Nepal's Propaganda Against India

India's neighbour, a small highland kingdom Nepal's resigned Prime Minister has created a flood of allegations against India. He has started a campaign of allegations of conspiracy against India. He is openly saying that India is playing a dirty game in their country. To remodel a new Government in Nepal it is involved in the horse trading of the members of the Parliament.In the public meeting organised by the relatives of the people, who were missing in the Civil War which raged in Nepal for the past one decade, the ex-gorilla leader and resigned Prime Minister Pushp Kumar Duhal Prachand shouted allegations of starting the ugly game of horse trading, against the old parties. He stated that the parties which were being rejected and defeated by the public and those who do not have the leadership abilities they have started these dirty games on the instructions of their foreign masters as they had done during the reign of the Nepal Naresh. Analyst say that although Prachand has not named India directly but it is clearly evident that he meant India and America, as his party has put an allegation on both these foreign forces for interfering in the internal matters of the country. It can be recalled that on 4th May after an unsuccessful attempt to sack the Army Chief, Prachand himself resigned from his post and immediately after this India has been accused of playing a suspicious role in this drama. He also said that a leader of a political party had informed him that crores of rupees are spent on horse trading. My colleagues are being traded, this is a dangerous situation. The resigned Nepali Prime Minister has claimed that his resignation was an attempt by his party to establish Civil superiority over the Army which has acted as a "missile" for the independence and sovereignty of Nepal against the attempt of intervention of the foreign forces. During this time a Maoist daily newspaper also intensified the propaganda against India. It stated that New Delhi was planning to recall its Ambassador Rakesh Sood in Kathmandu as he was unable to fulfil his mission. A day before the newspaper stated that a senior RAW officer who was deployed in Kathmandu was instructing parties to form a new Government. This series of new allegations have begun when it was clear that around two dozen parliamentary parties were unable to form a Government within the time frame issued by the President Ram Baran Yadav. Now it seems that Nepal is going to repeat history of the last year and election will be conducted again within a year for all the 601 seats of Parliament. A day before Nepal's acting Prime Minister who is certain about his belief that his party will return to power once again, said that he will not bear any foreign pressure and will have same and equal relationship with China as they have with India. He said that some people feel that India is trying to gain undue advantage from the pacts regarding India and Nepal's relationship. We want to establish the similar treaty with China as we had the 1950 Peace and Friendship Treaty with India. For this I had planned the Bejieng tour(which is now cancelled). We want similar kind of relations with both India and China. The 55 year old acting Prime Minister had clearly stated that he will never use India against China or vice-versa. India should not get caught in such doubts. We want to have a pact similar to the 1950 pact with India with one more country. The 1950 pact which is considered as a base of India Nepal relationship, does not reflect the feelings and emotions of the Nepali people instead they feel that they are being cheated through this pact. This is completely in favour of India. In spite of all his plutonic statements he is not able to comment on the long awaited demand of the Maoists to put an end to the process of recruitment of the Nepali Gurkhas in the Indian and the British Army. With all these, the analysts believe that in spite of the promise of not using India and China against each other, they would definitely and surely do all this which is evident from the accusations and complaints in Nepal against India, any way this treaty will be a result of the reaction against India.
13/05/09 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

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