Performance of Rights Commission

People, who wanted that enquiry of Batla House event in Delhi be carried out by some non-affiliated agency or Human rights commission take notice of it because the huamn rights are violated by police in this event, by reading the commission's report they surely would feel disappointed. Commission had declared Delhi police as immaculate and completely faultless. Said, that police did not do any offense, did not violate anyone's human right, firing was done in its defence, if did not do that, they could die in "terrorists" hands. Means human rights commission repeated the same whatever Delhi police kept saying. Anyway the effort of knowing the facts by itself was not made by commission, it did so on the order of Delhi high court. In May, Delhi high court expressed concern that taking Batla house encounter, dissatisfaction exists among few factions, thus commission investigate the accusations. Two young men were killed in the Batla House area of Jamia Nagar in South Delhi in a police operation on 10th September last year. Their relation was shown with "Indian mujahideen." A week before that there were few bomb blasts in some areas of the capital on 13th September.

Frustration is valid, but....
Though the frustration of those is valid who got frustrated. Because they had some expectations from the human rights commission. Nevertheless, if they had this expectation or hopefulness during the period of 19th September to 26th November, there could some thing beneficial be happened. During that time many corners raised the questions against the government's proclamation about batla house. This sequence was getting through speeder everyday. The same time, in the context of Malegaon bomb blasts, the actual terrorism was getting unveiled too. The truth about Nanded, Kanpur and Samjhota express was coming out. If human rights commission would have worked during that time on batla house and present its report, then it could have satisfy the hopeful people. But after 26th and 27th of November after the Mumbai events, the situation changed. (Like the world situation after 11th september of Newyork events changed ) Now the circumstances have adopted a particular direction. The situation and events are being seen in other way. Justice and the standards of right and wrong are changing. Merit is worthless. If say it openly, the wind shows the symptoms of Jingoism, means extremist patriotism (nationalism) in which justice and honesty do not pass thorugh.

Analyze the entire scenario
That is why, seeing the rights commission's report seperately will be a big mistake. It should be seen as part of that scenario which rose in last eight months countrywide. Though the increasing relations with America and Israel, events of 11th September, American campaign against "terrorism" and last july deal between America and India, this picture is not any unexpected but till that time this Jingoism, "Patriotism" and anti muslim political contract was with BJP. 26th November operation was carried out to benefit that, after that Congress could have been no where. But Congress government hijacked 26th November and completely pulled that agenda from BJP and acting on that in a planned way and so well that snake dies without breaking of the stick, whereas the stick of BJP used to break. Silently a particular type of environment is being created in the country. In this series media was shameless and used to lack the honesty already, those political analysts who were known as open minded, are changing the language. Now the government and semi government agencies too are effected or being affected. Right commission's language over Batla house is meaningful. It is not known if the muslim leadership at large, upto what extent, is aware of the seriousness of the situation, even aware of it or not?
28/07/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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