American nation can not forget it. Means based upon that whatever Bush administration did with muslims and muslim countries was all right. He cried about the rackets of Hamas on Israel but did not mention the Israeli atrocities on Palestinians. Like Bush, Obama also wishes that different editions of Islam be prepared which will be acceptable to non-muslims especially to the people of Europe and America.

A demand should certainly be made
But after all these facts the Islamic world should welcome the initiative of American President. His vulnerabilities should be taken into consideration that anyway he is a president of that state, evrything of which is in Jewish control. But to test the sincerity demand should certainly be made to Obama. That is, the actual investigation of the 11th september events should be made by any international agency which Bush administration always avoided. Bush in international pressure or guiltily appointed a commitee of congress but never co-operated with it, which the members of the commitee constantly complained. Obama should pay attention to the experts of America itself who after analyzing the different angles called it "the inside act", and mocked the Bush administration's theory. This inquiry is also important that based on these events only America raged the war against Islam and Muslim Ummah which it called the "war on terror". Few other countries too started imitating the American drama. If Barack Hussein with fully willingness and fairness make these inevstigations then he does not need any other efforts to pursuade the Islamic world.
19/06/09 khabar-o-nazar, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

Tenth Presidential Elections in Iran

In the tenth Presidential elections in the Islamic Republic of Iran, present Iranian President and presidential candidate was declared as winner by the election commission. According to the Government data and counting, presidential candidate and present President Mahmoud Ahmedi Nejad got 62.63% votes and his nearest rival Mir Hossein Mousavi received 33.75% votes. The other two candidates Mohsin Razaye and Mahdi Karoobi were nowhere in the race. In the third place Mohsin Razaye merely got 1.73% votes while Mahdi Karoobi could manage only 0.85% votes. The population of Iran is more than seven crores. Among these around four crores have the right to vote. This time, around 85% voters exercised their right to vote. This displays the interest and enthusiasm of the Iranian voters. According to the Government data and counting, collectively 3,91,65,191 votes were cast, 409389 votes were rejected due to some reasons. Out of these Ahmedi Nejad received 2,45,27,516 votes, Hossien Mousavi got 1,32,16,411 votes, Mohsin Razaye got only 782400 and Mahdi Karoobi could muster just 333635 votes. It is being told that this interest and enthusiasm could be seen both in urban as well as rural areas. But some sources say that Ahmedi Nejad is a favourite in the rural areas while Hossein Mousavi is popular in the urban areas, but the state wise data and counting show that leaving aside only two provinces Azerbaijan and Sestan and Baluchistan, in the remaining 28 states Ahmedi Nejad has a clear lead against his closest rival Hossein Mousavi.

The Guardian Council of the Shura gave consent to four candidates this time among which two are conservatives that is Mahmoud Ahmedi Nejad and Mohsin Razaye and the other two that is Mir Hossien Mousavi and Mahdi Karoobi are progressive. Two of them are related to political parties namely Ahmedi Nejad belongs to Abadgaran (Alliance of Builders of Islamic Iran) and Mr.Mahdi Karoobi is related to the Etamad millee party, whereas Hossien Mousavi and Mohsin Razaye contested the elections as independent candidates. In terms of population Iran is one of the countries where rapid urbanisation is taking place. This can be established from the fact that in mere 20-25 years this change has taken place, as 25 years ago the rural population was 60% which is now percentage of the urban population. There are one dozen cities where the population is 10lakhs or more. The population of Tehran is more than 77lakhs, other bigger cities include Mashhad(27lakhs), Esfahan(19lakhs), Tabriz(16lakhs), Karaj(15lakhs) and Shiraz(12lakhs). Iran also has the honour that 60% of it’s population consists of people under 30 years of age. The percentage of people over 65 years of age is only 5%. But unemployment is also increasing here. This victory should have ignited new life in the country but the unsuccessful candidates have raised certain questions and accusations of malpractices against it. Country’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei has ordered the Guardian Council of the Shura to enquire about these accusations. An important aspect of this is that a hue and cry is being raised in Europe and America against this matter. Foreign mass media have created a hype about it as if a great turmoil has surfaced in Iran. America, Canada, European Union, France, Germany, Britain and Norway have expressed grave concern against these allegations of malpractices whereas Israel has declared it as a danger. Arab league, Iraq, Qatar, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia, Belarus, North Korea, Venezuela, Hamas, Hezbollah, Alekhwanul Muslemoon etc. have send congratulatory messages to President Mahmoud Ahmedi Nejad. It should be expected that the Iranians will soon overcome even this difficulty.

19/06/09 Editorial, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqu


The Policy of the Central Government

In reply to the argument which took place in the President’s joint meeting of the Parliament, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh summarised his Government’s policy and gave an account of what his Government wants to do in the next five years . He expressed in clear terms that terrorism will not be tolerated under any condition, no matter in which form it tries to come up. Not only will it be dealt strictly moreover it’s head will be crushed completely. In this regard he also said that his Government wants to corroborate good friendly relations with all the neighbours but he also wanted to make it clear that his Government, at any cost, will not tolerate anti-Indian activities on any of their land and so he wants to tell his neighbouring countries particularly Pakistan that if they expect good friendly relations they should not allow their countries to be used for anti-Indian activities. Strong steps should be taken against the allegations which came forward in the 26th September Mumbai attacks, only by this way talks can be started with Pakistan. He further said that the ball is now in Pakistan’s court and so now the Pakistani leaders have to decide about what they want. If they show courage and political know how and work with good intentions then not only the differences will be removed but also roads for peace and prosperity can be established. If they display this they will not find India behind, as India is always ready to extend the hand of friendship.

He strongly emphasised that his government will not let the country’s economy to get out of track even though, economically speaking, the world is going through a grave turmoil and all developed nations of the world including America, at this time are surrounded by economic challenges, naturally it had it’s effect on India as well therefore his government will try and not let the development rate to drop down but will try and maintain it at 7.0%. He said that in his previous term, the initial four years were economically very good when the rate of development reached the 9% mark but due to the global economic crisis it went down in the last year and fell below 7%. His Government will try that no further downfall occurs in this rate and try and improve it and take it to 8/9%. He further said that his government is keeping a close watch on the situation in Sri Lanka and they want that the issue of the Tamilians gets resolved in the best possible way, he said that the end of LTTE does not mean that all the issues have been resolved. His government will open heartedly help the Sri Lanka government in the rehabilitation of the Tamil refugees. In the matter of the humiliating treatment met out with the Indian students in Australia the Prime Minister asserted that his government will take strong steps against it, attempts have already been made in this regard. He gave an assurance of working with the opposition in a constructive way. He also spoke of strong relations of India with China.

13/06/09 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

Living Organisation of the living humans

Council of representatives, is the higher authoritative council of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. Electing The Ameer (Chief) of Jamaat and his advisory council it does, and it can also dissolve too if needed. This council is elected every four years, its meeting is held every two years. It comprises 128 members. In last four days of the month of May, the meeting of this council is held in Bangalore the famous city of south India. It happened to participate in that. This was the first time participation in the meeting of the council. Due to the long time association with the islamic movement, the very knowledge of the internal affairs, its islamic advisory nature, process of decision making and the way of mutual arguments of the Jamaat associates, was already there. Apart from the All India Conferences, different meetings at all levels were attended, had opportunities for attending and addressing small and big sessions on different topics. Differences of opinion on issues and some times bitter discussions were experienced too. Got the council of representatives arguments reports too. But practically attending this higher most institution's meeting was for the first time ever. It was very pleasant and hope giving experience.

Two examples
A suggestion from central advisory was presented, which was about the Jamaat discipline, and in few sections of the articles of the constitution amendment was needed. Necessary argumentg was over, points were already received in its favour and against it. It was decided that the opinions be sought, firstly hands were asked to be raised in its favour. On the stage, the present leadership, including Ammer-e-Jamaat raised the hand in favour, but hands raised in auditorium were less. Then hands were raised against it, the number was more. The general secretary of Jamaat Mr Nusrat Ali announced that "the suggested resolution was rejected by majority of votes." Means the suggested resolution was rejected which had the support of Ammer-e-Jamaat, and this was a golden example of democracy and freedo of expression in any party, but actually this was a glimpse of the advisory system of Islam. Now a second scene - few associates raised a constitutional question which was related to the increase of the non-regional members of the council, which was decided in the previous meeting and was acted upon too. Argument started. After some time Ammer-e-Jamaat interrupted, and said "In my opinion this argument is unnecessary, this was decided after much thought, and that was acted upon too, thus the argument should just stop here." There was silence in the house, complete silence. Argument stopped as if it was started. Then immediately other issues brought to attention. And this was an example of the obedience to the Ameer and the respect for Ameer.

That scene was soulful
But the most important and soulful was the scene when a sub-section of an article of the consitution was discussed for an amendment. This was suggested by central advisory too. For few members it was a sensitive and delicate issue. Ammer-e-Jamaat and Secretary General were non-aligned, but the majority of the house was in favour so the resolution was passed with majority. Those who were not in favour were obviously upset. There was a different type of silence in the house. But Ameer-e-Jamaat address changed the environment completely. Address was being heared breathlessly. Every sentence of the speech was entering in the hearts, speech and its effectiveness and sensation....it was the true picture of a saying.... High Vision, Talk Heart rewarding, Life sensational. Audience were like hearing bodies. Like the instructions and advises were the food for journey. After address and prayer it was the scene that there was nothing disputed, neither any face had victory smile nor any face had the defeated ipression. Outside the hall associates were having mutual discussion and exchange of thoughts and analysis, it couldn't be felt that there was something discussed as disputed. Ameer-e-Jamaat address was the topic of the talk, which was being referred to as the achievement of the entire meeting.

This is what the history of Jamaat
This is what the history of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. In the 61 years of journey, Jamaat was tested both internally and externally, but Jamaat associates were persistent. Among the internal tests participating in the election politics was delicate. In the past, big figures and personalities had different opinions. Bitter arguments took place, but personal hatred never seen. Islamic spirit is the jewel of this Jamaat. This is the reason Allah has kept this Organisation always safe. Otherwise in free India every muslim organisation passed through disintegration. If history observed since 1948 formation meeting till Bangalore meeting, this organisation looks a living organisation of living humans, which can be said neither about organisations raised based on the personalities nor the so called democratic parties. There were two women too in the Bangalore meeting, who were representing 800 women. Much confidence was seen in their expression upon the issues and problems. And by seeing the performance of young associates the heart uncontrollably shouted that the future of Islamic Movement in this country is safe BiHamdillah (Praise being for God). God protect it from bad eyes.
13/06/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Clarification of Jizya was useful

From the platform of All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat few muslim leaders, among them there were scholars too, released a clarification statement about "Jizya". This statement was released during the outcry that in the tribal areas of Pakistan, "Taliban" are forcibly collecting Jizya from non-muslims that is Hindus and Sikhs. In the statement the jurisprudential debate was there about the term Jizya. Anyway with regards to the news from Pakistan this debate or discussion was unnecessary, because in the statement the news about the cruelness and inflict of "Taliban" was assumed true, where as that information was all based on evil spirit. But the debate of Jizya itself was very useful and informative. If this clarification would have come with this note then it could be result oriented, that "It is unknown how true are these information, because these are not proved by free sources, also it is hard to beleive that people having knowledge of Deen(Religion) can commit such acts which are against Deen (Religion). But as the word Jizya is being used in the news, we feel necessary to clarify this Islamic term so that the minds of non-muslim brethren of our country be clear..".

These misunderstandings are old
Taking the words like Jizya, Jihad and Kafir a big majority of non-muslims remains misunderstood. For this the propaganda also has a part which, in the past used to be done by anti-Islam circles. So called orientalists specially did this task. In our country too, misunderstandings about these term came with british people. In the long muslim rule these words were never debated. Not because non-muslim people in muslim rule were afraid, but because they had no problems with these terms, the common people and elite both were unaware. British rulers and their orieltalists showed the people of India that to see how bad things are there in Islam. Thus against Jizya and Jihad people's mind was set, non-muslims started thinking the word Kafir a rebuke, and even now think so. The explanation of these words is continuously made by muslim scholars and jurists, and even now being explained. As per the event and opportunity this explanation proves to be useful and among people curiosity increases to know more.

This is the matter of action for Dawah (Preaching)
This is the matter of action for Dawah. The Hi-Fi international propaganda against muslim nation and Islam, where causes severe mental torture for muslims, it provides the best opportunity for them to preach as well. If you start the explanation to any of the Islamic concepts by yourself, people may not give much care. But if on that concept, there is any criticism from any corner, so as to make it a target of condemn in media and non-muslims, then muslim scholars can interfere with the factual and acceptable way to present true picture, this gives the considerable results. We have the explanation and clarification but that is limited to Urdu news papers only, there is a need that from our side this debate appear in Hindi , English and other regional language media. People to speak on channels and write in news papers be prepared. This is a big task which millat (The Muslim Nation) should do. All our intellectuals and scholar leaders who put all their efforts and talents in recent lok sabha elections, after they are done with it and relaxing now, should think in this regard that what can be done for this.
10/06/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

The Consequence of American President's two nation formula

While addressing the Muslim world in Cairo, the American President Barak Hussain Obama, where on one hand spoke about other things, on the other hand he asked the Muslim world to accept America's solution for the Palestine issue. According to him, the solution for this issue is that the Muslim world accepts the existence of Israel and in return they will get a Palestine state. That means he has given a two nation formula for the land of Palestine. This is not a new formula. The solution suggested by his predecessors for the issue of Palestine spoke of the same peace road map. President Obama has just repeated it. He expects the Muslim world to support him in solving the issues. According to him it should be initiated from here. His predecessor George Bush in the last days of his second term, started dialogue on this issue and tried to create the consensus for the same road map. To ponder upon this proposal and proceed with it is secondary, first of all it is necessary to understand what practical scenario it has. Does he want the people of Palestine and Muslim world to accept the existence of Israel? In return for this they might get a part in the land of Palestine as a Palestine state, as if this offer is conditional. Can they be questioned that after this process, if Israel refuses to accept the Palestine state then does this happen in America that it forces Israel to fulfil their promise.

The Palestinians and the Muslim world know about the reality of this proposal, this is totally based on injustice. They also have the character of America and Israel in front of them. President Obama wants to say that the role which America played in the creation of Israel should be forgotten by the Muslim world and should be completely disregarded? Then again the way the America supported Israel's atrocities and cruelties and tried to shield Israel from any harm that came in its way. Do they want the Muslim world to keep mum even on this. The “peace” treaties which were carried out with Israel were based on utter partiality and they tried to provide one sided security to the interests of Israel. But the responsibilities which were imposed on Israel for catching bargain, was Mr. Obama not aware that Israel never fulfilled them and at all times violated the agreements. Does he want to say that the Muslim world should forget even this? The proposal itself that is the peace road map got blown away from the reaction of Israel. Israel openly rejected to stop the “natural expansion” of the Jewish settlements and had given the reference that they already have an agreement with America in this regard. During this time, one more suggestion which has come from America’s Pro Israel fraction is that the land which is called as the Palestinian state by the American President can be given an alternate look, according to this plan West Bank can be given to Jordan and the Gaza strip to Egypt, in this way bringing an end to the “root cause”. The echo of the sugar coated words by President Obama had still not been dispersed in the air , his own people blew the “peace formula” apart. Then why President Obama expects the Muslim world to extend their hand in his support. President Obama himself made it clear in his speech that his hands are tied in the matter of Israel.
10/06/09 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui


After clear victory

After clear victory in the elections and the offered support from all around, it was thought that in forming the central cabinet Congress won't face difficulty which it did five years ago, and it will include its desired individuals very easily in the cabinet, but DMK leader Karunanidhi made the entire story tasteless. Said that atleast seven individuals from his party in cabinet and few as junior ministers be included. Though Congress this time need not to be pleasing them. Even without DMK support and inclusion it could easily carry on. But this was the humble way of Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh that they engaged in convincing Tamilnadu leader, where as on the other hand this behaviour of Karunanidhi was being condemned. Bengal’s Mamata Benerji put no condition despite having 19 members. Maharashtra's Sharad Pawar, with his 8 members had readily compromised with the situation. No where was any hurdle. But 18 members holding Karunanidhi by his behaviour reminded those secenes of May 2004 when Sonia Gandhi and her co-leaders were visiting and convincing each and every leader. At that time, leader holding three four members was like feeling himslef the king maker.

Politics of Dravid Leader
If the talk was of just including DMK members, it could have been said that Karunanidhi think and care much about loyal party cadre, and wants to get them their price for their efforts as ministries. But the funny thing was that he just wanted ministries for his family. Daughter, Son and Grand-son and along with them few other family members he wanted to make ministers. More over ministries too not just any as such, should be gold mines like so that millions and billions they could earn. And this all wealth be with the family only. And this is the situation of that party of south India which was formed with dravid pride. Whose aim was to set themselves free from northern brahmin system and in Tamil region establishing power of dalits, poor and backwards. In the past it's leader Anna Dorai wanted this. In 1967 Karunanidhi raised as his successor and remained beholder of the same philosophy till ten fifteen years, but later on he absorbed India's common political colour. In thinking of his successor he moved his son Stalin ahead. Later some other people too appeared from the family. Now probably he is trying that his family remain the owner of the black and white of Tamilnadu.

Facts of Indian Politics
This case of Karunanidhi is pointing out some important facts of Indian politics. 1). This is just to say that people come in politics to serve public, they just come to make money, popularity and family benefits. To obtain one lok sabha seat three crores are spent. Become minister for the same. 2). Initially one person raises with the enthusiasm of serving public, and public value him too. But when he gains some position and identity, he is lost in self and family. 3). Election politics is also a big source of blackmailing. In lok sabha and assembly elections, smaller groups play well. In election where public expect a strong and stable government, these groups wish that no party get majority. Some times even independent candidates become king makers and collect desired price for it. 4). When aim of the politics become the wealth and fame, killing and murders, looting, links with criminals and backing them, corrupting police and involvement in crimes and personal and family enemities, these all are the essential requirements of it. And changing this style of Indian politics is not an easy task.
07/06/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

Women got liberated in America but.....

American women are rich, healthy, highly educated. Compared to thirty years back their conditions have improved a lot. Revolutions have come into their lives. They are free to work out of the four walls of their house. They are not economically dependent on men rather they are earning as much as the men. They can free themselves from such marital life which has problems and in which they have to face the atrocities of men. They can take legal action against sexual abuse in offices and factories. They are their own masters. They are free to decide whether to have or not to have children. In many fields such as, percentage of graduates, priorities about life, job security men feel themselves to be in number two spot. Women liberation and women rights activists have made a lot available to women. But in spite of all these not only in America but also in Europe and in all such places where women have rebelled against their nature and have tried to stand up shoulder to shoulder with men, they have lost that serenity, contentment and the real happiness. In the decade of 1960, Betsy Friendon tried to determine the "victims unknown reason" among her fellow wives and daughters. The survey showed that the females who considered themselves to be happy to be more than the men. But now this sexual difference has taken up a completely new face. The number of men who consider themselves happy has increased whereas the number of such women has decreased. Compared to the time before the movement of the women liberation, men were found to be happier after this movement.

Expert economist Betsy Rusty Winson and Justice Wolfrez, have prepared another report on "The unexpected downfall in the happiness of women" about which the New York Times has written "This report is bewitching not only because of what it has revealed rather it is so because experts have tried to conceal an evidently simple matter in the light of facts and figures. For instance due to decrease in the number of members of both parents' families definitely the lives of the women who are bringing up their children causes sadness and depression instead of satisfaction. But this explanation only was not enough because irrespective of class and race the trend of dissatisfaction and uneasiness is increasing. There are more chances that a working Hispanic women shows more of these signs than her white counterpart, whereas the difference between the happiness of men and women is same in East Hampton and East Los Angeles.

Moreover it is possible that owing to the increase in workload on women their happiness meter is going down. In the famous 'second shift' women perform a big part of the daily chores. In spite of the fact that they are taking up more and more responsibilities in offices and factories and this is certainly possible but just like Wolfrez and Rustywinson have pointed out that in the recent survey the work load on both men and women is the same. They have written that maybe this matter is political, maybe the women are based on equality, they want a low risk society and Regan's era of capitalism might have cast disturbing effects on the American women. Not only in America but also in the European Union where there is a lot of propaganda about equality since the last three decades there has been a decrease in the happiness of women. This state of uncertainty invites a vast study. Those who have prepared the survey have written that the extremists who raise slogans for the women liberation and the people who hold a conservative view in this regard, might not follow a middle path. Supporters of women liberalisation can also feel the signs of a revolution in which excessive expectations are colliding with a fragile wall. Feeling of insult is increasing based on this justice. The conservatives can also feel the proof of revolution in which pressure is mounting on the women owing to the way of life that they should follow their biological instinct whereas men are living a life free of responsibilities.
07/06/09 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui


Racial Discrimination in Australia

For the past few days the treatment which is being met out with the Indian students in Australia is not only a matter worth lamenting it is a cause of anxiety too. This is so because India and Australia's relations have never been bad, but in certain aspects they are quite significant. It should be recalled that Australia has an important position from nuclear energy point of view. It is a member of that group which provides nuclear energy on non-military grounds or it is carrier country for it's source, other than that it has a key role in the Commonwealth. It has an important role in world politics as it is America's friend and it's closeness with UK has historic importance. It is considered as one of the developed nations. It has its importance due to some other reasons too. It is one of the countries where Indian citizens go in pursuit of higher education. This process is going on for quite a long time now. But since last few days the Indian students have started facing discrimination. Not only that they are also becoming a target of violence. The incidents which have occured in the past few days are a cause of great anxiety. The matter of anxiety is the fact that there is a hatred against Indian students here and based on their race they have been made targets of violence. The students are so frightened that some of them have returned back without even completing their education. They feel that they should not go to Australia for higher studies now. Due to this, bitterness has started creeping in the bilateral relationship.

Earlier when a similar incident happened with Dr.Mohammad Hanif of Bangalore, then it was linked with 'Islamic terrorism', but now it is common that the Indian students are being targeted. As far as the Indian foreign policy is concerned Australia has been given a lot of importance. There is no point of conflict with Australia. But this hatred against Indians in Australia is astonishing as well as worth pondering too. It can not be neglected by considering them as few stray incidents. Thought should be given to it and it should be analysed why this is happening and it is also important because it is related to the reaction of the public. That means that the public is involved in the attacks on the Indian students and the discrimination against them. Naturally this is a common instinct which can not be developed in a day or two. If few incidents had taken place then they could have been termed as accidental incidents but since few months or even more, the occurrence of these incidents at regular intervals show that this trend is nurturing at the level of the common man. The Government of Australia has also considered it as an important issue and have assured that they will try to bring it under control. The Indian Government's concerns in this regard is justified. They have communicated their concerns to the Australian Government and have made an appeal to them to provide the required protection to the Indian students and citizens in Australia. It can be expected that the Australian Government will pay an attention to it and take up such measures which ensure that no such incidents take place in the future.
04/06/09 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

25 years of nation's hardship

25 years of Nation's hardship - this is the name of that booklet or folder which is being distributed all over the Punjab in the eve of the anniversary of operation blue star in Amritsar. News paper readers might remember that in the beginning of 80's decade Khalistan formation movement was on peak in the state of Punjab. Sant Jarnail singh bhandran waley was the biggest leader of that movement. His residence was in harminder sahab or darbar sahab of Amritsar which is called Golden Temple. His followers used to carry on violent activities from there. State and Central governments were very worried. Finally government planned the military action to crush militants. This action carried out on 6th June 1984. Along with the residense of bhandaran waley, the great building of darbar sahab, which was the sacred and holy place for sikh people of the world, was demolished. It is obvious that this was very painful for sikh nation. So expression of the anger and grief from them started in different forms. The biggest expression of the anger and rage was seen on 31st October the same year as deadly murder attack on prime Minister Indra Gandhi. After that in Delhi and else where anti-sikh riots happened, thousands of people were killed.

Belief is dearer than the life
But sikh nation was more grieved at the demolition of harminder sahab than over being killed. This wound is still there and the important thing is that the sikh nation wants to keep this wound on. Whereas in the 25 years period , the maximum efforts were made to comfort sikh nation. Efforts to win the confidence back were immediately made, darbar sahab's great building was constructed at government's expense. (But sikhs later on demolished it and reconstructed with karseva{volunteering}). In five years looked like sikh nation was completely into the main stream of the country, neverthless the riots trials and compensations were continued. But it was noted that sikh nation couldn't completely come out of the grief. Now the 25th anniversary preperation details which are coming from Amritsar show that the entire sikh nation is involved in it. Recently Prime Minister Manmohan Singh advised sikhs that whatever happened in 1984 sikhs should forget it, effect of this statement was otherwise. Preperations were increased more. Prime Minister has been critisized. Sikh leaders are announcing that this grief can not be forgotten. This will be kept alive forever.

Life of a Living nation
This point could be debated among non-sikhs as why sikh community wants to keep this grief alive and the wound on.? Till what time? or what it wants by that and what is its target ? But anyway the fact is that the events of 1984 are still alive in the heart and brain of every sikh, whatever the political association they have, different sects and groups and several deras are there, sectorial and communal unrest they have among themselves. After Vienna event this increased more, but all are together in 1984 grief. And this is a symbol of life in a nation alive. Though in 25 years, one thing is not yet understood. Sikh nation, for operation blue star and Delhi riots think only Congress is responsible, whereas they have close friendship with those, who were front runners in 80's in creating environment of hatred against them. Indra Gandhi and Congressmen just exploited that situation. Day by day Newspapers reports of that period are still safe in files, as who was doing what ? What, whose demand was ? For non-sikh analysts, this is an interesting research topic that among sikh scholars and knowledgeable people, why this point could not become the topic of the debate.
04/06/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Expansion of the Central Cabinet

After Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh expanded his cabinet on Thursday (28th May), the total number of ministers including the Prime Minister has become 79. At present it is difficult to say whether this expansion is the last one or he will include more people in his Cabinet. It can be recalled that last Friday he took oath with 19 other Ministers. They were all Cabinet Ministers. Among these Mamata Banerjee is from Trinamool Congress and Sharad Pawar from Nationalist Congress Party,rest all of them are from the Congress Party. The ministries of only six ministers were announced that day. Now 59 more ministers are included. Out of them 15 have been made as Cabinet Ministers, rest of them are ministers of state. Some of them are independent. Among these 79 people 65 have been directly elected that is they are related to the Lok Sabha. Remaining are related to the Rajya Sabha which include Prime Minister Manmohan Singh himself. Four of the new Ministers were earlier Chief Ministers of the States like Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Vilasrao Deshmukh. In this expansion, DMK, Muslim League and National Conference are also included. In this way, based on party participation Congress has recieved the maximum part, collectively 59 members are made Ministers. It can be recalled that the total number of Congress members in the Lok Sabha is 206, Trinamool Congress has 19 members in Lok Sabha among which 7 are Ministers. The number of DMK ministers is also 7 and their members in Lok Sabha are 18. Nationalist Congress party has 9 members in Lok Sabha and 3 among them are ministers. 1 member each is taken from National Conference and Muslim League in the Central Cabinet although the number of their members in Lok Sabha are 2 and 3 respectively. JMM has not got any part as yet.

Many new faces can be seen in the Central Cabinet and youngsters also have been given a lot of importance, this include Sachin Pilot, Jyotiraditya Scindhia, Agatha Sangma. This time there are 9 women in the Central Cabinet. It should be explicit that there number was 10 in the last cabinet. The number of cabinet Ministers is 34. Among them 14 Ministers have become Cabinet Ministers for the first time. Youngest Minister is Agatha Sangama who belongs to the Nationalist Congress Party and she is the daughter of former Lok Sabha Speaker P.A.Sangma. The oldest Minister is former Karnataka Chief Minister S.M.Krishna who is 77 years old. Average age is said to be 57 years. The number of Dalit ministers is 10 whereas 5 muslims ministers are also there. As far as the representation from the states is concerned among these 79 ministers, there are 9 each from Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, 8 from West Bengal, 6 each from Kerala and Andhra Pradesh, 5 are related to Uttar Pradesh. Number of Ministers from Rajasthan, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh is 4 each. Number of ministers from other states is 23 which includes 2 from Gujrat and 2 from Meghalaya also. This time those who are left out from the Central Cabinet include senior Congress leader Arjun Singh, Shivraj Patil, Sheesh Ram Ola, Hansraj Bharadwaj, T.R.Balu and Saifuddin Soz. It has been told that where on one hand Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has included experienced colleagues in the cabinet on the other hand he has given a chance to the new generation too and given them an oppurtunity to move ahead too.
01/06/09 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

After the News Reports came from Viana

In the city of Viana of Austria, on 24th May a sikh gurudwara is attacked, two sikh preachers who went there from India on a tour, were injured, one of them dies later on. Along with this news, there was another news that the attackers were from an opponent sikh group. When this news reached Panjab, violent protests started. In many places in Panjab trains and buses have been burnt, Gurudwaras attacked, different sikh groups attack on one another, in the initial incidents two died and several injured. In atleast four cities curfew was imposed. Army has been called. Circumstances turn critical. Violence spreads upto the neighbouring state Haryana. The reasons for this violence are being told that this is the dispute of sikh-mat followers among themselves. And basically this is related to the caste system. Like Hindus among Sikhs as well there is sect and caste based and by-birth discrimination exists. Gurudwara under attack in Viana, is the lower castes Gurudwara, the victims of attack were the preachers of the same community.

This story is of that mat (religion)..

And this entire story relates to that mat, five hundred years ago, which was formed against sects, class and cast system. Founder of the mat Baba Nanak used to beleive in Unity of God, used to belive in one Creator and Lord, was against idol worship, wanted to eradicate sectorial differentiation. Like wise his teachings were close to Islam, as many of his biographers wrote. But cleverness and wisdom of those should be admitted who are the founders of caste system and by-birth human discrimination, that they played such tactics that the part of Panjabi nation which following Guru Nanak formed a seperate religious identity in the name of Sikh nation, returned back to previous beleives and rituals. In the life of Baba Nanak these tactics did not succeed but people coming later got affected. And even it has been told that "the formation of sikh-mat was for the protection of Hindu Dharm." Not only that, Sikh rulers and Muslim rulers political wars were referred to as wars between sikh-mat and Islam and this way successful efforts were made to make ever lasting differences among Muslims and Sikhs.

Present position of Sikh-mat.

Now the position of Sikh-mat is that, it is divided in several sects. Jat sikh, Dalit sikh, Ravi dasi sikh, Namdhari sikh, Sahaj dari sikh, Religious sikh, Udasi sikh, Kesh dari sikh, Nirankari sikh - Many deras established, many new are being established. The fact about deras is that any sikh who is not satisfied with the main stream, by defining sikh-mat on his own, establishes his seperate Gurudwara. In sikh nation majority is of lower class who are the followers of Ravi das. In previous years followers of Sant Ravi das Ji established hundreds of their Gurudwaras in India and abroad, which Jat Sikh do not like. Situation is very crucial. But the reason for the situation is obvious, that is sikh nation getting away from its origin. By Baba Nanak teachings and his practice history comparison if the current sikh-mat situation is viewed, it looks different. In sikh-mat even now there are big intellectuals and knowledgeable scholars still there. They might have taken the notice of the situation. And certainly might be thinking about the reformation, but who knows they are discussing the fundamental question or not that five hundred years ago why Baba Nanak felt the need to form seperate Sikh-mat .?

01/06/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh