What happened to that Camera?

For long it has been heared that such a camera is being invented which can take snaps of the events of past as where a while ago what happened, who were present, who was doing what. It will record the voice as well. Recording of past voices news were coming even before that. Once there was a news that speeches of Gandhi ji and other leaders speeches during the freedom fight are being recovered as voice recording. The murder event of Gandhi ji is being picturized and voice recorded both. About camera it was said that few seconds before or some time earlier events recording camera is already invented. Now it is being tried to increase its capacity so that the pictures can be taken for some more time in past. If this thing succeeds then hearing past centuries voices and seeing pictures could be possible. But later on no news of such cameras and recording has come. Where as in this era of telecommincation technology the possibilities of this invention have become more. This camera and recording should have been invented and should have become common.

If this camera could have been invented.
The mind repeatedly goes towards this unusual camera because now a days the world is very concerned with the incidents of terrorism. Whenever any thing happens according to its severity over its inquiry and investigation governments spends a lot of money and time. People too get worried. By investigation agencies and media reports very strange and interesting things are found to read and listen to. More over if the current situation is beneficial to any one, that is the media , whose entire business is run over the stories full of suspense. But for common people the invention of this camera has become indispensable. Like if this camera and voice recorder would have existed, then on 11th sep 2001 what ever happened in America and for the preperation of that what ever happened that could come infornt of the world. The same way last year on 10th sep what happened in batla house colony of delhi, after that on 26th nov what happened in Mumbai and how it took place, world could know. Ten guys crossing the sea how landed on the coast, then with the ammunition and comfortably entered the five star hotels and how killed the people, every scene could come to light and to catch the criminals and to held anybody responsible , it could be much easy for the government.

One this idea strikes too.
One this idea comes to mind that this sort of camera is not let to be invented or if it had been invented then the imperialistic powers blocked this technology so that the loot and plunder, killing and spoilage, terrorism and exploitation by them and its facts do not come in light. What stories America had told the world about 11th sep, these cameras could have brought the reality out. Israeli terrorism and its monstrous plans could come infront of the world and also in any country whatever is happening in the name of war on terror, would not have happened, justice could be there, but alas this camera had remained just a dream. By the way human world should not be downhearted. Just this belief is required that there is a real, true and creative power exists and is watching all of this, one day entire human kind has to face to that. Devine nature’s camera is picturising each and every act of humans, who ever and whatever did everything would come infront, and that day is not far. It is coincidence that the ummah which is the target of the situation today, has this belief. Now it just is required to make this belief stronger and fulfill its compulsions.
25/12/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Answer of a question

Do the circumstances and environment have any role in women’s abuse ? Is not any stimulus there which encourages criminals for the crime ? Is not in any manner the woman responsible for that ? – The answer for this question will be negative if searched in the light of the discussion which is going on in the parliament and the media after the abuse of a Russian woman in Goa. That is woman is not responsible in any case in anyway, she is completely innocent and guiltless, thus her behaviour should not be discussed. The reason for this discussion is that in a tourist place of Goa a local resident is accused of sexually harassing a Russian woman and escaped. There was a huge storm in media over that and women organizations too became active, issue was raised in the parliament as well. On 15th December a member of Congress Shanta Ram has just said that “Women too should be careful in their behaviour, hanging around with unconcerned men, being with them till late night, then making a big noise over any dispute with them is not fair.” Over this the outburst became more aggressive and it was accused that the abuse of women is being justified.

This mentality was there earlier too
This mind was there in the country earlier too that, say nothing to women no matter how they live out, adopt any kind of behaviour, whatever is there style of living in the market, offices, factories, colleges, night clubs, in the wedding functions, where ever they like they can go, what ever dress they want they wear, get out of homes in whatever fashion they like, go out with any one they like, live with them, talk to them. Do not advice them, those who advise should be considered backward, old fashioned and retrospective. But as a result of this behaviour if any thing like maltreatment happens to them, then this has to be declared as a heinous crime and all responsibility be put on the accused. But after the rising storm of globalization and feminism (feminist movement) this mind came out some what more openly. People say that the bad individuals are just bad, they do not have any impact of the surrounding environment, they do not see anything, more over it is even claimed that there is no link of their crimes with the women behaviour and their life style. This mentality is part of the western culture where this thing is not much offensive. That is why after the arrival of western imperialism these scenes have been noticeable on our land too.

What is the old tradition of the country
Once a responsible police officer of Delhi in a similar case just said that girls and women too have to be careful in their dressing and behaviour, then there was a big outburst against him too. The question is, if this is the culture of this country and its people ? Never. Modesty and shyness, obscuring with respect to elders of the family, outside of the homes too showing well manners, are the old tradition of this country. Reminding women and girls over their mistakes has been the way here. No one did ever mind it here, but now it looks bad. Now the outbreak of western feminism has convinced the Indians to accept every evil as a good. In this entire discussion the voice of farsightedness is not coming from anywhere, all just excitement and that is it. More over the puppet of corporate sector, media, is further stimulating this fire. Is not there any circle in the country which can make this thing an issue to debate that what actually the civilization of this country is. For this , traditional shyness and modesty is necessary or the shamelessness derived from west.? Those who feel pride in their regional culture should also take notice of it.
22/12/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Religion, in an able Judge’s view

Justice S.H.Kapadia thinks that issue of poverty and economy is the actual issue and to resolve it, it is mandatory that the Religion be kept only inside the home, “Because this is human’s private matter.” Justice kapadia is a senior judge of supreme court and next year after retirement of the present chief justice, will take his place. This view he expressed on 10th December in an event organized in connection with the “Human rights day” in which almost all senior lawyer were present. Many important personalities were there. This remark of kapadia about religion has nothing new because this concept is derived from west and adopted as a fashion. Otherwise this cocept is of those who are not sincere about religion. But what Justice had told further in this regard is very meaningful, “If any religion is based on fear, greed and desire, heaven and hell and the concepts alike then some individuals or groups finally exploit these beliefs and as a result this thing make people tend towards terrorism.” (Indian Express 11th Dec) Vice President Mohammed Hamid Ansari was present there too in the function.

These gossip about Religion
These gossip about religion if come from any semi educated political leader or if any communist group say that then they could not have been so considerable but these thoughts such a person expressed who is an educated and a senior Judge of the supreme court, going to be the Chief justice of the country in few months. We do not know how much justice kapadia had thought on the existence of the God and how many religions he studied but what reward and punishment and glad tidings and threats and such beliefs he mentioned, that makes it obvious that he meant it about a particular religion, which he studied as per his perception and angle of view. And this thought is the shade of that campaign which, a circle of special thoughts launched that not any such religion be let grow which holds these beliefs. This evil act is also seen relating to the conversion of the religion and to make some law for that and its echo some times even be heared at the level of state governments too. Once a central institution NCERT’S Information magazine too had run this campaign.

What the awards and verdicts are
The topic of the debate could also be that in our country on the higher level what type of thoughts are growing, in the changed international situation what is the status of the knowledge and honesty. But for now apart from this discussion it needs to be seen as if the concept of reward and punishment for human actions are such dangerous then what would be said about the Judicial and penal code of the country, in which punishment is set according to the nature of crime. Also in military, police and in other services, better performance is acknowledged by awards and rewards. It should be like, the humans should differentiate between good and bad. Do good deeds and avoid bad. But practically it is not so, that is why in all countries there are punishments for crimes, fear of which generally keeps the citizen away from crimes. But those who break laws still do that. Criminal guys do commit crimes. That is because of the fact that a law made by humans neither can keep humans from committing crimes, nor can punish the criminals for sure. And the government awards matter is as such that few clever individuals by doing wrong and even breaking law get awards. At this point human society feels the necessity of a true religion and its code of life. How good it would be if a group of representing muslim scholars meet Justice kapadia and discuss this issue.
19/12/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Supreme Court and Varn Vyavastha

Supreme Court that is the highest court wants that the central government immediately make some efforts to eliminate hindu varn vyavastha. For the court, this is very sad that the cast and creed system is continued even today under which events of cruelty against the lower casts take place, thus this system has to be completely eradicated. Supreme court’s two able Judges bench comprising Justice Dalveer bhandari and Justice A.K.Patnayek, gave this advise to the government giving the verdict in a 30 years old case. In 1979 in lohari village of hussain ganj town, U.P. people of thakur community killed 7 dalits. Court gave the verdict as life in prison for six thakurs. Two among them died. Four alive offenders are asked to appear infront of the cops. Able Judges say that for the rule of law and democracy it is mandatory that the centuries old system as soon as possible be eliminated so that so called higher casts could not behave cruel towards so called lower casts. Judges think that this event of lohari demands that varn vyavastha should end.

Ther are many things to be considered
In this ruling of the ablejudges there are many things to be considered. “Lower” casts face cruel events continuously. Cases come in the courts too, but it could not be recalled as supreme court attacked the cast system itself in the ruling in any case. This is perhaps the first time that the supreme court took notice of this act in this way. But this advise of the able judges looks some strange. Do they hope that government will act on their advise. And even if acts, then this thousands of years old tradition which is fed into the minds of the people here as such that this has become their belief, will really be eliminated.? Do Judges are aware of the small but very powerful and strong faction that is dominant over almost all the aspects of the collective life of this country, and wants to keep this system anyway at any cost. By softness and by harshness too. This reservation in the jobs for dalits, this campaigning against religious minorities, promoting communal hatred, and these riots, are the strategy to keep this system going so that “lower” factions do not move from their state.

Make this the topic to debate
But no, the judges of supreme court can’t be unaware of these facts. Surely they are aware and are better aware than others. And they also know that the fall of this system is not easy, it is very difficult. And also that their advise is of no use. But after all that if they gave this remark, this expresses their mental pain which is caused because of this cruel system. And this is a satisfactory thing for all humans who are victims of this system or those who are human friendly or think the entire humanity as a creature of one god and his family. Able Judges expressed their inside by urging or advising the government. Now it is required that intellectual people of the country make it a topic to debate. This debate be started countrywide that this system of differentiating as high and low by birth, how rational and how irrational it is. Supporters of this system give their evidences and the opponents decline them. What and how much will be the effect of the two honourable Judges advise on the government, this is hard to say but this advise has provided an opportunity for a countrywide debate.
13/12/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


What the Union minister has said

“ India, in near future should not proclaim for organizing the Olympic games, because this is a poor country. We would successfully organize the common wealth games but that does not mean that we can even organize the Olympic games. This is very expensive thing. China spent fifty arawb rupees on organizing of Olympic games, can we spend such a huge amount. By looking at this country’s poverty and problems of the cities I don’t think that we should think of organizing Olympic games right now.” Union Sports minister M.S.Gill gave this unusual statement in rajya sabha on 25th November whem members expressed their view that if we would organize common wealth games successfully then we should claim to host the 2020 olympic games as well. This statement is unusual because the government, ruling front, and opposition BJP nobody is ready to accept that India is any poor country. Times of India (26th Nov) reporter was surprised that Union minister said poor country to India . If Gill could just stop by saying that right now our country is not in a position to host the Olympic games then it might not have been any objectionable thing but going further he said it is poor country and that too giving the statement formally in the parliament.

When Preime minister was in White House
But the most interesting factor of the union minister’s statement is that he called the country poor in such a movement and mentioned about the poverty and problems when our Prime minister was in America and he was being received as a leader of the “rising economic power’ and ‘world power’ , American president was hosting him like an equal super power, and the force of editors and reporters who went with him were decorating this welcome adding four moons more with their reports and analysis. 25th overnight, TV channels were making a hue and 26th newspapers, in which somewhere M.S.Gill statement was also there, were full of this welcoming news. During that time inside the parliament showing the country as poor is really shameful. By this, atleast those have become angry who like to host Olympic games, those might be upset as well who were getting out of the bottle with excitement watching America calling India a ‘world power’. This innocent and positive wishing people did not even come out of the anger, that they were slammed with another hit when rural development minister of state pradeep jain aditya told lok sabha on 30th November that 77% of the country’s population that is about 84 crore people are making their living earning less than twenty (20) rupees per day.

What is there behind this craze
About the economic situation of the country M.S.Gill spoke truth because he is not any politician, he is public service guy, he was chief election commissioner. And the minster of state had to speak truth because these numbers and statistics are presented by a committee of experts. This is the situation of the poverty in the country but our Government and two biggest political parties are dreaming about making it a ‘world power’ with the help of America. There is large population on the earth which is lacking the clean water to drink but these people are searching water on the moon by spending arawbs of rupees. In this craze this question is cleverly being covered as in south asia particularly in our country what is America’s agenda. Why it is pating the back of our politicians and by raising a hoax of imaginary global terrorism, for what goal we are being used. Present government’s policy makers and BJP agenda is very clear that they want to increase the well being and wealth of only one faction of our country. But few among the thinkers and realistic scholars of country can not rise so as to bring the government here and politicians out of this imaginary world and assumptions and convince them to work for the 85% citizen of our country. ?
10/12/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Question of English Daily

“Will Liberahan commision’s report be helpful in giving a new life to BJP ? ”. This question Indian Express posed to its readers who use internet. If any media reporter of a developed country of west or Asia who just came newly here, if read this question then he might have felt very strange. With this report what that party can be benefited whose top leaders had been accused of a big law breaking event, who are accused of bringing the country to the edge of communalism, it was said about them as they have exploited the emotional people for their political gains. After such heinous accusations by a law commission there could be more difficulties for the party and its leaders. The type of question itself shows that party is already in bad situation and it needs oxygen. And question says that this report is going to be proved as oxygen to the party? A new comer foreign media reporter might have been surprised over this question. Because in the developed countries these accusations are enough for any party to break down and be defeated.

This is what happens here
But this could be felt by only newcomer. Those reporters and analysts who are living here for long time now, and who might have studied the structural elements of the politics here, would have well understood the nature of the question. Because this is what happens here. Breaking law, destruction, killing and looting, and the game of blood and fire to take political advantage is not any strange here. That party is proved itself to be expert, the question is posed about. Moreover that party have grown and survived just by these law breaking and destructive slogans. Publishing of Librahan commission report not just in its workers and supporters but also in its high profile leaders, could have created a wave of cheerfulness, which had been seen in both the houses of parliament on 24th of November. Pleasure over the fact that atlast the devastated party had got some food for the new life. Also as this political group has many languages, over the same matter a different language in the parliament, some different language in the courts, and then an entirely different language infornt of the people. Experts of the wording game can be found in a large number in this party.

One more question
Few analysts might be thinking that if this political faction is such a dare in breaking law then why would people be supporting it ? Funny thing is that they get the support as well from a portion of people. That is because of the fact that this is the result of the people’s brain washing for long time. Resposnible nations and countries train their people over the constructive fronts. Here they are made dishonest, overstating and overmuch in a destructive way. This thing is done in educational institutions by syllabus books. Historical facts are shattered, continuously propaganda is done against the religious minorities. The biggest weapon is patriotism and Rashtrawad. The stroke of which even many big journalists, political analysts, historians and experts too can not withstand and start following their trend. Few because of their own mindset and few because of the fear of so called fake patrioctics. Newcomer foreign reporter might have been surprised more by seeing next day reply by the readers as 66% positive, that is two third of the readers give their opinion as BJP will be benefited by Liberahan commission’s report publishing. And thus the structural elements of the politics of this country can be an interesting topic for the developed countries.
07/12/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


“Attack” on media

Countrywide emotional and sensitive situation which was created over the statement of Sachin Tendulkar and the harsh comments of bal thackrey on that, was not even calmed down, the shiv sena party workers made their party and their leader again the target of countrywide anger and grief by attacking a TV channel’s office. These attacks were on IBN 7 and IBN Lok Mat centres on Nov 20th in Mumbai and Pune. Shiv seniks in their traditional way aggressively caused big damage and destroyed tools and stuff. They have beaten staff, scolded them, abused women staff. They had a complain that these two channels were using inappropriate language against their leader bal thackrey continuously since many days. The rowdiness was so brutal that condemning started from all over the country immediately after the news spread about it. The outrage of media was specially worth watching. Shiv sena ally BJP too expressed grief over the events. Moreover Raj Thackrey sena too condemned this violence. Condemning from other political parties too is continued. Bala sahib thackrey is being criticized, in media he is being scrutinized in such a words which never ever had been used for him before.

They do not have right to make noise

This anger against thackreys and shiv senas is valid as their talk and action is as such, but atleast one faction has no right to cry over that and that faction is media. That is because they are the one who make thackreys. And that thing media people do as per their unwritten but agreed upon rule that “Give publicity to those who are emotional, aggressive and give statements based on the hate and hatred and spread their statements where as ignore those who talk sincere and constructive and talk about mutual relations, do not give much importance to them.” 45 years ago when bala sahib thackrey started his politics in mumbai with the statements against south Indian people residing in Mumbai, then Maharashtra ’s marathi and and gujrati press tossed it up very much. Newspaper reporters used to always surround thackrey, each and every word uttered irresponsibly used to be reported, long interviews of thackrey used to be published. When thackrey turned towards muslims in the name of hindutva then this thing became four times over. Then the English press and south Indian regional language newspapers also started publishing in the same chorus and then the south Indians in mumbai took a bit relaxed breath.

Message to the destructive elements

Newspaper by adopting this behaviour indirectly sent a message to the destructive and evil minded elements that speaking with hate and hatred against any group or community is the easiest and best way of gaining popularity. By this an individual not only just gets popular and important but also the government and law get scared to him. Police too fear getting on him. Because the destructive and provoked crowd is his strength and just by an appeal he can gather a crowd. And comes into the position of igniting the fire and blood and the killing and looting business just by one statement. Along with bal and raj thackrey, many other evil leaders newspapers have created in different parts of the country. Then when TV channels along with the newspapers came into this field, they just changed the style of reporting completely. Made this profession completely corrupt. Linguistic, Regional, Cultural, Religious and Communal feelings are being exploited, and that is how today country’s media had become a social evil. But when the dishonest owners, editors and reporters started this all, they never ever have imagined that their own created elements can turn towards them one day. And now when they turned, now these guys are making noise which they have no moral right for. Why not it should be told to them that this is all your deed, now taste it. ?

04/12/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh