At the event of Sharm el- sheikh

On 15th July, when the meeting of Non-Aligned movement leaders was going on, PTI from Cairo released a news with reference to the leader of "Alqaeda" Ayman Al Zawahery, that "If the people of Pakistan do not support militant groups then they will be likely to get the torment of Allah, existense of Pakistan is in danger because of America.... this is the duty of every Pakistani muslim that they support the ongoing Jihad in pakistan and afghanistan and give financial support to Mujahideen.." In the news, as usual, it is shown as , alzawahery (after osama bin laden) is the second powerful leader. (Indian Express / 16th July). The picture of alzawahery was given with the news too. Report was in detail. But what was the source of this news ? Did alzawahery gave this statement infront of PTI reporter ? Was that released from any usual office of "alqaeda" ? There was nothing like that. The source of the news was as usual. That is "radical islamic websites." and that is it. Any report related to alqaeda, osama bin laden, alzawahery comes, its source is always doubtful like this, dubious tapes, false voices, fake videos, unknown sites, blogs, portals. Means any mischievous can do this thing easily.

The aim was obvious
The aim of this news was obvious. This was released to bring attention of 118 countries leaders present in Egypt towards "islamic terrorism". Where as a large number of them was already attentive towards that. Because this movement does not have any particular agenda anymore. This fragile association was formed by the initiative of the Marshal of Yugoslavia Tito, Jamal Nasar of Egypt and Pandit Nehru of India, in 60's when America and Soviet Union were shadowing the world as clashing powers. The member countries of this movement claimed that they will be non-aligned in this matter, they will not join any one of them. But the fact is that the attachment of the most of the countries at that time too was there with either of the super power in some way, and their benefits were attached. And these attachments were getting more stronger. For example India and Pakistan both were member of this movement but Pakistan was under the influence of America and India used to have clear inclination towards Soviet Union. These two attachments were openly disclosed when Soviet Union indirectly occupied Afghanistan. Indira Gandhi government advocated the occupation with enthusiastic support. On the other side, America provided all type of support to Zia ul Haq government of Pakistan.

Is this really non-aligned?
And now when America has established its control over the entire world, non-alignment concept does not look anything more than the joke. Soviet Union friendly countries overnight changed their loyalties. And now every country is concerned only about its own survival, progress and prosperity which is not possible without America's favour. But the only message given by Sharm el-sheikh conference is that, these countires want to keep their club and for that they need one emotional issue on basis of which countries can mutually be connected and that should have the support of America too. It is their good fortune that, in the form of "terrorism" this issue is already there which not only has the support of America but also it created itself this issue with the tiltle "war on terror". And also what does it mean by terrorism, there is no need to tell this to countries. Thus many countries to get America's favour, raising this issue day and night. Our government too has taken the position and , target, just for sake of it, is Pakistan which itself is a partner of America in this campaign. In Sharm el-sheikh "non-aligned" countries, nominally raised the issues like world economy crisis, environment, global warming, poverty, and health too, but the more emphasis was on terrorism. Wickedness with reference to al-zawahery was actually to strengthen the same campaign. In this situation, expecting any serious business from so called non-aligned movement is of no use.
22/07/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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