25 years of nation's hardship

25 years of Nation's hardship - this is the name of that booklet or folder which is being distributed all over the Punjab in the eve of the anniversary of operation blue star in Amritsar. News paper readers might remember that in the beginning of 80's decade Khalistan formation movement was on peak in the state of Punjab. Sant Jarnail singh bhandran waley was the biggest leader of that movement. His residence was in harminder sahab or darbar sahab of Amritsar which is called Golden Temple. His followers used to carry on violent activities from there. State and Central governments were very worried. Finally government planned the military action to crush militants. This action carried out on 6th June 1984. Along with the residense of bhandaran waley, the great building of darbar sahab, which was the sacred and holy place for sikh people of the world, was demolished. It is obvious that this was very painful for sikh nation. So expression of the anger and grief from them started in different forms. The biggest expression of the anger and rage was seen on 31st October the same year as deadly murder attack on prime Minister Indra Gandhi. After that in Delhi and else where anti-sikh riots happened, thousands of people were killed.

Belief is dearer than the life
But sikh nation was more grieved at the demolition of harminder sahab than over being killed. This wound is still there and the important thing is that the sikh nation wants to keep this wound on. Whereas in the 25 years period , the maximum efforts were made to comfort sikh nation. Efforts to win the confidence back were immediately made, darbar sahab's great building was constructed at government's expense. (But sikhs later on demolished it and reconstructed with karseva{volunteering}). In five years looked like sikh nation was completely into the main stream of the country, neverthless the riots trials and compensations were continued. But it was noted that sikh nation couldn't completely come out of the grief. Now the 25th anniversary preperation details which are coming from Amritsar show that the entire sikh nation is involved in it. Recently Prime Minister Manmohan Singh advised sikhs that whatever happened in 1984 sikhs should forget it, effect of this statement was otherwise. Preperations were increased more. Prime Minister has been critisized. Sikh leaders are announcing that this grief can not be forgotten. This will be kept alive forever.

Life of a Living nation
This point could be debated among non-sikhs as why sikh community wants to keep this grief alive and the wound on.? Till what time? or what it wants by that and what is its target ? But anyway the fact is that the events of 1984 are still alive in the heart and brain of every sikh, whatever the political association they have, different sects and groups and several deras are there, sectorial and communal unrest they have among themselves. After Vienna event this increased more, but all are together in 1984 grief. And this is a symbol of life in a nation alive. Though in 25 years, one thing is not yet understood. Sikh nation, for operation blue star and Delhi riots think only Congress is responsible, whereas they have close friendship with those, who were front runners in 80's in creating environment of hatred against them. Indra Gandhi and Congressmen just exploited that situation. Day by day Newspapers reports of that period are still safe in files, as who was doing what ? What, whose demand was ? For non-sikh analysts, this is an interesting research topic that among sikh scholars and knowledgeable people, why this point could not become the topic of the debate.
04/06/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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