Is it the same opinion of all ?

It should not be understood by the statement of French President about Islamic hijab (veil) that this is the opinion of all non-muslim citizen of France. Having different opinion about this campaign of Sarkozy are even there within his cabinet. Minister for water supply Eric Bason says that thoughtlessly banning the Hijab (veil) is not appropriate, it will create anxiety. But more meaningful over that is what Miss Ramaya Daye said, who is a Junior Minister for human rights, that "if this ban is aimed for protecting those women who are forced to wear Burqa (veil) then i am ready to support this (ban)." (Associated Press 23rd June News Papers). Those who keep watching the background of this campaign of the French President can understand the condition (if) of this woman minister. In the Western world in common and in the France in particular, this thinking is usual and propaganda for this is done as well that muslim women do not observe Hijab (veil) willingly, but their men (husband, father, brother and elders) force them for that. This thinking is even being tried to be fed into the minds of muslim women.

The world may question.
It is quite possible that by this hue and cry of France the world might be thinking that all the muslim women there use the veil (France has 50 lakhs muslim population) but if the world is made aware of this fact that the ratio of women observing veil in France is less, that too very less. Some where, one or two, then the world may ask that if that is the situation then why so much noise and chaos ? This uproar of the France government could be understood when all muslim women observe hijab (the veil). Just people of the world can ask that if the France is a democratic, enlightened and the free country, why there is obstacle for the choice of muslims ? By few women covering their heads, what disaster will knock the civil society of the France. Is it so weak ? It is neverthless what the politics of France will answer to this, but the people of veil (hijab) answer it that their fear is not understandable. Because the shyness is the natural feeling of a woman no matter whihc religion which country and which region she beongs to. Though west has oppressed this jewel under the lust but it can rise anytime. And the shrewd western mind does not want to let it rise.

Is the actual fear is with Islam?
And the same situation is with other values and rulings of Islam. If the economic system of Islam is let to flourish, it will end the system of interest and the capitalists and interest collecting financiers will go bankrupt. Likewise, the monitory resources will reach to the poor people as well. Thus the actual fear is with Islam. There are two types of behaviours about Islam right now. One is the people of Islam who apart from the lakhs of shortcomings, not ready to withdraw from their religion, other one is its opponents, who using the strength of wealth, politics, and media upholding the cause of making the entire world afraid of Islam. But there is a third behaviour too which is not aligned. A large portion of the human population is watching all this with much curiosity and surprise. Behaviour of the anti-Islam elements of the west is infront of them, who claim living up to the freedom of expression and freedom of choice, but could not see a piece of cloth on the muslim women's heads.? The history of the human psychology shows that this curiosity will bring colour. And within the western countries voices are raising against this behaviour like it is indicated by the two french ministers opinions.
04/07/09 khabar-o-nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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