The objection is quite valid

There is an objection on the Librahan commission that why it took so much time in completing its task. It took sixteen years and six month in presenting the report. This question or objection is quite valid. The task was of three (3) months, and that was the time central government had given it. Because everything was pretty clear. Every big and small illicit was in sight. Many among them were accepting the crime they did, the reasons and motives were obvious. Who gathered the crowd of lakhs, who gave the weapons, lathis, and the destructive stuff in their hands, who made them chanting exasperating slogans, whose mind was behind the demolition, whose hands did it. Everybody was aware of the people gathering and the people arranging the gathering, all their activities, their chants, their statements and announcements. That is why the time of three months and spending few lakhs for that was enough. But in December 1996 the 53 years old Judge of the Punjab and Haryana High Court started working, then after retiring from the government job in 2000, he finished the task in 2009 at the age of 70. The extension of time was requested 48 times not two or four. Made some Eight (8) crores expenditure from the government treasury. Most of that was spent on the salaries of the staff.

But is only commision responsible?
But for this unusual delay, is Justice Manmohan Singh Librahan responsible alone ? Not at all. Rather this is all political game. And for this, the timid, compromising, not-keeping-promise central government of that time (which is the present government too) is responsible. Rather that is the one to be held responsible. In this so called secular party and its government there is not any such courage that it can say the oppressor, an oppressor and oppressed to one who is oppressed, can fight the communalism, tie in th control over the criminal politicians, punish the culprits. Why Justice Librahan took 17 years, to solve this, it is required that the political events till now right from the day one should be recalled in mind. When the Kalyan singh government resigned on 6th December 1996 afternoon, the administration of the state shifted in the hands of central government through the Governor, then whatever happened was under the central administartion. Culprits of destruction were sent home safely and with respect. Idols, which were removed before attack on Masjid, placed there overnight, and government did not resist, whereas those who placed the idols back were themselves involved in the demolition of Masjid.

The story of timorous and injustice
The media of entire world witnessed that the central government promised (announced) to rebuild Masjid immediately after the accident, but within few days turned back, why did it turn back ? It is Very important question. Another thing which was the masterpiece act of
1) Oppression 2) Injustice and 3)Timidness, what that government did was, alongwith the parties who demolished Masjid, imposed the ban also on the organisation which always tried, working with the Masjid Rabita Commitee to reconcile and find the peaceful solution. Anyhow this injustice was also the helplessness of that government and ruling party, as that does not have the courage of fighting face to face with oppressors, destroyers, fascists, cruels, and fake patriots. It feared that if it acted only against the culprits, then their supporters who are there, in every government agency along with a particular group of people, will turn away and it will go out of power. But even deeper fact is that the soft corner for fake patriots and the sensation of hatred towards the religious values of the oppressed was also working in background. The factors for delay in Librahan report within itself is a topic for research and analysis. World media might be certainly looking at it interestingly.
07/07/09 khabar-O-Nazar by Parwaaz Rahmani, sehrozaDAWAT, translated by: Ibrahim Shaikh

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