On the Goa beach

Deputy Director of the tourism department of Goa state Ms Pamela Masker strongly believes that in the tourism beach of the state, whatever sexual assaults were made to the women, those women themselves were responsible for that. They invite this trouble themselves by their own behaviour. Ms Pamela also said in a tourism fair in Delhi on 29th of Jan. that soon there will be ban on the use of bikini for women on the beach. Because seeing women in this dress, feelings of men arouse and these sexual assaults happen. Ms Pamela wants that women dress well so that they be safe from the bad eyes. If they are semi-nude everyone give a bad eye. (Mail Today 31st Jan). This statement of a Lady official of Goa came with regards to an incident in which some one did sexual assault on a Russian girl. There was a huge cry over that. Before this, in December a member of parliament from Goa Shanta Ram too expressed the same views when a Tourist woman complained that a man living with her did sexual assault on her. M.P. had said that this type of treatment is natural with a woman who keep wandering around till late night.

Motives of this hue and cry ?
These opinions of Goa MP and a Lady officer are realistic and unbiased, but it is unacceptable to the society as a whole. Thus, the outcry over that started from different corners. Women’s rights organizations, Freedom of likes and dislikes advocates, and off track media workers, everybody was shouting that this is old-fashioned thinking. But the mostly hurt is the business of the vulgarity. Centre and state departments of tourism are concerned that if foreign tourists are restricted for nudity, then the tourism business will be lapsed. State income will be lowered because tourism is the biggest source of income for the state, which is there because of the beach. But this business can not run without giving freedom to the foreign culture. And that is how the matter is clear. Required is the monitory benefit, let it be at any cost. The exact same thing is said about the Umm-Ul Qabaith (liquor) also. That, if that is banned then a large portion of the centre and state income will be decreased. No matter how many deaths as a result happen, how many accidents take place, how many homes are ruined, generations and generations are spoiled.

Where are the patriotics?
It is said this country is a Dharm Pradahan Desh. Its entire history is full of highly moral values and character. Very long tales are found in the old mythology about it. Which is even discussed on TV channels today. Upadesh of doing good and avoiding bad are still heard everyday. More important is that a very strong movement is there based on this traditional character , civilization and patriotism. Which has hundreds of secondary institutions. They are advocates of these traditions. But it is not seen that they did any effective campaigning for these disastrous immoral evils. Sometimes just being shy something is told and heared but from inside there is no sense of it. That is may be because this patriotic movement is run by the huge donations of very big capitalists, industrialists and foreign donations. And among them are even those investors who do the business of this vulgarity and Paap Janani. These are the patriotics who raise their voice over the outcry of Europe and America against muslim woman’s veil but welcome the western vulgarity in their own country and defend it. Goa Lady Pamela and M.P. Shanta ram should be reminded towards this too.
07/02/10 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaik