Now this Report from London

Referring BBC’s report, PTI London informed that some Muslim schools in England are teaching students how to immolate the arms and legs of the thieves’, and how to kill homosexuals. All this is being taught in these schools according to the Sharia. Further, they were being taught that the Jews wanted to dominant over the world and for this purpose they were usurping all resources of the world. There are 40 such Weekend schools, according to the report, in Britain and more than five thousand students are getting their education in these schools, they are six to eighteen years old. It is also mentioned in the report that these schools neither received any aid form the government nor situated in the government building. The Weekend schools are also exempted from the official inspections; hence the administrators of these schools prescribed such type of curriculum which is prohibited in the government schools. Similarly, telling something or writing against Jews in England is also prohibited. But these schools are imparting anti Jews knowledge to their students. (Hindustan Times, Lucknow 23 November) According to PTI in England there is chaos on this report of BBC.

As the news has given by a reporter of the Press Trust of India so it cannot be trusted. The reporters of this Indian news agency who are deployed in other countries, usually used to spread sensational news, it is their habit to add color to the news and to presents the events disproportionately. Various examples of such type are safe and sound. Those who watched or heard BBC’s report only they can tell out what and in which manner has the report been presented. However, its report will not be without an aim. Obviously, this report seems to be a part of USA’s campaign on ‘American war on Terrorism’ which is propagating against Islam and its followers in America and Europe in particular and the entire world in general. The only difference is that BBC performs this deed absolutely in a shrewd and soft manner. It works insightfully so as to convey its message to its readers and listeners and its “indifference” could not be affected. Whereas the Indian reporters and journalists do this work quite in a coarse manner, they take efforts to achieve their motive in haste. The easiness for them is that usually the Indian listeners and readers were ready to believe on their reports.

Also present this side of the scenario
Regarding this report of BBC one thing is to be stated here is that the citizens of England should assess and see what the reality is, and then update about it to BBC. The second thing here to state to BBC is that, it has showed to its readers and listeners that what is being taught in the Weekend schools of England, now BBC should present a survey report on what is being taught in the schools of Jews and Christians about Islam and Muslims. It is the technique of teachers and lectures that they used on their students and they impart the knowledge in such a manner about Islam and Muslims that the students could coercively realize Islam as a terror religion and Muslims as terrorist. These things will be available very less in the formal curricula but BCC should detect by sending its detective reporters, that in their oral lectures what did these teachers teach their students about Islam and Muslims. And then, BBC should present this survey report as it is to their readers and listeners for maintaining its credence of indifference. No reporter of PTI will dare to give the news of this survey report but through the other channels these facts will be come to the world. People who love justice will see the reality of the lessons which were taught in the Weekend Schools of England compare to the venom instilled in the minds of the students against Islam in the schools of Jews and Christians.

26/11/10 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Tr. Wahaj Hashmi


On the Goa beach

Deputy Director of the tourism department of Goa state Ms Pamela Masker strongly believes that in the tourism beach of the state, whatever sexual assaults were made to the women, those women themselves were responsible for that. They invite this trouble themselves by their own behaviour. Ms Pamela also said in a tourism fair in Delhi on 29th of Jan. that soon there will be ban on the use of bikini for women on the beach. Because seeing women in this dress, feelings of men arouse and these sexual assaults happen. Ms Pamela wants that women dress well so that they be safe from the bad eyes. If they are semi-nude everyone give a bad eye. (Mail Today 31st Jan). This statement of a Lady official of Goa came with regards to an incident in which some one did sexual assault on a Russian girl. There was a huge cry over that. Before this, in December a member of parliament from Goa Shanta Ram too expressed the same views when a Tourist woman complained that a man living with her did sexual assault on her. M.P. had said that this type of treatment is natural with a woman who keep wandering around till late night.

Motives of this hue and cry ?
These opinions of Goa MP and a Lady officer are realistic and unbiased, but it is unacceptable to the society as a whole. Thus, the outcry over that started from different corners. Women’s rights organizations, Freedom of likes and dislikes advocates, and off track media workers, everybody was shouting that this is old-fashioned thinking. But the mostly hurt is the business of the vulgarity. Centre and state departments of tourism are concerned that if foreign tourists are restricted for nudity, then the tourism business will be lapsed. State income will be lowered because tourism is the biggest source of income for the state, which is there because of the beach. But this business can not run without giving freedom to the foreign culture. And that is how the matter is clear. Required is the monitory benefit, let it be at any cost. The exact same thing is said about the Umm-Ul Qabaith (liquor) also. That, if that is banned then a large portion of the centre and state income will be decreased. No matter how many deaths as a result happen, how many accidents take place, how many homes are ruined, generations and generations are spoiled.

Where are the patriotics?
It is said this country is a Dharm Pradahan Desh. Its entire history is full of highly moral values and character. Very long tales are found in the old mythology about it. Which is even discussed on TV channels today. Upadesh of doing good and avoiding bad are still heard everyday. More important is that a very strong movement is there based on this traditional character , civilization and patriotism. Which has hundreds of secondary institutions. They are advocates of these traditions. But it is not seen that they did any effective campaigning for these disastrous immoral evils. Sometimes just being shy something is told and heared but from inside there is no sense of it. That is may be because this patriotic movement is run by the huge donations of very big capitalists, industrialists and foreign donations. And among them are even those investors who do the business of this vulgarity and Paap Janani. These are the patriotics who raise their voice over the outcry of Europe and America against muslim woman’s veil but welcome the western vulgarity in their own country and defend it. Goa Lady Pamela and M.P. Shanta ram should be reminded towards this too.
07/02/10 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaik


Paid news debate

Editors guild of India wants that Election commission take strong action against those editors and reporters who publish the advertisements as news by taking money from leaders. Try to make the situation in their favour and publish the articles in their favour in such a way that the readers understand them like unaligned analysis and read. Likewise action be taken against those leaders too who make editors and reporters to publish “news” in their favour by giving them money. This debate in few newspapers started against “paid news” after previous elections of Maharashtra assembly. During the election campaign several Marathi newspapers published big but false reports in favour of the candidates by taking huge amounts of money from them. This debate English daily “The Hindu” started whose reporter P. Sainath presented the review of those newspapers whom candidates paid huge amounts of money to do their publicity and newspapers published their advertisements in the form of news.

Two aspects not understandable
Debate against paid news, i.e. news publishing for compensation is a healthy sign for the Indian politics. But from two aspects this debate is not understandable. 1. Election commission, Editors guild, some analysts and reporters took notice of paid news in such a way as if it is any unusual thing. Whereas the fact is that the publishing and influence to publish the advertising stuff as news is the old tradition here. This thing is not just limited to the political leaders and ministers only, trading companies do the same thing. 2. Debate is just limited upto the net payment. Where as there are many forms of the compensation. Very obvious form is bribe, it has many types. Gifts to journalists, cars, luxury stuff is a common thing. In this act even the state governments are involved. Plots, and flats allotment, journey facilities, editors and reporters force involvement in government foreign countries tours etc. This thing not only so called newspapers fake editors only do, but also the editors and reporters of big big newspapers too. Trading companies and business houses who publish the big news papers, issuing import and export licenses to them, land allotments, and tax exemption what is all this and what for.?

And this devil’s act ?
One more brutal and devil’s act, which concerned those on “paid news” do not look at, is the campaigning of media against religious communities. Participation of Indian media in American propaganda against Islam and Muslim ummah is without any benefit? It is true that any opportunity to defame muslims and Islam this
media does not loose, as those working in media have their own mentality, their narrow mindedness, personal dishonesty, which does not get them any compensation from anywhere; but when over very minor issues police arrest muslim youth without any proof or kill them then police and secret agencies stories media doesn’t spread just like that, but collects the compensation in one or the other form. And this daily “The Hindu” which is claiming to be fair in “paid news” matter, itself is involved in dishonesty. One it’s reporter, who claims himself “muslim terrorism” expert, presents secret agencies dubious “information” against muslim youth and fabricated groups as it is, showing as his own reports. Is editors guild or press council ever got concerned over this ? Is this any less evil than the paid news ?
28/01/10 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaik


When Nehru was the prime minister

When Pandit Nehru was the prime minister, he advised Indian consulates and high commissions not to use liquor in the celebrations relating to country’s national days like Independence day and republic day. Many consulates over this wrote to the prime minister that local guests can not participate if this thing is not served as part of the hospitality. Pandit Nehru immediately replied that “If this is the only thing attracting people in the national day celebration then better not to host national celebrations”. – V.Krishna Iyer mentioned about this in his recent article which is all about the evil of liquor and its harmful implications. Justice Iyer is country’s distinguished lawyer. Since the retirement from law practice, he is expressing his opinion over political, social and human rights issues. In this article of his) The Hindu / 12th Jan) he held the government responsible for the rise in the liquor usage and its bad implications, which does the business of this profane just for income. Government always remains under the pressure of the powerful lobby of this business.

Good symbol for moral well being
It is wishful that the readers of the Newspaper enthusiastically welcomed the thoughts of Justice Iyer and completely agreed and supported him as it is evident from the publishing of 13th January’s letters. All wish that there should be complete ban on this. This thought also came to light that just ban is not enough; public opinion should also be awakened for this. In case of just ban, situation of the problem worsens more. Feelings of Justice Iyer and his supporters about ‘ummul-qabais’ (basis of evil) are the good symptom for the moral well being of the country. Condemning and opposing this ‘paapjanani’ (evil creator) was part of the freedom movement of which the leadership was held by Gandhi Ji himself. That is why there was a hope that in Independent India there will be efforts of its complete eradication, but actually it happened quite opposite, the government itself promoted it on a large scale by doing its business. Nothing heared of people like Murarji Desai who used to see thousand times more harm than the monitory benefit to the government, Justice Iyer also mentioned about that. Now the situation is such that it has become the biggest source of income for many of the state governments.

What should be the spirit of awareness
Much has been said about this social evil and even now it is being said. Voices for social reform continuously raised, but no result. It is very true that just by law this cancer can not be cured. Because the law protectors themselves are seen addict to this evil. They collect money from the businessmen at all levels. The saying of public awakening is also true. But still the question is that “what should be the spirit of awakening which not only make people aware of its harmful implications in this life but also give the sense of the punishment after this life which will be as a result of this habit and its trade. Devastation of families, social damage, killing and burglary, and accidental deaths all sin will be on their heads and they will get punishment for that. In country’s law and order or the traditions here this spirit is not seen. This thing only exist to is fullest in Islamic teachings. If Justice Krishna Iyer and responsible individuals alike are reminded towards this side then it will be a big service for this country and people here. If it is discussed with reference to the law making and practice over that then example of Saudi Arabia and Iran can be given.
22/01/10 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaik


This remark says a lot

Central interior minister P.Chidambaram clarified his statement that “cold war is over but in the form of jihad a new war started.” But this remark of his is very meaningful from many aspects and saying much more about the politics and mentality here. Home minister just did not pass this remark like that , he told this by knowing and thinking very much on 23rd Dec delivering a lecture in an important meeting of secret service agencies officials. “Cold war is over but in the form of jihad a new war started. Jihad is being exploited by terrorism for achieving its goals and victims of that are the innocent people.” For sake of it , it can be said that this is the result of the lack of awareness of P.Chidambaram about term jihad and its meaning, which P.Chidamabaram also realized. That is why when the leader of Tamil Muslim Munitrakazgam Dr H.M.Jawaharullah reminded to home minister by a letter and informed him the true meaning of jihad, he immediately accepted and clarified in a statement that he did not intend to hurt muslims feelings and also that this word is in use in these meanings and that is why he used it.

Thing is not that simple
But this thing is not that simple. This remark of home minister is actually the echo of that announcement which twenty years ago at the end of cold war means fall of Soviet Union America made. That announcement echo spread all over the Christian and western world immediately. Thus in Australia when there was a celebration of victory over communist enemy in the central church, the chief pontiff told warning the audience that “ Celebrate over Soviet Union’s defeat , however remember that only one enemy is defeated and there is one more enemy left and that is more stronger than this and that is Islam. “ Then to create a reason for war against muslim ummah and Islam when America and Israel did stage the drama of 11 Sep. then President of America Bush Junior created the name of alqaeda as a representative of Islam and announced that this will be a long war and will continue for long time. At one point bush even called it crusade. Not only that, President of America clearly told that “ In this war you are either with us or against us.” Means countries who will not be with America will be considered its opponents. After that only countries as per their own benefit started changing their stand.

Use this opportunity
Thus there is a strong base to believe that whatever Chidambaram told infornt of secret agencies officials, he said consciously. And told as per American thinking. Chidamabram himself is very close to America and is the home minster of that government which has the close relation with America and Israel, and is actively an ally of ‘war on terror’ of America. Defaming campaign of the word Jihad is an important strategy of this war. But as a good will if assumed that Mr Chidambaram did not say this consciously but just said as a word being commonly used like he said in clarification statement, then this a very positive thing and provides the opportunity that a group of muslim scholars meet home minister and clarify the word jihad and other Islamic terms, and also show that defaming jihad campaign is run from where and for what. Request that government of India or atleast your ministry should not be part of it. For explaining jihad term there are books which can be presented to home minister along with other Islamic literature as a gift. Muslim scholars from state of tamilnadu should meet Nr Chidambaram for sure.
19/01/10 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaik


Swine flu – and new research

What is swine flu. This is a H1N1 virus which appears in the form of light fever, cough, vomiting, soarthroat, flu, joints pain and stiff neck. Lat year this started from America, and passing different countries soon it reached our country too and by this time caused 952 people’s death. Including India in the whole world 11516 people died with it. As per the information this decease is spreading very fast and medical scientists are worried because of that. By seeing it appears that after industrial revolution and the rise of western culture whatever new and complicated deceases attacked the humankind, this swine flu is the recent one. Indian doctors too are in search of its reasons but nothing is being understood. Now after getting frustrated with their failure a group of doctors expressed the opinion that it could be bioterrorism means the viral terrorism and terrorists made this virus to spread terror in the world.(Amar Ujala 19th Jan) JK Science Journal of Medical Education and Research doctors say that a common virus can not spread that fast. This new virus goal is kill one and terrorize tens of thousands. Doctors also say that in our country to fight this type of “terrorism” there is not much preparation.

New tactic of exploiting forces
The way America had raged the war against “global terrorism” this had made the solution of some complicated problems very easy. In the entire world doing terror dramas a particular ideology of life and its followers are being defamed and apart from that showed a way to the world that when there is no solution to any problem or any disaster to humankind happen then just say that terrorists are behind that. It should be applauded of those forces cleverness who want to control the world finding new and effective ways. By creating hoax of international terrorism scaring people of the world is america’s new tactic. After the fall of soviet union according to the Zionist plan Americans planned to bring the entire world under their influence. For this they needed a new enemy which was there in the form of very strong ideology of life. And this new enemy was in fact was a big threat as it had the skill of overthrowing the unabashed culture and exploiting economic system. And also that it has the manpower too. And is rich in natural resources in few countries. Thus exploiters started a campaign of calling this ideology of life a “encouraging terrorism ideology” and its followers as terrorist, a planned and powerful campaign.

The hint of the debate is obvious
Though Indian doctors did not show the identity of swine flu terrorists, neither manmohan singh clarified this terrorism which in his opinion created by the religious extremism and due to the terror ideologies, when he warned about this danger to the speakers of the commonwealth legislatures on 6th January. But doctors and manmohan singh both are confident that those who need to understand already understood what they mean. This wave of propaganda is such strong that now when terrorists or terrorism word immediately make people think that what these words mean. Just another news of a software in America has come which immediately after a terror accident can prepare the sketches of the terrorists. Few newspapers giving this news published a sketch of a bearded and topi man on the monitor of a computer. Means the situation is going as per their expectation those who want to establish their rule with the help of lie, deceiving, cheating and with the cruelty and unkindness. Those humans who are being influenced by these have their own benefits by it, but those humans who are target of this all, why there seems not any noticeable effort?
13/01/10 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Verdicts to Policemen

On 4th Jan there were many news reports about Police department and its higher officials, details of which were there in 5th Jan Newspapers. 1). Central government decided to take the police medal of best performance from former DGP of Haryana S.P.SRathur. Rathur was found guilty of abusing a sixteen year old girl named Ruchika sixteen years ago. Ruchika committed suicide. Government also decided to make such a rule as in future if any police man found guilty in any case, his award be invalid by itself. 2) After this decision possibility of loosing the medal by one more IPS officer’s is there as well, who was suspended after being found guilty in Shivani Bhatnagar’s murder. The same can happen with K.P.S Gill , former DGP of Punjab. Gill was found guilty of misbehaving with a lady IAS officer in a function. 3) Punjab and Haryana high court gave the ruling that including higher police officials all those higher officials and individuals , against whom there are cases registered, be tried in fast track courts. Court called the Ruchika case a best example of “delay in justice is injustice.” 4) Additional session judge of Sonbhadr district of UP gave the verdict against those 14 policemen who were accused of killing two youngmen in a fake encounter. Among them five were sentenced to life in prison and nine were declared guilty.

Reminding one event
This is not any new image of Indian police. These news reports just reminded its character. Because of this reminder a recent incident is been recalled. On 19th sep 2008 in south Delhi Batla house colony, Delhi police did encounter of two young men. In the incident one police Inspector too died. Human Rights groups were raising questions over this encounter. Delhi high court asked the National human rights commission to enquire the incident and present a report. Commission prepared a report which was the copy of the story told by police. Delhi high court observed the report and declared it right. Report was challenged in Supreme court, but Supreme court too confirmed the report. There was nothing special till here. The special was the mention which supreme court bench did expressing its opinion over the report. Bench had said: “Criticism on the role of police is incorrect in batla house matter. No questions should be raised over police character. Police morale will be lowered by this.” Details which came in media about the supreme court ruling , make it obvious that it is more concerned of the morale of police. Petitioner failed to present the seriousness of the actual matter to the court.

This is an obvious double standard
But the recent news reports show that the citizen’s esteem and regard and life and possessions are more important. Here there is no concern of the morale of police. Concern is to correct policemen by punishing them. In Mumbai three police officials are suspended for attending and enjoying a mafia don’s treat. In few other cases police is being held tough. This double standard over the role of the police can obviously be noted. That is in common law and order matters police is really accountable. Any legal action can be taken against police. No matter even if the morale of the police be lowered, but in the name of combating “terrorism” whatever the police do, do anyone’s encounter, arrest anyone and put in jail, ruin any family’s esteem and regard, cause decharecterization of any community, nothing can be said to them. Police force becomes the “holy cow” in this case. Raising voice against its role is making its morale low, moreover it is against the “patriotism”. And irony is that this injustice is considered the “rashtrawad”. Is not any group there which can tell the political authorities that this behaviour is not at all in favour of the country, apparently it can take the country towards the failure.
10/01/10 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh