Foreign Interest in Iran’s Affairs

The conditions in Iran are getting worse with each passing day, the worst part being that this matter is no longer concentrated to a particular geographical part rather it has become an issue for the whole world. This can be realised from the fact that all big super powers are not only interested in it they have in a way become rivals in it. The western mass media together with the western powers have also become a part of it. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has commented on the political conditions in Iran and the action taken by the Iranian Government regarding the British mass media, the way the American President, American management, American Congress and the American agencies are showing interest in it and appear to be actively involved, the reaction of the European Union, all this has made the post election campaign in Iran a global campaign. In can not be termed any thing better than open interference. The most important aspect of this campaign is Israel’s stand in this regard, which has already being expressed at different occasions and in different forms but it took place at the highest level, when during the past days Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu outlined his policy in his speech at the Bar Elan University. In his speech he stressed upon America and other western countries that they should feel the graveness of the Iranian issue and should work upon a solid plan of action. In this policy speech Israeli Prime Minister declared Iran as a danger to the whole world and the victory of Mahmoud Ahmedi Nejad has increased it two-fold.

In the Presidential elections in Iran present President Mahmoud Ahmedi Nejad’s victory is very clear and the difference between him and his nearest rival Mir Hussein Mousavi is so large that the allegations of malpractice are beyond imagination. It can be recalled that Mahmoud Ahmedi Nejad got 65% of the total votes cast whereas Mir Hussein Mousavi got just 33% votes, Mahdi Karoobi and Mohsin Razaye’s share of votes was paltry. Therefore their complaint is weightless, even then the Iranian establishment, taking up the path of diplomacy asked all the three candidates not to spread unrest in the country, to register their complaints and to respect the law. Not only that they also declared that all the complaints will be investigated moreover they were even ready to reconsider the recounting of ten percent votes. It should be clear that even if the complaints lodged by Mir Hussein Mousavi and the other candidates are right then also the difference between Mahmoud Ahmedi Nejad and Mir Hussein Mousavi cannot influence victory or defeat. The Iranian Establishment also invited all the candidates for open talks but it is being told that Mir Hussein Mousavi and Mahdi Karoobi did not participate in it. They openly rejected the people’s verdict and they are still adamant on their stand. America, Britain, European Union and it’s organisations are all backing them. Many briefings have been given by the American President and the White House. The American Congress has passed the resolution, the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has also entered the scene, European Union have given their full support in favour of those willing to reject the election results.

25/06/09 Editorial, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

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