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Egypt, Saudi Arab’s stand and Islamic Movement

A Saudi delegation headed by minister of religious affairs Shaik Saleh at Jamaat's headquarters
Shaik Saleh bin Abdul Azeez, minister of religious affairs, and wakf, Saudi Arabia visited the headquarters of Jamaat-e-Islmi Hind in Delhi on 17th Feb. with a sizable delegation.It was a part of his official programme. The hon’ble minister came to India on the invitation of renowned Islamic seminary Darul Uloom Deoband. What was the occasion is not known. He visited Darululoom on 16th February. Moulana Arshad Madani, president of Jamiatul Ulema gave a grand reception in his honour the same evening. Next day on his visit to Jamaat office the president of the Jamaat Moulana Syed Jalaluddin Umri welcomed him warmly.
Introducing the hon’ble guest to the audience Moulana Umri expressed his pleasure on arrival of Shaik Saleh to Jamaat HQ and briefed him with the activities of the Jamaat. The guest also reciprocated with his pleasant feelings about the visit.
But the extra ordinary and most important aspect of the programme was the Jamaat chief’s comments on current affairs. First he capped the position and influence of Saudi Arabia in the Islamic world and recalled the contributions of servants of the holy mosques. He complimented the Saudi government for the steps taken in favour of the people and against the brutal government of Syria. But expressing his deep concern and discomfort about the developments in Egypt, the Jamaat chief termed the stand of Saudi government as very regrettable. Moulana Umri said that Dr. Mohammed Morsi was elected with people’s mandate in a most democratic way. From day one his approach was very compromising. But for Israel he never acted against and had no abrasions with anybody. His government was functioning in accordance with the constitution of the country and his manifesto. But all of a sudden the military overthrew his government and put him and several of his colleagues behind bars. And whatever happened later is very much painful. But the stand of Saudi government is ununderstandable, he said. Similarly the government of Bangla Desh trying to crush the Islamic movement and oppress the Islamists, is a matter of great concern to the Muslim community. Butan un explicable silence prevails in the Arab world in this regard too. Moulana Umri made it clear that these sentiments are expressed as matter of benevolence and closeness with the Saudi government. We understand well the esteemed position of the state of Saudi Arabia and we have high regards for it. Our feelings are merely a result of this attachment, said the president.

In turn the hon’ble guest expressed similar sentiments and benevolence. We are already aware of the Jamaat’s stand expressed by its chief, and this is the stand of all the Islamic movements, he said. Clarifying the stand taken by Saudi government the guest said, since Mohammed Morsi took the reins of power in Egypt the conditions moved from bad to worse. Huge arms started pouring in from neighbouring states.  Civil war like conditions emerged. Egypt was at the brink of disintegration. That was the reason of military intervention. It was only to prevail peace and stability in Egypt, the government of Saudi supported the military, he said. The hon’ble guest also clarified that the state of Saudi Arab never acts against the interest of Muslim community. The interest of Muslims is foremost before any decision of his government. He further said that the reasonability of Saudi stand on Egypt will become clear in a short while. About Bangla Desh he said protest messages were sent to the government there.

The feelings expressed by the Jamaat’s president in this extra ordinary meeting were what ought to have been of a responsible leader of any Islamic movement. Similarly the reply of Shaik Saleh was what ought to have been of as are sponsible minister of Saudi government.  But if you look into the statements of the hon’ble guest some basic issues remain un attended. The internal situation of Egypt during Mohammed Morsi’s tenure which was described by Saudi guest is obviously based on his official information. But all the sensible and neutral people of the world observed that right from the day of announcement of general elections in Egypt several hurdles were created for Muslim Brotherhood and its Freedom and Justice Party at every step. Many trickeries were used to prevent them from contesting and winning the elections. Despite these hurdles when Mohammed Morsi got elected and took charge, conspiracies were hatched against him from the very next moment. The anti-Islamic forces within Egypt, Israel and American agencies joined hands. Morsi was never allowed to sit comfortably even for a single day. The Saudi guest in his talk had said that America, which never supported any Islamic government, was supporting Morsi government. Here also the information of Saudi representative may be trustable, but what was seen was that America was on the side of military oppressors and the military action against Morsi was not without American support. Abul Fatah Al Sisi had the complete backing of Israel and America. Since America pretends to be in favour of democracies and against military rule anywhere it had issued few formal statements about the developments in Egypt. Israel was most happy with situation in Egypt because it was benefited most from the dismissal of Morsi government and its leaders still say this openly. 

A basic question is about the justification for brutality of the military after usurping the power against the people of the country who were protesting against the injustice and how gruesomely the women, the aged and young children were crushed by attacking their camps. The height of cruelty is that a daughter was killed before her father and next day the father himself was done to death. A teen aged boy of a Brotherhood leader was killed and the leader was sent behind bars later. These kind of beastly and satanic acts of governments might have happened before emergence of civilized world. The very visualization of these bloody scene is hair raising and curse against its perpetrators is uncontainable. Later whatever was done against the Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing, their leaders, activists and supports is a black chapter of modern democratic world. The offices of Brotherhood and the assets of its activists were destroyed. The military rulers today announce very proudly that we have crushed political Islam in Egypt. Obviously America and Israel wished the same. If the words of the Saudi guest are accepted that‘it will be realized in a short while that the stand of Saudi government was right’ then it has to be seen ‘at what cost?’ How can it be compensated? Can the thousands of innocents who were killed brought back to life? No honest commentator of the world can deny this fact that the elected government of Brotherhood was punished because it talked of Islamic governance within the frame work of democracy and the wealthy rulers of Arab states opened the flood gates of their treasuries to support the tyrants.

The spirit that was behind the address of Moulana Jalauddin Umri, the president of the Jamaat also prevails while writing these lines with due benevolence for the Saudi government and respecting the esteemed position the servants of holy mosques enjoy. We feel these are the sentiments of the general Muslim community too. If the hon’ble Saudi guest could pass on these sentiments to his government we would remain grateful to him.

 22/02/2014 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT,
translated by: translationsonline.in


Ganjan and Malala

This is the headline of a letter in the Statesman (17 December 2013). Therein lies the mention of the courage and bravery a 12-year-old student, Ganjan Sharma of Assam, displayed while redeeming eight children from the traps of terrorists. Children were saved but Ganjan was kidnapped by the terrorists. Later, she too was rescued by the police. The media covered this incident but in brief and the government of Assam also announced a Bravery award for Ganjan. But the central government still has not given any attention to this young brave girl. Then, the correspondent compared the Ganjan episode with the incident of Pakistani girl Malala Yusuf Zai, who was “shot at by the Taliban for supporting the education of girls”. He has written that today Malala has emerged as an international figure on the basis of her courage whereas no one outside Assam knows Ganjan although she deserves encouragement and the National Award by the Government of India. This Class VIII student has demonstrated very high morale and extraordinary courage at a difficult time. Correspondent, Ashim Kumar Chakravarty has sent this post to the newspaper from Guwahati. This incident was not seen anywhere in the national media.

This is fair enough, but....
The point of Guwahati’s correspondent is absolutely correct. The brave girl of Assam must be encouraged at the national level. However, by giving reference to Malala in the incident of Ganjan, the correspondent did not provide the proof of his total awareness. The case of Malala is diametrically opposed: she was not attacked; no one shot at her. It was a drama being played by the western powers under a wider conspiracy intended to defame Islam and Islamic groups. Those who are aware of the reality behind the campaign which is going on in the name of ‘War in Terrorism’ and the American conspiracies in this regard are well aware of the reality of the incident of Malala too. But simplistic people too should know that Islam is not against the education of girls, but more than any other religion or ideology, Islam is more supportive. The real Taliban, whether they are from Pakistan or Afghanistan, are also not against girls education. These Islamic groups are against only co-education and the teaching which makes them rebellious against their parents and traditional families by creating moral evils among the new generation.

Awards are political
As far as the question of not giving any big award to Ganjan is concerned, the compliant of the correspondent is fifty per cent right and fifty per cent wrong. It is right because children are given bravery awards each year at the central level; it is wrong because everyone is not given. For this too, they have to do lobbying. Sometimes it could be a matter of political influence and political necessity also. Now the honour like the Bharat Ratna Award has also become a subject of political necessity. This honour has been given to the actor-politician MG Ramachandran of Tamil Nadu, not known in recognition of which national service. The truth is that, Bharat Ratna award became political after only a few years of its launch when it started being given posthumously. Now it is not known to what extent this process will be extended to real or imaginary personalities in distant past. It would be better that the correspondent of Guwahati does not get involved into the matter of any governmental honour for Ganjan. Encourage the girl at the local level and ensure her future education. Along this, high moral education of girls is also important.

22/12/2013 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by:Miss Khalida Hussain


The Proposal of Former Chief Justice

KG Balakrishnan wants a separate police cadre to be created in every state to deal with terror attacks. According to him, terrorism and extremism “have been the newer forms of disruptive forces which have to be handled by the police. These terrorist forces worked across many States, with links outside India. They also effectively used the latest technologies. To curb terrorism, the police forces would have to create a new cadre trained in low-intensity warfare.” (The Hindu). K.G Balakrishnan had been the Chief Justice of Supreme Court and now he is the chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission. He advanced the proposal for formation of a separate police cadre for terrorists, during the distribution ceremony of International Jurists Award 2013 and the National Law Day Award in New Delhi on November 30. On this occasion he also shared his ideas on ‘International Terrorism'. He made the statement on ‘separate police cadre’, in the same speech. Obviously, judges, lawyers, police officers and functionaries of law and order machinery must have attended the event in large numbers.

The process has been on for many years
The discussion on the subject of ‘International terrorism’ by a top jurist was not the first of its kind. Meetings of jurists, legal luminaries and heads of security agencies have been held earlier as well to discuss the subject. International conferences are also held. This process has been going on for several years. The most important thing is that, in these meetings, the definition of terrorism, its meaning and concept, its forms and varieties, are not usually discussed because the meaning of terrorism is already understood in the minds of convenors and participants of these conferences. And this meaning is the same which America has made the world understand after the so-called '9/11’ and the first and most vigilant among those who have understood this meaning according to the American Dictionary is the ruling class of this country. Extremism or religious extremism is the extremism of the adherents of a particular religion. To them, demolition of places of worship in the broad daylight with the whole world as witness, to terrorize a community by making (provocative) statements and issuing open threats in meetings and rallies, and genocide of a community by (engineering) riots, is not terrorism.
Had the leadership been awakened
Terrorism is indeed a major problem in this country. However, it must be seen how much it is real and how much fake. But even the need for discussion on this aspect is not felt in these conferences. This is the need in fact of the community which is the target of the entire exercise. But unfortunately, the leadership of this community does not realize it; rather it would not have any knowledge of what is being said on the subject of terrorism and international terrorism. Had there been any realisation and knowledge thereof, it would have (1) constituted a specialized group of scholars for further understanding of its goals; (2) prepared individuals to participate in talks and  discussions; (3) declared that the Muslim community is completely with the government and its security agencies’ efforts to counter terrorist threats, because this community is most affected by it; (4) demanded that the meaning of terrorism and its forms should also be discussed; (5) demanded that all incidents of terrorism in recent years must be re-investigated; and every upcoming incident should be inquired honestly and Muslim representatives be engaged in the process of inquiry, in some form or the other, and (6) the media should not be allowed to go out of control in this regard.

13/12/2013 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by:Miss Khalida Hussain


Superstition in Malaysia?

An Asian newspaper has reported that in Malaysia the people are extremely superstitious, conservative and orthodox. To avoid any kind of suffering, trouble or evil effect, they take help of sorcery. If some strange events take place at a certain place, building or hospital, it is assumed to have happed due to evil spirits and the services of healers are sought to get rid of them. Formal events are held in this regard. This work is done on both public and government levels. These rituals are performed at the time of laying the foundation or inauguration of government projects. In this report, there are some references of the provinces which indicate that this kind of activities takes place under the very nose of provincial governments. The Statesman has published this report on 24 October with courtesy of an Asian newspaper, The Star. The newspaper says that though Malaysia is divided with to regard to religion, yet all are united in superstition. To avoid natural disasters, it is common in Malaysia to take help of sorcerers. According to the report, some people are tangled with debate on the name of ‘Allah’ and ‘God’.

Who might be these people?
On the accuracy of this report, Malaysia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Malaysian Embassy in New Delhi should illuminate, as the issue is associated with them. Malaysia is a Muslim-majority county, the Muslims over there as a whole, are enlightened and practising; their faith is sound. So it is hard to understand how they would have become this much superstitious and orthodox. The part of the report published with reference to government sources should be clarified at the government level itself. However, peoples belonging to the Mangolian race and Southeast Asia and other nationalities are populated there in sizable numbers. This report might be correct in relation to these peoples. If the Star reporter had witnessed the rituals performed here in our country to ward off natural disasters, diseases, evil spirits and effects, and to find treasures, for success in elections and cricket matches, he would have observed Malaysian scenes as something quite dull. Here even innocent children are sacrificed for protection against evil spirits, fulfilment of sexual desire and success in projects.

Injustice of rationalists

But one more aspect needs to be discussed here. In this Statesman report with reference to the Star, it is said that, those who believe in supernatural powers and evil spirits are not only the residents of Malaysia, the residents of America, Canada and even Britain are not lagging behind. The Huffington Post unveiled a survey that 45% of Americans believe in ghosts and life after death. And it is this mental imbalance of the so-called enlightened and rationalists, which stops a class of humans from reaching to the truth of religion. To them, even believing in death after life is an orthodox belief and superstition. This discussion raises its head, from time to time, in our country also. Recently, a man, who was actively working against the people believing in superstition and sorcery, was killed in Mumbai. Even at that time English commentators had placed the perception of death after life in conservatism. The scholars and philosophers of other philosophies and religions know what they think about them, but Muslim scholars must try to differentiate between the two before the countrymen.
27/11/2013 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by:Miss Khalida Hussain