The actual reason for the distraction is something else

Now a days the ongoing distraction in the BJP, many think that, it is the intensity over the defeat in recent lok sabha elections. Few people have opinion that this is the battle for leadership. Some think that hardline hindutva agenda drowned them off, whereas some have the opinion contrary to that, this situation is because of the party's deviation from hindutva agenda. It could be that these things are partially true. But there is another thing which lead to this bad situation. And that is, party doesn't at all have any agenda which confidently it can present to the public. Yes, for elite, it has definitely a program to present, or say its program is only for the particular community of elite. With regards to that even the hindutva which is mentioned, that hindutva is also to show. Means the obstruction against the religious minorities, making temple by demolishing masjid in Ajodhya, killing innocents in Gujrat, scolding in Peelibhit etc. Otherwise the actual hindutva is something else which it can not tell the public and all the elite of the country, can tell it to only a particular segment of elite.

Actual Agenda
And that hindutva is to keep the social system which is based on the superiority by birth, and to give all monitory resources in the hands of a particular community. And it is obvious that this political agenda it can't include in its election manifesto. So it tries to mislead voters by raising emotional and provoking issues. And the records show that some time people come in their fold, but mostly they don't. This time people not coming to their fold is also because of the reason that party couldn't find any issue till the end of election campaign. Its opponent cruel Congress snatched its every issue and used by itself. This time Congress did this thing openly and frankly. Capatalist economical policies it snatched such that left it no where. It took such stand on terrorism that BJP policy makers were just left, like wao! BJP was about to benefit by Mumbai events of November, but Congress was so quick that its rival had nothing but woe. It shouted so much against semi-dead Pakistan, for which even BJP and its government would probably hesitate.

Morally consious individuals come forward
So BJP's actual difficulty is that it doesn't like to show its real agenda and nothing works with fake chants. In last 57 years party raised atleast a dozen different conflicting political slogans. Even if party's present crisis that is the leadership problem gets solved, the actual confusion will still remain. So why didn't the party resolve its fundamental issue. That is to present such an honest program which guarantee the real progress and prosperity of the people and the country. BJP (i.e. RSS) can do that if it likes. Because it is a big and strong organisation, and its cadre is large. But it is obvious that it can do it only if it withdraw from its actual agenda. Withdrawing from its actual agenda is difficult but not impossible. Because in RSS there are big big educated and intellignet individuals are present. If some pious and morally consious personel among them rise and accept after revising the agenda that their program is unjust and invalid, then it is possible. Then there will be a question as what should be the new agenda. In this regard they should reconsider their behaviour about Islam, and contact muslim scholars and intellectuals without hesitating. Two three muslim faces which are there in BJP, if dare, can convince party leadership for that.
25/06/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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