Christian leader and family system

The leader of Catholic Christians, Pope Benedict XVI is very much worried about diminishing traditional family values. He has expressed his concern on many occasions in recent days. Now he is of the view that the trend of ‘gay marriage’ (same-sex marriage) has created major threats to family. He made the latest expression of this concern in his special address in Vatican City towards the end of 2012, on 21 December. He condemned the laws granting consent to same-sex marriages, saying that it is tantamount to revival of the wayward society of the socialist era. (The Asian Age, 22 December) Pope said that new concepts of the traditional family and evils like gay marriages will at last land the very existence of man in danger. As a result of these moral changes, unreal humans will come into existence. Pope condemned the scholars and policy makers who advocate the process of making a woman man and man woman. To the Pope the survival of the traditional family, made up of father, mother, and child is necessary.

Will the Christian world listen?
It is a matter of pleasure that the world leader of a large section of Christians has pinpointed a major threat of today, condemned it and also warned the world against it. All the right-thinking people of the world will support him; the Muslim Ummah the world over specifically supports his statement and standpoint, for the stand of Islam on family is also the same; and if there is a philosophy of life dead against same-sex marriage, it is Islam. But will the statement of Pope leave any effect on that world and its leaders who are its special addressees? That world is the Christian world, the west, the leadership of which is in the hands of America, wherefrom sprout all moral evils like same-sexism and its filth spreads all over the world. Its filthy culture is warmly welcomed in semi-developed countries which wish to emerge as a “big economic power” to influence the world. The Pope before Pope Benedict also used to advance good pieces of advice, but the west accepted only those which their materialistic and carnal interests allowed them to.

Advise the Pope
The Pope has taken the notice of the situation as a time when it has crossed all limits. Christian faith and religion should have been taken care of at the time when the Church was being separated from the State, and the Jews were tightening their grip on it. After this task was accomplished in America and Europe towards the end of the 18th century the Jews threw the Christians and the western world onto the path of carnality and sensuality. Later on Zionism further deepened this menace to serve its typical agenda. The situation could have been saved by bringing it back to the real faith of Jesus viz. Islam but Zionism did not let the Church and its leaders to find any such opportunity. The Christian fraternity also did not care much for it. It only considers Sunday Services and giving out some part of the income in charity to be enough. Now when Pope Benedict XVI is expressing concern over the menace, his concern should be respected. And a kind of respect is also that he should be advised to read and understand the faith of Islam and its social system. If there are some Muslim scholars in Europe, they must do this work.

28/01/13 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf


Election and corruption

When chairman of Press Council Justice Markandey Katju told media reporters that all claims of progress and prosperity in Gujarat are wrong and baseless, and the condition of food facility there is worse than that in the poor African country Somalia, the reporters asked then how could Narendra Modi win the election despite this for the third consecutive term. Then the Justice said, “Everyone knows how election is fought and won in India.” Justice Katju was commenting before media persons in New Delhi on the condition in Gujarat on 23 December. He was telling them that the role of Modi in the riots after the burning of a train at Godhra station in 2002 is such a deep stain on his face that it can never be wiped out. (Asian Age, 24 December, 2012) The Justice also said that in comparison to Gujarat the record of Shivraj Chauhan, chief minister of another BJP-ruled state Madhya Pradesh, is the better. The chief minister there intends to work for promotion of the Urdu language also.

The apolitical should do something
Justice Katju did not elaborate the modes of (corruption in) election; he only talked about it as a matter of principle. But now a famous social activist Shabnam Hashmi, in the light of her personal experiences and observations, said that there was large-scale corruption and malfunctioning in the recent Gujarat Assembly elections, and electronic voting machines had been used therein. She held these machines the biggest danger for democracy. According to a report in the Inquilab Daily (29 December, 2012), Ms Hashmi had been in Gujarat during the Assembly elections, working day and night along with the poor, labourers and people belonging to the minority community; she hoped firmly that it would yield desirable results. But the results gave way to disappointment for a large section of population in Gujarat. She also questioned the presence of American diplomats and journalists in Gujarat and said there is great conspiracy of foreign forces in the victory of Modi. Ms Hashmi warned that the same foreign forces would become active in making Modi prime minister in 2014 if the corrupt practices in Gujarat elections are not probed. Shabnam Hashmi is so much disappointed with the election results of Gujarat and the silence of the Union Government thereon that she tendered her resignation from all the committees of UPA Government.

The history of fraud is old
People generally are aware of the evil in the electoral process pinpointed by the two responsible persons. Even people living in villages and small towns are aware of whatever happens in the low level elections. However, the malfunctioning in the elections for Lok Sabha and Assemblies remains in the knowledge only of commentators and media. The course of malfunctioning, use of force and fraud in electoral process started soon after the Independence. The most poignant voice raised thereon was by the Jan Sangh (present BJP). During the 1972 general elections this party said that the Indira Gandhi government did a fraud in the elections. One allegation was that the ink used to mark the fingers of voters vanished after some time. A leader of Jan Sangh Balraj Madhok also wrote a book on this subject. Ink is used (to mark voters’ fingers) even today but the easiest source of fraud is the electronic voting machine, which people have complained about earlier also. But since all big political parties benefit from it, it could not emerge as a political issue. Now when Ms Shabnam Hashmi has raised this issue, she should take it forward; it would be better if she contacts Justice Katju to know what his information about it is. 

22/01/13 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf


Role of women in advertisements

The All India Radio, in its programme “Current Affairs” at 9:30 PM on 4 January, presented a discussion on the role of women in advertisements and films. Two experts of social issues, Dr. Ranjana Kumari and Dr. George Mathew were participants. Sandeep Dixit of The Hindu was the anchor. In his inaugural speech Sandeep said that whatever happened with the 23-year-old girl student recently in Delhi has given way to a countrywide discussion from different angles. The lifestyle and behaviour of women is one aspect of the discussion. The way women are being presented in advertisements, films and serials has caused grave concern in the society. The anchor also clarified that this trend of presenting women in this way commenced with the arrival of market economy (capitalist system of economy) and the government is encouraging it. So this is necessary to promote market economy. Both the participants agreed to the views of Sandeep.

The discussion that followed
And then the discussion that followed provided a sigh of relief for every citizen of the country who is fed up with making women a market commodity and the heinous role played therein by      the government, and the standard bearers of politics, business and women rights. The gist of this half-an-hour discussion is that one cause of sexual crimes against women is the behaviour of women itself. If corporate companies, TV channels and film industries are exploiting women, they (women) too are letting themselves to be exploited willingly and enthusiastically. Further, the society is responsible for the behaviour tender girls and fashionable women are displaying at common places. George Mathew was using mild language, declaring it part of globalisation and modern international culture, but Dr. Ranjana Kumari was quite evident and clear-cut in her standpoint. She said women cannot be allowed to go wayward in the name of freedom and personal likes and dislikes. People should be active against the way businessmen and corporate institutions as well as film makers are exploiting women. Women too should realise their dignity and keep from more-than-necessary freedom.

After paying thanks to Allah
First of all All India Radio should be congratulated for organising such a beneficial discussion and for taking such a bold step in spite of being a government body. Then Muslims should stand thankful to Allah that His Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be to him), one thousand five hundred years ago, put an end to the undue freedom (obscenity) of women, on the consequences of which people are shedding tears today; and that the Islamic Shari’ah, one thousand five hundred years ago, prescribed its solution that people today are searching for. – And after paying thanks to Allah, Muslim educated persons having taken this solution should go to the persons who are searching for it and tell them that there is no need to waste time and energy in searching for the cure to this malaise as the effective and sure cure is already available. The need only is to open the mental horizons and widen the vision. – But these efforts of ours will prove more effective when our ladies and girls, whatsoever section of society they belong to, apply it practically in the society wherever it is feasible. That is, besides Muslim men, Muslim women and girls too have the opportunity to introduce and present the Shari’ah teachings on Islamic purdah and other teachings related to women.

19/01/13 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf


One aspect of countrywide debate

A countrywide debate is still continuing on the various aspects of the heinous sexual crime perpetrated against a 23-year-old girl student in Delhi. One lurking aspect of it is what treatment should be meted out to the teen-aged boy who in the eyes of law is still tender and “immature” while it was he among the six brutes who had been most brutish. The legal position is that he is still “immature”; so the laws meant for adults cannot be applied to him, nor can he be placed in a prison meant for adults. There are separate laws for the immature and homes too are separate for them. The case against him has been registered under this very law. Not only this, when he will turn adult viz. be a man of 18 years after five months, he will be released; for, he had committed the crime in his state of immaturity. And it is this fact that the most brutish would not get any punishment has been worrying the civil society most. Now there are proposals that the age of adulthood should be minimised from the present 18 years to the earlier 16 years. Or that the case of this boy should be taken up as a special case.

“Law does not always deliver justice”
Yes, the Times of India (5 Jan) made an apt headline “Law does not always deliver justice” with regard to this “immature” criminal, and has also raised the questions: whether the age of adulthood should be minimised, or after attaining adulthood he should be punished like adults, or then the punishment for immature criminals should be enhanced from three years to ten or fifteen years. The newspaper has termed the law as erroneous. Naturally, it should be erroneous; for, these laws are man-made; and howsoever man takes pride in his wisdom and insight, he cannot visualise the issues that can confront him in future. When such issues do come to the fore, he starts talking of amendment to the laws and that is it. He does not (and cannot) think more than this. The government had raised the age of attainment of adulthood from 16 years to 18 years only to put a check on child marriage and thus control national population; but other aspects of the issue were not before its experts, nor could they have been. – However this standard of adulthood is ridiculous, very ridiculous indeed. And not only this law, there are many such laws that are erroneous and incomplete.

Who should devise perfect laws?
Legal luminaries have been confessing the laws of the land being erroneous. Declaring the existing laws to deal with sex criminals as insufficient, demands are being made on a large scale to devise stronger laws. But who will guarantee that those (new) laws too would not prove erroneous and insufficient in future; for, new laws will be devised by the same man who had devised the existing laws. So, the question is who should devise the laws that do not require any change or amendment? The answer is clear and straightforward: they should be devised by he who created humans and who is well aware of their wisdom and insight, psychology as well as merits and demerits. And the fact is that He has devised the laws for humans much earlier. These laws were given final and perfect shape one thousand five hundred years ago. The only requirement is to understand them with open mind and heart, and the responsibility of making humans understand these laws rests on those who believe in the existence of the Supreme Being and the laws devised by Him. It is right that in the present situation prevailing in the country such talks by Muslims would not be taken with much attention. But the circumstances are moving slowly towards it in a natural way. In these circumstances even little efforts made by Muslim scholars and intellectuals can help the human mind get a lot of solace.  

13/01/13 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf


The mischief from Germany

In the night of 27 December the Hindi Bulletin of All India Radio announced a news report in an emphatic manner: “Islamic extremists attacked an Indian student in the city Bonn in Germany and on his refusal to convert cut off his tongue.” The next morning the newspapers informed that this mischief was done by the German police. The newspapers published this news item with reference to agencies. PTI was also among these agencies. That is, German police had told the reporters that the attackers were “Islamic extremists” and they wanted to convert the student viz. to make him Muslim by force. When he did not do so, the attackers cut off his tongue and escaped in a car. All India Radio, which is ever ready to broadcast such news items in a vigorous manner, fully believed the said statement of German police; it did not mention words like “it is said that…” or “reportedly”. In the recent past, when a Delhi court acquitted two Muslim youth of the charge of terrorism, this very All India Radio broadcast the news thus: “A Delhi court released two terrorists”, giving the impression that they were terrorists whom the court released.

Jaundiced media in the field
And the third day the jaundiced media came to the fore with provocative stories. The English daily Pioneer, which represents the ideology and policies of BJP (RSS), published a report of its correspondent Preeti John saying that Islamic extremists, particularly the Salafi group, have become very much active in destructive acts in Germany. According to the report, German police made the statement that the attackers were no other than Islamic extremists and wanted to convert an Indian student by force, only on the basis of the complaint of the student. The 24-year student belongs to North India and studies in Bonn University. The attackers attacked him from behind; they did not succeed in cutting off his tongue but injured him badly. – It is apparent that only those who want to believe in such a story would do so. Otherwise, to a knowledgeable and sincere person, this story is worth rejecting with condemnation. The post-mortem of every point of the story can be done easily.

Take it in a wider perspective
But here, notwithstanding the discussion on this story that, who is this student, in which environment he was brought up before going to Germany, what his mind-set is, how much experienced he is in manipulation, and further how much active the Zionist lobby is in Germany once again after the holocaust, what should be seen is that this recent mischief in Bonn and all other small or big news reports of this nature are parts of the propaganda which is going on from every dimension all over the world against Islam and the Muslim Ummah. Whether it is the exploitation of Malala in Pakistan to defeat Islam in the name of fake Taliban, or the recent international conference of judges in New Delhi on so-called terrorism, or conspiracies against Ikhwan and Dr. Morsi in Egypt, or the story of the attack of “Islamic extremists” on a student in Bonn, the target of all these is only one – Islamic way of life. – Therefore, the Ummah believing in this ideology and every member of it will have to be alert. This disappointment of the other forces is a source of strength from one angle, but there must be efforts to counter it. For example, if some Islamic Centre in Germany informs the world about the reality of this mischievous news report from Bonn, it would be great.

10/01/13 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf


After thirty years

The educated are aware of the personality of Amartya Sen. Economics, politics, history and philosophy are his subjects. He is a Nobel laureate and lives in America. Thirty years ago, in 1982, in one of his long comments, he had analysed then India as to where this country stood with regard to performance in the various departments. Though the country had not progressed much, yet whatever it had accomplished was concrete. – Now a commentator of current affairs C Rammanohar Reddy (Editor, Economic &Political Weekly) has seen, in the light of the analysis of Prof. Sen, as to what happened thirty years after it viz. during the past thirty years, how much the country has progressed, what performance it has achieved in the various fields, and where India stands today. – The gist of Mr. Reddy’s analysis is that with regard to economic condition, education and employment; religious, lingual and regional prejudices; appalling condition of Dalit groups and Adivasis as well as morality, the country stands today at the same point where it had been thirty years ago. Though there has been great progress in the fields of electoral democracy, education, science and technology, agriculture and communication yet its benefits could not reach all the sections of society. (The Hindu, 29 December)

What happened in various departments
Then Mr. Reddy has dwelt upon the condition in some detail, taking every department in particular. For example, there is much talk about development in the field of economics but this development is limited to certain sections. A very large chunk of population in the country is passing a life of poverty and penury even today. The network of education has widened but this department has become totally professional and is far from the reach of poor population. The condition of women is worse than it was earlier; discrimination against girls is more than it was earlier. The circle of media has widened many hundred times but it is completely under the control of big capitalists. Negative forces have strengthened in electoral politics and corruption in democratic institutions has touched the climax. The commentator has written in detail on communal prejudice and anti-minority riots. The analysis of Amartya Sen was up till 1982. Thereafter anti-Sikh riots in 1984, and anti-Muslim gruesome riots occurred in Bhagalpur in 1989, in Mumbai in 1993, and in Gujarat in 2002. The commentator has specifically mentioned the painful stories of some victims of Gujarat and the honest, sympathetic and bold role of the lady judge of Special Court Jyotsna Yagnik.

Let these commentators do something in practical as well
To the commentator there had been no positive development during the last thirty years. Even if it was in some departments it was mostly showy. But despite this Mr. Reddy thinks there is no need to be disappointed with the system; to him even the deprived and oppressed populations are also not disappointed with the system. In 1982 the central theme of Amartya Sen was economic development. In 2012 the subject of the analysis of C. Rammanohar Reddy is also economic condition as the main subject of both the commentators is economics. But Mr. Reddy did not say what concerted efforts have to be made for the betterment of the situation. Or, how the system which he advises us not to be disappointed with can be improved; how it can be reformed. However, with the analysis, it is clear that like Prof. Sen, he too is a knowledgeable and realistic commentator. The need is that such persons do not confine to mere expression (of ground reality), rather take some practical steps. If all those personalities of the civil society, among whom are a number of Muslims as well, who agree with Amartya Sen and Rammanohar Reddy, gather together on one single platform, it can help a lot in changing the situation.

07/01/13 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf


Lo! They too are saying

“Celebration of a woman’s beauty is healthy, but commodification is not. Display of hidden organs and sexual acts and public presentation of body shapes with crass lyrics and secret and voyeuristic cameras rob women of autonomy. So much easier to blame than to reflect and share part of the blame.” (The Pioneer, 29 December). This is not the statement of any narrow-minded or tasteless person or that of any outmoded preacher of society; but of Shabana Azmi, a famous lady belonging to the film industry.  Shabana has been associated with the cine world for forty years; family background is also cinematic. But she is an educated lady, and expresses her views on social and political issues. She is also a civil and women rights activist. Therefore this voice would be heard with due attention amidst the voices being raised in favour of the rights of women and against the atrocities done to them; but it can be a butt of criticism too.

These people are somewhat different
There are many groups active in the country against evils like the violation of human, civil and women rights besides bribery and corruption. Many among them are also against communalism and religious bias. These people are considered far-sighted and progressive. Among them are also people having Muslim family background in large numbers. They are of two kinds. One, those who openly declare their indifference to the Islamic Shari’ah and Islamic values; and the other, those who do not do so and are to a great extent civilized and noble in their expression. Shabana Azmi and her husband Javed Akhtar belong to this latter group. When there was a lot of hue and cry in the whole country on the atrocities meted out to a 23-year old girl student in Delhi, Javed Akhtar, who is a famous poet and film story and dialogue writer, said something very good while participating in a discussion on a TV channel. The gist of what he said is that he supports this protest but our behaviour with women within the house and in the general society should also be seen. Do we fulfil their rights? Is there any participation of theirs in family issues and decisions?

On the basis of experiences and observations
It wouldn’t be wrong if an opinion is formed that even those, whose lives are spent in the glorification of modern civilization and the cine world, are trying to search for the causes and roots of moral degradation and social evils. No one can level the charge of narrow-mindedness and backwardness against Shabana and Javed. These views of theirs are in the light of personal experiences and observations. The Pioneer of 29 December has also published this statement of film singer Lata Mangeshkar: “I have been observing the film industry since 1942 (for 70 years). There is a great difference between that time and now. Girls wear ever scantier dresses and this is what is sold in market.…” During the last one hundred years films have left extraordinary influence on the general Indian society; this process is still continuing. Now TV serials have also come to the fore. The new generation will listen to their sayings with fairly more attention if sincere persons belonging to this world come forward against moral and social evils. Recently famous actor Aamir Khan made such an effort in his Satyameva Jayate serial. 

04/01/13 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf


To contain crimes

The government at the Centre wants to enact stringent laws to contain sexual crimes. This idea occurred to it after the demands being made by the public and political parties in the wake of the sexual assault on a 23-year old girl student in Delhi. (Among these parties there is also the party whose government in a state had patronised dozens of crimes of this very nature ten years ago). In the first phase the government would introduce more amendments to the Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2012 that was tabled in the Lok Sabha in the first week of December. The government has formed a three-member committee headed by former Chief Justice of India, Justice JS Verma to propose amendments. The committee has invited proposals from the public especially legal experts, human rights groups, non-governmental organisations and members of civil society; the proposals should reach the committee till 5 January 2013 on justice.verma@nic.in or through fax vide No. 011-23092675. The idea behind this move is that the existing criminal laws are insufficient to punish criminals; stringent laws would prove deterrent to them and thus crimes would be contained.

Human intellect is faulty
In this regard the first question is why it did not occur to them while devising criminal laws that these laws would not fulfil the needs of the future. It did not occur because human intellect is limited and faulty; it cannot visualize the future. Such laws are devised only by the being who is the creator of human beings. The second point is that there is no doubt that stringent laws and provisions create fear in the hearts of people provided they are implemented with utmost caution, honesty and courage. And here is and always has been the lacking of all three features. Then many people are raising a question whether stringent laws especially capital punishment can really help contain crimes. This question is being raised because there is no effective power of implementation behind these laws. Mischief-mongers think of ways to violate laws even before enactment of laws. They can cheat even courts of law. They can also evade police (or the police compromise with them, and, in certain circumstances, protect them). Everything is easy in this corrupt system; here is the rule of wealth and power. Therefore it is difficult to say that the proposed stringent laws would do some good to society.

Do send proposals
But despite this proposals must be sent. Muslim scholars must do this work. While sending proposals they should tell Justice Verma that stringent laws can do nothing unless there is power of implementation behind them and this power of implementation emanates from the faith in monotheism and the Day of Accountability. Unless there is, in their hearts, fear of the Master of the Day of Accountability, and unless there is the belief that criminals can evade stringent laws, higher courts of law and a strong police system but they cannot keep from the sight and reach of the Creator and Master, people cannot stay away from committing sins (or crimes). – But before it there is something to do (which though is beyond the purview of Justice Verma) the government and the civil society put an end to the causes lurking behind these crimes. They are spreading like cancer obscenity, vulgarity, baring of women, semi-nudity, films, serials, newspapers and magazines displaying indecent fashion and waywardness. They also promote wine (the mother of evils) and other drugs which the government holds no control thereon, rather its police protect their merchants. Waywardness of the new generation. These are the sources of sexual crimes. Though there is no hope of any result of pointing out these facts yet the views of Muslim scholars must come to the knowledge of Justice Verma and his committee.  

01/ 01/13 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Abu Yusuf