An Affair to Ponder

According to the Constitution, India is an independent and republic democratic country, where general elections are conducted every five years but in the history of independent India many a times the Government was unable to complete the five year term and general elections took place before time. Once due to emergency the general elections could not take place at the allocated time. Though this act of the formation of Government can be completed by the public's consent but it does not involve the public directly rather this work is done by the representatives of the people. Some rules and criteria are set for the formation of Government, which ever party fulfils them is given a chance to form a Government. The President invites the party which accomplishes all the conditions to form the government. As long as one party was able to fulfil all the conditions this act was quite simple and easy. Eventually since a single party has failed to achieve this position this task is becoming difficult and complicated which is slowly becoming more and more difficult and complicated. When the era of a single party came to an end then political alliances were born and an era of adjustment and conciliation of alliance politics started. For some years even this was simple and easy but now even this has become difficult and complicated. When the experiment of political alliance started in the country at that time primarily there were two alliances. The centre and axis of both these coalition governments were two big political parties which in other words can be called the centre of power. But in the recent general elections there were four centres of power that is there were four alliances. The centre of gravity of one was Congress, the other was BJP, third was the Left front and the fourth did not have a complete status rather it was the secondary alliance. This is why it was ready to become a part of a bigger alliance from the beginning. The aim and objective of this front was to attain more and more advantage and to make their position strong so that they can be in better state in bargaining. This is the reason why before elections political alliance can be seen and after elections political alliances are formed. Political manoeuvre is an essential result of this situation. This is a gift of coalition politics.

An important and worth analysing aspect of this situation is that, in India's elective Government formation the interest of the foreigners is increasing. If the matter was limited only to interest then there was nothing wrong rather this would be called a natural reaction, as India on one hand is the world's largest democratic country and on the other hand it is a developing power too. In the field of science and technology it has made a remarkable progress, in terms of economy too it has a great importance, in matters of human resource also it has it's own place. All these are those factors which raise the position, status and importance of India in the whole world. In this respect it is natural for the world to take interest in India's election and Government forming procedure. But if things go beyond just interest and try to affect the process of Government formation then it becomes a delicate matter. After the fifth phase of polling, the way the U.S. ChargĂ© d’Affaires (Ambassador) Peter Burleigh took interest in the internal matters of the country and that too in the key matter of Government formation, then this should be brought to notice. He met the UPA chief Sonia Gandhi and the top leader of NDA Lal Krishan Advani and discussed the matter about the formation of government at the centre. Even though this was not a hidden act but the way he tried to form the opinion of the leaders of the parties he met, it demands unusual attention. It should be clear that during his meeting with the TDP chief N Chandra Babu Naidu, he insisted that they should not go with the left front. It can be recalled that the non military nuclear pact which the UPA Government did with America was opposed by the Left front, so much so that it withdrew it's support from the Government. This is not an issue of a single party rather it is an issue for the whole country and every one should pay an attention to it.
19/05/09 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

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