A reality which was obscured

In 1999 an Indian passenger airplane being hijacked, and from Khandahar airport bringing it back in return of some pakistani terrorists, and the events of outcry after that might be fresh in many people's minds. This incident took place in the period of BJP's central government when Atal bihari vajpayee was prime minister, Lal krishn advani was home minister and Jaswant singh was foreign minister. Opposition Congress uproar against the matter was questioning that why the dangerous terrorists were released in return of the passengers lives. They not only were released but foreign minister by himself took them in an special airplane and handed over at Khandahar airport to their friends. BJP (NDA) government in this case just kept giving explanation. Lal krishn advani deliberately ignored. Later on he claimed that foreign minister taking the terrorists along with him, was not in his knowledge. In this entire argument a reality, which was obvious like day light, was hidden. This reality was never let be the topic of the debate. Media kept quite illfully, informed people were left wondered.

What had happened before Khandahar
But now Mr Jaswant Singh had started the discussion of the reality. After his expulsion from BJP over his book release about Mohammed Ali Jinah and in the debate after that he reminded people of the country that airplane landed at Amritsar before going to Khandahar. Passengers could have been freed there itself by taking action there, but no action had been taken there. Plan was let to fly from there. For not taking action and to let plane go from there, Jaswant singh calls Home Ministry responsible, of which Mr Advani was the chief. If action were taken in Amritsar, Khandahar situation could not have been occured. (Hindustan Times, Page 10, 24th August). Reminder of Mr Singh might have led many to recall that plane IC-814 before landing in Khandahar tried to land in Gulf and Pakistan too, but could not get permission. During the same time it landed in Punjab at Amritsar airport and stayed for a long time. When no action had been taken, peacefully flied away. Outcry started when the plane reached Khandahar and hijackers presented their demands.

The actual reason of outcry?
One more very important thing should be recalled. Taliban or their regime had nothing to do with plane hijacking. They mediated unbiased. Tried to make the safety of passengers sure. Provided water and food to them. Co-operated totally with the Indian Government. This was the reason after coming back Mr Jaswant singh thanked Taliban and their government and praised their cooperation. (Foreign minister's statements are present on record and those days news papers files can be referred.) But just after few days Taliban were also being scolded. Means politics started. Then in that politics the actual role of Taliban obscured. Amritsar and Taliban reality could have been remained obscured if BJP does not make fuzz over Jaswant Singh's book, and Jaswant singh did not dare to speak truth. There are many realities like this which are hidden by inhuman politics. Mr Sigh's actual statement is just that, the plane landed in Amritsar and no action had been taken at that time and home ministry was responsible for that. But by this statement many facts relating to the incident are coming out. The reason for the outcry over the book release is also could be the same that many realities with regards to the partition of India may come out.
28/08/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


After publishing of book

Release of the Book of Mr Jaswant Singh about Mohammed Ali Jinah and Partition of India and reaction over that is an important and unusual event in the politics after freedom. Mr Singh tells about the background and the motive behind his research, that he thought to write on the facts about the partition ten years ago when Vajpayee went to Pakistan with the bus. But five years before this thought got stronger and making Mohammed Ali Jinah a focal point, he started digging facts about partition and started writing down the outcome of his study. The reaction over Mr Sigh's book "Jinah - India - Partition and Freddom" is of two types. The liberal minded researchers and analysts praised it calling it a research study, the same time BJP had made a big fuzz against it. Congress reaction is in control at large, though Congress and its leadership is also named responsible for the situation at the time of partition. But BJP lost its control in anger, just because the book held Sardar Patel's behaviour responsible as well for the partition of India along with the Congress and Nehru. For this 'crime' party expelled Mr Singh and imposing the ban on this book in its states.

The important thing is negative reaction
This is the innovation era of Internet and media. This matter spread all over the world. In Europe and America also this is being taken interestingly. And the fact is also that, the important is the reaction over the book rather than the book. This reaction in itself is very meaningful and on its own telling the realities which were there behind the partition of India. Non-aligned and truth loving people might be noting many things. The criticism on BJP and its parivar is just little if said as party is opposing a research work and freedom of expression, also Sardar Patel was not Mahasabha or Sangh guy, he was a Congressman and as a Home Minister of Congress Government he imposed the ban on RSS when Gandhiji was killed. Then why BJP looks at him as its hero, whereas looks at Congress and Nehru as enemy... The matter is not just of Congress or BJP, this is all about a mentality, the mentality which created the situation of partition. By its injustice, not keeping promise, lies and cheekiness made a patriotic individual like Mohammed Ali Jinah upset from the battle of freedom.

Take part in the debate
The partition of India is a big incident, which actually affected the muslims of Indian Sub continet. The reasons for partition and the elements responsible for that are not those which are shown, but some what else. The cast system and political philosophy of Chanakya is a very big factor in that. Because of the unrest of situation sub continent muslims are quite in this matter since 62 years. Indian muslims in particular, made feel guilty of the crime and that is why their toungue is shut. The emotional muslims of Pakistan are happy that they got an independent state. They are uncocerned with the benefit of Ummah and the humanity at large. The Bangla nationality is stamped over Bangadesh muslims. These are the Indian muslims who are under the pressure of an artificial majority since 62 years. This all trouble is just beacuse of the fact that the actual reasons and objectives of the partition are not brought forward. That is because the domination of so called majority all depends on it. It is not like the efforts to bring forward these realities are not made. Many books on this topic in India and Britain are published. In 1989 book of H.M.Serwai "Partition of India , Myth and reality" was a historic document. Anyway muslim scholars and learned people always avoided this debate. But now an important document came into picture by a very experienced leader. Muslim scholars should express their reaction. But this reaction should be free from the psychological fear and be comprising of the facts.
25/08/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Why the collective system of Zakat?

To understand the mandatory zakat and the wisdom behind it, firstly the beleif of Islam be refreshed in mind which demands a complete way of life. The religion of Islam guarantees the salvation of this world and the hereafter for entire mankind and presents the solution for all those problems which occur in human life by debating it all.
Individual and collective both. Among the necessities of life the economic problem is the biggest problem of human life. Islam takes account of it considerably but with complete balance and justice.
Considers people's skill, ability, hardwork, neceesity, inability and helplessness everything. Zakat is an important part of Islam's economic principle. Spitrit of this is that "take money from rich and give it out to poor and needy."
Also "the wealth should not just be struck in hands of your rich." The ways of both giving and taking are set as well. In the belief this measure has been taken as the giver should not think as if he is doing any favour. The same way there should not be any inferiority or feeling of gratefulness by the one who takes. In both of them if there is any sense of gratefullness that should be only for the God Allah. Then the purpose of zakat is made certain by the collective system of zakat. But it is obvious that to act upon that is the responsibility of Ummah. But right now the situation is such that, because of the time factors and the disintegration of ummah where very other collective matters of Islam are affected , the same way zakat spirit is also affected. The concept of Islamic collectiveness was shaded after the Khilafat-e-Rashida itself. And by the time Islam reached the land of India, zakat has been just left as an individual act. Where as like the collective prayer the giving zakat also demands the collective system. Here everyone is aware of the importance and advantages of praying collectively but unaware of the importance and significance of paying zakat collectively. Those who even strictly follow the prayers collectively, do not pay attention towards the collective system of zakat. Very interesting but unfortunate situation it is. Every praying individual knows that praying alone is valid but praying together is definitely something special. But this simple point is not understood that paying zakat alone makes it valid but the wisdom behind paying it collectively is something special. Whereas everyone can notice that establishing prayer and giving zakat came simultaneously in Quran. Actually the importance and wisdon of collective zakat can not be explained until the concept of islamic collectiveness is not readily understood well in mind. The same way the value and price of the Islamic economics system can not be confidently presented to non-muslims until we ourselves understand it very well.

The necessities of human life, specially for the solution of economic problem, people in every era in the history are seen worried and striving. In the recent era the solution was presented as the distribution of wealth should be equal. And an agency to control this should exist at international level or atleast at country level. Contrary to that another solution was presented as those who are already rich try to make more money and for that purpose utilize those who do not have wealth. Then pay to anyone of them whatever is desired. However the hold over the wealth will be theirs. If the first solution is unnatural , inavlid and immoral, the second one is exploiting and cruel. But this is unfortunate for the world that few big economic and military powers have imposed this second solution on the world. All countries are helpless infront of that. Then it is not just this capitalistic solution just exploits humans economically but also the moral anrchy, vulgarism, shamelessness, disgracefulness , and exploitation of women are the components of this economics system. In the whole world no one except Islam has the skill and courage to challenge this satanic system of economics. That is why by the blessed muslim economists the efforts are being made to introduce the Islamic banking or interest free banking. But the first step of introducing this should be the easy and practical collective system of zakat which is ofcourse related to muslim ummah, but this is the best way of witnessing unto mankind as well. Mohammed Younus of Bangladesh with the experiment of micro economics attarcted the entire world, in the same manner in the whole country india or in any state by successfull experiment of collective system of zakat the world can be attarcted towards the blessings of Islamic collectiveness. The sincere practise on any of the Islamic ruling is the witness unto mankind and in today's world, to free up and for protecting the common people from interest based cruel and exploiting system, attarcting them towards the principles of Islamic economics is an effective means of witness unto mankind.

Like the required collectiveness in Islam , the concept of collective zakat has also become strange in this country. So to attarcat and explain this scholars have to work hard. Few people by referring to the unislamic government mention the practical difficulties. Few big madarsah administrators also fear that if the central baitul mal is established, the income for madarsahs will be affected. One more concern is that for this great responsibility the required honest workers and volunteers can not be found. These concerns are not just baseless. There is sense in these concerns. Thus the scholars calling for collective system should provide satisfactory answers for this, which surely they can do. Similarly those people who are concerned in this regard, by taking into consideration the great benefit of the religion and ummah at large, should give a second thought. The collective system of zakat can not be unjust towards the deserving parties. If any institution deserves the complete dependence on zakat, then this consideration will be there in baitul mal in the light of shariah. Apart from other benefits and blessings the collective system of zakat will be the source of unity and integrity of the nation in this country.
Inshallah God willing.

This special issue of Seh Roza Dawat is intended to attract scholars , thinkers and writers and to the muslim nation through them, towards the collective system of zakat, but in a way that all issues be in front. Any weighty objection, concern be not ignored. In the ev of Ramadhan (1430 H / 2009) When the practising people of ummah do charity , donations and pay zakat, educating them about the fundamental wisdom of zakat, Inshallah God willing would be beneficial. And it will give good results. In this regard, the readers expressions and scholars opinion and suggestions will be given space in Seh Roza Dawat.

22/08/09 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT Special Issue, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


India, Pakistan, China

  • In 3rd August Asian, an ex higher navy officer, Vice admiral Arun Kumar singh wrote in his article that India has lost many chances of finishing Pakistan or getting victory over. Right now Pakistan itself is a victim of terrorism and process of breaking apart. Thus India has no choice but to wait for it to break.
  • On 7th August in the Asian Age, a bengali brahmin living in Mumbai Shyamal kumar chatterji called the article of navy officer an expression of patriotism, but did not agree with the thing that there should be wait to see Pakistan breaking but wrote that the present crisis of Pakistan is a good chance for India. Taking advantage of it Pakistan should be broken into peices and for this cause the long term national policy has to be derived. This is need of the hour.
  • On 10th August chief of navy admiral suresh mehta said addressing an important meeting of naval officers that " In the power and strength and military and economic progress there is no comparison of India and China, India is far behind. Thus the common sense demands that instead of any type of tension better to be with mutual cooperation and friendship. In traditional and non-traditional both type of military skills China is much more farther than us. (Indian Express / 11th August).

India and China
  • According to the Indian Express and Mail Today of 12th August in one of the websites of China, which is beleived that, belongs to the semi-governmental scholars of China, an article has been published in which it is said that for the stabilization of China and for the betterment of the Asia it is necessary that India be divided into some twenty , thirty pieces, which is possible with little effort of China. According to the article, in the history India was never been one nation or a united country. It is the collection of different nations and identities which the disintegrating hinduism keeps bound to a cast system and an exploitism. It is said in the article that China should help the seperatists in Assam, Nagaland, Kashmir, and Tamil Nadu. After the break down of Indian Federation, China can take its 90,000 Sq Km land (Arunachal Pradesh) to which it calls south tibbet.
  • The Indian Foreign Ministry raised objection over the article, and advised China to be carefull in this regard, so that relations do not get affected. Along with that foreign ministry officials named the article from a Chinese website as the personal opinion of some analyst, means that is not the stand of Chinese government. (Indian Express / 12th August) Chinese article was posted on 8th of April

Two facts are obvious

There are many aspects of this information, but two facts are very obvious. 1) Every stronger one wants to harm the one who is weaker. 2) Every weaker one does not appear as wishing to upset its stronger counterpart but wants to weaken it with all other methods. Our country's policy is according to the chanakya teachings. A philiosopher kotla alias chanakya of some two three thousand years ago, derived some regulations for society and government under the brahmin system of 'varn vyavastha'. His book is popular with the name "Arth Shastr". According to him, do not make any powerful neighbour angry. Treat him with friendship and soft corner, whereas keep weak neighbours under fear, unrest and unprotected, and harrass them so that they obey you. If observed, most of the countries seem to act on this policy. China is a big power but not so big that it can challenge America. That is why China keeps quite on the American bullying in the world. Today there is no any material power bigger than America. If tomorrow, any one comes up, America will behave the same way as India does with China or China with America. Now the question is that, is this situation good for the world and the humanity ? No, it is disasterous. Thus, the world and the humanity needs a central moral power which can establish justice on earth. Save oppressed, weakened and insignificant. Control the oppressors, power holders and weighty. And that moral and spiritual power undoubtedly is Islam.
19/08/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Outcry over the cruelty is meaningless

Before independence lower casts were called untouchables. Later on, to lessen their inferiority, the term 'harijan' coined by Gandhi ji was being used. Along with that the term of scheduled cast and scheduled tribes were derived in the country's constitution. The word 'harijan' when lost its meaningfulness as Gandhiji's concept, this was stopped. Now in the newer terminology they are called dalits. During the freedom fight and after that very big scholars and writers were born among them. Many among them consistently kept writing and speaking against the prejudice of brahmin system. In the villages and rural areas the hue and cry over the cruelty is a continual act. But the just fact is that they do not have any moral right to complain. Their hue and cry is completely invalid, meaningless and baseless. Because these communities voluntarily accepted the brahminic social system. They are practicing it since a long time and even today they are part of it. The believes given by the founders of this system, they beieved in those. The idols which were assigned, they started worshipping. Marriage, birth, death and matters of daily life which ever family pandit is allocated, they depend on him and follow for generations.

This is not oppression but punishment
So why complain ? Whatever happens with them, which they call oppression that is actually the punishment of the violation of the social system etiquettes. For example if brahmin decided that lower cast people can not go to the temples of higher cast, then why do they go ? When they go they are beaten. They can not take water from superior cast people's well, why they try to take water. A dalit officer, why takes service from a brahmin janitor. When they do not have right to hold property, respectable names then why do they try to have it ? It is as simple as if you do not violate rules you will not be punished. And yes, if the voluntary acceptance is not there. That is if in the past if the stronger and clever groups of people forcibly made the weaker groups of people to be bound, then it should be looked into as if they resisted it or not. Goutham Boudh, Mahaveer and Krishn etc were the personalities to whom the founders of the system either made failed or by acceptoing them as the branches of their own system made them quite. In the recent past Chaitanya, Jyothi Baphule, Dr Ambedkar and Rama Swamy Naekar and just a while ago scholars like Kanshi Ram roused against brahminism.

But the question is of the current era
Leave this all. The question is of the current era. The discovery of the new branches of knowledge, development of science and technology and the era of internet who can force anybody that be tied to the unjust system thousands of years older. But the fact is that, they are forced, but with some other methods. Like by providing quota in the government jobs for scheduled casts. Tough laws against the oppression over dalits. The scheduled casts and tribes commission to monitor the protection of dalit rights and the implementing of laws for their protection. And these things are enough for dalit communities. They are satisfied as well with that. If not satisfied they could have demanded the national commission instead of the scheduled casts and tribes commission to investigate as cast system when and why was founded. Weaker groups accepted it voluntarily or was there any force for that. What is the rationality of it in the present times ? who needs it ? Then what ever result this investigation brings, that should be accepted. That is either this system has to be embraced whole heartedly or completely rejected. If embraced it, no complains of cruelty should be there. And if rejected , one should call to himself a free and respectable human being and try to understand life with the new beginning. There is no middle way. If there is any middle way that is only like U.P's Maya sit in a corner of a classroom and also keep crying.
16/08/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


The first lesson of innocent girl

A detailed report about the cruelty on the dalit families in Uttar Pradesh and the inhuman behaviour of the society with them, was published in Asian Age of 20th July. In the foreword of the report, a lady reporter Amita Verma mentioned about the first day experience of an innocent girl, at a government school, was like this. "6 years old Maya was very happy that morning as she was all prepared to go to school for the first time, her family members were happy too. Mother gave her bath, did beautify her, made her wear the school uniform. When she reached in the class room, she sat with other kids. She just had sit there and the school teacher spilled the poison in her ears. "O girl, stand up and go and sit in that corner, you can not sit with these kids." Then she came to know that she belongs to a lower cast that is why she is made to sit seperate from others. And this way it is the first lesson that Maya got in her first time in school." In the same report, with reference to a NGO, 'Maqsad' it was told that in the 90% of the government schools in Uttar Pradesh, there is discrimination against the dalit kids, where as the government over there is of a dalit woman. The news about the denial of eating the food cooked by dalit women in the schools keep coming every other day.

Something else
In The Times of India, 27th July, its reporter Sabodh Ghildiyal showed with reference to a survey that even though the tough laws against the cruelty on dalits are present, people fear them too, also the dalit community has come into the striking position, countrywide the untouchability is continued. The situation in rural areas is worst. The statistics of the different type of hurtful harrassment were given too. Again on 3rd August a detailed report of Shobha John was published which comprised of many journalists reports. In that one also, it was showed with supporting statistics that where and what type of harrassment is faced by dalits in the country. Right during these news reports, in the evening of 4th August a news from Maharashtra has come that the state government had decided to implement tough sections of the central law regarding scheduled cast and tribes. Any village where any of the dalit family or any its individual is harrassed, the entire village will be penalized and its development fund will be decreased. After Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra is the second state where most of the tyranny exists against dalit casts.

This is just a glimpse
These reports about the cruelty against dalit casts just show a glimpse of the actual situation. The problem is more complex and wider than that. It is noticed that when these reports come, they come for many days continuously, but when do not, remain quite for weeks. More over the reporting style also depends on the reporters, as what mind set they are of. About media it is not required to tell as in whose hands it is. ____ This situation of cruelty with dalit cast... though government had made very tough laws to eliminate it. Also for supervising the implementation of these laws and for protection of the dalits a national commission has been established as well. Central and state governments do lot of things for the betterment of these communities. Apart from these, numerous NGo's are active for their welfare. Dalit politics is on its peak these days. But the cruelty against them is not stopping at all. The rural communities and their illiterate families and poor communities keep shouting and crying anyway, in the cities, educated dalits and higher government officials complain about the discrimination as well. That is because a brahmin janitor hates his I.A.S. officer.
13/08/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


One More Question on the Muslim Personal Law

The commission set up by the Government to supervise and improve the present system of law, has submitted it’s report to the central Law Minister Veerappa Moily. It should be kept in mind that since the past few days dissatisfaction is being expressed over the present system in the country specially the Judicial system. Some groups have stated that it is very important to remove some of the evils that are present. There is dissatisfaction over the structure too. The way corruption has started engulfing this system, concerns are also raised over this. Stress has been given to make justice simple and easy and the harms of not getting justice at the right have also been included. Talks have also been done to make the judicial system better because the weight of such cases is going on increasing in which the decision is pending. This can be realised from the fact that the number of such cases have risen up to fifty thousand and in other higher courts that is 21 High Courts the number of such cases has become even more than 37lakhs and it is still going on increasing. The complaints of malpractices and corruption are also increasing. Like politics, even on the courts the shadow of the anti social elements is not only cast it is increasing, so much so that doubts on the character of some of the higher officials of the judiciary have been expressed. In this regard, this matter is also worth considering that the process of impeachment of the judges should also be made easy and their complete picture should come out in front of the public. Just like it is necessary that all important information regarding the politicians should be public in the same way this should be applicable for the judges as well.

Keeping all these things in mind the Government formed this commission, it’s chief was the former Chief Justice A R Lakshman. Where on one hand the commission has diverted the attention of the government towards various other things and presented their opinion, also given recommendations, together with it they have also raised a very sensitive issue. It is not clear whether it was in it’s scope or not, meaning whether it’s opinion was asked for or not. If not then why did it feel the need to express it’s opinion on it, it is therefore necessary to ponder upon this matter. The sensitive issue which it has been touched is related to Muslim Personal Law. According to the information received it has raised questions about the number of wives in it’s report. They have not only raised objections but they have also given the verdict that the law of having multiple wives which is prevalent among the Muslims is against the real teaching and soul of Islam. This is an obsolete thought which has a lot of bad things included in it. Although the commission also have the knowledge that in India among the Muslims the tradition of keeping more than one wife is very less and very few men can be found with more than one wife. In spite of that the commission feel the need to change this tradition. It is being told that one argument which the commission has presented in support of it’s opinion or thought is that in most of the Muslim countries either this law is nullified or it has been restricted rather legal actions are being taken in order to make it non-functional. However the commission has not stated in clear terms that there should be a change in Muslim Personal Law. One reason for this could be that keeping in view the sensitivity of the matter and fear that some pandemonium might start, no such recommendation was made. However the things mentioned in the remarks are not new, the old things have been repeated. Moreover by doing so it has renewed the old debate and probably has also made it clear that this matter is still alive. The final verdict is to be made yet.

10/08/09 Editorial, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

Misbehaviour with Bible

Recently there was a Bible show in Glasgow city of Britain. This was held by Tax Payers council of Britain. Different editions of different times of the holy book of christian faith were presented. A copy of very old time was kept as well. In these type of shows usually a register is kept in which the viewers write their comments and feedback. In this show as well, the register might have been put. But the viewers started writing on the copies of the Bible itself. Or may be with all the copies some blank papers were added. On which the viewers wrote their feedback. The thing making news out of this news is that some individuals wrote such vulgar, immoral and embarrasing sentences that according to agencies, which are not mentionable. (Siasat / 29th July). Organizers invited the homosexuals too. Perhaps thinking that by seeing Bible they may get corrected. But nothing like that happened. Contrary to that people have thrown arrows of criticism over Bible. Over this misbehaviour, the anger of the leader of catholic christians Pope Benedict is quite natural. He condemned the event harshly. He bashed at the organizers as well that why this type of show was held.

The point which needs attention
Upto this point there is nothing special in this news. Anger of Pope is valid too. The point which need attention was the reference of Quran in Pope's statement. After hearing about misbehaviour with Bible the Pope Benedict 16th very angrily said: "Can anyone dare to do such misbehaviour with The Qura'an." Very honest and true depiction the pope made. Surely any person who think and call himself a Muslim can not do that with the holy book of Islam. If anyone else do it, can not tolerate. It is of pleasure that the pope knows atleast a fundamental reality about muslim nation and Islam. Thus, now the question ahead of him is that why is it so ? If muslims respect their book (which actualy of all human beings) why they respect and if Christians do not do that, then why do they not ? And this point is quite interesting too, as being a Leader of a worldwide religion, whose followers are over 200 crores, America and Europe are whose patron, is asking to learn from the followers of a religion, against which, there is propaganda day and night, and the followers of which are defamed worldwide, and followers of which are passing through a very hard time of the history.

Witness of a Christian Justice
Before the answer to the question raised by chief pontiff is sought, citing one more statement in favour of the pontiff's statement looks suitable. In 1989, addressing a meeting of christian intellectuals in Nairobi University, chairman of Law Reforming Commission of Kenya, Justice Emmanuel Okoba said: "After twenty years of experience as a Majistrate and High Court Judge, as a result, i have seen a big difference between the behaviour of christians with Bible and behaviour of muslims with Qura'an, if a muslim in any case, has to testify by taking oath of Qura'an, 75% of his testification will be true, but if any christian, holding Bible if testify, beleive me the only thing he will say true is just his name." Justice also appealed the chritians that take Bible seriously and respect Bible the same way Muslims do respect Qura'an. (Book 'News and Insight', with reference to Daily Nations). It is known that Christian intellectuals and religious leaders comprehend the real situation since a long time. Now the question is about the situation. The honest fact is that, for this, the new and previous religious leadership of chritian faith is responsible.

The concealed invitation for priests
And that is, the christian clerics did nothing to keep Bible safe in its original format and language. They themselves ruined its teachings. Changed the context. If they could have saved its originality, there could not have been so many different and contradictory editions. The maliciousness of priests left Bible to be criticisable for christians themselves. And the biggest extortion which chritian leaders did with the personality of Jesus the Messiah, whihc is the proof of their maliciousness, that they renounced the book in which the testimonial of Jesus and his prophecy is demonstratedly mentioned. Not only they rejected but also sought enemity with that. And the enemity is also such that the teachings related to Jesus which resemble even with Bible, were codemnable to the priests. After such misdemeanor with Bible, how come the priests expect the respectfulness from the informed and conscientious chritians. We do not say that in the common christian behaviour there is any affect of the behaviour of christian religious leaders which they have towards Islam. But this is for sure that not being satisfied with Bible teachings many virtuous people in the west are coming towards Islam. In their behaviour, there is a hidden invitation for priests as well, to think again about their behaviour towards The Qura'an and Islam.
10/08/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Problem of Compensation is Solved, Justice is Left

In the matter of the famous case of fake encounter of Sohrabuddin Sheikh, after nearly four years of hard work and with much difficulty, path was cleared for the compensation for the relatives of the deceased but justice is still a far away dream. Even this compensation they received after the intervention of the Supreme Court, otherwise the state government had overlooked even this. In the hearing of the application given by Sohrabuddin’s brother Rubabuddin the Supreme Court instructed the state government that if it had already accepted that the encounter was fake then it had to pay compensation to the family of the deceased. Although the Supreme Court did not fix the amount of compensation and left the decision on the state government with the instruction that the state government give the reply in the next hearing scheduled on 11th August. As far as the criminal prosecution in the fake encounter case by the police officials is concerned, the petitioner also took up this issue and expressing dissatisfaction over the CID enquiry ordered by the state government asked for a CBI enquiry. The court did not accept this plea rather it passed an difficult order for the state government that it gives a reply as to why not this fake encounter enquiry should also be given to the special enquiry team which was investigating the special matter of mass murder during the Gujarat riots which the above mentioned court itself had formed in last March, which will carry out the hearing in the related cases in the state courts but it will only be answerable to the supreme court. Neither the state courts nor the state government can interfere either in it’s power or it’s enquiry.

Sohrabuddin fake encounter case, which after staying in the news for a long time had all of a sudden vanished from the limelight, the above mentioned instructions by the supreme court has once again brought it back in news and has increased the difficulties for Narendra Modi’s state government. The above said matter is of November 2005. Not only Sohrabuddin’s fake encounter was done but the two eye witnesses Sohrabuddin’s wife Kausar bi and his friend Tulsiram Prajapati were also killed by the police so that the evidences are buried and everyone believes in the fabricated tale. But the police was not successful in it’s plan. After facing disappointment from all quarters Sohrabuddin’s brother Rubabuddin knocked the doors of the Supreme court for justice then the state government on the orders from the court carried out an enquiry by the CID and accepted that this is a case of fake encounter. Then all the convicts especially the chief of the Gujarat Anti-terrorist Squad D G Vanzara, Superintendent of Police Raj Kumar Pandian and the higher police officer of the Rajasthan Police Dinesh Kumar were send behind the bars and now they are in jails but the affected people were neither given any compensation nor any justice.

Those police officers of Gujarat who along with the police officers of Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh had said that Sohrabuddin was a terrorist of Lashkar-e-tayyaba and had claimed to have killed him in an encounter, they were themselves proved to be terrorists in the enquiry. They not only killed Sohrabuddin after abducting him from a bus, moreover they also killed Sohrabuddin’s wife and burnt her dead body and dispersed the ashes in the fields so that all the traces were removed. Later on in order to cover up the false and wrong deeds they also murdered Prajapati in a fake encounter. But in the end the games of the police were unmasked. Gujarat CID brought the truth out in the open and unmasked the convicts and sent them to jail but due to the lack of interest of the state government they could not be brought to justice. The matter has once again reached the Supreme court. From the initial stand of the court it can be expected that the way in which doors were opened for the compensation for the affected people similarly road to justice will also be cleared.

07/08/09 Editorial, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

A hopeful news from Kerala

There is a news from Kerala that different muslim organisations and groups there agreed on having a common platform, and its goal will be solving those problems together which are equally important for all organisations and sects. In this regard, on 27th July in Kozikode a representative meeting of muslim leaders held. This was felt seriously that, for those common issues and problems which are related to the community irrespective of the group or sect, there should be collective effort for solution, and there should be a common platform established for this. Formulating the minimal common program was also insisted. According to the news portal "Two circles dot net" , among following issues, education and the educational institutions are mentioned in particular. It was felt in the sate whatever muslims have achieved in the field of education, there is planned campaign is being run to destroy it. Also the behaviour of left front government is prejudiced with minorities. In the meeting representatives from Muslim League, Keral nadwatul Mujahideen, Nadwatul Mujahideen Kerala, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, two groups of sunni organisations, Muslim education society, and muslim service society have participated.

A living desire of the muslim heart.
In the noise of meetings, sessions, tours, unity and agreements,which was during the first quarter of this year, not any big hope of common muslims did come true. Because that was just election noice, every leader and every group had its own agenda. It is not estimated as whatever hopeful results came, how much was the part of that noise and how much the sincere thinking of common muslim voters worked. Anyway this happened in politics and will keep happening. But there is no politics involvement right now in the news coming from Kerala. What is going to happen at the time of assembly elections, that is question for later. For now this looks a realistic and praticeable program. This is such a movement which is the voice of every muslim heart. By this news only muslim of Kerala will not cheer, but also the muslims of other state will whole-heartedly feel happy. Like Kerala, in other states, organisations and different sects situation is the same. And every where muslims wants the same, that all their organisations, groups and institutions work together. The fact is that this is the desire of muslim heart in the entire world.

What was Majlis-e-Mushawarat.
After reading this news of Kerala, many might have recalled the experiment of Muslim majlis-e-Mushawarat. In 1964 upon the initiative of few great and conscientious personalities, Muslim majlis-e-Mushawarat was formed the same way. Circumstances were daunting. In many cities the terrifying riots took place. The situation was nervy. The need for organisations and community leaders sitting and their collective effort was insistingly felt. Thus, Dr Syed Mahmood, Moulana Muhammad Muslim, Mufti Ateequr Rehman Usmani, Moulana Abulhasan Ali Nadvi, Moulana Manzoor Noumani, Moulana Abul lais Islahi, Mulla Jaan Muhammad, Dr Abdul Jaleel Fareedi (May allah shower mercy on them) and few other painstaking personalities rose and gathered in Lucknow, and formed Mushawarat. While looking on, this movement spread all over the country. Leaders tours and programs used to be very inspiring. Everywhere even non-muslim personalities were supporting too. This inspiring situation was till the starting of 1967 but after that this was disrupted by the announcement of the general elections. The story later on, is very sorrowful. That situation never came back_______ after years now this cheerful news came from Kerala. If this effort of Kerala is kept within the announced and agreed program and not let to be affected by election politics, it would be a great achievement of Kerala Muslims and muslims of other states surely will get light from it.
07/08/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Arab World Awaiting Change

Arab world which is at present divided into small fragments was once upon a time a world reeved into political unity but today it is a tragedy that this world is happy over these fragments just because they are free. At this time the Arab world is a vast area consisting of 25 independent countries and regions. If today they acquire the form of political oneness then according to total land area they can become the second largest region after Russia because at present it’s total area is more than 14 million square kilometre. Whole of the European continent is also lesser than this in area, Europe’s area is 10.4 million square kilometre. It is even bigger than Canada(10millon square kilometre), China(9.67million square kilometre), Unites States of America(9.6million square kilometre) and Brazil(8.7million square kilometre). It is also spread throughout the different continents meaning more than one dozen of it’s countries are in Asia and around one dozen in Africa. Population also is not less although it is not so dense that it can be said that there is population explosion. It’s collective population is about 35crores. This region is a suitable dwelling place. Here, there are opportunities for agriculture that is agricultural land is available here. It can be further improved too. There are various possibilities for this. This area is also rich in mineral resources. This region has been the cradle of tradition and culture. Most of the famous civilisations of the world originated from this land, as if it is the cradle of knowledge and awareness. But the situation at present is that it is an extremely backward region. At one point of time it guided and led mankind today it is devoid of it. Most of the countries are those where tyranny rules. No such thing as political freedom exists here. Although it is known as the region where money flows like water but on the other hand the condition is such that for every two out of five people the income is barely two dollars per day. The problems of poverty and unemployment are also present here and now this region is also facing a security threat. This is the region which in order to fulfil it’s agricultural needs that is food needs has to depend on others. Now the west has also started calling it as the factory for creating terrorists and has put a lot of pressure for it. For this reason all the efforts are utilised to put an end to this danger. The rulers here are also carrying out the same task. But it is said that this region within itself is taking the form of a volcano. The silence which is spread across the region is very dangerous which can be termed as the calm before the great storm. Some people term this silence as the precursor to a revolution.

The importance of Arab world in the eyes of America and other Western countries can be realised from the fact that this area has been the centre of attraction of these countries and a large part of their energies is being spent on them, reason is evident, at this time too America and other Western countries are keeping a close watch on the Arab world. In relation to Arab world’s political and economic conditions, tradition and culture, natural conditions and resources, the amount of research carried out by them is so vast that it is cannot be compared to what the Arab themselves would have even done rather it can be said that whatever Arabs know about themselves is the result of the efforts of these western countries. Since the last seven to eight years one of the United Nations agencies is investigating the Arab world. In the year 2000 work was started on this project which is still going on. It’s first report was published in 2002 which was named Arab Human Development Report, this year it’s fifth report was published. Every report highlights a special aspect. In the first report conditions were studied from the point view of how opportunities can be created for the coming Arab generations that is how can the future be made bright and illustrious for them. Naturally they themselves have created this bright and illustrious image of the future, this means, that is the way they want to see the new generation of the Arab world, and how they want them to move ahead. The third report was published in 2004. It’s central theme was Freedom in the Arab World. The theme itself shows that the people presenting the report say that there is no co-operation among the Arab world, there is no freedom, this is a vast field. This terminology in itself holds a big world. Here it is worth recollecting that former American President George Bush in his term in government had taken up the responsibility upon himself to establish democracy and freedom, for this too he used the terminology of freedom and democracy but what kind of democracy it was and how was the freedom, it can be realised from the fact that he continued to support and back all the non-democratic governments in the Arab countries rather if at any place, a situation of democratic revolution arose then it was strangled then and there. Earlier the second report published in 2003, had the theme Building a Knowledgeable Society as if it’s aim was to remodel such a society which was free of illiteracy in the Arab world. From this it can be clearly understood as to whom they are calling illiterate and what according to them is actually knowledge. The fourth report came out in 2005, it’s theme was Right of Women in the Arab World, this means it was ascertained from this report that the women in Arab world can be enlightened, here the western perspective of enlightenment should be kept in mind. After a break of four years this year the fifth series was released and it’s theme was Challenges to Human Security in the Arab Countries. In this regard the United Nation says that this is an invitation to the Arab scholars to study and understand and give thought to it and have also provided them with the required material and above that they have provided them the direction too.
04/08/09 Editorial, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

Advise of the honourable judges

Those who are concerned by vulgar, abusive and immoral programs of the entertainment channels, Delhi high court solved their problem in just one sentence. If they act on the high court's advise they can get rid of the trouble immediately. Not only that, they could even regret on their unawareness untill now, as why such a practical, useful and actful thought why they did not get before. More over the solution for the problem should have come by itself to them, for that the honourable judges have to bother unnecessarily. And that solution is that " If you do not like the program you just turn off your T.V. monitoring morality is not our job." Surely it is very useful and practical solution. Lakhs of people immediately should take advantage of it. A Delhi high court bench comprising two honourable judges advised this on 29th July rejecting two petitions in which it was demanded to ban two T.V. programs by naming them as vulgar, abusive and against the Indian culture and civilization. Honourable Judges said, "We do not think that our moral values are so weak that a T.V. program can harm them."

Aim of these programs
Every contious and informed citizen of the country is aware that on one hand very beneficial, useful, edudcational and informative programs run on .T.V., at the same time flood of misleading reports, immoral programs is there as well. At one side the News channels report some particular events with full of suspense, on the other hand entertainment channels present vulgar programs in the name of culture. Never ending advertisement knock independently. Every civilized family is fed-up with this situation. To watch one news bulletin or any useful program viewers have to tolerate much more. T.V. channels do this to increase their TRP , to collect unlimited wealth and to over take competing channels. That is why the vulgarness of T.V. channels is increasing day by day. It was reaching to its height in a program being presented in the name of Truth. That is why some viewers complained in high court against that, but by hearing the court advise, everyone might have cheered up. One more interesting thing whihc honourable judges have said, was that "whenever high court give any judgement in regard to morality, supreme court ruled it out." Means it fears that even if it gives any judgement, supreme court will reject it, thus, better to not give any judgement at all.

The justification of the advise
If this advise is seen in its justifiability, then it should be implemented to other things as well. If a liquor store is opened in your community, if you do not want to buy it, just pass by silently, do not protest it. If any prostitution around, you keep away from it but do not try to stop any one else as it is an issue of freedom for people. If any channel is spreading hatred against your religion, your cast or your like, then turn off the T.V. or change the channel. Over all it is an enlarged and meaningful advise and it is quite according to the culture which is growing speedily in the country. This should be seen in the same context in which a judgement given by the Delhi high court in case of homosexuality. Its link is with sexual education in educational institutions too. When these questions can be asked with young children by educating them, why can't they be asked from adults on the T.V. channels. This is all common in western countries. Because they are developped countries. Now when our country is also going to be counted in the developped countries, it should adopt all those values, styles and manners which are necessary for progress. It is one of the requirements of the Globalization that accepting all evils of western world as virtues, should be adopted. And the rulers of our country are doing the same. Let us see further what else happens.
04/08/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


The will for acting on agenda

"We have decided to act on our agenda, whatever happens. If it takes five ten years more to come in power, it does not matter. We will not withdraw from our association with hindutva. We started our work with hindutva ideology and we will get motivation from it. That is why we will not compromise in hindutva matter, at any cost." The all India president of BJP Rajnath Singh expressed this determination on 26th July in lucknow in an important state meeting of the party. (Indian Express, 27th July). After 16th May, like all other party meetings, in this meeting as well, the question was discussed as why party did not do well, and what should it do in future. About future plan, a faction of the party is talking about withdrawing from hindutva agenda, the same time many are openly insisting on acting upon hindutva. President of BJP in lucknow represented the same mindset. Nonetheless it is not told. and it was never told as what hindutva is ? Need to tell that leaders probably did not feel as the hindutva of the party is obvious from the statements, policies and activities.

And what Congress is doing ?
But now, according to the party president, Party wants to go on hindutva way, thus it has to clearly explain to the voters as what hindutva is ? What are its compositions. If it is wishing to implement the cultural nationalism of RSS , then it does not need to bother. Congress party is doing this more efficiently and systematically, but silently. BJP wanted the domination of hindi, congress governments did that. It wanted the inaugurations of government projects with bhoomi poojan and by breaking coconut, congress is doing the same. Government programs are starting with vandematram and saraswati vandana. On 26th July, in Vishakhapatnam while leaving the sub marine, prepared with the thirty crore thousands of the government treasure, sikh prime minister of congress and his wife, by doing a dharmic (religious) formality and breaking coconut did not they act on the favourite culture of RSS ? In 1980 (Indira Gndhi coming back in power) was this action common ? And the funny thing is that all these things are happening without any change in the secular constitution. What else Bharatiya Janata Party wants ?

The actual agenda is implemented too.
And as far as the actual and hidden agenda of the party is concerned, the ruling party implementing that very well too. Cast system, like before, exists and is strong. "Higher Casts" like always are flourishing and with the help of America the country's economy is concentrated in the hands of a particular cast. And if controlling the muslim citizen is the question, BJP is watching that in case of terrorism what is the behaviour of congress and its government. After 26th November events, in what direction it is going. What is happening with muslim youth. Has not the government made the tougher laws than those which BJP always demanded ? And by sachar commitee report government did not convince it that in government jobs muslims situation is not good. Could BJP adopt the more aggressive stand than what congress has taken ? Could BJP go any more than Congress in pleasing America ? Least is that there is no point in BJP existense, it has nothing to do now. If anything is left, that is demolishing masjids, implementing uniform civil code, and making the country gujrat, thus BJP should have talks with Congress, and the answer to that will be that now it is not at all required.
01/08/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

A Great Danger

General opinion is that the biggest danger the country is facing is that of terrorism and the common opinion about this terrorism is that they are outside forces specially related to Pakistan. This Pakistan related factor are Muslims hence terrorism is linked with Islam. Moreover America and other Western countries also have the same theory. Therefore our intellectuals in power invariably follow the same line which is followed by America and start thinking in the same bracket. American Intelligentsia is trying hard to convince that the type of terrorist activities they are facing and fighting back, as India is also facing it, therefore both should follow a similar strategy and the stand which America has taken up should be accepted by India as well. Probably for this reason America also wants to make India it’s ally. It says that terrorism is the biggest problem of the world and the danger which the world is facing is this terrorism only. In India a big and influential class is present from the beginning who due to their particular mentality and thinking are supporters of this thought so this has had a pressure on the current Government that it has to move ahead within these parenthesis and spend all it’s concentration and all it’s energies towards it. Muslim animosity had led it to such a level of negligence that it had turned away it’s eyes towards all other dangers. So much so that it has no sense of friends and foes, interests and profit or loss. This has created a big problem for independent foreign policy. Even though there are other dangers to the country’s integrity and these are not external rather they are internal.

One of the biggest dangers is that of Naxal anarchists, which is increasing day by day. Today the situation is that a big fraction of the country is affected by it and according to one survey the areas affected by naxal anarchists constitute about one fourth of the total area and these are those areas which are rich in natural resources. They are rightly known as the backbone of the Indian economy. Some parts of Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Bihar, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh are under it’s influence. It’s presence can also be felt in the North East. They are active in Jharkhand. The result of their anarchy is such that the peace and prosperity of the affected areas is destroyed. This issue has now become so complicated that it has become a very big challenge for law and order. It will not be wrong to say that in the areas affected by the naxal activities the Jungle Law is present. The police in these areas do not seems to offer any resistance. They don’t even consider the para-military forces. Every other day there are attacks on their convoys and prowl squads and sometimes they try to destroy them using landmines. No one can find an answer as to how can this matter be brought under control. The biggest proof is that no consensus can be arrived on this matter. Now matter of discussion is that whether to try and find the reasons and apply coercive methods or to give priority attention in solving the issues which have come up due to this. Some people say that absence of developmental works and general deprivation has created the present situation whereas some people have been saying that peace and prosperity is necessary to carry out developmental works and these naxals have destroyed this peace and prosperity.

01/08/09 Editorial, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui