American (President's) Agenda

Though in Cairo University's speech Barack Hussein Obama said very good stuff, refered Quranic verses, mentioned the mutual relationship of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Also repeated that there is no fight between Islam and America. Accepted the role of Islam in development of human civilization too. Also said that to stabilize the world peace and to make the world more safe America and Muslim world should work together etc. But he never moved from his (American) agenda. How can he move too ? He has his own way of bringing American agenda into action. Initially it was thought that because Obama belongs to democratic party, during the presidential elections he had been critisizing Republican party and its administration, he would change policies of Bush certainly, but nothing as such happened. The time frame for getting out of Iraq, previous administration could also do, as for taking rest of its oil and looting its natural resources this time was enough. Making Iraq harmless for Israel would also had been completed. In closing down Guantanamo torment houses what difficulty is there, is not understood. About the interior policies and economic efforts, experts say whoever the president were, would do the same.

Resonance of Bush's voice
The important thing of the previous government which Obama repeated was that there are serious threats to the peace of entire world including America, and these threats are from "extremeist muslim groups". The important point of this matter is that even Obama takes the events of 11th september exactly the way George Bush presented it to the world. Alqaeda to him is a living reality. Means the good hope too proved to be wrong that Obama would adopt some what realistic approach towards the Jewish drama of 11th Septemeber and would put an end to the stories related to alqaeda and osama bin laden. In Cairo Obama told that alqaeda killed three thousand people in New York, among them there was a big number of Americans, that is why American nation can not forget it. Means based upon that whatever Bush administration did with muslims and muslim countries was all right. He cried about the rackets of Hamas on Israel but did not mention the Israeli atrocities on Palestinians. Like Bush, Obama also wishes that different editions of Islam be prepared which will be acceptable to non-muslims especially to the people of Europe and America.

A demand should certainly be made
But after all these facts the Islamic world should welcome the initiative of American President. His vulnerabilities should be taken into consideration that anyway he is a president of that state, evrything of which is in Jewish control. But to test the sincerity demand should certainly be made to Obama. That is, the actual investigation of the 11th september events should be made by any international agency which Bush administration always avoided. Bush in international pressure or guiltily appointed a commitee of congress but never co-operated with it, which the members of the commitee constantly complained. Obama should pay attention to the experts of America itself who after analyzing the different angles called it "the inside act", and mocked the Bush administration's theory. This inquiry is also important that based on these events only America raged the war against Islam and Muslim Ummah which it called the "war on terror". Few other countries too started imitating the American drama. If Barack Hussein with fully willingness and fairness make these inevstigations then he does not need any other efforts to pursuade the Islamic world.
19/06/09 khabar-o-nazar, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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