After 6th December 1992

Few days after the incident of Babri Masjid in December 1992, very senior and famous english journalist Sardar Khushwant Singh narrated his experience in one of his writings that he used to see a civilized and well dressed copule often while coming and going in his colony. By appearance they looked modern and their religious identitiy couldn't be revealed. But it was known that they were muslims. But after Masjid incident, when situation in favour of Muslims was very difficult, a change was noticed in them, by their living they started appearing muslims. It was also known that the religous rituals means Prayers and Fasting they observe. The reason for change is known as Masjid demolition and its aftermath made them realize that they are muslims. They say that if we must die, we better die as muslims. For this sardar khushwant singh did some controversial remarks too. During that time few incidents of same kind were brought to light as well that not practising muslim and mispractising muslims also were grieved with this incident, their thinking and their living style changed. This realization was common that there is injustice with muslims in this country.

Feeling of a Lady
Mind turned towards these incidents after reading a news of a documentary about Shabana Azmi. The title was like "What made Shabana Azmi realize her muslim identity." (The Hindu, 8th May). To summarize, Babri Masjid accident in 1992 and incidents of America in September 2001 changed Shabana's thinking. Now along with a film actress, social worker she thinks herself a muslim too. She is upset by the campaign of declaring all muslims terrorists. She thinks that even the thought that "Not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslims" is also evil one. She raises a question that "If naxals, tamil tigers and maoists are muslims?" She says there is injustice with muslims in this regard as in this country there is mischief against women, dalit communities, handicaps and needy people. Shabana's thoughts are seen as surprising, like next day (9th May) The Hindu letters show that a lady whose parents were hardliner communists, whose education and upbringing was in non-religious environment and her married life is of same kind. If she is presenting herself as a muslim , what is the reason.

History of this change is quite old
Whatso ever is the truth of Shabana's thoughts, however this is a fact that in this country there has been a group of "muslims" which is modern, "enlightened thinking" and non-religious. People of this group in every matter scold muslims, the same time in many of them justice is found too. In the same regard, among them, feeling of being a muslim or atleast being a muslim community person is risen. The biggest example of this is found in the personality of Late Mohammed Ali Jinnah. He was english educated and trained and a modern man, having no pracical relation with muslims or Islam. But he felt being in Indian National Congress that with the question of independence and future, Congress leaders thinking and intentions are not any different from Hindu maha sabha. Being a fair man and honest lawyer he started the efforts to protect muslims from injustice and to get them respectable position in free india. In the same action his inside muslim also awaken. Pakistan name he used to take just to pressurize otherwise he knew the disadvantages more than anyone else. And that is a different issue that he was not heared by the smart leadership of Congress. But however the motive for the change in him was the same as mentioned above.
13/05/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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    but the question is how much these turned religeous people are helpful for islam & muslims.Until they donot understand the basics of islam they cannot do much...........