Clarification of Jizya was useful

From the platform of All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat few muslim leaders, among them there were scholars too, released a clarification statement about "Jizya". This statement was released during the outcry that in the tribal areas of Pakistan, "Taliban" are forcibly collecting Jizya from non-muslims that is Hindus and Sikhs. In the statement the jurisprudential debate was there about the term Jizya. Anyway with regards to the news from Pakistan this debate or discussion was unnecessary, because in the statement the news about the cruelness and inflict of "Taliban" was assumed true, where as that information was all based on evil spirit. But the debate of Jizya itself was very useful and informative. If this clarification would have come with this note then it could be result oriented, that "It is unknown how true are these information, because these are not proved by free sources, also it is hard to beleive that people having knowledge of Deen(Religion) can commit such acts which are against Deen (Religion). But as the word Jizya is being used in the news, we feel necessary to clarify this Islamic term so that the minds of non-muslim brethren of our country be clear..".

These misunderstandings are old
Taking the words like Jizya, Jihad and Kafir a big majority of non-muslims remains misunderstood. For this the propaganda also has a part which, in the past used to be done by anti-Islam circles. So called orientalists specially did this task. In our country too, misunderstandings about these term came with british people. In the long muslim rule these words were never debated. Not because non-muslim people in muslim rule were afraid, but because they had no problems with these terms, the common people and elite both were unaware. British rulers and their orieltalists showed the people of India that to see how bad things are there in Islam. Thus against Jizya and Jihad people's mind was set, non-muslims started thinking the word Kafir a rebuke, and even now think so. The explanation of these words is continuously made by muslim scholars and jurists, and even now being explained. As per the event and opportunity this explanation proves to be useful and among people curiosity increases to know more.

This is the matter of action for Dawah (Preaching)
This is the matter of action for Dawah. The Hi-Fi international propaganda against muslim nation and Islam, where causes severe mental torture for muslims, it provides the best opportunity for them to preach as well. If you start the explanation to any of the Islamic concepts by yourself, people may not give much care. But if on that concept, there is any criticism from any corner, so as to make it a target of condemn in media and non-muslims, then muslim scholars can interfere with the factual and acceptable way to present true picture, this gives the considerable results. We have the explanation and clarification but that is limited to Urdu news papers only, there is a need that from our side this debate appear in Hindi , English and other regional language media. People to speak on channels and write in news papers be prepared. This is a big task which millat (The Muslim Nation) should do. All our intellectuals and scholar leaders who put all their efforts and talents in recent lok sabha elections, after they are done with it and relaxing now, should think in this regard that what can be done for this.
10/06/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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