Searching reasons of the defeat

The parties and groups who literally got defeated in the recent lok sabha elections, the aliance of left parties is one among them, Marxist Communist Party (CPM) is the largest party of that. Though immediately after results, its party leaders statements were coming, in those, the acceptance of the mistakes was there, a glimpse of self assessment was there as well, and some what criticism on one another was there too. But in the third week of the month of June, party's central commitee meeting held in Delhi, in which the reasons for the defeat and other issues were discussed in detail as where were the mistake. It was also observed that what has been done which was not supposed to be, and what is not done which was supposed to be. Also that what should be done in future. This feeling was common that in the previous lok sabha with 61 members left parties role which used to be effective, now with 24 members that performance is not possible. Marxist party atleast in its inner discipline is a democratic party. On issues and problems, open and frank discussion take place in its forums. According to the reporting of the meeting, this point was discussed in particular that in the changed political scenario what should be the party's policy.

Fundamental philosophy and its flaw
But in the Newspaper reports there was not even a sign that Communist Party feels to reconsider its fundamental philosophy. Party's goal and objective is definitely good, that is poverty be removed, basic needs of all citizen be fulfilled, labour class not be exploited, monitory resources not be concentrated in the hands of few individuals or families. All the Communist Parties of the world derived this philosophy from the thoughts and theories of Karl Marx the 19th centuary German philosopher, who wrote a book named "Das Capital". The biggest drawback of this philosophy was that denying The God is the basic charecteristics in it. In Marx opinion, the root cause of the crooked, unrest, poverty and exploitation. The second drawback was that it supported equal distribution of the monitory resources instead of the just distribution, which is untrue, unrealistic, and impractical claim. And also it encouraged violence as needed, that is wealth and land from rich, industrialists and landlords could be forcibly snatched. Thus it was a call for status based unrest.

If they are firm on their objectives
Indian communists also started working on the exactly same philosophy. But failed, because this unnatural ecanomical philosophy died by itself after living 56 years. Indian communists surrendered to Capitalism, but it looks by their talk that they are still firm on their objectives. If that is true then they should dare and with courage, honestly study the economic ideology of Islam. Zakat and charity , prohibition of interest, interest free banking system, encouraging interest free loan and issue alike, worth understanding for them. But if they want to understand this economic ideology easily, then they should study this entire system for human life and see what is the Islamic system of life. We are not sure if The Quran reached to Kael Marx, and if reached what was his behaviour towards that, but it can surely be said that if in the light of his goals and objectives, also with the sympathy and mercifulness which nature had given him for humanity, if Karl Marx would have studied Islam and The Quran, his followers would not have seen these days.
28/06/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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