Indo-Pak Relationship

The relations between India and Pakistan are so fragile and sensitive that they get affected very easily, both have so many complaints against each other that their resolution all of a sudden is not only difficult is it an impossible task. There are innumerable reasons which spoil the relations and relationship. These reasons are live and active, but like Mr.S.M.Krishna said that neighbours cannot be changed, we have to live with them. Therefore it is the responsibility of the neighbours to see how can they resolve their mutual complaints. One way of doing this is that they meet each other regularly. If this is continued, then this hope can be kept alive that settlement can take place,it will open doors to reconciliation. This can also remove misconceptions and will give way to solution of valid complaints. Distances will not only increase the misconceptions they will cause the complaints to pile up. One more advantage of this would be that the people who try to spoil relationships will not get a chance to take advantage of the situation. But as this is a two sided affair, therefore the interest and efforts of only one will not be fruitful, the assent and involvement of both is necessary. That is why it is important that Pakistan should also take strong steps to build up trust. Both should keep themselves away from such acts which cause a dent in the trust. In the same way it is also important not to take our issues to others, not to complain to others and a limit put on them that now some action should be taken. This also has a big hand in the spoiling of Indo-Pak relationship.

UPA's Central Government has given hints that it might start talks with Pakistan again provided that Pakistan takes a bold step in removing these hurdles due to which this act of dialogue got suspended. It should be explicit that after the Mumbai terrorist attack last year the Indian Government declared to stop all talks with Pakistan unless Pakistan provides strong evidence that its land is no longer being used for anti Indian activities. This was stated by the the new External Affairs Minister S.M.Krishna in his first address to the media after taking the oath of office on last Saturday 23rd of May. He said India is ready to carry out talks with Pakistan and extend the hand of friendship but for this it is necessary that Pakistan practically tells the whole world that it has brought an end to terrorism on it's soil and has taken strong actions in this regard. If the result of these proceedings can be seen by the world then the world will be assured that the Government of Pakistan is really serious about this matter. Mr S.M.Krishna said India, along with Pakistan wants good and friendly relations with all it's neighbours and it is India's desire to work for peace and prosperity of the whole area together with it's neighbours. This is India's topmost priority. He said he can not change his neighbours, that is why it is a matter to see how to live in peace with them.
28/05/09 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

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