Danger of Spread of Atomic Weapons

They say that overlooking these type of secret activities has resulted in the spreading of atomic weapons and technology from one country to the second and from there to the third country. The target of non expansion of atomic energy by the global community has proved unsuccessful. According to American naval forces a North Korean ship laden with paraphernalia had started for Kangnam, Myanmar and no one came to know what were the contents of the good laden ship? When the American navy tried to follow the ship it changed it’s route and came back to North Korea. This incident took place at the beginning of this month but no one knows what was inside it. American authorities have doubts that it was laden with military equipments and also nuclear weapons. Through South Korea’s detective agencies and the pictures taken by it’s eyes(artificial satellites)the experts in South Korea say that this ship was related to North Korea’s nuclear program and it had scud kind of missiles. American external affairs minister Hillary Clinton has also expressed concern over this matter who is in Thailand at this time. She said America knows that military co-operation is increasing between North Korea and Myanmar and this matter is quite alarming. America does not want that dangerous weapons spread through out the world. Before her President Barack Hussein Obama had said that the highest priorities of his Government include cleansing the world of the dangerous weapons and to put an end to arms race and to promote the program of reducing of weapons. From this point of view the co-operation and partnership between North Korea and Myanmar is not acceptable under any circumstances. So America will never give permission for this to happen.

America has expressed concern over the increasing ‘secret’ friendship between North Korea and Myanmar. Only recently America came to know about this ‘secret’ friendship, when it came to the knowledge of the American Naval Forces that one of North Korea’s ship mysteriously reached Myanmar and then came back quietly. One of America’s think tank, Institute for Science and International Security got similar kind of information regarding these ‘secret activities’. It’s Chief David Albright warned the American authorities that they should keep a close watch on them. This think tank feels that this ‘secret friendship’ is most probably related with the transfer of nuclear enrichment and technology. It is being told that whatever picture the American ‘eyes’ have developed indicate that martial partnership and co-operation between these two countries is increasing.. This picture shows that large scale excavation work and digging of tunnels is being carried out in Myanmar. Through these eyes the American authorities and the think tank have got the news that secret meetings have taken place between the higher authorities of both the countries. If Myanmar had these relations with any other country then no such doubts would have been raised but since this matter is related to North Korea therefore this doubt came up. Even though the American authorities and think tank also have the satisfaction that the matter is still in it’s initial stages. Attainment of atom bomb is still a distant dream. But it is necessary to keep a close check on this matter. If it is ignored then the matter can slip out of the hands as it happened with various other countries. Ignoring them has proved quite dangerous.

25/07/09 Editorial, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

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