The Consequence of American President's two nation formula

While addressing the Muslim world in Cairo, the American President Barak Hussain Obama, where on one hand spoke about other things, on the other hand he asked the Muslim world to accept America's solution for the Palestine issue. According to him, the solution for this issue is that the Muslim world accepts the existence of Israel and in return they will get a Palestine state. That means he has given a two nation formula for the land of Palestine. This is not a new formula. The solution suggested by his predecessors for the issue of Palestine spoke of the same peace road map. President Obama has just repeated it. He expects the Muslim world to support him in solving the issues. According to him it should be initiated from here. His predecessor George Bush in the last days of his second term, started dialogue on this issue and tried to create the consensus for the same road map. To ponder upon this proposal and proceed with it is secondary, first of all it is necessary to understand what practical scenario it has. Does he want the people of Palestine and Muslim world to accept the existence of Israel? In return for this they might get a part in the land of Palestine as a Palestine state, as if this offer is conditional. Can they be questioned that after this process, if Israel refuses to accept the Palestine state then does this happen in America that it forces Israel to fulfil their promise.

The Palestinians and the Muslim world know about the reality of this proposal, this is totally based on injustice. They also have the character of America and Israel in front of them. President Obama wants to say that the role which America played in the creation of Israel should be forgotten by the Muslim world and should be completely disregarded? Then again the way the America supported Israel's atrocities and cruelties and tried to shield Israel from any harm that came in its way. Do they want the Muslim world to keep mum even on this. The “peace” treaties which were carried out with Israel were based on utter partiality and they tried to provide one sided security to the interests of Israel. But the responsibilities which were imposed on Israel for catching bargain, was Mr. Obama not aware that Israel never fulfilled them and at all times violated the agreements. Does he want to say that the Muslim world should forget even this? The proposal itself that is the peace road map got blown away from the reaction of Israel. Israel openly rejected to stop the “natural expansion” of the Jewish settlements and had given the reference that they already have an agreement with America in this regard. During this time, one more suggestion which has come from America’s Pro Israel fraction is that the land which is called as the Palestinian state by the American President can be given an alternate look, according to this plan West Bank can be given to Jordan and the Gaza strip to Egypt, in this way bringing an end to the “root cause”. The echo of the sugar coated words by President Obama had still not been dispersed in the air , his own people blew the “peace formula” apart. Then why President Obama expects the Muslim world to extend their hand in his support. President Obama himself made it clear in his speech that his hands are tied in the matter of Israel.
10/06/09 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

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