The Mischievousness of the “Progressive People”

American President Obama, through his various speeches has tried to instil in the minds of the Muslims that now America no longer works on the policy of hatred and enmity with Islam and Muslims. He has given many speeches regarding the practical steps taken in this matter but the echo of these speeches had not even dispersed in the air and they can be seen trying to force this policy on Iran. Whether it is Turkey or Algeria or Palestine, where ever the pro-Islam forces with the help and support of the public, appear to come to power through the system invented and beloved by the west that is democracy, then the Christians, Zionists and other fascist forces leave no stone unturned in sabotaging their favourite system. They disliked the revolution, which arose in Iran in the name of Islam from day one. They are creating hurdles in its path and investing all their energy in opposing them even though the Iranian public is helping and supporting them with majority of votes in a democratic way. Specially throughout his last term Ahmedi Nejad was being forced to violate it but finally losing hope here, this time they have put in all their energies in interfering in the internal matters of Iran and have woven a strong net of conspiracies and planning. They have termed Ahmedi nejad as a conservative and fundamentalist extremist, flag bearer of Islam and established their puppet Mir Hussein Mousavi against him as their favourite candidate for the post of President in the elections. He gained fame as a progressive all over the world. In his own country, this campaign was carried forward by sinister and corrupt people. But in spite of all these efforts, the Iranian people realising what actually Mousavi is, regarding the honour and dignity of Islam and their homeland Iran more than their own lives whole heartedly supported Ahmedi Nejad for the next term as President. This enraged and aroused America and it’s allies and they started following their traditional ways in Iran. They destroyed the peace and prosperity of Iran. They became ardently involved in tearing the self dependence, freedom and self confidence of Iran into shreds. To maintain an environment of peace and well being in the country the spiritual leader of Iran Ayatollah Khamenei, tried many diplomatic efforts in order to pacify the protestors and demonstrators. He made an announcement for recounting of votes but the protestors knew that recounting of votes will not be a solution in this matter as Ahmedi Nejad won with more than 60% votes and the remaining candidates were partners in the remaining 40% and the darling of the Christians, the Zionist and the fascist powers Mir Hussein Mousavi could only muster 30% votes, no matter how transparent is the counting process the result will be the same, therefore they demanded re election, but till today in such conditions, in any democratic country cancelling such results and announcement of re-elections never took place. This process is in itself not corrective rather it is non democratic. Eventually keeping view of the bad intentions, destructive mentality and shrewdness of these forces Allama Ayatollah Ali Khamenei made it clear and strongly rejected this demand. He warned that the Government will not bow down in front of any protests and demonstrations by the opposition. Even though he announced to scrutinize the complaints regarding the process of voting and counting. Naturally this is Iran’s internal matter even then the Christians, Zionist and other fascist powers have come out in open against Iran and they are raising a hue and cry of gross malpractices in the voting process and are strongly supporting Mir Hussein Mousavi. Britain even went to the extent of discontinuing all diplomatic relationships with Iran. Both countries sent back the Ambassadors of each other. Iran has accused Britain of hatching conspiracy against the elections and spreading disquiet and unrest. He even exiled the BBC correspondent in Tehran whereas a British-Greek Journalist working for an American newspaper was taken into custody. Iran’s Home Minister by pointing a finger at America has said that the people spreading unrest in the country are being funded by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the deported opposition group People’s Mujahideen. American President’s acrimonious speech raised a question about the legitimacy of the elections and expressed his displeasure and anger over the violence against the protests by the opposition leaders. On the other hand due to the Government’s strong stand, the hired people and those who were misled because of misunderstandings backed off without any resistance. As soon as the police used tear gas and lathi charge against them they all became quiet. The other defeated candidate Mohsin Razaye who was the ex-Chief of Revolutionary Guard has also declared to withdraw his protest against the malpractices in the elections. He said that Iran’s social, economic and security situation have reached a sensitive and decisive phase which is more important than the elections. In these conditions it is certain that they will leave no stone unturned in working with a proper insight and farsightedness.

28/06/09 Editorial, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

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