Naxal violence and government funds

A news from Jharkhand shows that to overcome naxal violence, the amount which was allotted,14 crores from that amount is missing and there is no account of that. In between July 2005 and March 2008, different times more than 4 crores amount was withdrawn from the related bank in Ranchi. 5 crore 60 lakhs from that, Director General of Police V.D.Ram has withdrawn on 16th March 2006. 15 days after that he gave the authority to Additional D.G.P. to withdraw and spend money from the bank. But according to Indian Express (10th July) detailed report, Mr Ram did not explain why he has withdrawn and where did he spend 5 crores and 60 lakhs. It is same in case of the rest of money. State of Jharkand is one of those states where Naxal violence is immense. Central and state governments spend lot of money every year against this danger. This money is given in the fund of secret service, which is spent according to the regulations of special branch manual. Police too got unlimited authority in taking action against naxals. It can act on any information or slight doubt.

Business of Informers
The important thing about the secret service fund is that this money is given to those police informers who provided, or will provide or can provide important information about destructive activities. Identity of these informers is kept completely confidential. Even for the top officials it is not revealed. Also who was paid the money, how much was paid, showing this is not necessary for police. Means the black and white of the secret service money police owns. This money is not even audited. It is obvious that if such big amount is given with so much authority to police officials, then complaints about misuse is useless. Accountant General office should, instead of seeking clarification from Jharkhand police officials, make amendments in special branch manual regulations. Present strategy not only favours police men and make them more and more corrupt but also produce new fraud, liers and cheating informers. Innocent people are caught. Police could not reach to real criminals. As a result violent activities continued. The entire business of secret agencies and police is run on relying these informers only.

And in case of the terrorism?
Now it can be imagined what could have been happening in the name of fight against terror. And the terrorism too is referred to a particular religious community which was discovered 15 years ago which became popular after so called 9/11. Fighting against naxal or maoist violence anyway, particular feeling or usual hatred does not work, where as in the new definition of terrorism these things work pretty much. And in this case governments too spend whole heartedly, police officers too wash hands in flowing ganga (River) and informers too encash it. And the unfortunate thing is that the informers mostly are found from the same community which is targeted. Who some times even take revenge on personal and organisational basis. The work of keeping an eye on muslim organisations, forums, institutions and noted personalities, the government of free india is doing since the day one, but in the changed situation this thing has shaped itself as cruelty, tyranny and state terrorism. Though in case of these particular "terrorism" government agencies and police do not need any informers, even without them they can do anything they want. Still, insisting on reforming the secret service fund and special branch manual regulations is required. In the present situation it has become necessary.
19/07/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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