What is the Government’s constraint

On the occasion of the fifteenth summit of the non-aligned countries in Sharm -el-Sheik in Egypt , the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan held a meeting. After 26th November attack on Mumbai this was the second meeting between the two countries. Earlier in Yekaterinburg(Russia) during the summit of the Shanghai Co-operation Council Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had already had a meeting. On this occasion only, the announcement to start dialogue between India and Pakistan was made. On this occasion our Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh had to face a strange situation. In front of the journalists, addressing President Zardari he said that he wanted to make it clear that no talks would take place between India and Pakistan until Pakistan presents strong evidence that it had really taken steps against the people involved in the Mumbai blasts and the world is assured that some action is being taken. But his announcement became a comical speech and insulting too, this is so because immediately after the speech he had a detailed exclusive meeting with President Zardari. At that time this question came up that Prime Minister should have done either of the two things. Either he should not have given this speech and if he had made the speech than he should have been firm on it. But on one hand he gave this speech and on the other hand he not only had talks with zardari but he also made an announcement that in Sharm el-Sheikh meeting of the leaders of both the countries will take place and dialogue will also be started between them. Whereas according to the Government of India’s official stand Pakistan has not yet started taking any action against the people involved in the Mumbai blasts rather many decisions show that it is not even bothered. In spite of this our Prime Minister held a meeting with president Zardari and not only this that he had a meeting but afterwards gave a clarification regarding his disputed speech. Guess what was his constrain.

After Yekaterinburg, in Sharm el-Sheikh situation became even worse from India’s point of view. Here in the joint manifesto which was released an unconditional announcement was made for the talks to continue between India and Pakistan and it was decided not to link it up with terrorism, on which allegations are still going on. Voices are now being raised against it within the congress itself. Anyway the opposition parties are opposing it. The BJP and the communist parties are criticising them strongly. communist parties have even reached the extent of saying that the Government is doing it on the directions received from America. Pakistani Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani’s statement that India is interfering in the matters of Baluchistan has raised storm. During this time American Foreign Secretary Hillary Clinton visited India. It is being told that America’s presence was also being registered in Yekaterinburg. Simultaneously statements from some America’s higher military officers have come out. This joint manifesto created such a hue and cry that even the government got tensed and government officials time and again kept giving this clarification that it has nothing to do with the government’s stand. this went to the extent that on one hand the Foreign Secretary Shiv Shankar Menon said that this was bad drafting and Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor tried to wash his off the matter by saying that this joint manifesto does not have the status of a legal document. After all what is this all about? Discussion are going on in the ambassadorial circles too and government is coming in the line of fire. One more news is that the manifesto was made at the last moment and the Prime Minister’s Office is responsible for it. It seems as if government of India is in deep confusion and at a time it is facing pressure from many directions and maybe now it not even in a position to take a decision to present it’s interests in an independent way.

28/07/09 Editorial, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

Performance of Rights Commission

People, who wanted that enquiry of Batla House event in Delhi be carried out by some non-affiliated agency or Human rights commission take notice of it because the huamn rights are violated by police in this event, by reading the commission's report they surely would feel disappointed. Commission had declared Delhi police as immaculate and completely faultless. Said, that police did not do any offense, did not violate anyone's human right, firing was done in its defence, if did not do that, they could die in "terrorists" hands. Means human rights commission repeated the same whatever Delhi police kept saying. Anyway the effort of knowing the facts by itself was not made by commission, it did so on the order of Delhi high court. In May, Delhi high court expressed concern that taking Batla house encounter, dissatisfaction exists among few factions, thus commission investigate the accusations. Two young men were killed in the Batla House area of Jamia Nagar in South Delhi in a police operation on 10th September last year. Their relation was shown with "Indian mujahideen." A week before that there were few bomb blasts in some areas of the capital on 13th September.

Frustration is valid, but....
Though the frustration of those is valid who got frustrated. Because they had some expectations from the human rights commission. Nevertheless, if they had this expectation or hopefulness during the period of 19th September to 26th November, there could some thing beneficial be happened. During that time many corners raised the questions against the government's proclamation about batla house. This sequence was getting through speeder everyday. The same time, in the context of Malegaon bomb blasts, the actual terrorism was getting unveiled too. The truth about Nanded, Kanpur and Samjhota express was coming out. If human rights commission would have worked during that time on batla house and present its report, then it could have satisfy the hopeful people. But after 26th and 27th of November after the Mumbai events, the situation changed. (Like the world situation after 11th september of Newyork events changed ) Now the circumstances have adopted a particular direction. The situation and events are being seen in other way. Justice and the standards of right and wrong are changing. Merit is worthless. If say it openly, the wind shows the symptoms of Jingoism, means extremist patriotism (nationalism) in which justice and honesty do not pass thorugh.

Analyze the entire scenario
That is why, seeing the rights commission's report seperately will be a big mistake. It should be seen as part of that scenario which rose in last eight months countrywide. Though the increasing relations with America and Israel, events of 11th September, American campaign against "terrorism" and last july deal between America and India, this picture is not any unexpected but till that time this Jingoism, "Patriotism" and anti muslim political contract was with BJP. 26th November operation was carried out to benefit that, after that Congress could have been no where. But Congress government hijacked 26th November and completely pulled that agenda from BJP and acting on that in a planned way and so well that snake dies without breaking of the stick, whereas the stick of BJP used to break. Silently a particular type of environment is being created in the country. In this series media was shameless and used to lack the honesty already, those political analysts who were known as open minded, are changing the language. Now the government and semi government agencies too are effected or being affected. Right commission's language over Batla house is meaningful. It is not known if the muslim leadership at large, upto what extent, is aware of the seriousness of the situation, even aware of it or not?
28/07/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Moulana Madani Said

"All the dangers of future, those are a lot in number, are only till the time we did not change our condition. But if we adopt islamic rules in our charecters and qualities, our emotions and inclinations, leave our own dangers, we can even eliminate the dangers of others. This is the efficacy of Islam and the good fortune of muslims that any nation which gets closer to its rules and ideology, that gets the satisfaction and good life. Change of condition does not mean that we get seperated from the Islamic ideology and Islamic charecter and civilization, but the change means that the distance which has been created, think that as a deadly disease and as soon as possible, we get as close to Islamic ideology and rules as we are to our soul our life and our hearts...". This discourse is an excerpt from the long presidential address of Shaikh-ul Islam Moulana Syed Hussain Ahmed Madani (R.A) which he delivered on 11th February of 1955 in the General Meeting of Jamiat Ulema Hind held in Kolkatta. All those issues were mentioned which nation of Islam was facing. (Book Jamiat Ulema Hind - Documents of Central meeting).

The situation was frightening
And that was the time when partition of the country was still recent. It was only eight (8) years for that. The muslim nation was passing through its problematic time. Small and big all organisations, institutions and mature personalities were engaged in bringing back the confidence in muslims and to connect them back to the life. In this case the most visible was the work by Jamiat Ulema Hind. A big difficulty was that a large portion of muslim nation was falling to misdemeanor due to the frustration, and for the muslim-nation leadership this situation was challenging. There were two tasks infront of the leadership. First was to take care of the belief and action, secondly to make it active in economical, social and educational forefronts. By telling this that "if we adopt islamic rules in our charecters and qualities, leave our own dangers, we can even eliminate the dangers of others", Shaikh-ul Islam in a sense denoted the purposeful duty of muslims. Means the muslim who beleives in One-ness of God, Prophethood and the day of resurrection, getting terrified by the frightening situation does not suit him. But his duty is that to think of the success and salvation of the entire human kind, strive to elimnate their dangers.

Circumstances even today are the same
It is quite possible that many do not fully agree with this interpretation, but including Shaikh-ul Islam, in the spirit of the writings, speeches and efforts all scholars of deoband philosophy and other knowledgable personalities, the fundamental point of view in their thinking seems like with reference to the book of God and prophet's tradition they not only wanted the progress of muslim nation but also the salvation of entire human kind, including the indian subcontinent. Apparently in their efforts the muslims thinking looks visible. But the aim is that if muslims progress and get empowered by becoming the true muslims then there will be justice established on the earth and the benefit will be to all the mankind. And Moulana Maudoodi's thinking was also the same that is as per the thinking of the scholars at large. The purpose of establishing Jamat-e-Islami was the same and it is even today. And also the situation is the same as 60 years ago it was.
Today, the circumsatnaces are even more complicated. The belief in Islam is directly under attack of deceptive forces. But the formula for the solution of all the problems is the same, which 55 years ago Moulana Madani mentioned, and on that basis an organisation was working already in the form of a movement. The need of the hour is that all these organisations, groups, institutions and prominent personalities get together and agree upon some course of action, and set forth the benefit of the day of resurrection, rising above all type of other benefits in this regard.
25/07/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

Danger of Spread of Atomic Weapons

They say that overlooking these type of secret activities has resulted in the spreading of atomic weapons and technology from one country to the second and from there to the third country. The target of non expansion of atomic energy by the global community has proved unsuccessful. According to American naval forces a North Korean ship laden with paraphernalia had started for Kangnam, Myanmar and no one came to know what were the contents of the good laden ship? When the American navy tried to follow the ship it changed it’s route and came back to North Korea. This incident took place at the beginning of this month but no one knows what was inside it. American authorities have doubts that it was laden with military equipments and also nuclear weapons. Through South Korea’s detective agencies and the pictures taken by it’s eyes(artificial satellites)the experts in South Korea say that this ship was related to North Korea’s nuclear program and it had scud kind of missiles. American external affairs minister Hillary Clinton has also expressed concern over this matter who is in Thailand at this time. She said America knows that military co-operation is increasing between North Korea and Myanmar and this matter is quite alarming. America does not want that dangerous weapons spread through out the world. Before her President Barack Hussein Obama had said that the highest priorities of his Government include cleansing the world of the dangerous weapons and to put an end to arms race and to promote the program of reducing of weapons. From this point of view the co-operation and partnership between North Korea and Myanmar is not acceptable under any circumstances. So America will never give permission for this to happen.

America has expressed concern over the increasing ‘secret’ friendship between North Korea and Myanmar. Only recently America came to know about this ‘secret’ friendship, when it came to the knowledge of the American Naval Forces that one of North Korea’s ship mysteriously reached Myanmar and then came back quietly. One of America’s think tank, Institute for Science and International Security got similar kind of information regarding these ‘secret activities’. It’s Chief David Albright warned the American authorities that they should keep a close watch on them. This think tank feels that this ‘secret friendship’ is most probably related with the transfer of nuclear enrichment and technology. It is being told that whatever picture the American ‘eyes’ have developed indicate that martial partnership and co-operation between these two countries is increasing.. This picture shows that large scale excavation work and digging of tunnels is being carried out in Myanmar. Through these eyes the American authorities and the think tank have got the news that secret meetings have taken place between the higher authorities of both the countries. If Myanmar had these relations with any other country then no such doubts would have been raised but since this matter is related to North Korea therefore this doubt came up. Even though the American authorities and think tank also have the satisfaction that the matter is still in it’s initial stages. Attainment of atom bomb is still a distant dream. But it is necessary to keep a close check on this matter. If it is ignored then the matter can slip out of the hands as it happened with various other countries. Ignoring them has proved quite dangerous.

25/07/09 Editorial, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui


At the event of Sharm el- sheikh

On 15th July, when the meeting of Non-Aligned movement leaders was going on, PTI from Cairo released a news with reference to the leader of "Alqaeda" Ayman Al Zawahery, that "If the people of Pakistan do not support militant groups then they will be likely to get the torment of Allah, existense of Pakistan is in danger because of America.... this is the duty of every Pakistani muslim that they support the ongoing Jihad in pakistan and afghanistan and give financial support to Mujahideen.." In the news, as usual, it is shown as , alzawahery (after osama bin laden) is the second powerful leader. (Indian Express / 16th July). The picture of alzawahery was given with the news too. Report was in detail. But what was the source of this news ? Did alzawahery gave this statement infront of PTI reporter ? Was that released from any usual office of "alqaeda" ? There was nothing like that. The source of the news was as usual. That is "radical islamic websites." and that is it. Any report related to alqaeda, osama bin laden, alzawahery comes, its source is always doubtful like this, dubious tapes, false voices, fake videos, unknown sites, blogs, portals. Means any mischievous can do this thing easily.

The aim was obvious
The aim of this news was obvious. This was released to bring attention of 118 countries leaders present in Egypt towards "islamic terrorism". Where as a large number of them was already attentive towards that. Because this movement does not have any particular agenda anymore. This fragile association was formed by the initiative of the Marshal of Yugoslavia Tito, Jamal Nasar of Egypt and Pandit Nehru of India, in 60's when America and Soviet Union were shadowing the world as clashing powers. The member countries of this movement claimed that they will be non-aligned in this matter, they will not join any one of them. But the fact is that the attachment of the most of the countries at that time too was there with either of the super power in some way, and their benefits were attached. And these attachments were getting more stronger. For example India and Pakistan both were member of this movement but Pakistan was under the influence of America and India used to have clear inclination towards Soviet Union. These two attachments were openly disclosed when Soviet Union indirectly occupied Afghanistan. Indira Gandhi government advocated the occupation with enthusiastic support. On the other side, America provided all type of support to Zia ul Haq government of Pakistan.

Is this really non-aligned?
And now when America has established its control over the entire world, non-alignment concept does not look anything more than the joke. Soviet Union friendly countries overnight changed their loyalties. And now every country is concerned only about its own survival, progress and prosperity which is not possible without America's favour. But the only message given by Sharm el-sheikh conference is that, these countires want to keep their club and for that they need one emotional issue on basis of which countries can mutually be connected and that should have the support of America too. It is their good fortune that, in the form of "terrorism" this issue is already there which not only has the support of America but also it created itself this issue with the tiltle "war on terror". And also what does it mean by terrorism, there is no need to tell this to countries. Thus many countries to get America's favour, raising this issue day and night. Our government too has taken the position and , target, just for sake of it, is Pakistan which itself is a partner of America in this campaign. In Sharm el-sheikh "non-aligned" countries, nominally raised the issues like world economy crisis, environment, global warming, poverty, and health too, but the more emphasis was on terrorism. Wickedness with reference to al-zawahery was actually to strengthen the same campaign. In this situation, expecting any serious business from so called non-aligned movement is of no use.
22/07/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

Conundrum in Indo-Pak Relations

India and Pakistan’s relationship has no longer remained as the matter of two neighbouring countries, even earlier it was not a matter between two countries. Since beginning the bigger powers were interested in their matters, and this interest is not confined to futile talks rather they are fervently interested. America ,Britain have always been involved in it, China and Russia have also been involved directly. Britain as a former super power has been directly related and involved in these matters rather it can be said that whatever are the issues of India and Pakistan they are created by Britain. That is why it is natural to turn towards Britain for their solutions and in the same way Britain’s interest in them is also natural. So till today Britain’s plays an essential role. Whether it is the matter of the partition of India and Pakistan, defining the limits of Afghanistan and Pakistan border, the matter of establishing border between India and China, issue of Tibet, matter of communal violence or the problem of education, in any case every matter is created by Britain or it can be said it is the gift of Britain’s imperialist age. Naturally even today Britain has a record of all of them. Till today work is being done on them officially by the Government and their Think tank is also working on it in it’s own capacity. In the investigating agencies of Britain research and investigation about the different countries of the world is being carried out. This is the reason why today in Iran’s matter the role of Britain can be felt. In global leadership or rather monarchy America is now it’s closest successor., it might look bigger but it has to discuss with Britain and Britain still has the final say. Even in Indo-Pak matter Britain has a key role.

The matter of India and Pakistan holds so many aspects within it that it is not easy to encompass them but it is even not possible to ignore any one of them. In Pakistan on one hand there is the civil government and on the other hand there is the army and other secret agencies. The third group consists of the political parties. Public opinion has it’s own importance. Here one more factor is being added and that is the extremist Muslim group and no one can overlook them, neither the civil management, nor the armed leadership and the secret agencies and not even the political parties, even the foreign powers cannot overlook them. It is being said they are related to every group. Since the past few days a new division of soft-line and hard-line extremists have come up and in the matter of these soft-liners, America itself feels that talks can be carried out with them and they could be used to remove the hard-liners out of their way. Indo-Pak issue has become so badly entangled that it appears to be slipping out of the hands of both the countries. This is the reason why at times the situation becomes quite comical. Something similar happened in Yekaterinburg when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh made an announcement in front of the reporters that no dialogue will be started with Pakistan until some strong steps are taken in the 26th November issue but not only he had to carry out talks with President Zardari moreover he had to announce that in Sharm-el-sheikh there will be a meeting at the level of head of states and to make a progress in the bilateral talks there will be a meeting of the foreign secretaries of both the countries. Later on the Prime Minister had to clarify that he didn’t wanted to insult President Zardari. He even forgot the presence of the reporters and now in Sharm-el-sheikh it was decided that the incident of 26th November will not be linked with the bilateral talks.

22/07/09 Editorial, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui


Naxal violence and government funds

A news from Jharkhand shows that to overcome naxal violence, the amount which was allotted,14 crores from that amount is missing and there is no account of that. In between July 2005 and March 2008, different times more than 4 crores amount was withdrawn from the related bank in Ranchi. 5 crore 60 lakhs from that, Director General of Police V.D.Ram has withdrawn on 16th March 2006. 15 days after that he gave the authority to Additional D.G.P. to withdraw and spend money from the bank. But according to Indian Express (10th July) detailed report, Mr Ram did not explain why he has withdrawn and where did he spend 5 crores and 60 lakhs. It is same in case of the rest of money. State of Jharkand is one of those states where Naxal violence is immense. Central and state governments spend lot of money every year against this danger. This money is given in the fund of secret service, which is spent according to the regulations of special branch manual. Police too got unlimited authority in taking action against naxals. It can act on any information or slight doubt.

Business of Informers
The important thing about the secret service fund is that this money is given to those police informers who provided, or will provide or can provide important information about destructive activities. Identity of these informers is kept completely confidential. Even for the top officials it is not revealed. Also who was paid the money, how much was paid, showing this is not necessary for police. Means the black and white of the secret service money police owns. This money is not even audited. It is obvious that if such big amount is given with so much authority to police officials, then complaints about misuse is useless. Accountant General office should, instead of seeking clarification from Jharkhand police officials, make amendments in special branch manual regulations. Present strategy not only favours police men and make them more and more corrupt but also produce new fraud, liers and cheating informers. Innocent people are caught. Police could not reach to real criminals. As a result violent activities continued. The entire business of secret agencies and police is run on relying these informers only.

And in case of the terrorism?
Now it can be imagined what could have been happening in the name of fight against terror. And the terrorism too is referred to a particular religious community which was discovered 15 years ago which became popular after so called 9/11. Fighting against naxal or maoist violence anyway, particular feeling or usual hatred does not work, where as in the new definition of terrorism these things work pretty much. And in this case governments too spend whole heartedly, police officers too wash hands in flowing ganga (River) and informers too encash it. And the unfortunate thing is that the informers mostly are found from the same community which is targeted. Who some times even take revenge on personal and organisational basis. The work of keeping an eye on muslim organisations, forums, institutions and noted personalities, the government of free india is doing since the day one, but in the changed situation this thing has shaped itself as cruelty, tyranny and state terrorism. Though in case of these particular "terrorism" government agencies and police do not need any informers, even without them they can do anything they want. Still, insisting on reforming the secret service fund and special branch manual regulations is required. In the present situation it has become necessary.
19/07/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

India-America Co-operation

During the end of UPA’s first term, the treaty for partnership and co-operation of non-military nuclear energy which took place between India and America, although the process had started even earlier but the credit of taking it to the concluding phase goes to Dr. Manmohan Singh’s first UPA Government. They took up this step by taking up a lot of risks to the extent that they faced the threat of losing their power. Probably this is the reason why they regarded it as a great feat, that is why they summarised about it’s various benefits which the supporters of this pact have been speaking on their behalf. The biggest advantage of this pact which is being told is that it had brought an end to India’s solitude. The effort which India was making in order to progress in the field of nuclear energy, but their was a roadblock because it didn’t sign the NPT, the treaty relating to the prevention of widespread use of. atomic weapons. That is why in the field of nuclear energy the door to partnership and collaboration with other countries was closed. The countries which were a part of NSG were ready to co-operate with India provided it becomes a part of NPT. It should be clear that NSG is a group of 45 countries which sells equipments and technology related to nuclear energy. The pact with America had an advantage that this door opened up for India as America has become a guarantor that now India is no more a threat. Not only this, the global organisation keeping an eye on nuclear activities that is IAEA has also supported and confirmed this pact and many important affairs with India also took place. The Bush management had carried out the required actions by themselves. There also this debate had completed, now only the process of implementation was left.

The amount of interest shown by former American President George W. Bush and the display of making India their strategic partner, it’s demand was such that the new Government should have taken practical steps in this regard and taken it to the final destination, but the Obama Government did not show the same enthusiasm and interest, rather some other things came in its priority. Rather those people who had good notions in this matter got disheartened by the new American Government. Some of the policies of the new American Government seemed to have an anti-Indian face specially in matters of terrorism and Pakistan. This point has been raised time and again by them that in spite of Pakistan’s record in front of the whole world it is being showered with aids. The American agencies know that it has used the American aid in a wrong way and it is being presented with proofs. In spite of all this America never paid any attention to it and now a new issue has come up on the occasion of G8 Summit. The issue is that in the matter of nuclear energy the G8 have passed a resolution and have made co operation and partnership conditional with NPT. Different sectors of the country have tried to bring to notice the Government’s attention to this matter and the opposition also raised this issue in the Parliament. An explanation has been demanded by the Government but the Government ignored this doubt by saying that it has no relation with the India-America pact, even though a strong ground is present for this doubt because this resolution is passed by America’s consent and it has no place for exception. That means if America wants then it can even use it and the India-America pact in itself has room for it. America has a right to reconsider it’s decision. Government should not underestimate this concern and therefore it is not right to ignore it.

19/07/09 Editorial, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui


News Coming from Pakistan

It seems by the news coming from pakistan that the government there is busy day and night to crush the "terrorism" within the country, in the name of taliban killing those muslims who are practising religious commandments, intimate, self-esteemed and run madarsahs, or look by appearance like Afghanistan's Taliban. Government of Pakistan calls them all terrorists or supporters of terrorists. A large portion of Pakistani media too says that. And America has given this agenda to government of Pakistan. On Pak-Afghan border America is present with all its strength and controling the entire Pakistan. "President" Zardari and "Prime Minister" Geelani are just the puppets. To the disliked citizen of Pakistan to America, one side, the Pakistani agencies, police and Pakistan army is killing and the other side America is directly killing. A drone named plane just bombard from where ever it wants. Actions against "terrorists" is on everyday, and their alleged bases are destroyed. Along with this, news reports are also coming that the government of Pakistan is tightening the cuff on those whom India government accused as the planners of Mumbai attacks and ordered pakistan to take action against them.

And the Government of India and Media
But if the statements of India government and media reporting and analysis are observed, it seems that the government of pakistan is doing one and only one thing and that is the terror activities against India. The accusation is not just that pakistan land is being used for that but the pakistan as a country and as its policy, doing that, like Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Deputy foreign minister, foreign affairs secretary, national security advisor, Home Minister, deputy home minister showing the entire world day and night. And like the recent statement of Prime Minister which he gave on board a flight while coming back from Italy on 11th July talking to media, "We in Italy, in the G8 and G5 meetings and before that urged the world leaders that pressurise Pakistan to leave the way of terror and adopt the way of friendship." Indian rulers have no interest that what pakistan government is doing to crush its own citizen whom America labled as terrorists, they just say that Pakistan stop terror activities against India. It looks like that the structure of entire Foreign Affairs, policies and planning is prepared keeping only Pakistan in consideration. S.M.Krishna after taking charge as Foreign Minister, first statement (within few minutes of oath) was that Pakistan punish the culprits of Mumbai attacks.

Un-aligned thinking
In this situation, an unaligned analyst can think that why government of India is so worried taking Pakistan whereas there is no equality in between the two countries from any aspect. Pakistan is passing through the worst days of its history. Rulers have surrendred the country to America and carrying out its every order. It looks obvious that the present rulers there, have no concern for the existence or survival of Pakistan. To India government as well, such friendly, more-over obedient rulers in Pakistan were never found before. Any responsibility which is being put from here, it is being accepted there. No resistance, no hesitation. Thus against such already dead country, statement every morning and evening and campaigning is appropriate for a great and strong country who wants to become the considerable power of the world ? Our foreign ministry does not have anything left ? And by this the world analysts will not take the outcome as if the scope of our foreign ministry has become limited after the close friendship and relations with America ? And if this is to keep that patriotism or that political group which jump around by raising such sensitive and provoking issues, then Sonia Gandhi, Dr Manmohan singh and central cabinet should farseeingly think that is this way helpful to make our country prosperous and a big power ?
16/07/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

Issue of Food

In the earthquake hit city of Italy, L’Aquila, G8 Summit took place in which the head of states of five developing economies of the world also participated. In this meeting where other matters and affairs came under discussion the issue of food also came up. In this matter also the leaders of the world expressed their perspectives but collectively this view came forward that in the matter of food a strong plan of action should be developed which includes the aggregate of all it’s aspects, even then more stress was put on one issue and that was the issue of food security. Earlier one report was given by the world organisation in which another aspect was highlighted. Relating to this food issue, the global organisation that is United Nation’s branch FAO keep publishing reports from time to time in which they try to highlight various issues. From these reports it can be estimated that the food crisis is a bogus crisis and it has no relation to the increasing population. This means it is wrong to say that the food crisis is due to increase in population, this is so because in spite of all hindrance and issues the growth in the production of food is more than the growth of population and at this time too the food chattels are available in much more quantity. There is a lot of scope to fulfil the human requirement because large tracts of land are available which can be made suitable for agriculture. If the irrigation system is improved and needed up gradation is made in the ways of agriculture, proper storage of food grains is done and the inappropriateness are removed from the system of distribution of food grains then this artificial crisis can be brought under control easily.

It can also be assessed from the reports of the world organisations that some countries in order to fulfil certain needs pay stress on growing certain specific kind of things. This also has caused the problem of shortage of food. It is being told that this matter is more serious in the African countries. If this matter is studied than it is found that even there this matter looks like an artificial one. It’s fundamental reason is the absence of political stability. Due to lack of peace and prosperity, day to day life is being crippled. If these countries get a chance to achieve peace and stability than they will be able to pay attention to solve their own issue. Where on one hand they will try to solve their political, economic and social issues on the other hand they will try to take their country on the path of development and make it self-dependent. In matter of food production they will try to get the status of self dependence. At this time if we cast a glance over these countries then we will find that farming is very less here, same is the condition of Latin American countries too, even though they have land fit for agriculture other than that the fallow areas can also be made suitable for agriculture and in this way they can fulfil their food requirements. It is required that the global body help them in this matter but the situation is quite opposite. Due to widespread unrest it is difficult for them to think about the development of the country. As a result they have to depend on others for their food needs. On the other hand the situation of some other countries is that they have surplus food grains and they bring it in the global markets and sell them at their own rates. Not only that the surplus food grains in some countries decay and get wasted. What is the solution of this situation. Does the world organisation has any plan or it’s work is just to publish reports.
16/07/09 Editorial, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui


G8 Summit

The G8 Summit, just concluded in the earthquake hit city of L’Aquila in Italy. On this occasion head of the states of five developing nations came together on a special invitation, they included our country too. Although in this summit all the important issues of the world were discussed and all the head of the states of the countries who attended the summit presented their country’s perspective on all these global issues some proposals also came forward, some decisions appeared to have come out but the collective impression remained the same, because no way of understanding could be established between the developed and developing countries as both remained firm on their perspectives. Whether it the economic situation of the world or the dangerous increase in the temperature levels, the condition of trade and commerce or the political conditions, the point of view of both worlds have a basic difference in every matter which is always present. Everyone has a consensus, that some solution should be devised for the economic crisis which the whole world is facing but the developed countries have a different opinion and the developing countries have a different point of view. The developed countries don’t seem to share the same opinion, because in this matter the point of view of American and Britain does not coincide with that of France and Germany. France, Germany and it’s other European allies feel that America and Britain are responsible for the global economic crisis and they call their economic point of view as Anglo-Saxon Capitalism. The economic outlook which they prefer ,they call it Regulated Capitalism. They feel that the present economic crisis is the result of Anglo-Saxon Capitalism. The European countries strongly dislike certain steps taken up by America which they call as Protectionism.

In the same way no one has any opposition to the fact that there is an increase in the global temperature and the pollution of air and water should be rectified but even here both the worlds have a huge difference in opinion. The developed countries want the whole world to participate in it and according to it the reasons for it are something else. On the other hand the developing countries say that the basic reason for the increase in global temperature is the increase in uncontrolled discharge of carbon-di-oxide and other harmful gases which is due to the developed nations. A survey shows that the America’s share in this discharge is 20 tonnes per head yearly, Australia discharges 18 tonnes poisonous gases per head yearly , Britain and Germany follow closely and India releases just 1tonne per head yearly. The contribution of other developing countries is very less, in spite of this they are blamed that they are equally involved in it. The developed countries say that in the third world countries due to poverty and unemployment people are taking up such means of earning a living which is affecting the ecological balance, these include cutting down of forests which influence the rainfall. In this G8 Summit, an announcement was definitely made to save the environment but in what way will it be done and what steps will be taken by the developed nations in it, no solid plan of action has been presented for it. Will they try and prepare a program to lower the levels of discharge of harmful gases and take coercive measures in this regard, nothing has been spoken on this matter too. One thing which is surely stressed is that free trade should be promoted. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in his speech said that until and unless the developed countries fulfil their responsibilities no proceedings can be expected in this matter.

13/07/09 Editorial, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

A goodnews from the Supreme Court

The entire muslim community of the country might have read it with pleasure in the 7th July Newspapers, that Justice Katju of Supreme Court has taken back his statement which he made on 30th March ruling out a petition of one student in a case regarding the beard. A convent student of Madhya Pradesh Mohammed Saleem's petition to get permisiion for keeping beard, Justice Katju said" Beard is a symbol of Talibanism and we do not want Taliban in this country, permission can not be granted for Talibanizing the country, tomorrow if any female student come and seek permission to go in class with Burqa, if permission should be given to her, expanding the sheet of secularism above its limit is not right..." It is obvious that this statement though was not part of the judgement and was just oral comment, was provoking, heart-breaking and irresponsible. Anyway these mean comments do not suit to not only for supreme court, for any other court's judge, not at all for the personality like Justice Katju. Because he is well known as a civilized, well-mannered and responsible individual. That is why his remark, to many, was shocking and painfull.

This is certainly uprightness
Now on 6th June two membered bench of supreme court, one of the members Justice Katju himself, took back their first order and expressed grief over Justice Katju's statement and said apologizing, " during the hearing, one of us (Justice Katju) passed some remarks, but those were not meant to upset, but if that caused to hurt anyone's feeling, he ask for pardon and express grief over the entire matter." Mohammed Saleem challenged the 30th March order and said that his petition be sent to some other bench because Justice Katju is not fair in this case. In 6th June hearing bench said this case will be sent to Chief Justice so that he refer to some other bench. Other Judge of the bench was R.V.Ravindran. Muslim welcoming this new action of the court, show contentment over Justice Katju's statement and think it his uprightness. The fact is that this apology is appropriate to his personality and previous statement was contradictory to his personality. The faithfulness is that on 30th March immediately after statement Justice Katju himself realized his error.

Meetings should be held with Justice
There is a history of Indian Judges irresponsible and some times even prejudiced remarks. These remarks come from judges of different level courts. Few among them are the part of actual judgements but often dissolved in air after coming out of tongues. The events of taking back their remarks by judges happened very rarely. In this situation this act of Justice Katju is indeed historical. By this not only muslims, all justice loving citizen are glad. Anyway immediately after 30th June few muslim clerics had meetings with Justice Katju and he admitted that he is sorry over his statement. For example famous lawyer Professor Tahir Mahmood met Justice on 3rd April and infomred that Justice is sorry over his comments. Then, many corners did not take is seriously, but now on 6th June after the formal apology it has become clear that the information was true. Now muslim personalities of repute should meet Justice Katju and congratulate him and if get a chance have some discussion over other rituals of Islam too. Like reagrding Pardah (Veil) , prohibition of interest, prohibition of liqour, killing daughters in mother's womb, homosexuality etc.
13/07/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


What the slogan of New World Order was?

In the early 90's when Washington raised the slogan of New World Order, everyone was looking at it with his own eyes, and making assumptions as per his thoughts and mindset. This was the time when the 65 years long cold war with Soviet Union was over and the shade of unipolar system was roving around the world. Then in the Gulf, first by making Saddam Hussain to occupy Kuwait and immediately after crushing Iraq America the brave, gave a message to the world that what it likes, is going to happen in the world now. Any country, will be made its friend, loyal and obedient, the way it likes. Who ever will disobey will be destroyed. Any country which will be a danger for the terrorism of Israel, will be crushed. For those who keep an eye on the history of oppressors and transgressors, it was not difficult to understand that, ideologically, any system which will come to parellel with the American system, has to face the war which was raged to eradicate Russia 65 years ago. But still most of the countries in the world were neither fully aware of the ultimate goal of America, nor they had any problem with it. As such, that many among them did not even care about their traditional culture, their civilization and morality.

This tendency towards the western values.
This was the reason that countries were changing the loyalty fast, bunch over bunch were going into American fold, those countries who had soft corner already, also those who were immaculately loyal to Soviet Union. These countries not only just accepted the American style economics by moving ahead but also gave a good eye for anything which came along with that. And our country too is one among those countries who blindly laid the eyes and heart in the way of American life-style. Opened all the doors for everything coming in the name of Globalization. In the name of birth control not only just allowed the sexual amiss but also encouraged it and took part in its growth with the help of the world health organisation funds for radio, television and newspapers advertisement and started such announcements and advertisements that the virtuous people felt it suffocating. Abortion is no more a crime. Even every facility for that is available, no matter what sort of pregnancy is that. The nuisance of sex education in the educational institutions is the reward of that same globalization and American life style. This type of many imitations are being adopted in the name of progress. The culture of metro cities is turning very fast into American culture.

The recent example of passionate love.
And the recent example of this passionate love with western values is that verdict of the Delhi high court which was given on 2nd July in a Homosexuality related case. This judgement has given a new life for an unusual type of cursed men and women, that they will become more free, fearless, bold, and shameless. Lady president of the Naz foundation who is fighting for their case said, "Now India has entered in the 21st centuary in true meaning." Government is silent. Congress is looking here and there. BJP as a political party is quite. Media is just talking pointless and rubbish. Virtuous people are breathless. And those who keep an eye on the trend of country's affairs are asking as if this type of verdict was possible 20 years ago ? Not just this, any such cursed thing and any such moral distraction a while ago was possible ? Western world is very worried by the population of India. America by the institutions at its own expense teaching the ways to control population to the Government of India. Is this decision of promoting the homosexuality, continuation of the same.? Is this love towards western values is suitable for any self-esteemed country who has its own moral values ? If this is not the fascination for materialistic progress of the west and not the emergence of the American friendship, then what else it is ?
10/07/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

General Budget

The budget for the current fiscal year which the Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee presented on Monday (6th July), as usual has received mixed reactions. On one hand the governing body in which Congress was leading termed it as an excellent budget whereas the opposition on the other hand expressed despair. The biggest opposition party Bhartiya Janata Party says that this budget has not given any direction to the country’s economy. Where the congress men have termed it as ’common man’s budget’ the opposition says that they have done nothing special for the common man. The ruling party says that they have announced relief for the farmers whereas the opposition feels that no strong steps have been taken to console the agricultural class. At the same time some other states have the complaint that they are being neglected and the budget is under the canopy of politics. It is being told that the favours announced for the farmers will benefit only big farmers, there is nothing for the common and small farmers because only those farmers can benefit from these favours who have at least two hectares of land. On one hand it is being said that the relaxation given to the tax payers will be quite beneficial for the common man but many people also say that now a days discount of ten thousand rupees is meaningless. One group feels that the ideas presented for the removal for poverty are quite important and the relief plans which are announced are also important while others feel that no doubt relief plans have been announced for the poor but relief plans have also been announced for the rich and hence the gap between the rich and the poor instead of becoming less will remain as it is.

Those people in the country who wished to see an increase in privatisation at a rapid rate even they feel that this budget is not promising enough because the supporters of privatisation felt that new sectors will be opened up for privatisation and some new schemes for rapid privatisation will come up. But no such announcement was made in this budget rather it is said that Government banks and insurance companies will not be privatised. No announcements were made regarding education and safeguarding of health although a lot of importance is being given to education and health in developed countries and this is necessary to keep the country moving on the path of development. One main and important aspect of this budget is the increase in the fiscal loss. Global slump in the market had it’s effect on all the economies of the world naturally how could India remain untouched by it. But all the economies made some or the other efforts in order to face it. India’s fiscal loss shown in this budget is 6.8%. How will this loss be regained and what will be the way to do it? Experts say that the budget is mum on this matter and this is a matter of concern. Naturally this loss will be regained by taking loans which in turn will increase national loans and increased dependence and we have to work according to the conditions set by the loan giver. This will not only hamper economic development it might also cause a blow to the interests of the country. Many experts have raised this issue and tried to draw the Government’s attention towards it. It is clear that a debate will take place on it and the plans in the budget will be considered at all levels. It is expected that the Government pays heed to the opinions which come up in this regard.

10/07/09 Editorial, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui


Liberahan Commission’s Report

After seventeen years of long ‘investigation’ and enquiry the Liberahan Commission submitted it’s report to the Government but will the Government put it up for debate in the parliament or will it put it in the cold storage or they will delay it by making an excuse of presenting it with the action taken report, this is still not clear. Till now it is evident from the speeches of some of the important and senior Congress leaders that the Government at present is not ready to disclose the report as it is. In the mean time debate and dispute, and verbal fights between Congress and Bhartiya Janta Party have started. This is an ancient attitude, Late Narsimha Rao in order to escape from his responsibility used to treat the BJP guilty. He presented the aspect of betrayal and the BJP put the same blame on Congress as it was in power at the Centre at that time. This series of blame game is going on since ages. The result of keeping the matter pending for seventeen years is that many things have become obsolete and many characters have vanished from the scene. One more aspect which is worth mentioning rather it is quite significant is that there was no hint even a few days before that the commission was planning to submit it’s report to the Government, rather it looked as if once again there will be an extension in the period for the commission to submit it’s report but all of a sudden now the commission has submitted it’s report before the Government.

A demand has been raised by the Muslim organisations that the Government presents the report as it is in front of the Parliament so that a detailed debate can be carried out on it and the world comes to know the result of seventeen long years of investigation. Precisely it can also be assessed as to who is involved in this evil deed and what is his share in it ? It is useless to wait for the action taken report and sheer waste of time. Some of the political parties are also supporting this demand. They also agree that there should be debate on the report and truth should come out in front of the world. In the same way it is also said that it is not right that the Government should censor any part of the report with the excuse that it might not be good from perspective of peace and that part comes under internal secret. But in the meantime Delhi High Court’s judgement regarding the abolishing of Article377 which was pending since last eight years, has come. The announcement of this verdict made the whole country mad with glee. The media is publicising it at such a large scale as if it has gained the happiness of the whole world and as if this was the most important and sensitive issue of the country. It seems as if it has attracted everyone’s attention towards it. Rest all the issues have taken a back seat. It is being told that the Central Government is also paying attention to it. The issue of judgement at this time is worth pondering, it has suppressed all the other important issues.

07/07/09 Editorial, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

The objection is quite valid

There is an objection on the Librahan commission that why it took so much time in completing its task. It took sixteen years and six month in presenting the report. This question or objection is quite valid. The task was of three (3) months, and that was the time central government had given it. Because everything was pretty clear. Every big and small illicit was in sight. Many among them were accepting the crime they did, the reasons and motives were obvious. Who gathered the crowd of lakhs, who gave the weapons, lathis, and the destructive stuff in their hands, who made them chanting exasperating slogans, whose mind was behind the demolition, whose hands did it. Everybody was aware of the people gathering and the people arranging the gathering, all their activities, their chants, their statements and announcements. That is why the time of three months and spending few lakhs for that was enough. But in December 1996 the 53 years old Judge of the Punjab and Haryana High Court started working, then after retiring from the government job in 2000, he finished the task in 2009 at the age of 70. The extension of time was requested 48 times not two or four. Made some Eight (8) crores expenditure from the government treasury. Most of that was spent on the salaries of the staff.

But is only commision responsible?
But for this unusual delay, is Justice Manmohan Singh Librahan responsible alone ? Not at all. Rather this is all political game. And for this, the timid, compromising, not-keeping-promise central government of that time (which is the present government too) is responsible. Rather that is the one to be held responsible. In this so called secular party and its government there is not any such courage that it can say the oppressor, an oppressor and oppressed to one who is oppressed, can fight the communalism, tie in th control over the criminal politicians, punish the culprits. Why Justice Librahan took 17 years, to solve this, it is required that the political events till now right from the day one should be recalled in mind. When the Kalyan singh government resigned on 6th December 1996 afternoon, the administration of the state shifted in the hands of central government through the Governor, then whatever happened was under the central administartion. Culprits of destruction were sent home safely and with respect. Idols, which were removed before attack on Masjid, placed there overnight, and government did not resist, whereas those who placed the idols back were themselves involved in the demolition of Masjid.

The story of timorous and injustice
The media of entire world witnessed that the central government promised (announced) to rebuild Masjid immediately after the accident, but within few days turned back, why did it turn back ? It is Very important question. Another thing which was the masterpiece act of
1) Oppression 2) Injustice and 3)Timidness, what that government did was, alongwith the parties who demolished Masjid, imposed the ban also on the organisation which always tried, working with the Masjid Rabita Commitee to reconcile and find the peaceful solution. Anyhow this injustice was also the helplessness of that government and ruling party, as that does not have the courage of fighting face to face with oppressors, destroyers, fascists, cruels, and fake patriots. It feared that if it acted only against the culprits, then their supporters who are there, in every government agency along with a particular group of people, will turn away and it will go out of power. But even deeper fact is that the soft corner for fake patriots and the sensation of hatred towards the religious values of the oppressed was also working in background. The factors for delay in Librahan report within itself is a topic for research and analysis. World media might be certainly looking at it interestingly.
07/07/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


Is it the same opinion of all ?

It should not be understood by the statement of French President about Islamic hijab (veil) that this is the opinion of all non-muslim citizen of France. Having different opinion about this campaign of Sarkozy are even there within his cabinet. Minister for water supply Eric Bason says that thoughtlessly banning the Hijab (veil) is not appropriate, it will create anxiety. But more meaningful over that is what Miss Ramaya Daye said, who is a Junior Minister for human rights, that "if this ban is aimed for protecting those women who are forced to wear Burqa (veil) then i am ready to support this (ban)." (Associated Press 23rd June News Papers). Those who keep watching the background of this campaign of the French President can understand the condition (if) of this woman minister. In the Western world in common and in the France in particular, this thinking is usual and propaganda for this is done as well that muslim women do not observe Hijab (veil) willingly, but their men (husband, father, brother and elders) force them for that. This thinking is even being tried to be fed into the minds of muslim women.

The world may question.
It is quite possible that by this hue and cry of France the world might be thinking that all the muslim women there use the veil (France has 50 lakhs muslim population) but if the world is made aware of this fact that the ratio of women observing veil in France is less, that too very less. Some where, one or two, then the world may ask that if that is the situation then why so much noise and chaos ? This uproar of the France government could be understood when all muslim women observe hijab (the veil). Just people of the world can ask that if the France is a democratic, enlightened and the free country, why there is obstacle for the choice of muslims ? By few women covering their heads, what disaster will knock the civil society of the France. Is it so weak ? It is neverthless what the politics of France will answer to this, but the people of veil (hijab) answer it that their fear is not understandable. Because the shyness is the natural feeling of a woman no matter whihc religion which country and which region she beongs to. Though west has oppressed this jewel under the lust but it can rise anytime. And the shrewd western mind does not want to let it rise.

Is the actual fear is with Islam?
And the same situation is with other values and rulings of Islam. If the economic system of Islam is let to flourish, it will end the system of interest and the capitalists and interest collecting financiers will go bankrupt. Likewise, the monitory resources will reach to the poor people as well. Thus the actual fear is with Islam. There are two types of behaviours about Islam right now. One is the people of Islam who apart from the lakhs of shortcomings, not ready to withdraw from their religion, other one is its opponents, who using the strength of wealth, politics, and media upholding the cause of making the entire world afraid of Islam. But there is a third behaviour too which is not aligned. A large portion of the human population is watching all this with much curiosity and surprise. Behaviour of the anti-Islam elements of the west is infront of them, who claim living up to the freedom of expression and freedom of choice, but could not see a piece of cloth on the muslim women's heads.? The history of the human psychology shows that this curiosity will bring colour. And within the western countries voices are raising against this behaviour like it is indicated by the two french ministers opinions.
04/07/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh


These Allusions against The Veil (Hijab)

If Nicholas sarkozy would have just said as "The Veil (Hijab) is not acceptable in France", his purpose could be over, and his comment would have been taken as it is taken in other western countries. But by mentioning the reasons for not accepting the veil, he weakened his case (It was not strong earlier though). The allusions French President made against the veil (hijab), if analyze media, those come as follows, 1) This seems like taking away the freedom of women making them slaves. 2) The veil (hijab) makes women slave and 3) makes them helpless. 4) This is making women forcibly obedient and following. 5) The veil takes women away from their foundation. 6) Cuts them out from social life. 7) Seizes their identity from women. 8) Making covered in clothe hide womens faces. 9) Takes away women's honour from them. Where these allusions of Sarkozy show the literal ignorance of him about Islam and Islamic values, the same time, the usual prejudice of Europe too becomes visible. Their only support is the propaganda which is aggressively continues now a days to defame Islamic values. Anyway this criticism about the veil by Sarkozy looked funny, because he is a guy of playful nature, a while ago he married a very early age model.

From another perspective
It was very painful for muslim, Sarkozy's comments, as by the national and international media their views expressd, but if looked by another perspective, this is a golden chance for presenting the Islamic values to the international community. The background of the French President's comments is that, there about sixty (60) members of the Parliament run a movement for making a Parliamentary commission to study the veil and finally ban it completely. But, muslims there, are against the commission being suggested. Like the President of the representing Muslim Council of France, Mohammed Musawi told that, by this, the chance of defaming muslims be raised. Why such inferiority ? It has to be thrown away. It is actually western nations who have inferiority complex. They are afraid of the moral strength of Islam that it will eat up their disgraceful society. Sarkozy actually made the task easy for muslims. Means whatever he could say against the veil, he did. Nothing more to say for him. Very stupid, baseless and contrary allusions, which can easily be rejected.

Prepare for debate
The muslim citizen of France should prepare for debate. If commission is formed, muslim groups should appear and Introduce the Islamic system of life, because to understand the veil, understanding the Islamic way of life is necessary. But before hand it should be made clear that freedom of women, honour and grace, woman's chaste and immaculate (The people of west probably not even aware of these words) and what should be the standard of her progress and protection ? West has its own standards and Islam has a standard too. It should be questioned as the grace of woman is in making her an entertaining, sex toy and to make her a means to sell luxury stuff, or to protect her natural shyness, and to provide her all freedom and facilities to build a family ? It should also be asked to commission that the veil is woman's freedom or slavery ? force or choice ? who will decide that ? The lawmaking body of France or those women who observe the veil (hijab) ? In the first stage, the survey of muslim women in france should be done as what their opinion is. After that those converted muslim women should be asked in Europe and America who by leaving the "freedom" why adopted "slavery" of the veil (hijab) ? Commission should be knowing that it would find a lot of muslim women who do not observe the veil but none among them see the faults which Sarkozy has counted on.
01/07/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

Why is there disquiet in Europe?

The discussion on the issue of hijab in France is being dragged day by day and the western mass media is presenting the matter in such a way as if this has divided the French society into two parts. It should be recalled that France is home to a large Muslim population and the reason for this is that geographically France is closer to the west and since ancient times France has connections with the west. Large number of Muslim immigrants from the west are still settled here. Once upon a time France ruled Algeria, in this way also the to and fro movement of Muslims from Algeria is going on since a long time. Even today a considerable amount of Algerian Muslims are settled in France. Other than this natives from various Muslim countries in North Africa are also living here. Like other European countries, France is also facing the problem of immigrants. Although the presence of immigrants is their compulsion as well as need, because France like other European and western countries requires hard working people. Like the other European countries the birth rate is decreasing here and the average life span is increasing which is creating a big issue for these countries and the issue is the fast decline in the labour class. Working class includes skilled as well as semi skilled people. High class professionals also fall under this category and at this time the European countries are is facing shortage of such people at all levels. This deficit is fulfilled by foreign people. Therefore this is their problem that they cannot get rid of these people, so now the foreigners live here with their traditions, culture and beliefs. They cannot be deprived of this. This is so because the western countries call themselves the flag bearers of democracy and chant the slogans of religious freedom.

This is not an issue of France alone rather all European and western countries are affected by it. Now the Muslim population which is present here or the one which is coming, is on one hand a part and parcel of the western culture and on the other hand such people are also present who not only want to preserve their own culture, they also have the burning desire to inspire others with the blessed system. When they presented this blessed system, then it created a stir among the local people because since ages the west has invested all his efforts in search for serenity. His restless soul did not get respite anywhere. He did many experiments, became a hippie, and followed various other paths but his soul did not find solace anywhere. This restlessness and search of tranquillity attracted him towards the blessed system too. Thereby a process of embracing this blessed system started. But some people did not like this act because it threatened to shatter their dreams of monarchy. Therefore they devised such a plan that they engulfed the whole world in a kind of fear. They presented the divine system as a nightmare. At this time in Europe and anywhere else in the world where people are made to dream this this nightmare, their real aim is to stop the advancing steps of the world towards this divine system. New ways have been devised for this. Some where the matter of hijab is raised while at other places selected and divine personalities are targeted in the name of religious freedom. Recent Presidential elections in Iran is also being used for the same aim and there is an attempt to keep the people in the west in a state of constant fear.

01/07/09 Editorial, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui