When the news reached Gujrat

This is an event in Surat city of Gujrat. On 27th of April when the news reached there, that in anti-muslim riots of 2002 after Godhra train accident, there will be inquiry about the role of Chief Minister Modi , few other ministers and government officials, after hearing this news Zakia Jaffery, the widow of late Ihsan Jaffery took The Holy Quran in her hands, thanked Allah and said , “We believe in supreme being Allah, we trust supreme court and S.I.T. , we will get justice , and opressors will reach to their destiny .” According to Indian Express (28th April), Mrs Jaffery told in grievous tone, remembering painfull scenes of riots that , “I will never forget that day, when innocent people were killed infornt of my eyes, my husband was dragged out to the road and killed by swords and knives, Allah Almighty will never forgive them.” Congress Leader and former M.P. Ihasan Jaffery used to live in a colony Gulmerg Society in Ahmedabad. The 28th February accident, which Mrs Jaffery was mentioning, took place there, in which 63 people were martyred. Supreme Court ordered the S.I.T. Inquiry upon the plea of Mrs Jaffery herself.

Condition of their beleif
Nothing can be said right now about the way of inquiry by Special Investigation Team (SIT) and its result, that if the moment has come to punish opressors or god still want to give them time. But here aim is to mention the condition of belief found in people of Gujrat. Storm passed over their heads. Circumstances are still tough, but the morale of their belief is not effected. The entire world is aware of the fact that this harm to the muslims of Gujrat was brought only because of being muslims. Muslim means, believers in Allah, Prophet and Resurrection. Where as like other parts of the country, muslims of Gujrat were also not any ideal muslims. All types of people are among them. But in 2002 when they were facing killing and damage, there was no news from any place where muslims collectively decided to withdraw from their religion and belief. Of course ran here and there to protect their life and esteem, but did not break their relation with God and Prophet. Could be, at some places few muslims individually compromised but as a whole, muslims of the state were firm on the religion and Quran, are firm and will be firm god willing. Remember Allah in trials. Also upon hearing hopeful news, take his name.

This is the situation country wide
And this character of the muslims of Gujrat represents the character and behaviour of all the muslims of the country. Though harassing muslims for being muslim is very old but after “freedom” this continued in a planned way. Thousands of anti-muslim riots are witness of that. Towns and Villages are ruined. Well found populations have been specially targeted. Apart from this, on upper level, to make muslims weak as muslim big big psychological tactics were used. To create inferiority among muslims about their religion, and to break their emotional attachment with Islam, every trick is used. Through school syllabus, poisoning minds of non muslim kids against muslims and Islam, and muslim kids themselves to deteriorate their believes, well organized efforts are continuing for sixty years. To keep muslim constantly in fear and uncertain situation, political actions also taken. This situation was such that if it were been any other religious group it would had died out. But .. There is some thing that our existence doesn’t extinct.. And Belief is that thing. May Allah make that belief more stronger and grant efficacy to fulfill the requirements of the belief to the Islamic Community of India.
04/05/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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