Caste of Lok Sabha speaker

News Paper readers might have noticed that when the name of Meera Kumar was decided, the aspect which media and political analysts highlited was the aspect of her being a dalit. Though being first woman speaker was also discussed but being dalit woman was actually the topic of analysis. Sonia Gandhi was praised that she selected a woman that too a woman belonging to dalit society. Big-heartedness of Indian society was also praised. Some analysts proudly mentioned about the high-sightedness of hindu society and its cast system. This event was in full cry on regional languages news papers and TV channels along with the main stream channels, hindi and english news papers. But nothing is seen or heared as solid analysis by any dalit intellectuals. It is not known what the dalit intellectuals feel who often write and say against the cast system. But yes the non-aligned citizen of this country and those who are aware of the political and social reality, may be applauding the over smartness of the founders of this social system.

It should be applauded too
And it should be applauded too that a system which divided the human beings in higher and lower, respectable and disreputable sects, a big , that is more than one third of the population, was declared the lower and lesser, then making this system acceptable and pride worthy, could be only the work of extra-ordinary intelligence. How funny it is that long time ago a group of humans created a theory that not all human beings are equal. Then made four classes among them, kept itself on top of all, making respectable even worthy of worship and kept the large population in the lower class which is said to be the original and oldest population of this land. Firstly this population used to be called untouchable, then when the education became common , clever people like Gandhi named them 'Harijan". And now in this era of development they are called "Dalit". Intelligenece and foresightedness was such that after independence the statutory terms like scheduled cast and schecduled tribe were derived. Then in the name of their economical betterment reservation was given to them in government jobs, the actual aim of that was to keep them in the same system but in such a way that the complex of being lesser be there always.

The reason for the failure of reformation movements
It is not that there were no voices raised against this inhuman order. Big movements were launched, big reformers have risen. It is told that the movements of the Krishn, Goutham budh, and Mahaveer jain too were against this system. In the new era Jyothi baphule, Rama swamy naiker, Baba sahab ambedkar and recently Kanshi ram emerged. Based upon these leaders theories and their thoughts powerful movements were run against this system, founders of the system were scolded a lot. Their books were burnt. Hatred against them was spread. But the system did not move at all. Even today exist with all its bounty. It's reason ? only one. Those leaders did not challenge the authority of the founders, did not ask them who gave them this authority to declare a big population of human lesser. All efforts were made being within the system to get the respectable position. Even today the same thing is happening. Being dalit even has become the source of blackmailing. The success and salavation is far away, the respectable position they don't even want, unless materialistic wise and economically their situation get better. If not entire population, atleast leaders and well settled communities are satisfied on their situation. Meera kumar is also happy that daughter of a dalit is given such a big position.
22/06/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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