G8 Summit

The G8 Summit, just concluded in the earthquake hit city of L’Aquila in Italy. On this occasion head of the states of five developing nations came together on a special invitation, they included our country too. Although in this summit all the important issues of the world were discussed and all the head of the states of the countries who attended the summit presented their country’s perspective on all these global issues some proposals also came forward, some decisions appeared to have come out but the collective impression remained the same, because no way of understanding could be established between the developed and developing countries as both remained firm on their perspectives. Whether it the economic situation of the world or the dangerous increase in the temperature levels, the condition of trade and commerce or the political conditions, the point of view of both worlds have a basic difference in every matter which is always present. Everyone has a consensus, that some solution should be devised for the economic crisis which the whole world is facing but the developed countries have a different opinion and the developing countries have a different point of view. The developed countries don’t seem to share the same opinion, because in this matter the point of view of American and Britain does not coincide with that of France and Germany. France, Germany and it’s other European allies feel that America and Britain are responsible for the global economic crisis and they call their economic point of view as Anglo-Saxon Capitalism. The economic outlook which they prefer ,they call it Regulated Capitalism. They feel that the present economic crisis is the result of Anglo-Saxon Capitalism. The European countries strongly dislike certain steps taken up by America which they call as Protectionism.

In the same way no one has any opposition to the fact that there is an increase in the global temperature and the pollution of air and water should be rectified but even here both the worlds have a huge difference in opinion. The developed countries want the whole world to participate in it and according to it the reasons for it are something else. On the other hand the developing countries say that the basic reason for the increase in global temperature is the increase in uncontrolled discharge of carbon-di-oxide and other harmful gases which is due to the developed nations. A survey shows that the America’s share in this discharge is 20 tonnes per head yearly, Australia discharges 18 tonnes poisonous gases per head yearly , Britain and Germany follow closely and India releases just 1tonne per head yearly. The contribution of other developing countries is very less, in spite of this they are blamed that they are equally involved in it. The developed countries say that in the third world countries due to poverty and unemployment people are taking up such means of earning a living which is affecting the ecological balance, these include cutting down of forests which influence the rainfall. In this G8 Summit, an announcement was definitely made to save the environment but in what way will it be done and what steps will be taken by the developed nations in it, no solid plan of action has been presented for it. Will they try and prepare a program to lower the levels of discharge of harmful gases and take coercive measures in this regard, nothing has been spoken on this matter too. One thing which is surely stressed is that free trade should be promoted. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in his speech said that until and unless the developed countries fulfil their responsibilities no proceedings can be expected in this matter.

13/07/09 Editorial, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Asma Anjum Siddiqui

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