The Policy of the Central Government

In reply to the argument which took place in the President’s joint meeting of the Parliament, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh summarised his Government’s policy and gave an account of what his Government wants to do in the next five years . He expressed in clear terms that terrorism will not be tolerated under any condition, no matter in which form it tries to come up. Not only will it be dealt strictly moreover it’s head will be crushed completely. In this regard he also said that his Government wants to corroborate good friendly relations with all the neighbours but he also wanted to make it clear that his Government, at any cost, will not tolerate anti-Indian activities on any of their land and so he wants to tell his neighbouring countries particularly Pakistan that if they expect good friendly relations they should not allow their countries to be used for anti-Indian activities. Strong steps should be taken against the allegations which came forward in the 26th September Mumbai attacks, only by this way talks can be started with Pakistan. He further said that the ball is now in Pakistan’s court and so now the Pakistani leaders have to decide about what they want. If they show courage and political know how and work with good intentions then not only the differences will be removed but also roads for peace and prosperity can be established. If they display this they will not find India behind, as India is always ready to extend the hand of friendship.

He strongly emphasised that his government will not let the country’s economy to get out of track even though, economically speaking, the world is going through a grave turmoil and all developed nations of the world including America, at this time are surrounded by economic challenges, naturally it had it’s effect on India as well therefore his government will try and not let the development rate to drop down but will try and maintain it at 7.0%. He said that in his previous term, the initial four years were economically very good when the rate of development reached the 9% mark but due to the global economic crisis it went down in the last year and fell below 7%. His Government will try that no further downfall occurs in this rate and try and improve it and take it to 8/9%. He further said that his government is keeping a close watch on the situation in Sri Lanka and they want that the issue of the Tamilians gets resolved in the best possible way, he said that the end of LTTE does not mean that all the issues have been resolved. His government will open heartedly help the Sri Lanka government in the rehabilitation of the Tamil refugees. In the matter of the humiliating treatment met out with the Indian students in Australia the Prime Minister asserted that his government will take strong steps against it, attempts have already been made in this regard. He gave an assurance of working with the opposition in a constructive way. He also spoke of strong relations of India with China.

13/06/09 Editorial by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

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