Issue of Food

In the earthquake hit city of Italy, L’Aquila, G8 Summit took place in which the head of states of five developing economies of the world also participated. In this meeting where other matters and affairs came under discussion the issue of food also came up. In this matter also the leaders of the world expressed their perspectives but collectively this view came forward that in the matter of food a strong plan of action should be developed which includes the aggregate of all it’s aspects, even then more stress was put on one issue and that was the issue of food security. Earlier one report was given by the world organisation in which another aspect was highlighted. Relating to this food issue, the global organisation that is United Nation’s branch FAO keep publishing reports from time to time in which they try to highlight various issues. From these reports it can be estimated that the food crisis is a bogus crisis and it has no relation to the increasing population. This means it is wrong to say that the food crisis is due to increase in population, this is so because in spite of all hindrance and issues the growth in the production of food is more than the growth of population and at this time too the food chattels are available in much more quantity. There is a lot of scope to fulfil the human requirement because large tracts of land are available which can be made suitable for agriculture. If the irrigation system is improved and needed up gradation is made in the ways of agriculture, proper storage of food grains is done and the inappropriateness are removed from the system of distribution of food grains then this artificial crisis can be brought under control easily.

It can also be assessed from the reports of the world organisations that some countries in order to fulfil certain needs pay stress on growing certain specific kind of things. This also has caused the problem of shortage of food. It is being told that this matter is more serious in the African countries. If this matter is studied than it is found that even there this matter looks like an artificial one. It’s fundamental reason is the absence of political stability. Due to lack of peace and prosperity, day to day life is being crippled. If these countries get a chance to achieve peace and stability than they will be able to pay attention to solve their own issue. Where on one hand they will try to solve their political, economic and social issues on the other hand they will try to take their country on the path of development and make it self-dependent. In matter of food production they will try to get the status of self dependence. At this time if we cast a glance over these countries then we will find that farming is very less here, same is the condition of Latin American countries too, even though they have land fit for agriculture other than that the fallow areas can also be made suitable for agriculture and in this way they can fulfil their food requirements. It is required that the global body help them in this matter but the situation is quite opposite. Due to widespread unrest it is difficult for them to think about the development of the country. As a result they have to depend on others for their food needs. On the other hand the situation of some other countries is that they have surplus food grains and they bring it in the global markets and sell them at their own rates. Not only that the surplus food grains in some countries decay and get wasted. What is the solution of this situation. Does the world organisation has any plan or it’s work is just to publish reports.
16/07/09 Editorial, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

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