Making of Taliban

Foreign Minister of America Ms Hillary Clinton told a sub-commitee of Congress in Washington on 23rd of April, “Government of Pakistan giving up to Taliban. Pakistan is rapidly going into extremists hands. Because of that America and entire world is exposed to intense danger.” The same day American defense secretary Robert Gates warned the Government of Pakistan, if it doesn’t successfully fight the danger of Taliban, relation of two countries may deteriorate. A foreign agency in Karachi informed that there are atleast five thousand youngsters being trained for suicide attacks in the camps of Talibani leader Baitullah Mehsood. These underaged boys ages range from ten to seventeen. As per an Indian Express news, Taliban are moving towards Islamabad after getting strong hold in north west of Pakistan. Shangla and Baneer districts are completely into the fold of their terror. In a news of Rashtriya Sahara, it is said as over the question of conquering the danger of Taliban in Pakistan, there is an ongoing debate in America. Americans think, as the Government of Pakistan is helpless contrary to Taliban, America should take step.

Concept is very broad
These are the news reports of just one day News Papers (24TH April). There are some more News Reports about Taliban. It seems that the making of Taliban campaign, which was started by America is vigorously continued. After using the deception of al-qaida now Americans started this new trick. But by Taliban if anyone thinks about the group in Afghanistan who established their government and now still resisting American occupation there, also who now have influence in Pakistan, in northern frontier region, this will be very limited concept of word ‘Taliban’. Although this definition is right, but that is not the aim of American campaign. According to American propaganda, all muslims who observe and practice the Islamic values, jurisprudence and rituals are Taliban, and for them those are all bad people. Since the target of American Imperialism is Islam and Muslim Ummah, thus it is using different tactics to defame Islam and weaken the Ummah. In the name of Taliban, defamation of the practicing muslims all over the world is the new tactic. The effects of American campaign are being seen, recently in a court trial regarding the beared, Justice Markandey Katju of Indian Supreme Court remark, “We do not want Taliban in India.” is one example of that.

Pakistan is Involved too…
It is not like non-muslim countries or non-muslim elements only are working to make American campaign a success, present government of “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” is also involved in this campaign. Thus the same day (23rd April), Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Geelani announced, “ To counter Talibanization of Pakistan, The Government is planning to take other actions too.” (Indian Epress). As far as Taliban’s ‘attacks’ and ‘brutal activities’ are related, the news reports in this regards may soon be starting on large scale. In the desert of Frontier Region, some three four Americans will be prepared with turbines and beareds punishing a girl with lashes, and its photos will be shown around the world. Photos of some children reciting rhymes in class in some madarsah will be taken from satellite, and caption will be put as “They are being trained for suicide attacks.” And more over, along with these tricks, no wonder, if those, who are acting in the name of Taliban are American agents. No wonder even if the Taliban leaders whose names are being aired, are part of america’s plan.
28/04/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Conditions of Iraq

According to the American President Barack Obama's proclamation, the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq will start in the near future. Naturally the forces of the allied countries will also move out of Baghdad, anyway their presence is nothing more than a nominal presence, most of the ally countries have not only asked their forces to return back but earlier they had even excused themselves from providing any more services, that is why the burden on America had increased a lot,even there were no partners in the profit or loss,so much so that their closest ally Britain was in a state of confusion over this matter and had expressed their opinion in an undertone that to bear any more losses was against logical thinking.In these conditions President Obama announced the withdrawal of forces and gave a time table for it.He said that America's Iraq mission was over or was near completion,immediately after which the process of withdrawal of forces will start which will be over in two phases. He did not speak about America's real mission for entering Iraq. Even if it is accepted that he agreed that the basis on which his predecessor declared war on Iraq was right, than this mission was to destroy Iraq's deadly weapons, to disarm Iraq of that technology and to establish a democratic government in Iraq. The first aim became a failure during the reign of his predecessor, because in spite of America's greatest efforts they could not find any such weapons or any clue to them nor could they prove that Iraq had that technology. Their detectives ,experts and examiners searched every nook and corner of Iraq, wherever they had doubt they dug up an inch of earth. They ransacked the whole Iraq but could not lay their hands upon anything eventually they had to accept that it is wrong to say about Iraq that it has weapons of mass destruction.

The other reason that President Obama's predecessor President Bush gave for invading Iraq was that there was dictatorship of the worst kind and to restore the rights of the Iraqi people it was necessary to put an end to it, consequently America ravaged Iraq, then after capturing Saddam Hussain, brought an end to the dictatorship rule. But till this day a democratic government could not be formed. The world knows the condition of the government which is there at present. Trying to bluff the world is one thing whereas to accept things from heart is another. Thus if we see, than this mission is not completed but it is a failure. On the other hand, there was a widespread destruction, a flourishing society was transformed into ruins ,roads, hospitals and other public utilities vanished. As far as establishment of peace and prosperity is concerned, it is still a dream. The state of unrest is the same as before but now murder and bloodshed has also started again. The day when President Obama announced that American forces would leave Iraq that day itself there was blood on the streets of Iraq. In the past two days around 150 people have lost their lives. Thousands of people are injured. Another deterioration which arose due to influx of foreign forces is the division of society. Earlier also there was Shia-Sunni division and among the Sunnis there were Kurd and non-Kurd. But it was not in the form of a gulf. The distances now have increased so much that it is becoming difficult to bridge the gap among people and this is being increased intentionally. Criminal mindset is nurturing in such a way that it has become its identity. But it will be more appropriate to say that it has become its need. The land of Iraq has become the epicentre of clash of interests. Making this as a base, efforts were and are still made to the shatter the unity of the Muslim world. No one is in a position to answer as to who is behind this. But it is an easy way out for everyone to put the blame on Al-Qaida.
28/04/09 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui


Voter's Dilemma

Even after the completion of the second phase of polling for the 15th Lok Sabha,the picture is still not clear.In this second phase the differences within the UPA have become grave and the existing gap between the parties has widened, which had become evident from the first phase itself.This is so because in UP,Bihar and other states,poll alliance between Congress and other important UPA parties could not take place,as a result of which seats were not divided among them.Thus , from a single parliamentary constituency in Bihar, there is a candidate from BJP, Congress as well as RJD. The Communist Parties also, could not form any alliances with either Congress or RJD, so their candidates are also contesting in the election. On the other hand BJP and JD(United) are contesting these elections together.In the same way in Jharkand the UPA parties are up against each other. In Uttar Pradesh the condition has become even more delicate because BJP, Congress, Samajwadi Party and BSP are competing with each other. If we take a look, BJP's vote bank is safe but non-BJP vote bank is divided in more or less three places. Results from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar will create a new scenario. Jharkhand also carries good weightage. On the other hand in Orissa, in the last elections there was fierce battle between UPA and NDA, this time it is a fight between BJP, Congress and the third front. Which means that BJP is alone on one side and the Congress and the third front on the other. The picture in Assam is more or less the same. In the south, at some places it is one on one contest and at other places the dispersion of votes is clearly visible.

In Kerala, outwardly there are two fronts UDF and LDF but several other forces are also there. In Karnataka, BJP has become one of the biggest political power, here also on one side is BJP and its allies and on the other side there is Congress and the third front too. In Andhra Pradesh, there is a close contest between Congress, BJP and TDP. BJP, Congress, Shiva Sena and Nationalist Congress Party are the main contesting parties in Maharashtra. In Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh, there will be one on one fight between Congress and BJP. The condition in Rajasthan and Gujrat is more or less the same. In Punjab there is Congress with BJP-Akali Dal alliance as their opponent. In Tamil Nadu, Congress and its allies and the third front allies are up against each other.But a clear trend in favour on any party or alliance is not seen anywhere. The situation in North East is not very clear. Although all the political parties spoke about contesting elections on the basis of issues but no such thing came forward as yet. Wherein the first phase all the bigger political parties spent their energies in creating a character sketch of the opponent leaders, herein the second phase differences between the UPA parties have increased and now the situation has reached such a point where the RJD chief is strongly criticizing the Congress and on the other hand the Prime Minister and the Defence Minister are accusing the RJD chief in reply. Similar is the case with the other UPA allies, the left wing considers both Congress and BJP as equally bad. This is a strange situation, as a result of which bitterness is increasing and so also the voter's dilemma.
25/04/09 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui


A very strange Country of the World

Experts, studying the formation of Countries, Nations and History, might interestingly be looking at it, that there is a Country on the Planet Earth which has voluntarily presented itself to the world for its own Destruction. Any Country, can interfere in it, if wishes so. World’s biggest power can make it confess to any crime. In this country there are several terrosrist groups which are destabilizing the country’s system, by carrying out different activities. Surprisingly, inspite of all its disturbed circumstances, it has kept it’s powerful neighbour concerned, by terror activitivities. And it has been doing this consistently, forgetting all its own inside problems. That World’s strange country is Pakistan, and its strange character is discovered by our country India. And in this extraordinary discovery, along with the Government and its agencies, political analysts and media too have a role. Thus, the inside situation of Pakistan is being visualized in scary way, and it is said as Pakistan is now collapsed or about to be.

Creation of Taliban
America too, is concerned with this situation of Pakistan. And thus, to “protect” it, landed with all strength to Pak-Afghan border. For this purpose, in the name of “Taliban”, America has assumed a new enemy, and presenting to the world as a most dangerous terrorist group of the world. American campaign is supported by some other countries, including Pakistan’s ruling authorities. In 21st April, Indian Express, a political analyst Mr Pratap Bhanu Mehta wrote, that due to the presence of Taliban, Pakistan’s freightening situation is beyond the imagination. On 6th April with reference to a theorist on counter terrorism and advisor to the president, David Kilcullen, when news came as “Pakistan will collapse within six months”, Indian media enthusiastically welcomed the news, and for government authorities it was an eve of celebration. It seems that the world media is preparing to celebrate the fall of Pakistan.

A thing not being understood
Anyway, what we have to do with Pakistan. If Pakistani people themselves are inviting the destruction, what someone can do. A thing is not being understood that, why it is carrying out terror activities against our country.? America and other countries think that Pakistan itself is a victim of “Islamic” terrorism, thus needs support. But our government says, “Pakistan itself is a terrorist state, we should not have any sympathy for its internal violence, we just want the revenge for attack on the parliament house and Mumbai attacks”. This is the reason why daily it is announced day and night that “No talks possible with Pakistan until it kills those responsible for Mumbai attacks, and get rid of the terro outfits”. And it is anticipated as “Patriotism” that one should favour the Indian government’s stand and say that Pakistan should stop terror activities here, if doesn’t stop, our country will be justified in making it an unavailing and very strange country in the history.
25/04/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Need to do something

One phase of the general elections is over which was the first phase, grossly 60% voters exercised their voting power which can be called satisfactory. But in few states there is a downfall. In comparison to 2004 general elections very few votes were cast even less than 50%. One of the reasons for this could also be that, it included those areas which were affected by Naxalite fanaticism and the after-effects are still present. This can also be realized from fact that during polling, there were many incidents of the violence in which many precious lives were lost. The dead also included the security forces. The chief election commissioner was criticized that the decision to carry out elections in all the sensitive areas in one phase was wrong, because as a result of this nearly two dozen security personals lost their precious lives. But the chief election commissioner defended the election commission’s decision and said what was the guarantee that in more than one phase these incidents of violence would not have taken place and many precious lives were not lost. This topic, is in itself a topic of thought and analysis as to why those people who not only decided to stay away from elections but also tried to keep the common man away from it, what was the basic reason behind it? Can’t they be made a part of the main stream? Is there no way to solve their problems? It is even more necessary to pay attention to it, as it is a constant problem which acts as a barrier in the path of peace and prosperity. If it is left just like then the complains will go on increasing. After all even they are a part of our society. This is a seroius issue. If we leave it just as is then not only their complains change to hatred but there is also a chance that the enemy will try to take advantage of it.

A change is expected from this election. Some people say that change is the need of the hour. These elections are taking place at a very critical stage of history, in respect to country's internal condition, the condition of the neighbouring countries and also from the global point of view. Change of power in America has in a way affected the whole world. Naturally, it will have an impact on India. Bangladesh has also undergone change of power recently. Even in Pakistan, power has been transferred to democratic forces. Earlier Monarchy came to an end in Nepal and Democracy was established. Presidential elections will be taking place in Afghanistan. Maldives also has a new government. But there is a state of unrest in all these countries. Recently the Bangladeshi Rifle revolted in their country. Situation in Sri Lanka is also very bad. Being a neighbour the influence of the condition on India is not surprising. In these conditions every humane person will expect a positive and pleasant change. Our politician will hold the key role in this. They should not only take every possible step to make the condition pleasant, moreover it should be their ultimate aim. And or this is necessary that they do not let the conditions become worst. But its observed that during the election campaign, their activities ignite tension. There is sourness in the relationship. They should keep the election campaign dignified and should concentrate on the issues. Public or the voters should be informed of the precarious situation and efforts should be made to improve them. Four phases of general elections are still left for which these points should be considered. Positive and pleasant change can thus be expected from it.
22/04/09 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

Poisoning children’s minds

Poisoning the Children’s minds.” This is the tiltle of an article by Aditya Mukherjee and Mridula Mukherjee. (The Hindu ,15th April). In this article, presented are the glimpse of those lessons which are taught in RSS established elementary schools in the name of History, Civilization and Nationalism, and innocent children’s minds are poisoned against Islam and Muslims, Christianity and Christians. This poison doesn’t immediately effect children’s character that they harm society in any ways. But when they grow and step into practical life, this poison shows effect, resulting in violence against religious minorities. Aditya and Mridula Mukherjee along with Sachita Mahajan, published a distinguished book on this topic. All three writers, are the Professors of History in Jawahar Lal Nehru University . In the article being discussed, they warned that this poisoning should be stopped from spreading, by both governmental and non-governmental means, otherwise it will cause irrepairable damage to the country. They also protested that “Secular” Government did nothing in last five years in this regard.

This is not for the first time
Though this talk of polluting innocent minds with this poison is not new. Warning The Government and The Society about this is, as old as the act of poisoning minds itself. Religious Educational Council, Jamaat-e-Islami’s Directorate of Education and other Organisations, Institutions and Personalities continuously put efforts in this matter. Expert Educationalists also take notice of it, every now and then. Government officials and Political Leaders too accept the presence of this poison, but in vain. The reason is, simply because this poison has the strong roots and wide area of influence. If Government authorities and Political Leadrship wants to remove this poison, they can not. Because the missionary which implements the Government Orders and Policy itself is effected with this poison. Many of them trained in that environment, they came after reading the same History and Civilization. In this environment, it’s hopeful that, this issue is raised by some expert Educationalists and Historians. Minority Intellectuals should also co-operate with them.

This problem lies with Majority
The question is not just the defaming of religious minorities or igniting violence against them. If it is seen in the wide perspective, it is basically the problem of that “Majority” whose cause they claim to take up. The question for them is that, why, in the name of ‘Nation Building’ the character of entire Nation and it’s next generation is being demoralized.? Teaching the false History to Nation, and leading the Nation to Unjust way, and provoke them against their fellow countryment, what type of National service is this? Another important question for those experts is that, who is behind this campaign of hatred ? Why they are doing this ? What really they want.?. Readers of “The Hindu” daily welcomed the article. But someone from ‘Palakkad’ also wrote, “that the analysis is one sided. On the topic of Madarsa Education and the sources of changing religion should also be written.” Muslims support this proposal. Syllabus of Islamic Madarsas must be honestly assessed. This way, atleast the false Propaganda against Madarsas could be prevented.
22/04/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Gimmicks of a T.V. Channel

Last December a TV Channel India TV telecasted an interview of an American scholar Ms Farhana Ali. The Interview was about “Mumbai terror attacks and it’s aftermath”. She hails from Pakistan and lives in America, and is an analyst of political affairs and problems. In the interview, which she has given in ‘Hindi’ , she seemed to be supporting government of India’s stand over the crisis. Channel presented her as an American spy. Viewers might have watched the interview with much interest and also appreciated the outreach of the TV channel. Later on , it was told that Ms Farhan Ali did neither give any interview to any news channel nor spoke to any reporter. Channel misused the interview she gave to Reuters. (Mail Today , April 10).
She lodged a complaint with News Broadcasting Standards Disputes Redressal Authority (NBSDRA) , which TV channel owners have formed to control the transparency and accuracy of the reporting and to make member channels comply with certain regulations.

This Interview was all bogus
Association’s (NBSDRA) chief , Justice J.S.Verma, assessed her complaint and channel’s explanation, and came to conclusion that the interview was bogus and fabricated. India TV obtained her picture from internet and by adding sound as some Hindi sentences, showed as she spoke to the channel. Where as she doesn’t speak Hindi at all. Justice Verma had penalized the channel with Rs 1 Lakh and instructed channel to broadcast apology atleast 5 times. It is a good sign for those fair-minded viewers, who want to watch just facts. Also the fact, that TV channels had established a regulatory body for monitoring themselves, is surprising. Basically this should have been done by some Government body, but they do not feel it their responsibility it seems. And the question is important too, as why such a big-money making TV channels needed such a regulatory body for themselves ?

Justice Verma should also look after this
Justice Verma should certainly be appreciated that he caught such a big mistake of a TV channel. But who knows if Justice Verma is aware that, this is every day business of TV channels. They practice these gimmicks to increase their T.R.P. Justice Verma, with the help of his experts, could also watch the reports about Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Muhammad, Taliban and SIMI as by broadcasting photos and footage how these channels mix voices. How, they interpret the words by referring them as ‘code words’. Translating the codes as ‘book’ for bomb, ‘Library’ for place under attack, and “Hakeem” referring to person attacking. Since, unlike Farhana Ali, these groups (most of them are fabricated) do not challenge their reports, TV channels business continues. Justice Verma would also know as where Indian TV channels learn this all from? Of course, American TV channels, who every now and then broadcast fabricated voice tapes of Bin Laden and Zwahery, to make fool of people. Also Justice Verma would know, why these channels needed such a monitoring body.? They needed it, because some times the new channels go far ahead in these gimmicks, leaving established TV channels behind.
19/04/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parvaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


That was a Reporter’s shoe

In the aftermath of the incident of throwing shoe at Mr Chidambaram, some condemned the act and some favour it saying that was an act of expressing anger and grief. But there is another aspect of the incident. On April 7th the shoe was thrown at Chidambram by a Sikh, a reporter of a Hindi Daily, and was attending press conference representing the Hindi Daily. He was angry as Chidambram could not satisfactorily answered him about CBI’s clean chit to an accused in the 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots and Massacres, and accused was still a candidate of Congress party in Election 2009 from a constituency in Delhi. Some people advise; ‘Journalist should control self emotions and note being non-aligned and sincere in reporting. A Journalist in his profession should not be emotional and rather be intellectual.’ This probably is a co-incidence, or Reporter Journail Singh might have been inspired by Iraqi Journalist, Muntazir Zaidi, who threw shoe at George Bush, expressing his anger and grief towards U.S. policy for Middle East. At that time people advised the same thing ‘as Journalists should think above their personal emotions or likes and dislikes.

An Advise to people who Advise
‘Some People’ and ‘Advisors’, suggestions are certainly true. But how good it will be, if they could advise the same to those Anchors and TV reporters who do not remain non-aligned and don’t think above self emotions especially in reporting terrorism, extremism and religous affairs.
They report with a cult mentality, and present TV programs with some aligned point of view.
Since last decade to prove the presence of “Islamic Terrorism”, the wave of unpleasant reporting is obvious. Can anybody would say that was accurate, unaligned and has any element of truth.?
That fact is, that to blame a specific group of citizen and a particular religion, police, so called secret service intelligence agencies and media are very much active aggressively. More over, government agencies give hints targeting some specific group of citizen, media builds huge assupmtions to support that. Instead of challenging the baseless stories of government agencies, media make them more sensitive and creates suspense to carry on.

Media is Biased
And not only just terrorism, extremism and religious affairs, Reporters are also aligned and bisaed in many other aspects. Every reporter got a particular political mentality and social angle, and does report accordingly. And whenever these reporters are unveiled in any matter, these ‘Advisors’ defend them saying, ‘Reporters are somehow part of the society anyway, they too got their own feelings and emotions’. That was o.k. if it were been just upto that extent. But these professional Journalists often sell themselves for money. They work for political parties and leaders after getting costly gifts, luxuries and huge amounts of money. Likewise the anti-muslim reporters and journalists in India, are under the influence of such ‘Sanghatans’ who are rich in resources and wealth. Advise to think above self emotions should be given to all reporters. Not only to those who throw ‘Leather Shoes’ but also to those who throw shoes of falsification and deliberately defame on account of untrue hostilities.
13/04/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parvaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


The Reaction was Natural

There was anger and grief among Muslim community, after reading the news on 31st of March in News Papers about India’s Supreme Court Judge remarks. Justice Katju rejected the plea of a muslim student to allow him not to shave beard, and passed a remark saying, "We don't want to have Talibans in the country.” There were debates condemning the judge’s remarks. Reaction was quite natural. Justice Katju not only said the beard is ‘Talibans Symbol’ but also passed comments saying ‘Tomorrow a girl student may come and say that she wants to wear a burqa (veil), can we allow it ? " , He further said “ We should not expand Secularism that much, we can’t afford Talibanizing the country.” The remarks were not only sorrowful but also heartrending and provoking. The question is not of beard or veil (Burqa), it is the question about the mentality which is growing in high level government officials about muslims. Justice Katju’s remarks were the example of the effect of World Powers propaganda and presenting Taliban as a symbol of evil and in the name of Taliban targeting Islam and Islamic values.

During the Reaction and Anxiety
Muslims reaction was quite natural. And muslims respect supreme court’s decision that, ‘The plea is rejected.’ Objection is on Judge’s unnecessary remarks. Muslims anxiety was legitimate. Reaction was rational, somewhere emotional too. Also at some corners lack of wisdom too was felt. Meanwhile there was a very wise act. India’s famous Law scholar Professor Tahir Mehmood met Justice Katju on 3rd April, and informed about the reaction and anxiety among muslims. During his meeting with Justice Katju, it was revealed that the remarks were not part of the written verdict. (Rashtriya Sahara / 4th April). Justice Katju said, He respects Islam and its values. He said, he defended Islamic values many times earlier in his judgements, and wrote articles defending muslims rights. Justice Katju expressed grief over the crisis saying his words were misinterpreted and presented negatively.

And That’s the right way
Regarding beard and veil, Justice Katju’s remarks were distressful and unexpected. But his explanation is desirable and likely. Because Justice Markandey Katju is a Kashmiri Pandit and is a civilized personality. He is well aware of Urdu Language and culture. Likewise he might be knowing about Muslims civilization and values too. More over his negative remarks were not seen earlier in any of his Judgements, writings or speech. Thus, Muslim Personal Law Board chief Moulana Rabey Husni Nadwi’s advise is timely and appropriate that the reaction against Justice Katju should come to an end now. Dr Tahir Mehmood should also be appreciated for his act that he met and spoke with Honourable Judge. And that’s the right thing to do in this type of situation. It is worth less with those elements who criticize Islamic values unfairly, but if it comes from any personality or Institution, unexpectedly, this way the true picture can be brought into light. This will be fruitful, and proved to be, in earlier experiments.

10/04/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parvaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Taliban and Pakistan

“Terrorists were turning to other parts of the country; we now have two choices: to hand over the country to the Taliban, or to fight them.” Said Mr Rahman Malik, head of Interior Ministry of Pakistan, while speaking to newsmen after the attack on Lahore Police Academy. (Hindu, 31 March, 2009). The Minister thus admitted that the attack on the Police Academy was the handiwork of Taliban. The world media including the Indian news agencies had already spread this fact at a speed that it was almost impossible to think of any other possibility. Rahman Malik only confirmed this and it was in line with the American strategy. The USA has found an enemy in the name of Taliban. Having completely devastated Iraq it has now amassed its forces on the Pak-Afghan border so that it can control the whole of South Asia after the two countries are recognized as the centre of international conspiracies. The world was fed up with Osama bin Laden, alQaeda and watching their fake tapes and needed a change. So now it is Taliban.
The Loyalty is Understandable
The Pakistani loyalty with the US is neither sudden nor unexpected. It is in tune with the larger policy. Pakistan became an ally when the US blew its bugle of War on Terror after the 9/11 New York twin towers incident, knowing fully what the call meant and what ideology the US was targeting. Pakistan also surrendered its territorial integrity, sovereignty as well as national pride against a flimsy undertaking from the US that her atomic facilities will be protected. Ever since that moment they continue to obey the Americans accepting their military intrusions, supporting their claims and following their commands. The presence of Mossad agents among the thousands of US troops stationed at the Pak-Afghan border is beyond any doubts. They can easily use the local miscreants in any of their operations.
Who are the Taliban
The Taliban were students of Afghani religious seminaries who took over the reigns of the country after the prolonged in-fighting among the parties there in the wake of Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan. They being students of religious schools could not tolerate the immoral and free-for-all liberalism of the US and western culture being imported in the country. American enmity against them was only natural and it toughened still further when they refused to hand over Osama bin Laden to the US without providing any proofs against him. First the Americans used to couple Taliban with Al Qaeda in their cry against terror and bigotry but then replaced al Qaeda with Taliban and waged a comprehensive drive against all practicing and conscientious Muslims the world over. The propaganda is bearing fruit. It is no more common people with little knowledge who are getting influenced by this misinformation campaign but also the educated and elite. The latest example is the remarks by an Indian Supreme court judge Mr Markandeya Katju, rejecting the petition of a secondary school student seeking to sport a beard as his religious right. He wouldn’t like ‘Talibisation of India’, announced the judge. Pakistani officials should be happy that their case against the Taliban is gaining listeners.
07/04/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parvaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: M H Zulqarnain


Sehroza Dawat goes online

The veteran Urdu newspaper of Jamaat, after 56 years of service in Journalism, has now acquired a new avatar. It has been digitised and readers across the globe can read it online. Launchig its website http://www.dawatonline.com Amir Jamaat e Islami Hind, Maulana Syed Jalauddin Umari“ said "Media is supposed to be engaged in mind building of the society on positive values. But today it hardly cares and seldom raises its voice against the violation of ethical and moral standards. In addition, the mainstream media also shows its bias against Muslims”, He called the gathering to ponder over the ways of getting our due share in the media. He also stressed upon the necessity of having our own media apart from our close interaction with the mainstream one.

Earlier, Sheikh Manzoor Ahmad, the head of UNI, released the special issue of Dawat entitled “Sixty Years of Jamaat e Islamic Hind: In the Eyes of its Elders”. He said the Jamaat was the most serious organization of India, but few people knew about it. Muslim in the country have continuously been marginalized throughout the last three decades, he lamented highlighting the inevitability of documentation.

In the beginning of the simple ceremony a brief history of the newspaper was presented by its Editor in chief, Mr Parvaz Rahmani.
"Sehroza Dawat (Urdu Biweekly Newspaper) is the only Urdu newspaper in India which is striving to propagate Islam in true sense. It was started in 1953. Later in 1960 it became a daily newspaper. During the period of 1980-1985 a weekly supplement was also added. Again in 1982 Dawat became biweekly. Since its very inception, Dawat has been a popular choice of Muslims in India. Its current readership is more than one lac twenty five thousand and it is read across the length and breadth of the country. It has been progressing year after year, with it’s the free and frank analysis of events, lucid criticism and candid comments and informative and instructive features and articles on Islamic ideology.
The Sehroza Dawat has now come to be regarded as the representative organ of Indian Muslims."

The Secretary of Dawat Trust, Mr Rafiq Ahmad presented the vote of thanks at the conclusion of the programme. It was attended by a large gathering of people including a sizeable number of media persons.
Dawatonline design & maintain by Mohamed irfan, from Jeddah.The website has digitised the print edition of the newspaper and also has different e-columns to read for the benifit of the user.

“Mind building and presenting true picture of events are two main tasks of media”, Ameer Jamat-e-Islami Hind

Seh-roza Dawat website ‘dawatonline.com’ inaugurated

“Media is supposed to be engaged in mind building of the society on positive values. But today it hardly cares and seldom raises its voice against the violation of ethical and moral standards. In addition, the mainstream media also shows its bias against Muslims”, said Amir Jamaat e Islami Hind, Maulana Syed Jalauddin Umari, while inaugurating the Dawat website, www.dawatonline.com in New Delhi on 4 April, 2009. He called the gathering to ponder over the ways of getting our due share in the media. He also stressed upon the necessity of having our own media apart from our close interaction with the mainstream one.
Earlier, Sheikh Manzoor Ahmad, the head of UNI, released the special issue of Dawat entitled “Sixty Years of Jamaat e Islami Hind: In the Eyes of its Elders”. He said the Jamaat was the most serious organization of India, but few people knew about it. Muslim in the country have continuously been marginalized throughout the last three decades, he lamented highlighting the inevitability of documentation.
In the beginning of the simple ceremony a brief history of the newspaper was presented by its Editor in chief, Mr Parvaz Rahmani. The Secretary of Dawat Trust, Mr Rafiq Ahmad presented the vote of thanks at the conclusion of the programme. It was attended by a large gathering of people including a sizeable number of media persons.


The Debate on the Belief in God

A debate is going on in some circles of the Christian community as to who is better, the one who believes in God or the one who does not and which of the two is politically acceptable. It started with a remark by Cardinal Varkey Vithayathil, the President of Catholic Bishop Conference of India (CBCI), that BJP was a lesser evil than the communist parties. He made this remark in reply to a question during a book release ceremony of his biography in Kerala. His remark was strongly criticized by the Mumbai Catholic Sabha and some other catholic circles while there were others who agreed with the remark. Those who supported the Cardinal said that it was an intellectual debate about the superiority of a believer over an atheist. The Cardinal had also praised the communists for their service to poor. The Cardinal’s supporters emphasized that the rule of believers in God will always be better than the rule of unbelievers.
The Remark and Its Implications
One wishes that the Cardinal stopped short of mentioning the BJP by name. If he thinks that that BJP is a party of believers in god, he will also have to admit that the god of BJP endorses demolishing a mosque in Ayodhya, burning alive innocent children of the Christian missionaries in Orissa, staging a carnage in Gujarat and burning the churches in Kandhmal. The renowned cardinal Dr John Dayal aptly pointed out that “the Bharatiya Janata party, the political face of the poisonous Sangh Parivar, has soiled its hands with the blood of innocents – be they Muslims or Christians or others. And it remains unapologetic. How can anyone be worse than them in the Indian situation?” However, it would be wrong to form an opinion about the Hindu beliefs on the basis of BJP’s words and deeds. The party has in fact been exploiting the sentiments of Hindus simply to advance its political agenda. Its belief in Hindu religion is limited to Varan wyawstha (discrimination on the basis of castes).
Another Aspect of the Cardinal’s Remark
Analysing the bishop’s remark, one would think that to him the concept of god is the same in which the Christians largely believe; the One Who is Kind, Merciful and Compassionate. But what about the conduct of America, the leader of the largest chunk of Christian believers in the world? Why did it kill hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and ruined their lands? Why did it occupy Afghanistan? Why is it supporting Israel’s oppression of Palestinians? Why has it waged a campaign of character assassination against the practicing Muslims all over the world using all sorts of lies, deceit, mockery and injustice? Who wrote the scripts of Abu Ghuraib, Guantanamo and Bagram camps? The Keralite cardinal may argue that Americans are not Catholic but Protestants. But what about Pope Benedict? He is the leader of the Catholics. Why does he keep silent on all these wrongs? Can one conclude that if BJP is exploiting Hindu religion in India, America is exploiting the Christianity in the world? Or does the Cardinal think that BJP can’t be faulted for exploiting the religion because the Catholic leader does not fault America for exploiting Christianity?
01/04/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parvaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: M H Zulqarnain