Liberahan Commission’s Report

After seventeen years of long ‘investigation’ and enquiry the Liberahan Commission submitted it’s report to the Government but will the Government put it up for debate in the parliament or will it put it in the cold storage or they will delay it by making an excuse of presenting it with the action taken report, this is still not clear. Till now it is evident from the speeches of some of the important and senior Congress leaders that the Government at present is not ready to disclose the report as it is. In the mean time debate and dispute, and verbal fights between Congress and Bhartiya Janta Party have started. This is an ancient attitude, Late Narsimha Rao in order to escape from his responsibility used to treat the BJP guilty. He presented the aspect of betrayal and the BJP put the same blame on Congress as it was in power at the Centre at that time. This series of blame game is going on since ages. The result of keeping the matter pending for seventeen years is that many things have become obsolete and many characters have vanished from the scene. One more aspect which is worth mentioning rather it is quite significant is that there was no hint even a few days before that the commission was planning to submit it’s report to the Government, rather it looked as if once again there will be an extension in the period for the commission to submit it’s report but all of a sudden now the commission has submitted it’s report before the Government.

A demand has been raised by the Muslim organisations that the Government presents the report as it is in front of the Parliament so that a detailed debate can be carried out on it and the world comes to know the result of seventeen long years of investigation. Precisely it can also be assessed as to who is involved in this evil deed and what is his share in it ? It is useless to wait for the action taken report and sheer waste of time. Some of the political parties are also supporting this demand. They also agree that there should be debate on the report and truth should come out in front of the world. In the same way it is also said that it is not right that the Government should censor any part of the report with the excuse that it might not be good from perspective of peace and that part comes under internal secret. But in the meantime Delhi High Court’s judgement regarding the abolishing of Article377 which was pending since last eight years, has come. The announcement of this verdict made the whole country mad with glee. The media is publicising it at such a large scale as if it has gained the happiness of the whole world and as if this was the most important and sensitive issue of the country. It seems as if it has attracted everyone’s attention towards it. Rest all the issues have taken a back seat. It is being told that the Central Government is also paying attention to it. The issue of judgement at this time is worth pondering, it has suppressed all the other important issues.

07/07/09 Editorial, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

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