After clear victory

After clear victory in the elections and the offered support from all around, it was thought that in forming the central cabinet Congress won't face difficulty which it did five years ago, and it will include its desired individuals very easily in the cabinet, but DMK leader Karunanidhi made the entire story tasteless. Said that atleast seven individuals from his party in cabinet and few as junior ministers be included. Though Congress this time need not to be pleasing them. Even without DMK support and inclusion it could easily carry on. But this was the humble way of Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh that they engaged in convincing Tamilnadu leader, where as on the other hand this behaviour of Karunanidhi was being condemned. Bengal’s Mamata Benerji put no condition despite having 19 members. Maharashtra's Sharad Pawar, with his 8 members had readily compromised with the situation. No where was any hurdle. But 18 members holding Karunanidhi by his behaviour reminded those secenes of May 2004 when Sonia Gandhi and her co-leaders were visiting and convincing each and every leader. At that time, leader holding three four members was like feeling himslef the king maker.

Politics of Dravid Leader
If the talk was of just including DMK members, it could have been said that Karunanidhi think and care much about loyal party cadre, and wants to get them their price for their efforts as ministries. But the funny thing was that he just wanted ministries for his family. Daughter, Son and Grand-son and along with them few other family members he wanted to make ministers. More over ministries too not just any as such, should be gold mines like so that millions and billions they could earn. And this all wealth be with the family only. And this is the situation of that party of south India which was formed with dravid pride. Whose aim was to set themselves free from northern brahmin system and in Tamil region establishing power of dalits, poor and backwards. In the past it's leader Anna Dorai wanted this. In 1967 Karunanidhi raised as his successor and remained beholder of the same philosophy till ten fifteen years, but later on he absorbed India's common political colour. In thinking of his successor he moved his son Stalin ahead. Later some other people too appeared from the family. Now probably he is trying that his family remain the owner of the black and white of Tamilnadu.

Facts of Indian Politics
This case of Karunanidhi is pointing out some important facts of Indian politics. 1). This is just to say that people come in politics to serve public, they just come to make money, popularity and family benefits. To obtain one lok sabha seat three crores are spent. Become minister for the same. 2). Initially one person raises with the enthusiasm of serving public, and public value him too. But when he gains some position and identity, he is lost in self and family. 3). Election politics is also a big source of blackmailing. In lok sabha and assembly elections, smaller groups play well. In election where public expect a strong and stable government, these groups wish that no party get majority. Some times even independent candidates become king makers and collect desired price for it. 4). When aim of the politics become the wealth and fame, killing and murders, looting, links with criminals and backing them, corrupting police and involvement in crimes and personal and family enemities, these all are the essential requirements of it. And changing this style of Indian politics is not an easy task.
07/06/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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